Venus in Sagittarius, November 2 to 26

Brunild by Odilon Redon (1840-1916)

The last few nights, against the darkening  glow of the twilight sky, I observed Venus aligned to Mercury and Antares of Scorpio, nicely framed by a little westerly window in our humpy.

It is a rare treat to see elusive Mercury so clear and bright. At the same time Jupiter was rising in the East, last night also accompanied by a big Moon, completing a very special setting.

Venus and Mercury, visibly transiting against the backdrop of the Scorpion constellation, are actually in the Tropical Sign of Sagittarius, Venus having entered this Fire Sign on November 2 and Mercury the day after (to better understand the difference between Tropical and Sidereal Signs please navigate to my TWO ZODIACS TUTORIAL PAGE, here).

The Signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius couldn’t be more different, as it is the case with all Signs following each other on the zodiacal wheel. Each Sign brings its own brand of experiences and wisdom to the planetary function they colour, following an evolutionary spiral toward a more inclusive and holistic awareness.  When it is Venus who passes from one Sign to the next, we are given an opportunity to explore novel aspects of love and relationships. In this instance Mercury will remain close to Venus until the middle of November, after that slowing down and becoming stationary retrograde in Sagittarius from November 23.

Venus in Scorpio turned our feelings inward, intensifying them. When Venus is in a Water Sign, and in Scorpio in particular, emotions become tangible things, the whole of life being permeated by them. We learn to swim in the undercurrents of our own psyche and that of the people we are close to.  As Venus moves out of Scorpio our feeling should become lighter, our moods more social and outgoing, even adventurous. The presence of Mercury in the same Sign should help Venus along too (they will become exactly conjunct on November 8/9).
All the Fire Signs, Sagittarius, Leo and Aries, and also Gemini (by opposition aspect), and Virgo-Pisces (by square aspect) will be particularly sensitive to this transit of Venus.

Venus in Sagittarius, a Jupiter’s Sign, is now also in Mutual Reception to Jupiter transiting Venus’s own Sign of Taurus. Mutual Reception represents a relationship amongst planets that is not angular or geometrical, like squares or oppositions, but rather based on the affinity certain planets have for certain Signs. A Mutual Reception unites the planets involved in a very intimate way, energetically as it were, in a way that suitably blend one energy with the other, so that the effect of one should not be considered without the other’s.

Viewed this way the passage of Venus through Sagittarius, while Jupiter is in Taurus, may prove perhaps not as adventurous as Sagittarius itself would indicate, because Taurus tends to be a cautious Signs, slow in making decisions, not willing to take too many risks. So a blend of enterprise and caution is here for us to experience, perhaps meaning that we can try something new this month in the area of relationships, love, finance or art (the functions over which Venus presides), without forsaking those values that provide us with emotional and material security. The Fire qualities of impulse, hope, confidence mingle here with the practical and realistic outlook of the Earth Element.

What I wrote in January this year, when Venus was also transiting Sagittarius, can apply to her present transits too, notwithstanding the sobering Jupiter in Taurus’ factor:

Sagittarius is the most forward looking, optimistic and visionary of all Signs. Under this influence Venus will seek relationships (her function in the psyche) with renewed optimism and passion, unfettered by the emotional trappings that are so characteristic of the Water Signs, and of Scorpio in particular.

Sagittarius is about living in the moment, without too many plans or obligations. If we respond to this energy, we may also become attracted (Venus) by the fleeting moment, the ideal, the vision, the potential in every situation, perhaps also becoming disenchanted by the factual, what or who is really there. We may seek partners in adventure now rather than emotional security. This placement will encourage instant attractions, toward new people or activities, while it may not be the best suited for long term commitments.

Travel may be in the cards for many or thought of travel, because to Sagittarius the grass seems always a little bit greener on the other side of the fence, especially in the open fields!

This could be a rewarding time to take up a fitness program, to enjoy sports and games, the outdoor life, camping, campfires and visiting wild and unexplored places, physically and with our mind, through reading, speculations, philosophical discussions; the sort of activities that foster a sense of individual freedom and enthusiasm“.

Venus, Mercury and even Mars are fast moving planets, constantly changing their positions relative to the other celestial bodies, from day to day and week to week.  At present I’m considering ways that will allow me to post weekly or fortnightly readings on the currents transits, like I used to do months ago. I had to abandon the practice because these posts were taking too much of my time. I know they would not if I weren’t fussing too much about them (try not to be fussy when you got a Saturn in Virgo squaring everything!).

An alternative to writing could be recording. Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted on future developments.

