August 11, 6.30 pm, Eastern Australia, looking at the Moon to find Mars and Saturn

Here is a snapshot of the sky from the astronomical program Stellarium. The time is tonight around 6.30 pm, looking up. It shows the yet to form conjunction of the Waxing First Quarter Moon to Mars and Saturn, edging closer to each other. You can observe the Libra and Scorpion constellations behind them. In the Tropical Zodiac however the Moon is actually transiting through the end of Scorpio, while Mars and Saturn are transiting in early Sagittarius (they will becoming conjunct in Longitude on August 24). To better understand the difference between Sidereal (Constellations) and Tropical or Seasonal Zodiacs please navigate to this tutorial of mine.

Note also bright Spica, alpha star of Virgo, the ear of corn in the Maiden’s hand, lower, toward the western horizon. This star could be easily confused with Jupiter or even Venus which are also visible in the early evening, the latter still setting only shortly after the Sun.

More about the visible night Planets in the next few days….

Sky Constellations Planets August 11 2016 630 pm

Sky Constellations Planets August 11 2016 630 pm

Balsamic Moon conjunct Jupiter, Venus, Aldebaran, the Pleiades

Here is an image produced with Stellarium of the eastern sky in the early hours of the morning (5 am) of July 16, 2012, when the little sickle of the last Moon will join Jupiter and Venus, against the backdrop of the constellations of Taurus, the stars cluster of the Pleiades, known as the ‘Seven Sisters’, and close to brilliant Orion. Aldebaran, alpha star of Taurus, appears still also close to Jupiter and Venus, as it has been for the past two weeks.

The Asteroid Ceres (Demeter) is also in the midst, conjunct Jupiter today, but she is not visible in this map.

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