A peacemaker to the rescue: Venus in Libra, August 7 to September 9, and beyond

'Le Tre Grazie' (The Three Graces)' by Sandro Botticelli

‘Le Tre Grazie’ (The Three Graces)’ by Sandro Botticelli

Venus is entering Libra on August 7, transiting this Cardinal Air Sign until September 9, a transit that could help us deal with the intensity, possible frustration and stress of the ongoing Mars-Uranus-Eclipses-Multiple Retrogrades’ mix.

Together with the upcoming harmonious Trine (120°) between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces (exact August 19, but already active and extending its influence to early September) this transit of Venus could show us peaceful ways of facing the difficulties obstructing our path.

Hopefully Venus in Libra will play the role of peacemaker, restoring some of the harmony and cooperation that many conflicting transits are threatening at present. Traditionally the Sign of Libra is the home of Venus, meaning that in this Sign the Goddess is able to express the more pure and unbiased traits of the Sign, its ability to see two sides of any stories, two facets to every opinion etc.
The more poetical aspects of life come into focus under this transit, enhancing the beauty and love all around us. Attuning ourselves to this new vibration doesn’t mean just putting a pink veneer on a dark and stark reality, but actually becoming more aware of the essential beauty and perfection in everything, the potentially happy outcome of every situation, the silver lining in the storm clouds that have gathered on the world.  Ideals of Love and Beauty may shine more brightly in our consciousness, finding expression into a more loving and cooperative attitude toward others, as well as a keener sensitivity to loving feelings and beauty in art and all forms of creativity.

Here is a timeline of the major transits formed by Venus in Libra, in August and early September 2018.

Venus in Libra Timeline

  • August 7 to September 9: Venus in Libra.
  • August 9 (active from August 8 to 10): Venus in Libra opposes Chiron Retro in Aries.
    These few days would be ideal for gentle healing sessions: Venus, with her feminine empathy and grace, can now be put to the service of healing, working as a gentle balm on old physical and psychological wounds. Because the aspect is an opposition we are given the chance to see two sides of any issue, providing greater objectivity on the situation or symptoms we need to address. Being gentle is the key here; acknowledging your emotional needs before you tackle your physical problems; not rushing into anything.
  • August 10 (active from August 9 to 11): Venus in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn.
    Graceful acceptance of duties and responsibilities would be the key to put this potentially challenging transit to good use. We could enjoy being productive and work a bit harder if we give ourselves a chance. Trying to avoid stuff we need to do would instead cause more frustration and unhappiness. Emotionally this could be an isolating transiting leading to few depressing days, of feeling unloved or just over-burdened by family and work expectations. Our close relationships may suffer, competing with business or professional duties. Financial difficulties could bother us more than usual because of a generally negative take on things. Concentrating on the practical the best thing.
  • August 23 (active from August 22 to 24): Venus in Libra In-conjunct Neptune in Pisces and Semi-Sextile Jupiter in Scorpio.
    Here Venus becomes entangled with both Jupiter and Neptune, at the moment in harmonious aspect to each other, a chance to open our psyche to a more inclusive view of life and love, stepping out of our ego needs and desires to feel a more unconditional and non judgemental type of love. Ideal would be to enjoy close connection with nature especially near water where this configuration of aspect could help us to release tension, in body, mind, soul. Going with the flow.
  • August 27 (active from August 26 to 28): Venus in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn.
    With the previous angle to Saturn in Capricorn (exact August 10) this is the most difficult aspect for Venus this month. Also, potentially, the most fruitful. Pluto has often to do with the unveiling of hidden stuff. When Venus is involved with Pluto relationships go through a reality check when honesty the only way to restore trust and real intimacy. Negatively we may feel like we have done or said enough and all we want now is to cut hurtful ties. Dumping our own darkness onto others could be easy now, blaming them for our unhappiness. Let’s not forget that these are just passing moods unless some other significant transit points in the same direction for you.
  • September 9 (active from September 8 to 10): as Venus hits the last degree of Libra she will be at 90 degrees angle to Mars on the last degree of Capricorn, an aspect that will repeat on October 11, due to Venus’ upcoming Retrogradation.
    Here the feminine and masculine find themselves at odd with each other. The desire to cooperate (Venus) is stuck against the desire to do one own thing irrespective of other people’s wishes. Are we going to yield a bit in order to include other people in our lives, or are we going to put ourselves first and resent all forms of compromise?

