Nuclear Boy, helping Japanese children understand the accident in Fekushima

Few days ago I found on You Tube this strange Japanese presentation for children, titled Nuclear Boy, trying to explain the nuclear accident in Fukushima ‘s reactors.

We are witnessing here a peculiarly Japanese way to handle problems. Hopefully it might help to appease the understandable anxiety of Japanese children.

The same day, in the morning, I had a conversation with a couple of young girls while traveling in the country school bus to work. They usually do not talk to me, often the only adult in the bus, and they surprised me by asking direct questions concerning the Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. They seemed anxious to discuss these events, after seeing the devastation in TV. They were looking for answers.

Perhaps we underestimate the impact such news have on children, when such terrible images are presented, over and over again, on television screens.

This cartoon clip is just one way to approach a very difficult topic. Children need to be informed without being spooked.

Can Astrology make sense of Japan’s earthquake, tsunami and nuclear menace?

First of all let’s examine the Chart of the earthquake itself.  The coordinates used were given by the International Seismological Center,  and are those of the epicenter.

Here it is.

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Celestial Bodies orbiting parallel to the Earth Equator, with Saturn holding the reins

One thing is immediately apparent, as it was in the Christchurch, NZ, recent quake: many celestial bodies are at the present time orbiting parallel to the Earth’s Equator, including the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Chiron in Pisces (Sign just South of the Equator), and also Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn respectively in Aries and Libra (both Equatorial Signs).

This alignment on the mid-drift of the Earth could by itself increase the possibility of severe seismic and volcanic activity. Another one is the grouping of  many celestial bodies on one side of the sky while only Saturn stands alone on the other side.  Here is an interesting article by Australian astrologer Ed Tamplin on the astrological factors often involved in earthquakes and in particular on the role of Saturn.

The Sabian symbol for the degree occupied by Saturn (16th of Libra) reads: ‘a boat landing washed away(!!!).

To make this symbolic connection even more significant Saturn will transit  this degree between March 5 and 20, two entire weeks, due to retrogradation.

The middle degree of Libra is the starting point of the so called Via Combusta too, a section of the Zodiac, between the middle of Libra and the middle of Scorpio, that is considered unpredictable, unstable, even dangerous in the practice of  Horary Astrology.

Symbolically then Saturn seems to play an important part in this event.

The local Horizon-Meridian Axis in Fixed Signs

Not surprising to students of Astrology the four Fixed Signs were on the Horizon and Meridian of that time and place, Leo on the Ascendant, Aquarius on the Descendant, while Taurus and Scorpio are found on the Mid-Heaven and Lower-Heaven respectively. Because Leo was on the Ascendant the Sun is ruler of this Chart and is placed in the Eighth House of Death and Loss, together with Mars, Uranus and Mercury. Saturn is instead in the Second House, which in a Mundane Chart like this one represents the wealth of the nation, its financial institutions etc. Already in deep troubles before the event these were dealt a terrible blow by the enormity of this disaster.

It is a well known astrological tenet that Fixed Signs have greater propensity for earthquakes and all kinds of violent disasters, offering stronger resistance to all changes.

I cite here just a few recent examples I have personally observed:

  • The Christchurch’s (New Zealand) earthquake of February 22, 2011: Ascendant in Taurus, Descendant in Scorpio, Mid-Heaven in Aquarius, Lower-Heaven in Leo.
  • Category 5 Cyclone Yasi in North Queensland, on February 3, 2011: Ascendant in Scorpio, Descendant in Taurus, Mid-Heaven in Leo, Lower-Heaven in Aquarius.
  • New Moon on the day cyclone Yasi struck Queensland coast: Ascendant in Taurus, Descendant in Scorpio, Mid-Heaven in Aquarius, Lower-Heaven in Leo.
  • The Tibetan Earthquake of April 14 2010, which killed nearly 3.000 people : Ascendant in Taurus, Descendant in Scorpio, Mid-Heaven in Capricorn, Lower-Heaven in Cancer.
  • The massive Haiti earthquake of January 12 2010 that killed more than 200.000 people . This event was preceded by two Eclipses, a Lunar on December 31 2009 and a Solar on January 15 2010. At the times of both these Eclipses in Haiti the Horizon and Meridian were also in Fixed Signs. During the Moon Eclipse: Ascendant in Taurus, Descendant in Scorpio, Mid-Heaven in Aquarius, Lower-Heaven in Leo. And during the Sun Eclipse: Ascendant in Scorpio, Descendant in Taurus, Mid-Heaven in Leo, Lower-Heaven in Aquarius.

