The historical significance of the transits active at the Libra Equinox 2011

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With the ingress of the Sun in Libra, on September 23, we have began another league of our yearly journey.

In the Southern Hemisphere, where I live, this Equinox means the onset of spring, fireflies in the garden, the scent of jasmines and wisterias in the air. The Sun is now shining overhead on the Equator, slowly moving southward toward the Tropic of Capricorn where it will culminate at the December Solstice (Capricorn ingress).

In this peaceful, glorious corner of the Earth we  seem somehow to be enclosed in a magic bubble, far away from the strife and trials of so many people out there. The spring weather contributes to the illusion that all is well, life is great.

The international news present another reality all together: financial markets free falling, banks on the brink all over the place, and many matters coming to a climax in numerous hot spots around the world; famine, natural disasters, wars, civil wars and terrorism. People are moving ‘en masse’, from county to country, a truly great exodus that will be remembered in the annals of history.

For years now the times around Equinoxes and Solstices have been more critical than other periods, because, entering a Cardinal Sign, the Sun is aligning with three major destiny makers, Uranus in Aries (opposition on September 26), Pluto in Capricorn (square on September 28), Saturn in Libra (conjunction on October 14).

Here is the Chart of the Libra Ingress of the Sun, calculated for the coordinates of Wollumbin, NSW, Australia.

The opposition Sun-Uranus leads the way, indicating sudden turns of events in the world stage as well as in our individual lives. Conflicts of wills, confrontation between uncompromising and self-righteous viewpoints.  Also fighting for independence and autonomy, clash with authority, defiance, conflicting ideologies. Also scientific discoveries and breakthroughs; and all sort of exciting developments. Positively the energy can be electrifying,  encouraging us to think with our own head and refuse conventional stereotyping.

The square (90 degrees angle) between the Sun and Pluto soon followed the Equinox (September 28), adding the determination to struggle to liberate ourselves from outworn conditions and relationship, with the readiness to pay dearly for achieving the changes we want. Happening as they do so close to the actual Equinox the Uranus-Pluto-Sun contact will colour the whole season. Furthermore Uranus is now only a couple of degrees separated from the square with Pluto, transit that will dominates the whole of 2012 and beyond.

On October 14 the Sun will meet Saturn in Libra, their yearly conjunction. Always a time to ponder and assess the work done and the work left undone, to ground our ideas on solid foundation, to start something that will last.

Considering all the above we shouldn’t be surprised then to find lots of Uranian and Plutonian stuff in the news, while we may have to prepare for some Saturn effect to become obvious in the very near future.

On September 23, just in time for the Equinox, Mahmoud Abbas made his historical speech at the UN  Security Council Assembly in New York, submitting an official request for a Palestinian statehood. This has been an unprecedented,  risk taking, unexpected, assertive stand by Palestinians, defiant of the USA promise to veto. The Sun-Uranus-Pluto transits tie very well with this event, together with other transits active at the same time: Moon conjunct Mars in Leo (assertion, courage), Moon-Mars trine Uranus (rebellion, defiance), square Jupiter (confidence, hope), sesquisquare Pluto (need to redress wrongs), and in semi-square with the South Node (tackling unfinished business from the past); all this while Jupiter retrograde is getting closer to the second pass of his trine to Pluto (belief in the possibility of radical changes), the most important non solar transit of the season.

Abbas received a standing ovation at the end of his speech. This response has shown the growing world support for the Palestinian cause (with few exceptions) and also the general unease with the present Israeli government standing on the matter.

I found very interesting that in the remote Middle Ages Uranus happened to also transit Aries at the time of the First Crusade, fought by the Catholic West to reconquer the territory of Palestine and Jerusalem from the Islamic Turkish Empire. Uranus transited Aries between 1089 and 1097.

It was Pope Urban II who called the First Crusade in November 1095, throwing a ball of contention between East and West that is still rolling today. The response to his call to arm was overwhelming. Many were allured by the promise of spiritual ‘indulgences’, guaranteeing a place in Heaven for those who were killed while fighting the infidels (sound familiar?). This first Crusade was fought between 1096 and 1099. It proved a successful campaign for the Christians who won back Jerusalem from the Turkish Empire.

Looking back at the more recent Uranus in Aries periods we can see that they have been also rich with events that dramatically changed the course of world history.