 A look at Venus beyond September 2018

In October Venus will slow her pace considerably, preparing for her cyclical Retro period, beginning on October 6, Scorpio 10°50′, and ending on November 16, Libra 25°14′. Due to this, Venus will re-enter and transit Libra again between November 1 and December 3 2018 (only Libra’s last five degrees).

Like all Retrogradation this event will serve the purpose of reviewing our attitude and re-living past experiences, not only of love and relationships, but also in the area of finance, affecting our feelings of comfort, pleasure, security, creativity. It could manifest as a rediscovering or rekindling of past relationships or unraveling old patterns in new relationships, when perhaps we will be given the chance to finish unfinished business or begin again with greater awareness and less unrealistic expectations.

From the time of the Scorpio Sun-Venus Inferior Conjunction, on October 27, this Retro period of Venus will mark the end of her evening appearances and the beginning of her Morning Star incarnation, the start of a whole new Venus-Sun’ 584 days long synodic cycle.

Venus in Scorpio, October 9 to November 2, 2011

~ christinerobinsonart.com ~ courtesy of Christine Robinson ‘Afternoon Embrace’, detail

Last evening Venus was splendid, becoming more diamond like while setting behind the line of  western hills, facing the near Full Moon in the East. Entering the glow of the Sun she acquired a sparkling golden hue, promise of more brilliance to come. Mercury was also in the picture but sadly too close to the Sun to be visible. We will have to wait until the end of October for a look at Mercury close to both Venus and the Moon (October 28 and 29).

In her Evening Star’s incarnation since mid August, Venus will become brighter and brighter until her maximum elongation in April next year. As she slowly separates from the Sun she will spend more time in the evening sky, becoming a conspicuous object for observation and meditation in the coming months.

The yearly passage of Venus through Scorpio heralds a period where feelings are deep and intense, and attachments are often tested, together with our capacity to relate in meaningful ways. No time for superficiality and flirting with life or love, unless it be ‘serious’ flirting.

Venus in Scorpio seeks to awaken the hidden layers of our emotions, revealing often thorny truths about our love life and relationships. At other times we may choose to avoid looking at these concealed depths, concerned about their intensity and the involvement and commitment they demand of us. When Venus is in Scorpio though it is difficult not to look within or to deny what feels so strong and compelling.

Mercury will be transiting Scorpio too, from October 13 to November 3, close behind Venus until the end of October. This combination brings the energy of Scorpio to bear not only on our emotional life (Venus) but also on our mental life and attitudes (Mercury).

These transits could prove an emotional eye opener,  and/or a return to ‘real’ passion, not just in love but in life’s purpose too, a time for searching mysteries and revealing secrets. Hopefully not too much of an emotional roller coaster (the dark side of this luminous medal), if we let feelings dominate unhindered (Water), losing sight of practicalities (Earth), logic (Air) and faith in Self (Fire).

The Water Signs of Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer, and the Fixed Signs of Taurus, Leo and Aquarius will feel this Venus’ effect more keenly. Not only if your Sun happens to be in one of these Signs, but also your Moon, Chart’s Angles or any planet.

There is always a story to a  planet’s transit through a Sign, and the story always involves other planets. Relationships amongst celestial bodies are formed and dissolved rapidly when planets like Venus or Mercury are involved. A planet’s transit through a Sign can never be looked upon in isolation, even if we tend to do so when we describe the potential effect of any Planet-Sign’s combination. Here I follow the transit of Venus through Scorpio, listing her encounters with other celestial bodies, as a guide to your Venus’ journey this month.

A reminder here that the transit of Venus through Libra ended with a harmonious aspect to Neptune in Aquarius (trine), on October 8, a psychic opening to unending possibilities in the realm of relationships, love, art and spirituality;  and also that Venus’ first contact while in Scorpio has been the trine to Chiron in Pisces, on October 10, an aspect promoting physical and psychological healing through love, cooperation and acceptance of our and others’ failings. Let’s see now what Venus has in store for us in the near future.