These would be  indeed very strange coincidences if Astrology could not explain them as it does!

The relevant articles on these events can be found via these links: New Zealand’s February Quake ~ Cyclone Yasi in North Queensland ~ Tibetan Earthquake of April 14 2010 ~ Haiti Earthquake of January 12 2010 ~

Parallels and Counter-Parallels

Studying the Earthquake Chart, apart from many traditional aspects, I have observed a number of Parallel and Counter-Parallels of Declination. These aspects are special because they are not measured in longitudinal distance but rather in declination, North or South of the Ecliptic (Earth’s orbit). Celestial Bodies occupying the same degree of declination North or South are said to be in Parallel, while those on the same degree of declination but in different hemisphere are said to be in Counter-Parallel.

These aspects are important, the Parallel acting in a similar way to conjunctions and the Counter-Parallels to oppositions.

I have found that the Sun, ruler of the Earthquake Chart, was in Parallel to Saturn (similar to a conjunction to Saturn, considered traditionally unfortunate) and Counter-Parallel to Jupiter (similar to an opposition to Jupiter, also traditionally inauspicious),  while Jupiter and Saturn were in Counter-Parallel to each other (similar to an opposition). The actual opposition between Jupiter and Saturn not that far away, becoming exact on March 31. The Counter-Parallel anticipating the opposition’s effect.

Furthermore Mercury was in Counter-parallel to Uranus (similar to an opposition), another significant connection between these two.

The Ingress of Uranus in Aries

Astrologers are rightly having a field day with the ingress of Uranus in Aries coinciding so closely to this massive earthquake and its aftermath. It is nearly too perfect to be true, especially now that we are all anxiously waiting for news of those damaged nuclear reactors, that actually contain radioactive Uranium which is dangerously heating up (Aries Fire)!

Due to the present nuclear dread in Fukushima and others nuclear plants in Japan, Uranium stocks are falling on the stock market in Australia, country that produces more than 30% of the economically exploitable Uranium in the world. This seems to be in accord with the general planetary trends pointing to another downturn period for the global economy.

In my previous post on the Japanese event I stressed the importance of Mercury as a medium for the Uranian energy, entering Aries only two days before. But there are many other angles from which we can look at this Uranus astrologically, to try to understand why, of all days in a year when huge transits occur, this one day brought about such catastrophe.

To penetrate the mystery we need to look at other aspects Uranus was forming on the day, as well as at the link with other cosmic events, like the two Eclipses that have preceded the earthquake (Lunar on December 21 2010 and Solar on January 4 2011). And also we need to place these transits in the context of Japan’s Birth Charts (1889 and 1952).

On the day of the earthquake and tsunami Uranus, on the 29th degree of Pisces, was still forming a semi-sextile to Neptune on the 29th degree of Aquarius, transit that had been exact in mid-January. Due to the slowness of these two planets the angle was separating  by less than a degree (49 minutes of arc), still very close.  Mercury in early Aries was forming the same aspect (semi-sextile) with Chiron in early Pisces. Considering the nature of this event, sudden and violent (Uranus on the cusp Pisces-Aries) and beginning under the sea (Neptune) the transit fits the bill perfectly, also considering that this was the very last day these two planets would have been in Mutual Reception (one in the Sign of the other and viceversa), relationship that began when Uranus entered Pisces in 2003. At the same time there is another active Mutual Reception between Mars in Pisces (Sign ruled by Jupiter-Neptune) and Jupiter in Aries (Sign ruled by Mars). This relationship Mars-Jupiter, between Water and Fire Signs, is also very appropriate to the nature of the event, expressing itself violently and from a sea location (Mars in Pisces), and with great and expanding power (Jupiter in Aries magnifying the fiery nature of  Mars in the watery realm of Pisces). I feel all this to be remarkable.

