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Sun Symbol
The SUN entered the FIXED AIR SIGN of AQUARIUS on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 1.54 am, with the ingress into AQUARIUS. The SUN will transit AQUARIUS until Wednesday, February 19, 3.56 pm, with the ingress into PISCES.

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To view an interpretation of the Moon Sign and Phase please click the images below

A note: the garden activities associated with the Moon Sign depend also on the cycle the Moon is in. The Moon transiting through a fertile or productive Sign will no be so favorable if the Phase is not a productive one, and vice-versa. For best results the Sign and Phase of the Moon have to be considered together.

Aquarius MoonNew to Crescent Moon PhaseThe WAXING MOON TRANSITS AQUARIUS from Wednesday, January 22, 3.59 pm, to Saturday, January 25, 0.20 am, and ends on Monday, January 27, 10.43 am, with the ingress into PISCES.
The AQUARIUS NEW MOON PHASE begins on Saturday, January 25, 8.41 am, and ends on Wednesday, January 29, 9.32 am, with the PISCES CRESCENT MOON PHASE.


The January 2020 Lunar Cycle began with

the 04°06Capricorn New Moon, on Thursday, December 26, at 4.13 pm local time


The climax of the January 2020 Lunar Cycle will be

the 20°00Cancer Full Moon on Saturday, January 11, 6.21 am


The next Lunar Cycle will begin on January 25, at 8.41 am, at 04°21′ Aquarius



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January 2020 Moon Ingress into Signs***

All phases, positions etc are currently calculated for Australian Eastern daylight Saving Time (11 hours East of Greenwich).
Click images to view meaning*
Moon in Aries

Wax. Moon in Aries on Thu, Jan 2, 3 pm

Moon in Taurus

Wax. Moon in Taurus on Sun, Jan 5, 3.15 am

Moon in Gemini

Wax. Moon in Gemini on Tue, Jan 7, 1.10 pm

Moon in Cancer

Wax. Moon in Cancer on Thu, Jan 9, 7.43 pm

Moon in Leo

Wan. Moon in Leo on Sat, Jan 11, 11.15 pm

Moon in Virgo

Wan. Moon in Virgo on Tue, Jan 14, 1.06 am

Moon in Libra

Wan. Moon in Libra on Thur, Jan 16, 2.43 am

Moon in Scorpio

Wan. Moon in Scorpio, Sat, Jan 18, 5.20 am

Moon in Sagittarius

Wan. Moon in Sag. on Mon, Jan 20, 9.40 am

Moon in Capricorn

Wan. Moon Cap Wed, Jan 22, 3.59 pm

Moon in Aquarius

Wan/Wax Moon Aquarius Sat, Jan 25, 0.20 am

Moon in Pisces

Wax. Moon Pisces on Mon, Jan 27,10.43 am

Moon in Aries

Wax. Moon in Aries on Wed, Jan29,10.50 pm

~~January 2020 All Moon Phases***

All phases, positions etc are calculated for Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (11 hours East of Greenwich)
Click images to view meaning
Apologies the time of the January Cancer Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse was wrong earlier. The error has now now been corrected to 6.21 am, Eastern Australia Daylight Saving Time.
First Quarter Moon Phase Animation

Aries First Quarter Moon, 12°15′, Fri, Jan 3, 3.45 pm

Gibbous to Full Moon animation

Gemini Gibbous Moon, 01°19′, Tue, Jan 7, 3.39 pm

Full to Disseminating Moon

Cancer Full Moon Eclipse, 20°00′, Sat, Jan 11, 6.21 am

Disseminating Moon Phase

Virgo Disseminating Moon, 08°25′, Tue, Jan 14, 3 pm

Last Quarter to Balsamic Moon Phase

Libra Last Quarter. 26°51′, Fri, Jan 17, 11.58 pm

New to Crescent Moon Phase

Sagittar. Balsamic Moon, 15’29’, Tue, Jan 21, 1.28 pm

1 New Moon Crescent fast

Aquarius New Moon, 04°21′, Sat, Jan 25, 8.41 am

Crescent Moon Animation

Pisces Crescent Moon, 23°28′, Wed, Jan 29, 9.38 am

1 New Moon Crescent fast

Aquarius New Moon, Sat, Jan 25, 04°21′, 8.41 am

Crescent Moon Animation

Pisces Crescent Moon, 23°28′, Mon, Jan 29, 9.38 am

January 2020 Signs Ingress and Retro Periods of the Fast Moving Planets

All positions etc are calculated for Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (11 hours East of Greenwich)


Sun Symbol
The SUN entered the FIXED AIR SIGN of AQUARIUS on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 1.54 am, with the ingress into AQUARIUS. The SUN will transit AQUARIUS until Wednesday, February 19, 3.56 pm, with the ingress into PISCES.

MERCURY entered AQUARIUS on Friday, January 17, at 5.30 am. MERCURY will then transit AQUARIUS until Monday, February 3, 10.37 pm, with the ingress into PISCES.

MERCURY will not be finished with AQUARIUS though, becoming Stationary Retrograde on Monday, February 17, on 12°53′ of PISCES, returning to AQUARIUS, in retro motion, on Wednesday, March 4. MERCURY will turn Direct on Tuesday, March 10, on 28°13′ of AQUARIUS, transiting this Sign until Monday, March 16, at 2.42 pm, only then re-entering PISCES for good.

For a general post on the Retrogradation of Mercury’s effects, please navigate to my Page here.

VENUS has been transiting AQUARIUS since Friday, December 20, 5.41 pm, and will enter PISCES on Saturday, February 8, 7.02 am.

MARS has been transiting SAGITTARIUS since Friday, January 3, at 8.37 pm. MARS will then transit SAGITTARIUS until Sunday, February 16, 10.32 pm.