This is what I wrote in a previous post on the effect of the last passage of Uranus in Aries, 1927/34: “Historically Uranus was in Aries the last time between 1927 and 1934, an epoch that saw the rapid growth of armament in the world, in preparation for the Second Great War, an age of political turmoil and unrest, fueled by the global depression and the socio-political aftermath of the previous Great War. That age witnessed the growth of right wing movements all over the globe, from Latin America to Germany. On the other hand this was also the New Deal period in the States and an extremely prolific period in literature and the arts, one that truly modernized our concept of culture. The whole period was the start of something quite different at many levels“.

A few examples of the effects of Uranus in Aries during its previous passage, 1943/1850: in 1848 Marx and Engels published the Communist Manifesto while social uprisings of the exploited masses took place in most European countries (with the exception of Russia,the Netherlands and the UK), spreading even to South America, only to be ruthlessly repressed.  Over 50 countries became involved. According to a Wikipedia article: “It was the first (and only) Europe-wide collapse of traditional authority…”

Also in 1848 Elizabeth Cady Stanton, an American activist and reformer, organized the first Women Convention in Seneca Falls, New York, to demand universal suffrage and other human rights for women. Stanton and her supporters started something that, two Uranus’ cycles later, is not yet completed, with some countries still denying the rights of women to be equal citizens. This present Uranus in Aries period may hopefully guarantee women suffrage everywhere.

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Finally Uranus in Aries

Finally, Uranus is in Aries! March 12, 2011

I reproduce here what I wrote in earlier posts about the ingress of Uranus in Aries. And also one of my paper stencil (free hand cut with scissors, and later photo-shopped to add colours and effects).

I call this character Ouranus. For me he is the benevolent face of this often malingered planet.

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The transit of Uranus in Aries will end only in 2018. For all Aries oriented people (Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Planets in Aries) this will be a significant shift. Forces often beyond your conscious control will push you to take new directions, emotionally, ideologically, professionally.

Picture this: Uranus stimulates changes to occur, being contrary by nature to stagnation and the status quo. Aries is the Sign of new beginnings and the impulse for what has not been tried before, the courage to make a leap in the dark, illumined only by one’s aspirations for a more fulfilling life. It is time to pioneer new ideas, to dare to be different, to risk in order to gain.

Negatively Uranus in this self-centered Sign could spell disaster for the diplomacy and cooperation promised by the transit of Saturn through Libra, making Aries even more war-like and confrontational. Historically Uranus was in Aries the last time between 1927 and 1934, an epoch that saw the rapid growth of armament in the world, in preparation for the Second Great War, an age of political turmoil and unrest, fueled by the global depression and the socio-political aftermath of the previous Great War. That age witnessed the growth of right wing movements all over the globe, from Latin America to Germany. On the other hand this was also the New Deal period in the States and an extremely prolific period in literature and the arts, one that truly modernized our concept of culture. The whole period was the start of something quite different at many levels.  With this Uranus’ placement there seem to be little time for diplomacy and careful planning. It is instead ‘Action time’!

Three of the four planets orbiting beyond Saturn have now moved Sign (Pluto, Chiron and Uranus). Neptune will follow, entering Pisces in April 2011, and, for good, in early 2012. All these consecutive changes in the zodiacal position of these Destiny Makers, between 2008 and 2012, characterize the present time and near future as one of the most rapidly trans-formative periods in recent history, reflecting a renaissance of a sort, but also huge social, political and ecological upheavals.

These transits are momentous, and Uranus in Aries can be considered, together with Pluto in Capricorn, one of the most dynamic and also potentially dangerous of all of them.

Uranus takes an average of seven years to transit a Sign, returning to the same position every 84 years (7×12), its entire orbit containing a whole epoch of cultural development.

Aries is often misrepresented as just an aggressive and less than thoughtful Sign, while we forget its high intuitions and daring feats that have produced not only great warriors and freedom fighters, but also many great thinkers and visionaries. In this light, what effect would Uranus in Aries have over the generation of people who will be born between 2010 and 2019? Let’s look into the past for answers: the last Uranus in Aries generation was born between 1927 and 1935. They have been identified by some as the “Rebels without a cause’, a class of defiant people who had the courage to be themselves, and often became actively engaged in changing the rules and anticipating trends, thus paving the way for those who followed them.  Many of them personify very well the rebelliousness and modernity of Uranus boldly expressed through the Aries medium. To name a few of the best known: James Dean, Mikhail Gorbachev, Che Guevara, Buddy Holly, Ted Kennedy, Coretta Scott and Martin Luther King, Shirley McLain, Rupert Murdoch, Peter O’Toole, Elvis Presley. The power of these people to excite and inspire the generations that followed them is a testimony to their unique individuality.