Of great interest is also the fact that all the Full Moons since September 2010 have been on the 29th degree of the Signs, so that the degrees of both Uranus and Neptune have been activated by these Lunations, including the Total Eclipse of the Moon of December 21 2010, the day of the Capricorn Solstice. During this lunar eclipse the Sun and Moon were on the 29th degree of Sagittarius and Gemini therefore forming a square with the transiting Uranus and a sextile and trine with the transiting Neptune, aspects that became more exact by the time of the Japanese earthquake. Even the Lunar Nodes, eclipses’ signposts,  that were, at the time of the lunar eclipse, in early Capricorn and Cancer, reached the 28th degree of Sagittarius and Gemini at the time of the earthquake in Japan! We can definitely connect this powerful eclipse with the recent events in Japan. Mars exalted, strong in Capricorn, was separating from a conjunction to Pluto and approaching a square to Saturn in Libra at the time of the eclipse, showing the inherent dangers for the weeks and months ahead, eclipses always having an extended effect in time.

Jupiter was also close to conjunct Uranus for the last time before entering Aries in January, so Jupiter was augmenting the power of Uranus as well. At the time of the Solar Eclipse of January 4 2011 the last conjunction became exact, the solar eclipse making this transit truly powerful and far reaching, as this massive earthquake has demonstrated.

At present Jupiter, obviously another major actor in these events, is also separating from a 90 degrees angle to Pluto in Capricorn, that became exact on February 26, a potentially very destructive and deeply transforming angle, Jupiter enhancing also the power of the Underworld God. 

Read more on the December 21 Lunar Eclipse HERE. And the January 4 Solar Eclipse HERE.

Here is are two double wheel Charts. The top one has the Japan Earthquake Chart in the inner wheel and the Lunar Eclipse Chart on the outer wheel. The bottom one has the Japan Earthquake in the inner wheel and the Solar Eclipse in the outer wheel.  All Charts are calculated for the coordinates of Hoshu.

Please note the position of the Moon, transiting the Sign of Gemini during both the earthquake and lunar eclipse, the end of Gemini during the eclipse, and the beginning of Gemini at the time of the earthquake. More about the Moon in Gemini later.

The Earthquake Chart and the Total Lunar Eclipse of December 21 2010

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The Earthquake Chart and the Solar Eclipse of January 4 2011

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The earthquake’s transits become even more remarkable when we look at them over the backdrop of the two Birth Charts of Japan.

Here I consider some of the connections between these transits and the Imperial Chart of 1889.

Imperial Japan Birth Chart (1889) activated by the Earthquake’s Transits

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The Moon in Gemini

If the entrance of Uranus in Aries, plus the Sun and three planets in the Eighth House of Death weren’t enough, the transiting Moon, at the time of the quake, had just entered Gemini, a significant placement for Japan, because the Moon happened also to transit Gemini in Japan’s Imperial Chart of 1889 as well as the Modern Japan’s Chart of 1952.

Strange enough the Moon happened also to transit Gemini at the time of the magnitude 9.1 Sumatra’s earthquake and tsunami of December 26 2004, and the more recent Indonesian tsunami of October 25, 2010. As well as at the time of the first salvos on Krakatoa, on August 26 1883, and when the three big blasts of the same eruption occurred, on August 27 1883.

All this seems to show a different face of the airy and light Gemini Moon of astrological lore!

The Moon was also involved in significant transits with some of this event’s major actors, on the day disaster struck. The Moon was in fact in aspect to Mercury, catalyst of the Uranian energy; Saturn, the planet modern astrologers call the Lord of Karma and the ancients recognized as the root-cause of earth tremors, ruling as it does the Earth plane; Chiron, planet of collective suffering and healing; Uranus, planet of sudden and unexpected events; Neptune, God of the Oceans and all that happens therein; and the Lunar Nodes, the axis of destiny, connected with recent eclipses. As I will explain a bit later the Moon’s aspects to Mercury and Saturn seem particularly relevant here, due to the role of these planets in the event when compared to the Birth Charts of Japan.

