January 28: Mercury in Aquarius, Venus conjunct Vesta

Mercury in Aquarius

Triple Hurray for Mercury entering Aquarius today. It has been a serious and practical stretch for Mercury during his transit in Capricorn, from January 8 to today. For some of us it has meant a somewhat gloomy frame of mind, this often too ponderous Mercury making everything feel hard, difficult or just sad. While, positively, it has been an ideal time to concentrate on practicalities, proceeding with method and caution and thus achieving much for our efforts. Now the wind of change is upon us again. Mercury enters maverick Aquarius today, while the Moon enters fiery Aries and aligns to Uranus, thus forming a favourable aspect to Mercury (sextile = 60 degrees distance), the latter approaching also a sextile to Uranus, exact early tomorrow, January 29. This is a combination for action, eureka moments, acts of daring and passion, zesty conversations, intuition working hand in hand with reason and logic, lateral thinking, inventiveness, original ideas, great for getting together with same minded people, finding new ways to tackle old problems.

The Lunar Transits on January 28

The Moon is rapidly separating from the Sun, reaching 60 degrees distance today, well into her active Crescent phase. She is moving from the breezy sextile to Mercury just described to a powerful conjunction to Uranus, bringing unexpected and hopefully exciting events and people in our lives, and finally, later, to a square to Pluto, indicating some subterranean eruption calling for emotional resourcefulness and the courage to face things head on. The Moon in Aries can take it all in her stride; fierce and brave, she drive us to act out our impulses, not too concerned about possible consequences.

Moon with Ceres and Uranus in Aries – Venus with Vesta in Pisces

The Asteroid Goddesses, all manifestation of the One Feminine principle, the Yin in nature and the psyche, are coming to the fore today too, with the Moon becoming conjunct Ceres (Demeter to the Greeks) who has just separated from Uranus, while Venus will be aligned to Vesta in Pisces.
The Moon, Ceres and Uranus, what an odd company this is! Two maternal archetypes transiting the most masculine Sign of them all, Aries, accompanied by the very masculine and cold Uranus. This multiple transit invites mothers and carers of both sexes to be brave and independent today, showing the world that you are not just a passive, self-effacing, nurturing guardian, but that you have indeed your own ideas and needs time to do things to please yourself. It could be a good day to engage into some fun activities with the children, something a bit out of the ordinary that will inspire them to be more independent also.
The conjunction Venus-Vesta (Hestia to the Greeks) is very different, these two planetary energies having certainly more in common than Moon-Ceres have to distant Uranus. Vesta is the feminine power that keeps families and nations together, never letting familiar affection and loyalty’s eternal fire be estinguished, out of neglect or selfishness; while Venus represents the attraction and love that glues us to other human beings, in our endless search for harmony and pleasure. In the sensitive and compassionate Sign of Pisces these Love Goddesses should really open our hearts to the more subtle and psychic aspects of our attachments to other human beings, letting us perceive the underlying unity between them and us, and offering an opportunity to move on from old resentments, via a more understanding and forgiving attitude toward them and ourselves.

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The aftermath of the Aries~Taurus Full Moon, daily transits for October 24 2010 and beyond

What difference a day makes

So, it was Full Moon yesterday. No one should have missed out. Some potent feelings were around and the strong desire to share them. It  felt positive to me, but it might as well have been too full on for other people. Sharing the experience we have at a Full Moon can give us a glimpse of what we really mean by Astrology, the living reality of it.

Life was too full and interesting for me to find time to post! You probably didn’t have much time to search the net either.

Today we may start to integrate the experience of the Full Moon, always a revelation of sort, a climax, a realization that should encourage us on the inward journey the darkening fortnight is now bringing.

The symbol I see on the cusp Aries-Taurus (29°32′) is that of a seed, a concept, an idea, an inspiration beginning to take concrete form, grounding itself in the fertile soil of our everyday reality. The Moon in Aries is like a spark, a stimulus toward action but still in need of a vehicle through which to manifest itself. Taurus represents just such a vehicle. The capacity for our ideas to find a suitable form and become reality have been part of the realization and vision contained in this special Full Moon.