The birthdays now precisely in line with Uranus’ present transit are: Aries (March21/23), Libra (September23/25), Cancer (June21/23), Capricorn (December22/24). These same people have been under a barrage of heavy duty transits since early 2008, first from Pluto in Capricorn, then from Saturn in Libra and now from Uranus! You may start feeling as if you have been singled out by some overwhelming fate, ruthlessly playing with your life. This latest Uranus’ contact could bring the situation to a sort of climax for you, hopefully making you more aware of the fact that every future is built on the ruins and riches of the past.  Searching for your own individual path will be the challenge in the next two years. A sense of isolation may prevail if you find that your present situation and current relationships are not reflecting your urgent need for freedom and self determination. It would very much depends on what use you have made of the Plutonian and Saturnine energies, in recent months and years. Are you now taking full responsibility for your life and stopped procrastinating (Saturn)? Have you identified and dealt with those aspects of your life that have had an obvious negative/destructive influence in the past (Pluto)? If you have done your home work, then Uranus can now bring you the independence you have yearned for a long time. If you have not made these steps, then Uranus could feel instead like another upheaval you don’t want to know about, prompting you to move out of your comfort zone, risking much of the security you have built in the past.

Generally speaking, Aries is not an easy place for Uranus and the transits of the planet of rebellion in the Sign of impulsiveness promises that the Uranian drive for renewal will be thrust upon us in a rather abrupt way, probably not giving us enough time to assimilate the changes. This is not, I’m afraid, a very promising position in regard to world peace, because the combination of the iconoclastic and autocratic character of Uranus and the fiery, belligerent nature of Aries could be an explosive one. Both archetypes are masculine, if not hyper-masculine, with a marked tendency to antagonize rather than cooperate and seek peaceful resolutions. The ingress of Uranus in Aries also anticipates an intense contact Uranus-Pluto (90 degrees angle) that will become exact between 2012 and 2014, but is already very close. The mingling of the highly trans-formative energies of these two planets will manifest as make or break situations that we all will have to face. Accepting changes will not be any more a matter of choice. A remarkably similar situation happened in the late 20s and early 30’s, when Uranus was also transiting Aries (1927-35) and Pluto was in the opposite point of the zodiac that it is occupying now, in the Sign of Cancer. They formed their 90 degrees angles between 1930 and 1933. Not only this was the period of the Great Depression, with the fall of Wall street in October 1929, but also the beginning of an ideological  transformation in Europe and the far east that led to the rise of dictatorships and eventually to the outbreak of World War II. Destruction of the past is an appropriate key phrase to describe the combined energies of these planets. Then it meant war, the autocratic and aggressive side of the aspect obviously prevailing. It does not have to mean war in our near future, but certainly a confrontation of sort and a need to embrace changes (Uranus), no matter the cost, or perhaps even the means (Pluto) we choose to employ.

The Uranus-Pluto’s pairing with the end of the Mayan Calendar gives this particular aspect even greater significance, together with the passage of Neptune into Pisces (another 2012 event).

All these transits on the cusp of the Cardinal Signs, the pillars of the yearly astrological calendar, really suggest a quickening in the pace of events and the need to get into action without delay to face problems head on. This is true not only for Cardinal Signs people (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) but for all of us. The whole configuration suggests a very eventful year ahead.



The Sun enters the Tropical (seasonal) Sign of Cancer on June 21, 9.28 pm.

It is the Cancer Solstice, Sun’s northernmost declination,

gate of winter in the southern hemisphere and summer in the northern.*******

I am re-posting here THE SOLSTICE CHART from an early article I wrote for the Art of Healing.

The Cancer Solstice Chart

Astronomers and astrologers alike mark the start of the Southern Winter and Northern Summer with the Cancer Solstice, this year falling on June 21. On this day the Sun lingers on its northernmost declination, before beginning to descend again toward the Equator. An important time in the yearly calendar, recognised and held sacred by most cultures, since the dawn of time. Still today, all the promises and mysteries of the coming season are contained in the Solstice Chart.

