September 1 2015: Sign and phase of the Living Moon

Ask the wild bee what the Druids knew…

Aries Moon

Aries Moon

Gibbous Moon Phase

Gibbous Moon Phase

The waning Moon is transiting ARIES, from August 31, 6.32 pm, to September 2, 7.01 pm, when she will enter Taurus.
The Pisces Full Moon Phase begins on August 30, 4.35 am, and ends on September 2, 9.31 am, with the Aries Disseminating Moon Phase.

Today, September 1, Venus (still in retro motion until September 7) will become aligned to Mars by conjunction, on the fourteenth degree of Leo. They will meet again only on November 3 2015 on the twenty fourth degree of Virgo.

If the Sun, Moon, any Planets or any of the four Angles of your Birth Horoscope are located between the thirteenth and sixteenth degree of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio this transit could be relevant for you, a blast from the past perhaps in matters of love or relationships or an opportunity to deepen an existing relationship, rekindling of passions and healing of past hurts. This is the classic ‘Girl meets Boy’ Transit (sensuality meets sexuality too) with the added depth though of Venus being retrograde, thus penetrating beyond surface appearances and superficial attractions.

The Sun entered the Earth Sign of Virgo on August 23, at 8.37 pm.

Jupiter entered the Earth Sign of Virgo on August 11 at 9.11 pm local time. Jupiter will transit Virgo until September 9 2016, when he will enter Libra.

Saturn turned Stationary Direct on August 2, on the 28th degree of Scorpio. Saturn will re-enter Sagittarius, in direct motion, on September 18 2015.

Venus turned Stationary Retrograde on July 24, on the first degree of Virgo. Venus will re-enter Leo, in retro motion, on August 1 and will be retrograde until September 7, re-entering Virgo, in direct motion, only on October 9.

The times given are Australian Standard Time (=10 hours East of Greenwich). Click HERE to change it into your own Time Zone.

Welcome Venus Morning Star…

One of my Mandalas

One of my Mandalas

One of August-September’s astrological highlights is the mysterious shift of Venus from evening to morning sky appearance. This will be compounded by six weeks of retrogradation (apparent backward motion), from the very first degree of Virgo to 14/15° of Leo, beginning on July 24.

In this visual phase of her journey Venus will be dipping toward the setting Sun, a little bit more every evening. She has already passed in fact between the Earth and the Sun, the nearest she can ever be to our planet. The alignment or conjunction Sun-Venus took place on August 16, when the shift between west and east will also happened. Venus however will re-emerge in the pre-dawn sky only at the end of August, remaining invisible for about eight days (immerse in the light of the Sun) around the time of the alignment.

There are two aspects to this event: in the short term there is Venus’ retrogradation in Leo between July 24 and September 7; and, in the long term, the eight months (260 days) from August 16 2015 to June 7 2016, during which Venus will rise in the east before the Sun.


Between direct and retro motion Venus will transit Leo for about four months: having entered Leo on June 6, re-entering in retrogradation on August 1, becoming direct again on September 7 and still in Leo until October 9. This is then, first of all, a very important transit for anyone who happens to have Leo highlighted in their Birth Charts (Sun-Moon-Ascendant-etc.). It could also be significant for the other Fire Signs (Aries-Sagittarius), and, to a lesser degree, the Air Signs (Aquarius-Gemini-Libra) and the other Fixed Signs (Taurus-Scorpio). To feel the ‘effect’ of this transit you don’t need to be born under any of those Sun Signs, but perhaps have your Moon or Mars or Ascendant, etc., there.

The retrogradation of Venus may incline you to become more thoughtful about the way you relate to others and they relate to you, especially in one to one situations. This is a time for depth and insight, when you might challenge some of yours and your partner/friends’ habitual attitudes, seeing them in a new, more revealing light. For a time this could cause difficulties and even separations, but, at the end of this tunnel, you may discover things about yourselves and your loved ones that could help immensely in healing rifts or deciding the fate of shaky or unsatisfactory relationships. The past could come back into focus, through the rekindling of long lost relationships or a revaluation of past events.

Venus retrograde period could also drive us to re-consider or re-value what we usually deem important and desirable, not just in the relationships’ area.

To add to the Leo’s emphasis Mars will also transit this Sign from August 9 to September 25. Mars will also turn into a Morning Star around the middle of August, becoming visible again at the end of the month.

In early July Venus and Jupiter presented a dazzling display to sky watchers, becoming very closely aligned in the west after sunset. Another evening alignment of these two will occur around the beginning of August, this time closer to the western horizon, while the last alignment, this time in the east and in the morning, will be on October 26, the Sign of Virgo.


