Today the Saturn Uranus’ opposition is again exact. We should now be rather used to this difficult transit because it has been around since 2008.

This is what I was writing about it in September 2008 (The Art Of Healing):

The major Transit of this period is the Saturn-Uranus opposition, exact on November 5, but active much earlier and continuing until September 2009 and beyond. This is the last of the historic oppositions formed by Saturn since 2001. It will be a long time before such a set of saturnine challenges will constellate again our astrological sky.

The opposition which opened the sequence was Saturn-Pluto (2001-2002), coinciding with 9/11; an event not just big in itself, but big in its implications. It has in fact left the world sorely divided ideologically and spiritually, accentuating the fanatic stances of fundamentalists of all political and religious provenance (Sagittarius Pluto). It provoked at first a war of words and a clash of principles (Gemini-Sagittarius), and degenerated in the second Iraq war, the intervention in Afghanistan, and the corrosive and pervasive fear of terrorism we are still experiencing. Among other woes this connection has also made us more aware of the limited supply and non sustainability (Saturn) of Earth natural resources (Pluto), culminating in the recognition of our responsibility in the vital issue of climate change.

Between 2003 and 2006 the Saturn-Chiron opposition took place, witnessing the outbreak of conflict in Iraq, affecting the welfare and security of the whole planet. Political and economical issues in Africa also worsened considerably.

In August 2006 and June 2007 Saturn reached the opposition to Neptune, a difficult configuration, amply discussed in previous articles, pitting our material imperatives and survival needs against our spiritual and social ideals.

The last stage in this opposition journey of Saturn is its confrontation with Uranus, in November. Saturn represents all boundaries, material, psychological etc., and also the awareness of our limitations. Uranus, first giant planet past the orbit of Saturn, represents, on the other hand, the breaking free from Saturn’s confines. Uranus is against everything that is too structured and rigid, too conservative and safe. Uranus urges us to seek our individual path, irrespective and often against all that we have learnt we should be like or we should be doing. Revolt and rebellion are key words here, sometimes acted out just for the sake of change, but more often for an unrecognized need for freedom of choice. It is a common experience being told that we are acting out of character as soon as we begin to express more of our true selves to the world, especially our private world of family and close friends! Uranian crisis can alienate us from others and disrupt the apparently smooth surface of our relationships and occupations, but can also help us to feel younger and more empowered, not depending so much on other people for approval or help….

One is naturally reminded of the fact that in November Americans will go to the poll to elect a new President. At the time of writing (June 2008) the choice is Obama versus McCain, appropriate incarnations of the Saturn (McCain) and Obama (Uranus) principles: the older one upholding traditions and the safe old ways; the young one proposing a new deal and breaking, just by being who he is, with one of the most ingrained social convention in the American psyche, racial division. “The Audacity of Hope” is one of his most successful slogans, hinting at the drive for change embodied by the Uranus side of the opposition. Mythological Saturn and Uranus were, respectively, son and father in the Greek pantheon, and theirs was the story of a natural conflict of interest and rivalry. An archetypal father/son conflict has been obviously enacted here.

Strange enough the two men have striking numerous conjunctions on the same degree of the Zodiac (Sun-Pluto, Venus-Mars, South Node-Venus, Moon-Saturn-Jupiter). Their relationship was indeed made in heaven: the many meaningful connections are bright examples of synchronicity in action. This shows how their destinies are indeed intertwined, the raise of one will mean the fall of the other and vice versa.

……It is easy, at this point, to become biased in favour of Obama, after viewing his still incomplete chart. He seems conservative enough in his views and yet ‘different’ enough to make the most of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, when the old will meet the new in a big way.”

For more of this article, click here. For the future prospects of the Saturn-Uranus’ opposition, exact again in July 2010, please read this article.

Apart from the general meaning of this transit, what is the effect of this opposition at the personal level? Are different Signs going to experience it in a different way?

As the Obama-Macain’s stories demonstrate a study of the individual Birth Chart would be necessary to establish the impact of this mighty transit on any particular person.

Many of my clients in the last year and half have shown me that the impact differ according to the relative position of both Saturn and Uranus in the individual’s wheel. The effect is definitely magnified if the Saturn-Uranus’ opposition was to become aligned to the Sun, Moon, the Ascendant or one of the personal Planets, Mercury, Venus or Mars. A few examples to clarify this: a unaspected career opportunity is beckoning in the life of a young man (transiting Uranus conjunct Mid-Heaven), until now still living amidst the safety and limitations of his family home (natal and transiting Saturn on the Lower-Heaven). The transit is driving him to take a decision that will change the course of his life, helping him to find his path for himself and overcome early negative conditioning.

A middle-aged woman is facing the separation from her teen daughter who is leaving home to go to the big city to study, while Saturn is transiting her Fifth House of Children, and Uranus her Eleventh House of Friendships and Aspirations. Despite her deep sense of loss and sadness (Saturn) she is excited at the prospects of the freedom her daughter’s leaving home will mean to her, to become more involved in a community project she has been interested for a long time. Her new-found freedom scares her but it is also powerfully attractive, showing her a side of herself she hardly had time to explore before.