Click to enlarge

This year the Solstice Horoscope shows the Moon in Via Combusta, that trait of the Zodiac that traditionally is said to span between the middle of Libra and the middle of Scorpio. As its Latin name implies, translating something like ‘burning path’ or ‘fiery road’, I’m reminded here of the feats of walking on hot embers and fire accomplished during initiation ceremonies in diverse cultural traditions, including those of some Australian Aboriginals. The months ahead then we will all be walking on a difficult but enlightening path, a trial of sorts, with empowering potential.

The Moon also forms a beautiful Grand Trine, the combination of three 120 degrees angles, shaping an imaginary equilateral triangle between the Moon (emotions, family), Neptune-Chiron (spiritual healing and karmic suffering), and the Sun itself stationary on 0 degree Cancer, the ancient Gate of Life. Grand Trines are highly energetic configurations, mostly harmonious and positive, opening up new valves of understanding and offering outlets for greater creativity. This configuration seems to redeem the more difficult reading of Via Combusta. There is great potential for healing in this Chart and to overcome the emotional burning with an outflow of higher emotions, compassion, desire to help and heal the world, and all round enhancement of the nurturing quality of Cancer’.

Some fresh thoughts on the Cancer Solstice Season

I add here that this Solstice is embroiled, of course, with the Cardinal Grand Cross we are all worried about (as a 0°03′ Cancer Sun I can testify to this!), the two cannot be separated.

Even a distracted look at the Solstice Chart above would suffice to notice the dominant red square, the Sun making contact with all the known destiny makers: nearly exactly square (90°) Uranus in Aries, applying to a square to Jupiter in Aries, closely applying to a trine (120°) to Chiron in Pisces, separating from a trine to Neptune in late Aquarius and separating from a square to Saturn in late Virgo, and last, but not least, applying to the opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.

The Waxing Moon is on the last degree of Libra also in trine to Neptune and Chiron and in contact to Saturn and Uranus too, thus also contributing her light to the overall picture.

Before these amazing planetary patterns make us really superstitious perhaps we should start looking at them in another way. Like, for instance, as unique opportunities to grow up, individually and therefore globally. At this point I wouldn’t know a better way to put it.

The Moon disposits of the Sun in Cancer in the Solstice Chart, meaning that, at this particular Gate (change of season), the Sun of consciousness pays homage to the Moon of feeling and the psyche. Conscious meets unconscious, revealing to the ego the reality of the psyche, through depth of feelings, flights of creative imagination and psychic insights.

When people ask (and they do at present) how to better utilize these powerful energies, I say: work on yourself, make an extra effort to be aware of the implications of your actions, feelings, words. Participate with these transits rather than seeing them as your doom or the world’s doom.

Something is demanded of us, for sure, greater commitment and sense of responsibility; with the willingness to go looking for the ‘plank’ in our eyes rather than the speck in other people’s eyes. Of course we cannot expect everyone on the planet to be ready to look at themselves with such honesty, but this shouldn’t stop us trying.

These are not aspects which would tolerate avoidance. Facing facts squarely (Saturn), seizing the opportunity to turn things around, your whole life perhaps (Jupiter-Uranus), facing the fear of leaving the past behind and start over (Pluto) will help you to build sounder foundations for a better future.

These transits are global, engulfing the whole Earth and all creatures on it, not just us humans. A way, I feel, we may be able to exorcise them and find some redemption in them is by acting very locally, on the self in fact, each on his/her own self.

There will be tough times for a lot of people. Even if you are privileged enough to live a good material life (and many aren’t, even in western countries) your soul must feel the deteriorating conditions of the world we live in: the pressing social and financial problems; the conflicts of wars and ideologies, the displacement of millions of refugees, the dangers of an unchecked climate change, etc.

The Grand trine both in Water and Air Sign shows to me that the way out of the caginess of the grand cross is through the conscious cultivation (Sun in Cancer) of universal sympathy (Neptune in Aquarius), the willingness to heal what we can and to accept what we cannot change (Chiron in Pisces) and the sensitivity to apply all the above to our daily lives, especially in the area of relationship (Moon Libra-Scorpio’s cusp).

Let’s have a great Solstice season, wherever we are. It is, in part, up to each one of us what sort of world we will be in, in five/ten years time, and what legacy we’ll leave our children.

I feel we have a long way to go yet. In my view we will not find  instant solutions, experience collective illuminations or meet saviours on white horses coming to our rescue. Perhaps I am too much of a skeptic. Let me know what you think; your comments are always welcome.