Naught degree of Gemini is also the middle of the Pleiades Star Cluster in the constellation of Taurus. These stars were considered by some writers to have an evil influence, causing bereavement, mourning, sorrows and tragedies, and also abundant rains and floods, their name meaning ‘The Rainy Stars’. The Star Alcyone, most brilliant amongst the Seven Sisters, was perfectly conjunct the transiting Moon at the time. All the Pleiades were known in antiquity as the Sailor’s Stars.

According to Arab astrologers when the Moon was transiting the Mansion connected with these stars (Al Thurayya, the Many Little Ones) one could plant and sow but do not marry or travel by water.

Other amazing connections between Japan’s Imperial Birth Chart and the earthquake’s transits

  • The transiting Moon is conjunct Imperial Japan’s Neptune and Pluto. Now this is something!  Being born with a conjunction Neptune-Pluto the nation of Japan was destined to experience destructive upheavals and profound transformations involving the sea (Neptune) and the depths of the Earth (Pluto). It also shows Imperial Japan’s fascination and delusional aspirations (Neptune) for power and war (Pluto); heroic ideals that were utterly defeated in the Second World War. Hiroshima and Nagasaki come to mind, as well as the constant fear of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions with which the Japanese people have learnt to live. The fact that now Japan is also facing the prospect of melt down in some of its nuclear power plants shows the connection Moon-Pluto in action. This, together with the transits of Uranus, is proving indeed disastrous. And there is more, because the transiting Moon was also at right angle to Imperial Japan’s Mercury in early Pisces, while the transiting Neptune and Chiron are both conjunct the same Mercury and at right angle with the transiting Moon as well as Japan’s Neptune and Pluto! The Moon, in this type of Chart, is said to represent the people. So meaningfully connected with these destiny makers (conjunction Neptune-Pluto, square transiting Neptune-Chiron etc.) the Moon is a symbol here of the great loss of human lives.
  • The significant role of Mercury is confirmed by the fact that transiting Mercury (major activator of Uranus on the cups of Aries) was also approaching a sesqui-square (135 degrees) to Japan’s Saturn in Leo, while, at the same time, transiting Saturn in Libra was sesqui-square Japan’s Mercury in Pisces. This is what astrologers like to call a ‘double whammy’, the repeat of the same aspect, putting a strong accent on the power of these planets in the unfolding of this particular event. The double aspect was possible because the two Saturn (the transiting one and Japan’s) are close to a sextile aspect (60 degrees), a positive aspect, showing perhaps how early warning, strict building regulations and many other cautionary measures have saved many in the circumstances, the positive aspects of Saturn indicating caution and forethought.

Please check my next posts for more on the astrological signature of the Japan event. There are in fact many more meaningful aspects to be considered, in particular the connection with the 1952 Birth Chart of Modern Japan.


Sophie Anderson 1823-1903

In this second post about Chile’s earthquake I would like to study the chart of the event itself, calculated with the coordinates of the epicentre (35 S 50 – 72 W 43). Below is the Chart, for February 27, 3.34 am (Chile Day Light Saving Time), the time the massive earthquake struck:

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As I pointed out in my previous post, the Nodes of the Moon are aligned here to the horizon at the time and place of the earthquake (the North Node in Capricorn on the Ascendant and the South Node in Cancer on the Descendant). In the recent big event in Haiti the Nodes were also aligned to the local horizon, but in the reverse order (South Node on Ascendant, North Node on Descendant).

The Lunar Nodes represent the axis of destiny in every Chart (person or event). When they are highlighted in transit they trigger important events that influence the destiny of a person, or, as in the case of a mundane Chart like this one, of many individuals.

The South Node (Cauda Draconis, the Dragon’s Tail) is traditionally considered more difficult, dealing with what of the past we need to move away from, in order to grow. The North Node (Caput Draconis, Dragon’s Head) is less difficult, dealing with the future and growth of consciousness. Certainly this last event in Chile, horrible as it has been, is not comparable to the devastation that occurred in Haiti, where the dead toll has risen to about 220.000. In this case then the Nodes have confirmed the nature traditionally ascribed to them.