Transits March to June 2011

FROM THE ARIES EQUINOX TO THE CANCER SOLSTICEMosaic in the so called House of Neptune at Herculaneum, destroyed with Pompeii by Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 BC.

It depicts the God Neptune and the Goddess Amphitrite, his spouse.

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Between April 5 and August 5 2011 Neptune will make its first tentative ingress into Pisces, entering this Sign for good only in February 2012. It has been 164 years since Neptune was last in Pisces. The mystical planet will be in its own Sign for the next 14 years, leaving only in 2025.

The last historical passage of Neptune through Pisces happened between 1848 (soon after its discovery in 1846) and 1862. This is often referred to as  the Romantic period in the arts and literature, and ideologically one that saw the rise of  socialistic ideals, with the writing of Marx and Frederick Engels (the Communist Manifesto was published in 1848). A very significant Occult Revival occurred then also, in response to the rationalistic and materialistic ideologies that flourished during the so called age of Reason brought about by modern industrialization.

During the last fourteen years humanitarian and egalitarian trends have gained momentum with Neptune in the socially conscious Sign of Aquarius. We have witnessed the uncanny development of social networking, through which many people who could not possibly interact with each other before have found a novel way to share their experiences via the world-wide-web, a definite Aquarian experience. In the last seven year a special relationship between Uranus and Neptune was also active, what astrologer call a Mutual Reception. This happens when a planet is transiting the Sign traditionally ruled by another planet and this second planet transits the Sign ruled by the first. In this case it was Uranus in Pisces, Sign ruled by Neptune, in Mutual Reception to Neptune in Aquarius, Sign ruled by Uranus. This has also contributed to the amazing spread of the internet because Uranus, like Aquarius, has a lot to do with new technologies and also with group activities, while Neptune, like the Water he presides over, always helps to broadcast things far and wide, like the oceans connecting different shores.

Neptune’s passage through a new Sign will be reflected in a shift in the spiritual aspirations of the world. The generation of people born with Neptune in Pisces, between 2011 and 2025, will produce some charismatic visionaries and artists of a higher order, contributing to a spiritual and artistic renaissance, as people born with the same Neptune’s placement have done in the past, like Rudolph Steiner, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Gustav Mahler, to name just three.

This generation will be extra sensitive to our spiritual connection to the Earth as the all giving Mother. Neptune in fact, traditionally depicted as a powerful male god, rising from the ocean’s waves with his  mighty trident, is actually very much a feminine energy, passive and inclusive, fluid and changeable, a shape shifter helping us to glimpse the subtle aspects of all situations and relationships.

A new Romantic era is opening, that will witness the resurgence of interest in the mantic arts, like alternative healing methods, astrology, palmistry, tarot, occultism, etc. There will be a renaissance of the feminine spirit in art, religion, philosophy and in the heart of men and women. We may more consciously seek experiences of transcendence, via transpersonal psychology, channelling, active dreaming, out of the body experiences, meditation etc. These and similar activities will become more widely accepted and sought after by an increasing number of people. The visual arts, the media, music will all be influenced by this new mystical trend.

This generation will hopefully be also more sensitive to our collective suffering, including that endured by the Earth itself, and be ready to work selflessly toward global solutions, including everyone in this world’s multicultural melting pot, from which the flower of a new humanity may be able to emerge.

Neptune symbolizes the ever present longing for a lost state of bliss and unity, the lost individual paradise of the womb and the collective paradise of humanity’s Golden Age. With Neptune in Pisces this longing will permeate the lives of more and more people, perhaps stirred by the ecological catastrophes threatening our world.

Chiron, in Pisces since February 9, will remain in this Sign until 2018/19, accompanying Neptune in his journey. They will be conjunct, on and off, until the end of 2014, showing the potential for healing our collective ills by embracing wiser and more compassionate ways.

From a previous post on Neptune n Pisces:

Neptune returning to Pisces

After six months spell in Aquarius, Neptune finally returns to Pisces on February 4, to stay in this Water Sign until 2025. This transit will define an epoch in human history, reflecting on our spiritual and aesthetic values for years to come.

As our daily lives become more and more impacted by the momentous adjustments and disruptions all around us, Neptune in Pisces can show us transcendental ways to navigate the troubled waters of the present, enhancing creativity, imagination and compassion. There will be a sense of underlying unity between us and the planet, a striving toward greater integration among races, religions and ideologies, in the face of the still polarized situation on the surface of things. Outlasting many other transits that preoccupy astrologers at the present time, this influence gives us real hope that we will be guided toward greater spiritual unity in the next decade and beyond. The fate of the planet, I feel, depends very much on the way we will be able to embrace Neptune in Pisces, avoiding its downside of extreme passivity and escapism.