October 12 to 16: on October 13 Venus reaches a distance of 60 degrees from Pluto in Capricorn (sextile), aspect that will enhance Scorpio’s natural ability to deal with emotional difficulties, and its potential to become reborn after a crisis. Positive few days, brightened by the visionary Aries Full Moon on the 12th, to test the power of your inner resources, and with honesty and integrity deal with those aspects of your relationships that you perhaps consider irksome or taboo. Time for acknowledging your true feelings, not in a threatening but rather in a creative way, by building trust with others, clearing old resentments or, at least, come clean with them. This aspect is intensified, as I said, by the Full Moon climax, and also by an opposition the Moon in Taurus will form with Venus on October 13, and finally by another opposition between Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, exact on October 15.

After the encounter with Pluto, whose key words could be emotional courage and honesty, the opposition to Jupiter will stimulate vision and faith in future possibilities, especially in the area of relationship, art and finances, perhaps encouraging some to aim a bit too high or to fall into wishful thinking. Jupiter always magnifies the effect of the planetary energy he comes in contact with. Key words for a Venus-Jupiter’s contact could be ‘big love’, ‘big luck’, ‘big creativity’, or ‘big expenditures’, depending where your focus is at the time. Some realistically promising developments may arise from this, but also the tendency to take excessive risks, especially if Jupiter is a leading planet in your Birth Chart. With caution we can all enjoy the ride and become a bit exhilarated by all the new prospects in view, in our emotional, financial and creative lives.

October 18 to 24: the Moon and Venus are still dancing together. They will form at first a harmonious trine, from Cancer to Scorpio (October 19), enhancing feelings of family, emotional security and comfort; then a challenging square, from Leo to Scorpio (October 22), pitting against each other our individualistic needs and  our emotional attachments; and finally a creative sextile from Virgo to Scorpio (October 24), helping us in our practical pursuits, daily tasks and habits.

While the wise Waning Moon carries Venus’ message of love, through its highs and lows, Venus will enter in contact with Uranus in Aries, on October 23, via a 135 degrees angle (sesqui-quadrate). The meetings Venus-Uranus are always exciting, promoting independence in the area of relationship, but, when negative, creating emotional alienation and isolation. A good day to assert our independence, hopefully not expecting too much from our selves and others by forcing the real to match the ideal in our heads.

October 25 to 29: intense time for Venus, with some serious challengers coming her way, in the shape of Pluto the Transformer (semi-square on October 26) and Mars the Warrior (square on October 27). Many of us will feel like we need to stand our ground in relationships; it could be difficult to reconcile our need for relating and cooperating (Venus) with our personal desires and drives. How much is too much love? What sort of boundaries we need to establish in order to love without being swallowed up by the people we love?  There is a masculine/feminine tension here that could be sexual or simply emotional and need facing up to.

After the storm Venus, the young Waxing Moon and Mercury will become close to each other in conjunction, on October 28, crowning Venus’ passage through Scorpio. This transit will be a great show to witness soon after sunset, and astrologically a promise of harmony between the heart and the head, feelings and logic, secret of creativity and joy.

Venus retrograde on the cusp Scorpio-Libra: Ravel’s Bolero and Bejart’s ballet


There are Love and Love. There is the Dove and there is the Serpent

The Book of the Law, Chap. I, verse 57, by Eliphas Levi


A while ago, while phrasing the first short post on the Venus-Mars conjunction in Scorpio and the retrogradation of Venus, I decided to look for a picture to go with the article. Before choosing the Jean Delville’s The Love of Souls I came by chance across the photo (right) of a famous  ballet created by the late choreographer Maurice Bejart using the music of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero (1928). The principal performer of the Bolero was the late Jorge Donn, an Argentinian dancer; and the piece was a scene from a 1981 movie by French director Claude Lelouch, called ‘Les Uns et les Autres‘.

This was somewhat a synchronicity because few days earlier an Australian TV station (can’t recall which) had broadcast a program on Bejart’s choreography that I had found very interesting.The Eliphas Levi’s quote about the Dove (Libra, Venus) and the Serpent (Scorpio) was another case of synchronicity because I came across it by chance while I had in mind to write this post.

Now that Venus is hovering on the zero degree Scorpio, cusp Libra, ready to re-enter Libra on November 8, I would like to share a ballet scene from that movie, because I feel it is very much attuned to the retrograde Venus in Scorpio’s theme.  Here it is.