Both the ancient Babylonian and Mayan sky watchers associated the eight months of Venus’ Heliacal Rising (Morning Star period) with the escalation of conflicts, with lack of cooperation, triggering manmade as well as natural upheavals. They believed that the Morning Venus manifested the bold and forceful aspect of the Goddess/Planet.

This is a time to be more adventurous and impulsive, daring to take risks in relationships and other areas. The desire for conquest and independence will be more powerful than the desire for unity and diplomacy: not a time we may collectively feel like offering the other cheek, but when we would rather fight for what we feel is right for us, no matter if it foments disunity and conflicts. We are more at risk then to lose sight of the softer side of Venus, the more self-reflective and sensitive facet of her personality.

This Venus could help some to get un-stuck from dysfunctional relationships, to take a leading role in the running of their life, tackling unsatisfactory situations with greater confidence, becoming socially more connected while maintaining a sense of personal independence. It could in fact manifest as a more outgoing trend for everyone.


More astrological news: Jupiter entered Virgo on August 11, a one year long transit that could help improve the circumstances of many people with Virgo or Earth emphasis in their Birth Charts. And Saturn will re-enter Sagittarius on September 18, for a two and half year period, until December 2017. Time for Sagittarius and the other Mutable Signs (Gemini-Virgo-Pisces) to cultivate the practical side of life, through hard work and accepting greater responsibilities.

Capricorn Solstice, on the threshold of transformation and rebirth

Here is the Capricorn Solstice’s chart, cast for the coordinates of Canberra, Australian capital.

The few Transits discussed below will be active throughout the world, while the orientation of the planets themselves will depend on locality.

Sun Capricorn Ingress Summer-Winter Solstice

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Three salient features of this 2014 Capricorn Ingress Chart

  • This Solstice, one of the four pivotal times of the year, nearly coincides with a naught degree Capricorn New Moon. The Moon in late Sagittarius is in fact only one and half degrees from becoming New as well as from entering a new Sign (about two and half hours in time). The phase the Moon is in, at the exact time of the Sun ingress into Capricorn, is known as the Balsamic Phase, when the old lunar cycle remains active but is also inevitably giving way to the new impulse/energy of the upcoming waxing cycle. There is here great promise for a rebirth but still much unfinished business to take care of.
  • The planet Saturn, essential formative and grounding energy for planet Earth, is moving into the Fire Sign of Sagittarius (exact ingress on Christmas Eve), after years in Scorpio (since October 6 2012). Saturn will return to Scorpio in retro-gradation between June 15 and September 18 2015. The fact, though, that this initial change of Signs is taking place at such an important time of the astrological year seems in itself very significant. It points to major changes that will re-shape our world in the coming two and half years, from the present emotional quagmire and heavy atmosphere of resentment and retribution, to hopefully a more liberating vision of freedom and universal cooperation, Sagittarius a not so personally oriented and more expansive Sign than Scorpio. Saturn will be transiting Sagittarius until December 2017. It could be of some interest to observe that, like the Waning Moon on the last degrees of Sagittarius, on this Solstice day, just a few hours behind the Capricorn New Moon cycle, Saturn also is close to an imminent change of Signs, while still lingering in the old one. This to me again indicates that the past is weighing heavily on the present and no new beginning will be possible without the necessary closures and integration of past experiences in our collective choices and values.
  • The last feature I like to observe is the square of Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn that became exact on December 15, only a week before the Solstice. This is the sixth of seven passes of the historical transit embodying the incredible worldwide upheavals of recent years. Here are the dates of the exact passes, past and future: June 24 and  September 19 2012 – May 21 and November 1 2013 – April 22 2014 – December 15 2014 – March 17 2015.  The effects are however likely to linger for the whole decade. There is no doubt that the dire predictions of many astrologers have unhappily come true in recent years with the world precipitating into a vortex of conflicts, revolutions, collective radicalization on all fronts, as well as unnumbered ecological, man made and natural disasters, events and situations that are changing in a profound way our perception of life and severely shaking our sense of collective and personal security. A pervasive sense of uncertainty and fear appears to lay like a dark pall over the world, sometimes, while, paradoxically, we are also experiencing some powerful visions of a truly better, more inclusive and freer future world.

Click this link for a comprehensive look at the significance of the Uranus square Pluto’s transit in one of my 2012 posts.

The re-birthing and transformation promised by this combination of factors does not point to an easy, peaceful ‘water-birth’ but rather to a bloody, painful affair, as much a death as a birth. The positives are obvious though if we succeed to raise above a narrow personal view and look ahead not with our vision fogged by the present darkness but rather illumined by inspired and innovative solutions to our collective quandary.  These are not just difficult times to live in, they are also exciting times, when each of us can, if willing, contribute some to this new, raw emerging world.

May the force be with all of us; we are still in for a bumpy ride.