January 2020 slow moving Planets’ Signs Ingress and Retro Periods

Jupiter GlyphJUPITER have been transiting CAPRICORN since Tuesday, December 3, at 4.20 am. JUPITER will transit CAPRICORN until Sunday, December 20, 2020, AT 0.07 am, with the ingress into AQUARIUS.

SATURN entered CAPRICORN on December 20, 2017, and will transit CAPRICORN until March 22, 2020, with the ingress into AQUARIUS.
SATURN will become RETROGRADE on Tuesday, May 12, on 01°57′ AQUARIUS and will re-enter CAPRICORN, in retro motion, on Thursday, July 2.
Becoming DIRECT on Wednesday, September 30, on 25°20′ CAPRICORN, SATURN will re-enter AQUARIUS, for good, on Thursday, December 17.
SATURN will form a conjunction with JUPITER on Tuesday, December 22, 2020, one of the first conjunctions in AIR SIGNS since 1802. This particular alignment in December 2020 will be setting the trend for the next 200 years or so, because their twenty yearly conjunctions will occur mainly in AIR SIGNS until 2140.  Astrologers throughout the ages have considered these conjunctions extremely influential in shaping world’s history, with its prevalent ideologies and sociopolitical leanings.

Chiron GlyphCHIRON entered ARIES for good on February 18 2019, at 8.07 pm, and will transit ARIES until June 20, 2026.
For a short post on the ingress of Chiron in Aries please navigate to my 2018 post here.

Uranus GlyphURANUS entered TAURUS on Wednesday, March 6, at 7.26 pm. URANUS will transit TAURUS until April 26, 2026.
This was indeed the great event of the year 2019.
If interested please navigate to my 2018 post on URANUS in TAURUS here.
URANUS turned STATIONARY RETROGRADE on August 12, 2019, and will turn DIRECT again on January 11, 2020, between 06°36′ and 02°38′ of TAURUS.

NEPTUNE has been transiting PISCES for good since February 4, 2012, and will remain in PISCES until March 30, 2025, when it will enter ARIES.

PLUTO has been transiting CAPRICORN for good since November 27, 2008. PLUTO will transit CAPRICORN until March 23, 2023, then entering AQUARIUS.

January 2020 Lunar Nodes Signs Ingress

The NORTH and SOUTH LUNAR NODES have been transiting CANCER and CAPRICORN respectively since November 6, 2018. The MOON NODES will transits these Cardinal Signs until May 6, 2020, entering then the Mutable Signs of SAGITTARIUS and GEMINI.
In the month of January 2020 they will cover the degrees between 08°23’and 07°52′ of CANCER and CAPRICORN, mostly in Retro Motion, as usual.

January 2020 Four Major Asteroids: CeresPallas-Juno-Vesta’s Signs Ingress

Asteroid CeresCERES has been transiting CAPRICORN since November 16, 2019, and will transit CAPRICORN until Friday, January 31, with the ingress into AQUARIUS.

PALLAS entered CAPRICORN on Saturday, January 18, 2020, where she will remain until Thursday, April 30, then entering AQUARIUS. PALLAS will however return to CAPRICORN, due to Retrogradation, between June 3 and December 7, 2020.

Juno GlyphJUNO entered LIBRA on November 4 2019, and will transit LIBRA until Sunday, September 20, 2020.

VESTA entered TAURUS on June 9, 2019, and will transit TAURUS until March 21 2020, after a long period of Retrogradation, from September 24 to December 30 2019.


Black Moon Lilith Glyph Black Moon Lilith Ephemeris January 2020Last, but not least, here are the January 2020 Ephemeris just for the elusive BLACK MOON LILITH.

To help you understand what this occult point represents I’ve chosen two websites:

Astrodienst on the Black Moon Lilith on the Black Moon Lilith

Click this link for the current Month Astro Calendar (including the Moon’s Voids of Course)
and all monthly Astro Calendars since January 2011

Click this link for the current Month Ephemeris (including the Four Major Asteroids and Black Moon Lilith)
and all monthly Ephemeris since April 2010

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January 25, 2020 ~ February 12, 2021

According to an ancient legend, the Rat was the first of the Chinese ‘Animals’ to reach the Jade Emperor’s party to which all Twelve Animals had been invited. The Emperor had decreed that the first one to arrive will forever begin the cycle of the year. The smart Rat managed to arrive first by a bit of trickery. He rode on the back of the mighty Ox, in order to swim the river and jump to the other side before everyone else.

Since then the Rat always begins a new cycle of the Twelve Years Chinese Zodiac. 2020 though is an even more important new beginning because, after sixty years during which the Twelve Animals belonged to the Earth Element (there are Five Elements in Chinese Cosmology), from this year onward the focus will shift to the Metal Element and will continue to do so for the next sixty years.

From the above it is obvious that the Rats of this world (people born in 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 and 2020) are clever, taking advantage of all opportunities that appear on their horizon, their instincts very alert. They are also charming, vivacious, energetic, witty and mentally flexible. They are full of initiative and optimism too, but cautious and practical as well, a great combination to succeed in all manner of enterprise. Despite their abundance of vitality Rats also enjoy the quiet life, after gaining the comfort they crave.

The Metal Element in Chinese Cosmology adds tenacity and will power to each one of the Twelve Animals, with the risk of becoming too rigid and inflexible at times. On the positive side this Element enhances self-confidence and also instills a natural respect for others.

In the Year of the Rat we can all be a bit more alert to new opportunities and clever in managing our resources. Like the Rat did to come first in the race we may have more chances to succeed by thinking out of the box, thus finding solutions to our problems we could not envision before; and especially by remaining optimistic in the face of difficulties and setbacks.



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