The choreography and the principal dancer, Jorge Donn, are very appealing, and more poignancy is added to this ballet by the fact that the choreographer, Maurice Bejart passed away recently, and Jorge Donn died in 1992, in the AIDS epidemic.

The whole character of Scorpio, Venus and the mysterious phenomenon of retrogradation seem to me to be fascinatingly embodied in this performance and the real story beyond it. This would make more sense if you were to watch the movie, the touching story of musical families transformed by the horrors and loss of the Second World War.

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful performance and the charisma of Jorge Donn as much as I did.

I am preparing a post on Jorge Donn’s Birth Chart, and the salient Transits and Progressions that constellated his career.

Here is  a preview of  his Chart. An interesting mix of sensitivity and suppleness (Pisces Sun), aesthetic feelings and physical beauty (Moon in Taurus), creativity and showmanship (Leo rising), self-discipline and hard work (Saturn rising and Venus in Capricorn in the Sixth House). I’m looking forward to discuss it in more details.

Click to enlarge

Venus’ long transit through Scorpio, September 2010 to January 2011

Venus entered Scorpio on September 9 and will become Stationary Retrograde on October 8 (13°13′ of Scorpio), re-entering Libra on November 8,  and turning Stationary Direct again only on November 19 on 27°39′ of Libra. Venus will then re-enter Scorpio, in Direct motion, on November 30 and continue transiting Scorpio until January 7 2011. The whole retro period will cover the Zodiac’s area between Libra 27° and Scorpio 13°.

The previous Venus retro period happened between March and May 2009 (end of Pisces to mid-Aries), the next will happen between April and July 2012 (in Gemini, 07° to 24°).

For a technical explanation of the phenomenon of Retrogradation, please visit the Tutorial page on this subject.

What to expect from this prolonged transit of Venus in Scorpio, the Sign opposite-complementary her own Taurus mansion?

What is making this retrogradation more interesting and more intense will be the ongoing conjunction to Mars, also in Scorpio since September 15, that was exact on October 4, with Venus very close to her Retro Station.

The fascinating dance Venus-Mars began in the evening skies of August and will continue, off and on, until May 2011. Looking West after sunset we can witness this event firsthand.  This meeting is providing an opportunity to integrate masculine and feminine energies, the call for receptivity to other people’s feelings with the need to be assertive and stand up for our rights. At the present time, early October, the birthday people more likely to feel the direct effect of this conjunction will be Scorpio, born November 5 to 7, Taurus, born May 3 to 5, Leo, born August 5 to 7, Aquarius, born February 2 to 4.  Or anyone with Moon, any of the Angles or personal planet between the 12 and 14 degrees of those same Signs.

The long visit of Venus in Scorpio will be providing many openings to explore the deeper side of our relationships, those feelings we may find difficult to acknowledge because we consider them non appropriate or because they are so powerful they might scare us. New relationships of a particularly intense kind may arise at this time, while in depth understanding and authentic intimacy could be achieved in established relationships too.

From October 8, slowly retracing her steps toward the Sun, Venus will disappear in the glow of the setting Sun on October 19. She will be absent only for a short while though, reappearing in the East before sunrise in her next incarnation as a Libra Morning Star (heliacal rising) in early November.

The backward motion of Venus represents a chance to revisit our ideals of love and relating, bringing back the past in our lives, symbolically or tangibly, feelings we haven’t had or people we haven’t seen for a long time.

Negatively this transit could awaken the less desirable aspects of Scorpio, especially while Mars is transiting the same Sign until October 28. The intensity that colours Scorpio’s loving emotions can also apply to negative ones, worsening our dislike of some people or accentuating the negative perception of our relationships’ issues, leaving us with a feeling of mistrust that could take a long time to heal.


Venus entered Scorpio on September 9 and, due to retrogradation, beginning on October 8, she will transit Scorpio until January 7 2011, excluding the period between November 8 and 30, when she will slowly retrace her Libra journey (from 27° to the end of Libra).

Mars enters Scorpio on September 15 and will transit this Water Sign until October 28.

Venus and Mars, who became conjunct on August 21, will be conjunct again on October 4 (12°52′ Scorpio), and again on May 23 2011 (9°01′ Taurus): an unusually long dance of the two cosmic lovers.

Please check my next posts for an in depth reading of these transits.

The Love of Souls by Jean Delville (1867-1953)