There are many scientific and social reasons for the more confined effect of the Chilean earthquake, despite the fact that it has been estimated to be 500 times stronger than the Haiti’s one: the quake in Chile occurred 34 km underground, while the Haiti’s earthquake was much closer to the earth’s surface, a mere 13 km. Also in Haiti the epicenter was very close to the very populated city of Port-au-Prince, while the closest city to the Chilean epicenter was Concepcion, 115 km away. And Chile is a much more prosperous country than Haiti and also much better prepared for earthquakes, because in Chile these events are more frequent.

The transiting Moon in Leo, at the time of Chile’s quake, was in the local Eight House, the sector in every horoscope that deals with death and loss. And, in an Event Chart such as this, the Moon represents the common people, going about their everyday business. The Moon is also applying widely to an opposition to the three Planets conjunct in Aquarius, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron. Mercury has in fact reached the conjunction to Neptune and Chiron just on the day of the quake. The event happened under the sea’s floor (Neptune rules our Planet’s oceans) and caused a wide spread tsunami alert for countries as far away as Japan and Australia.

So it seems that Mercury, messenger of the Gods, acted as a catalyst for the release of the Neptunian and Chironic energies. The conjunction Neptune Chiron, still very close to exactness and remaining active until early next year, is one with great potential for healing, but also for unwarranted pain and suffering, on a massive scale. I did found also interesting that these three planets are all on the 26th degree of Aquarius, 90 degrees away (square or difficult angle) to Algol, the star depicted as the head of Medusa, the same that had such a connection with the Haiti’s event (post on Medusa and the Haiti’s earthquake).

To return to the transiting Moon in Leo, our Lady of the Night is also the apex of a Yod, a well known astrological configuration, called by some the Finger of God, with Venus and the Ascendant at the other angles (both 150 degrees, a quincunx aspect, away from the Moon) and in sextile aspect (60 degrees) to each other. Yods are said to represent crisis of self-awareness, when we need to repeat certain experiences in order to gather their spiritual essence. To me this configuration seems mainly positive and could be a symbol of the fact that the devastation could have been a lot worse if the people hadn’t been prepared by previous experiences and well equipped to deal with such emergencies.To be noted too is the fact that Venus is in positive aspect to the transiting Nodes (trine and sextile), another positive testimony. The Moon and the Eight House in Leo are ruled by the Sun (Ruler of Leo) in Pisces, enhancing the importance of the Eight House’s affairs in this Horoscope (for House tutorial, click here).

Another powerful and obvious influence in this Chart is the culmination of Saturn, here the most elevated planet of the lot, and ruling the whole Chart because Capricorn, Saturn’s own Sign, is on the Ascendant. Life is not easy when Saturn occupies this powerful angle. The limitations and restrictions imposed by the Lord of Karma come to the fore when Saturn happens to dominate the Horoscope in this way. Also the giant ringed planet exerts a more powerful pull while crossing any place’s meridian, as it has been proved by this event. Furthermore the Moon in the House of Death and Loss is in semi-square (45 degrees away from) to Saturn and the Mid-heaven to which Saturn is conjunct. And we shouldn’t forget that the square Saturn-Pluto, exact earlier this year, is still fairly active (only 2 degrees away from exactness) and due to become exact again this year (see my 2010 Forecasts articles). This is one of the most difficult transit of the whole year. Pluto, in the Chile’s earthquake Chart, is transiting the Twelfth House of Fate and Self-undoing, indicating hopelessness in the face of events more powerful than any individual or group. Acceptance of fate, building resilience and character are the hard-earned benefits of the close contact of these two difficult planetary energies.

Last, but certainly not least, the Sun is applying to a conjunction to transiting Jupiter, a yearly event, just on the day of the earthquake! Despite many controversies surrounding the subject, giant Jupiter is considered by many to have an extremely powerful effect on seismic and volcanic activities on our planet. The close conjunction (alignment in longitude along the earth’s ecliptic or orbit) seems to confirm the ancient astrological lore about Jupiter.