June/July 2014 Transits’ Summary

Fernando Botero The Dancers

The Dancers by Fernando Botero
larger than life like Jupiter in Leo
(entering July 16 2014)
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This article has been  published in the ‘Uki News’ 77th issue for June/July 2014.

The first astrological event I like to mention is the return to direct motion of Mars in Libra, on 20 May, after being retrograde since the beginning of March. If the planet of action and enterprise has hold you back from doing what you want and need to do, the next few months will be the time to try again, with renewed energy and a clearer sense of direction. Until 26 July, when Mars will enter Scorpio, the Signs directly affected by this transit will still be Libra-Aries-Cancer-Capricorn.

In April/ May Mars became embroiled in the most important and difficult configuration of transits of the present time, activating, with the help of Jupiter, the ongoing Uranus-Pluto’s square, while an impressive eclipse season was on! We have in fact witnessed an exhalation of extreme events around the world and also in many people’s private lives. The same configuration has also brought some positive outcomes though, an example: the victory of grassroots power over corporate greed in the Metagasco versus the people’ saga. The most severe effects of this planetary configuration should be easing in June and July, now that Jupiter, always a magnifying influence, has moved away from it. Mars however will again form difficult angles to Pluto-Uranus (90-180 degrees), mid to end of June. At the same time Venus in Taurus will reach her yearly opposition to Saturn in Scorpio. More stress could be felt in our relationships with the need to be realistic rather than romantic, and also more honest and independent, as Pluto-Uranus demand, particularly people whose Birth Charts show an emphasis on the Fixed Signs (Taurus-Scorpio-Leo-Aquarius).

The Sun will also align to Uranus-Pluto in early July (4to9), another period to watch for some extreme events and intense personal experiences-realizations.

Little Mercury has entered the Sign of Cancer on 29 May but will go through another period of retro motion (7June-1 July), re-entering Gemini on 17 June, a time during which carefulness in communication and all financial dealings will be a must, to avoid misunderstanding and all sort of unforeseen troubles.

The last but not least piece of news is the entrance of giant Jupiter into the Sign of Leo on 16 July, after one year in Cancer, opening many new doors of opportunity and increasing self esteem and optimism for Leo in particular and also the other Fire Signs (Aries-Sagittarius), while challenging the Fixed Signs of Aquarius-Taurus-Scorpio to get more out of life by being more hopeful and taking some risks. This Jupiter’s Leo journey will last a whole year.

Enjoy your transit: with my Ascendant and Venus in Leo I certainly hope I will!

Moon conjunct Antares of Scorpio, May 15 2014

The times given are for the Northern Rivers region of Eastern Australia, New South Wales

MAY 15 2014: tonight the Moon, just past her full phase, which happened early this morning (5.15 am), weather permitting, can be observed parallel to the Alpha Star of the constellation Scorpio, powerful Antares.

Despite the alignment to the constellation Scorpio the Moon will be in the Tropical Sign of Sagittarius that she will enter at 3.43 pm. To better understand this apparent contradiction  please visit the Two Zodiacs Page in the Tutorials, here.

Antares is a star of the character or nature of Mars and Jupiter together, so embodying the combative spirit of Mars combined to the wisdom and expansion of Jupiter.  This is an emotionally adventurous conjunction through which we may be able to sound the depths and explore the heights of  our feelings, especially if the conjunction degree is the same or close to an active point in your Birth Chart (Sun, Moon, Planet, Node or Angle).

May 15 2014 Moon Antares

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This Sky-scape was produced with Stellarium, free software.

Relationship Astrology Workshops

Astrology Workshops April 2014 Uki NSW Australia

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Hi everyone, I am still around. This is the first post in a long time. There have been some serious problems with my technology for a while. I sincerely apologize. I will hopefully resume writing and updating Sunrise and Moon Charts very soon. I miss very much my daily updates and creative writing.

This post is to let you know that I will begin a new series of workshops on Relationship Astrology on Wednesday April 9, 10 am to 3 pm, in Uki village. Three more workshops on the same topic will be held on every successive Wednesdays in April.  You can come to one or all, it is up to you.

Harmonious or challenging, relationships are the foundation of our experience of the world, and often the best mirror to discover stuff about ourselves, our true emotional needs and psychological motives.
Astrology offers many insightful ways of looking at relationships, with clever yet simple to apply techniques that can allow us to unravel those inner dynamics making our relationships what they are and attracting us to certain personalities in the first place.

Make new friends, have fun while learning and growing, in an emotionally and intellectually stimulating environment. Looking forward to see you in Uki

Horoscope of the Lunar Eclipse on May 25 2013

The Horoscope of the Eclipse is cast for the 150th Time Meridian, 10 hours east of Greenwich, my place’s Standard Time; same Time Meridian as Sydney, New South Wales.

Click HERE to change it into your own Time Zone.

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