More of this kind, I mean Full Moons on the cusp between Signs, occurred this year already, see the September Full Moon with the Moon at Aries 0°15. And more will follow, see the November 22 Full Moon on the cusp Taurus-Gemini and the Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on December 21, on the cusp Sagittarius-Capricorn.

On October 23 the Sun, just eleven hours after the Full Moon, also entered a new Sign, on the opposite side of the wheel, from Libra to Scorpio.

There are now five bodies in Scorpio, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, plus the asteroid Vesta (or Hestia). This passage promises eventful times for all people who have Scorpio highlighted in their Birth Charts, and to a lesser degree also Taurus, Leo and Aquarius (the other Fixed Signs), as well as Cancer and Pisces (the other Water Signs).

Mars will leave Scorpio soon, on October 28. Hopefully we have used his energy wisely, in the last one and half months, to cut those ties that bind, to be strong in our feelings and personal truths, more honest with ourselves and others. Mars should now leave us with the desire to move on from here, to bigger and better things, from a deeply personal level to an impersonal and far-reaching one (Sagittarius Mars, October 28 to December 8).

Mercury, who entered the Sign on October 21, will exit on November 9. The Scorpio Mercury’s period is not for the faint-hearted. We need to accept levels of thoughts that we usually avoid because the depth scares us or because of the need to face those sides of ourselves we find difficult to own. Hopefully we will not be too tempted to dump our negative thoughts onto others, becoming judgmental and cynical. This is an ideal period for any type of research or in depth study, for investigating occult phenomena and the working of the unconscious in our daily lives. On October 25 Mercury will become conjunct to Venus retrograding in Scorpio, an aspect full of poetry and creativity, when deep emotions can find adequate expression in words, and like minds meet.

On a more material level the encounter of Mercury, the God of Business and Trade, and Venus, the Goddess of Wealth and Pleasure, could encourage successful business transactions, buying and selling in general.

The Sun will be in Scorpio between October 23 and November 22. I am preparing at present some general readings describing the effect over the coming year of the transiting Moon on your birthday or Solar Return day. You will be able to access this information each day of the year.

Venus is slowly retracing her steps toward Libra, re-entering Libra on November 8, then turning Direct on November 19 and re-entering Scorpio on November 28, until early January 2011!

As I said in my previous posts on the long transit and retrogradation of Venus in Scorpio the Venus in Scorpio period, and even more so when Venus is retrograde in this Sign, is one when we will feel like seriously assessing  or re-assessing our value system, sifting the wheat from the chaff, as the Bible says. What is fundamentally important will take precedence over momentary fads or fleeting desires. We are now on our way to discover, or more likely re-discover those activities, people and relationships which really count in our life and are vital to our emotional survival. We need to go through the confrontations and emotional turmoil of Scorpio in order to liberate ourselves from what of the past does not serve anymore as soul-enhancing role, to then enter the lighter, more adventurous and future oriented Sign of Sagittarius.

Finally Vesta entered Scorpio on October 9 and will leave this Sign on December 5. Vesta is presently conjunct Venus, for a couple of days, making the present time also ideal to honor the sacredness of our love life, our family and more intimate relationships. Vesta in fact was in ancient times the Goddess and she is today the archetype of the sacredness of heart and family, the one whose role is to keep the family and heart’s sacred flame for ever alive.

These different time-frames show how Scorpio in particular and all the Fixed and Water Signs in general are being stimulated mentally (Mercury), physically (Mars), emotionally (Venus), energetically  (Sun) and spiritually (Vesta) by the present transits.

Today, October 24, the Moon is transiting Taurus, stimulating the Scorpio energy via opposition. Yesterday the Moon opposed the Sun and Mercury, today is Venus and Vesta’s turn and tomorrow will be Mars. Avoiding the astrological cliche that oppositions are simply aspects of antagonism and strife (that, of course, they can often be), these transits are here to show us the other side of any issue or question, the point of view that can complete and enrich our, rather than be unproductively biased against it.

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