I left this post half-finished in a cyber drawer of my site for nearly a month. I became somehow overwhelmed by the number of natural and unnatural disasters that are happening at the moment. I feared to become a messenger of gloom and doom for my potential readers. I feel compelled however to publish this post now because other events have followed this disaster and they seem to be linked to a similar planetary pattern, all happening within one particular Moon cycle, the one that began with the New Moon in Aries on April 14 2010, the same day as the Tibetan quake.

Watching  the drama unfolding in North West China, after the powerful earthquake of April 14, and encouraged by Eclectic Astrology’s EH (see Recent Comments) I got inspired to explore further the astrological implications of this event (see first post).

Below are the Horoscopes to which you may like to refer to when reading this post.


CHINA EARTHQUAKE, APRIL 14, 7.49 am, local time, epicentre’s coordinates.


  • THE BIRTH HOROSCOPE OF THE COMMUNIST REPUBLIC OF CHINA {21 September 1949, Peking (modern Beijing), calculated for midday, because the actual time wasn’t recorded. Alternative Charts for the birth of Communist China are: October 1, 8 am and October 1, 5.57 am, sunrise}.

  • THE APRIL 14 EARTHQUAKE, 7.49 am.

I concentrate now on the last two wheels’ Chart.

First thing we notice is the very close conjunction of transiting Saturn to China’s natal Sun in Virgo on the Solar Mid-Heaven as well as the opposition of Uranus in late Pisces to China’s Sun. As far as Saturn is concerned, this is the second as well as the third pass of this transit, whose first pass occurred in October 2009. What’s happening is that Saturn will reach the exact aspect in early June 2010, becoming Stationary Direct just on China’s Sun. The station of a Planet over the natal position of another is a powerful image, especially if the Sun is involved. In Mundane (Political) Astrology the Sun symbolises a nation’s sense of identity and its outward standing in the world, through the persons of its Prime Minister or King/Queen. So it looks like it is crunch time for the Chinese authorities, Saturn putting them through very serious tests for the duration of this transit (October 2009 to July 2010). Saturn is an extremely important planet in China’s Birth Chart, being very close to the Moon in early Virgo. Its Transits therefore are always likely to affect the general population, because in Mundane Astrology the Moon represents the common people. Life is hard for those in communist China; Saturn so close to the Moon testify to it. On the positive side this conjunction shows also the Chinese to be very hard-working and practical people, ready to make sacrifices for the benefit of their community (Virgo) but also ambitious and working hard not just to survive but to achieve high goals and a place of authority in the international community (Saturn).

Of course, at this moment in history, if Saturn is in the picture so is Uranus, diametrically opposed to it in the Solar Wheel. Uranus in fact is closer to its opposition to China’s natal Sun than Saturn is to the conjunction. The very first pass of this opposition occurred on April 8, six days before the Tibetan earthquake. The same transit will remain powerful until, at least the end of May, when Uranus will make his first ingress in Aries, and then again in October 2010 and January 2011.

We shouldn’t forget also that both Saturn and Pluto have recently become retrograde, portending repetition of past experiences with the necessity to explore and the potential to solve unfinished business or tie loose ends, as the saying goes. For China there are certainly lots of loose ends to tie with the Tibetan people who live in this ravaged region, a world in between modern Communist China and traditional Buddhist and Bong communities, inhabiting the rooftop of the world.

Furthermore, on the day of the quake, transiting Mars happened to be exactly on China’s natal Mars, so China was having a Mars’ Return, a two yearly event, portending potential unrest, accidents, violence, the activities Mars excels in.

I have found also a significant correlation between the transiting Lunar Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer and the Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra of China’s Natal Chart: at the time of the disaster they were very close (just over one degree distance) to a 90 degrees, challenging angle with each other, marking an important moment in the history and destiny of this country. To make this connection even more significant the Moon, at the time of the earthquake, was transiting on top of China Natal North Node and opposed to its South Node, thus connecting the ephemeral position of the Moon on that fateful day with the Eclipses that were around when Communist China was born. As astrologers know Eclipses close to the time of an individual’s birth are focal points in their Charts, points that will become activated during a lifetime by many transits and progressions and bring about important realizations and events. The transiting Moon in Aries was also separating from an opposition to China’s Neptune and applying to an opposition to China’s Mercury, both planets being conjunct China’s South Node.

To conclude the list of transits on the day: the transiting Moon had reached a 120 degrees angle, trine, with China’s Pluto, the Lord of Death, while the transiting Pluto was in opposition with China’s Uranus, transit that will remain active, on and off, for the whole of 2010, becoming exact again in October 2010 and January 2011. The latter transit is a very important one. If we were discussing the effect of such a transit on an individual we could describe it as a life-changing influence, both planets representing the need to embrace radical changes and accept the unavoidable. The same is true for a nation’s Chart.

Finally I would like to share another fact that I discovered about this event. The New Moon of April 14 was an important date for many people in Asia, corresponding with the beginning of the New Year, in accordance to different ancient traditions. The New Year was celebrated that day in Thailand, Punjab, Nepal, Assam, Bangladesh, Orissa, Tamilnadu, Kerala and other places. The time before the festivities begin (just when the disaster struck) is dedicated in these countries to cleansing ceremonies, enacted by house spring-cleaning, the throwing of water in the streets and to each other, the washing of Buddha’s statues, the freeing of birds form cages and fish form bowls. All in order to begin the year with renewed energy and purified of the sins of the past.

I couldn’t help thinking of all the dead people in Tibet being symbolically freed from their physical shackles and liberated in the new life of the Spirit on that very important yearly New Moon in Aries, the first of the year in the first of the Signs. The image of those Tibetan monks who came to help their fallen brothers and the population of this remote parts, whose help was rejected by unyielding Chinese authorities, is a fit image, I feel, of the ‘spiritual’ dimension of this disaster, because it happened in one place in the world that we can all consider sacred, around the highest mountains the Gods used to inhabit and from where they still shine like super-natural beacons for us.