Another lady is going through a difficult divorce from her husband of many years, with Saturn transiting her natal Venus and opposing Uranus in transit over her natal Saturn. In this case too, loneliness and depression seem to go hand in hand with a feeling of emerging relief and great expectations for the possible future. She has finally made a decision and she is sticking to it; the need for real change in her life is overriding the fears that have somehow permeated her failed marriage in the last few years. Uranus in transit over her natal Saturn is showing her that change doesn’t mean doom and that sometimes disruption of our life-patterns is the only way to re-gain individual control over one’s life.


Barack Obama playing baseball circa the Sixties

 The First Progressed New Moon, 1967

Studying the American President’s Progressed Horoscope I have found many meaningful correspondences to his personal and public career. The following is an attempt to follow Obama’s Secondary Progressions throughout his life. I think it could help those Astrology students who, amazed by the powerful signature of the Transits in our lives, have still some doubt on the efficacy of considering Progressions as well.

To me Secondary Progressions (one day equal one year type) represent really a living backdrop to the Transits, showing the inner development of the individual and the way this is reflected in the events and encounters of his/her life.

Having used Secondary Progressions since I began reading Charts (thanks mainly to the Alan Leo’s series that started me on my path), I couldn’t do without them now. The Horoscope would not feel complete, because some of the underlying meaning of our experiences will be irremediably lost.

Barack, who was called Barry by his family, was born only six months before his parents’ marriage (February 2, 1961), meaning that he was conceived out of wedlock. This fact, together with the interracial marriages of his mother, first to a black Kenyan man, then to an Indonesian (in the fifties and sixties still surrounded by serious social taboos) would have certainly contributed to his psychological makeup and desire to help those who, like himself, don’t fit into the average social and racial mould. In his Birth Chart this is signified by the very prominent Aquarius: Ascendant, South Node of the Moon and Jupiter, ruler of his Ninth and Tenth House, respectively his connection with the wider world, his principles and his career; plus Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, conjunct his North Node of the Moon and at right angle to his Midheaven, so exerting a powerful influence on his choice of career and his potential for public success (Seventh House-Tenth House).


Obama’s Birth Moon in Gemini, conjunct the cusp of his Fourth House, or Midnight point, exemplifies the fact that he moved home many times in his life and that these frequent changes have helped him to become more flexible and adaptable, being an unsettling but also mentally stimulating position. One of the most interesting Progressed phenomena is the cycle of the Progressed Moon and Sun. We are all born at one stage or other of the Lunation cycle, with the Moon increasing or decreasing in light, waxing or waning. Progressions show us however that we are not stuck to the particular dynamic of that moment in the Lunation cycle for the rest of our lives. Moon and Sun advance in progression at their own appointed speed, on the average one degree a month for the Moon and one degree a year for the Sun. The Moon waxes and wanes accordingly, thus indicating periods of heightened and ebbing energy, times for successful outward actions, and times for introversion and self reflection, time for beginning and time for climax and endings, all necessary stages of psychological and emotional progress.

The Moon in Gemini (usually a social and light hearted if not emotionally superficial Moon) was just past the Last Quarter phase, ideal time for the birth of self reflecting individuals, more inclined to wrestle with their own inner demons rather than given to outward battle with the external world. This is considered a psychologically mature phase, that, covering the person’s childhood years, will help to make the child more thoughtful and adult like.


Obama was six years old (October 1967) when the Progressed Moon finally caught up with the Progressed Sun (Progressed New Moon in Leo), indicating the beginning of a brand new phase in his life.




And so it was, because, that year, his mother, now separated from his father and remarried, moved the family to Jakarta, Indonesia, where Barack’s half sister Maya was born.


That year not only the Progressed New Moon took place, but also the progressed Venus reached an exact distance of 120 degrees from the birth Neptune in the IX House. This aspect was already forming when Obama was born in 1961 (progressed aspects from planets are slow moving, somehow like the long lasting transits of the slow moving planets, those beyond the boundaries of Saturn). The Ninth House is often populated in the chart of people who form important connections with foreign people and countries. Neptune there at birth shows the great spiritual potential that could be triggered in Obama’s life, if he was to move to foreign lands or interact with foreign people and culture. The fact that the harmonious connection Venus-Neptune became exact just in 1967 shows how the family’s move to Indonesia had profound spiritual implications for young Barack, enhancing some of the best aspects of his Birth Chart, in particular his innate spirituality and compassion. The Seventh House cusp also progressed to the birth position of Uranus that year, signifying a profound change of attitude in Barack’s relationships and the beginning of a more individualized path. He started becoming more his own person.

To emphasize that, later that year, also transiting Jupiter reached Obama’s natal Descendant (another name for the Seventh House cusp), further proof that his relationships expanded and he began seeing and understanding more of the world. Transiting Uranus on his natal Mars on the cusp of the VIII House shows perhaps the darker side of this move to Jakarta that must have felt also as a painful uprooting from all he knew and loved in Hawaii, his birth place. Saturn in transit was however in harmonious aspect (trine) to his birth Sun, showing the positive influence and sense of security he derived from the relationship with his Indonesian step father. Usually the positive aspects of Saturn correspond to periods during which it is easier to settle down and to build secure foundations for the future.

So much for Obama’s first New Moon.


More about Obama’s Progressions and Transits’ timeline in my next post.