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Sun SymbolVirgo by Julie DillonThe SUN enters the MUTABLE EARTH SIGN of VIRGO today, Friday, August 23, at 8.01 pm. The SUN will transit VIRGO until Monday, September 23, 5.50 pm, SPRING EQUINOX in the Southern Hemisphere, AUTUMN EQUINOX in the Northern.
From August 18, 21 and 29 respectively also MARS, VENUS and MERCURY will be in VIRGO.

Gemini MoonLast Quarter to Balsamic Moon PhaseThe WANING MOON TRANSITS GEMINI from Saturday, August 24, 0.33 am, to Monday, August 26, 7.05 am, with the ingress into CANCER.

The GEMINI LAST QUARTER MOON PHASE begins on Saturday, August 24, 0.55 am, and ends on Tuesday, August 27, 305 pm, with the CANCER BALSAMIC MOON PHASE.

 The beginning of August 2019 Lunar Cycle was

the Leo New Moon on August 1, 1.11 pm local time (click to view chart)

The climax of this period has been

the Aquarius Full Moon on August 15, 10.29 pm (click to view chart)


VENUS will enter VIRGO today, Wednesday, August 21, 7.06 pm, and will transit this MUTABLE EARTH SIGN until September 14, at 11.42 pm.

MARS entered the MUTABLE EARTH SIGN VIRGO too, on Sunday, August 18, 3.18 pm, and will transit VIRGO until October 3, at 2.21 pm, with the ingress into LIBRA.

On August 12 JUPITER turned DIRECT on 14°30′ SAGITTARIUS

Uranus Glyph

On the same day URANUS turned RETROGRADE on 06°36′ TAURUS

ON JULY 17, AT 7.38 AM, WITH

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or to my Eclipse Page full of case histories and information HERE

*AUGUST 2019

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August 2019 Moon Ingress into Signs

All phases, positions etc are calculated for Australian Eastern Standard Time (10 hours East of Greenwich)
Click images to view meaning
Moon in Leo

Wax. Moon in Leo, Wed, July 31, 11.18 pm

Moon in Virgo

Wax. Moon in Virgo, Fri, Aug 2, 11.20 pm

Moon in Libra

Wax. Moon in Libra, Sun, Aug 4, 11.29 pm

Moon in Scorpio

Wax. Moon in Scorpio, Wed, Aug 7, 11.31am

Moon in Sagittarius

Wax. Moon in Sag. on Fri, Aug 9, 6.34 am

Moon in Capricorn

Wax. Moon in Cap. on Sun, Aug 11, 2.49pm

Moon in Aquarius

Wax/Wan Moon Aquarius Wed, Aug 14, 1.35am

Moon in Pisces

Wan. Moon Pisces Fri, Aug 16, 1.49 pm.

Moon in Aries

Wan. Moon in Aries on Mon, Aug 19, 2.32am

Moon in Taurus

Wan. Moon in Taurus on Wed, Aug 21,2.36 pm

Moon in Gemini

Wan Moon in Gemini on Sat, Aug 24,0.33 am

Moon in Cancer

Wan. Moon in Cancer, Mon, Aug 26, 7.05am

Moon in Leo

Wan. Moon in Leo, Wed, Aug 28, 9.53 am

Moon in Virgo

Wan/Wax Moon in Virgo, Fri, Aug 30, 9.57am

August 2019 Moon Phases

All phases, positions etc are calculated for Australian Eastern Standard Time (10 hours East of Greenwich)
Click images to view meaning
1 New Moon Crescent fast

Leo New Moon, 08°36′, Thur, August 1, 1.11 pm

Crescent Moon Animation

Virgo Crescent Moon, 26°40′, Sun, Aug 4, 6.06 pm

First Quarter Moon Phase Animation

Scorpio First Quarter Moon, 14°55′, Thur, Aug 8, 3.30 am

Gibbous to Full Moon animation

Capricorn Gibbous Moon, 03°31′, Sun, Aug 11, 9.38pm

Full to Disseminating Moon

Aquarius Full Moon, 22°24′, Thur, Aug 15, 10.29 pm

Disseminating Moon Phase

Aries Disseminating Moon, 11°22′, Tue, Aug 20, 1.27 am

Last Quarter to Balsamic Moon Phase

Gemini Last Quarter. 0°11′, Sat, Aug 24, 0.55 am

New to Crescent Moon Phase

Cancer Balsamic Moon, 18’39’, Tue, Aug 27, 3.05 pm

1 New Moon Crescent fast

Virgo New Moon, 06°46′, Fri, August 30, 8.37 pm


August 2019 Signs Ingress and Retro Periods of the Fast Moving Planets

After RETROGRADATION MERCURY (which became STATIONARY DIRECT on August 2) began its Waxing Phase. MERCURY will transit LEO from Monday, August 12, 5.45 am, to August 29, 5.47 pm, then entering VIRGO.

MERCURY INFERIOR CONJUNCTION: on Sunday, July 21, at 10.33 pm, RETRO MERCURY became aligned by conjunction to the SUN, at 28°28’of CANCER. This is the all important INFERIOR CONJUNCTION, occurring midway through his Retro Period, when our Little Brother is closest as he can be to Planet Earth, orbiting between Earth and the Sun.
The INFERIOR CONJUNCTION is the beginning of the Waxing Phase of MERCURY and also its shift from setting after the Sun (Evening Star apparition) and its rising before the Sun (Morning Star apparition).

For an excellent interpretation of this particular Phase of MERCURY Please navigate to this article by Michael R. Meyer, on Cyber World Khaldea site, HERE.

The WAXING PHASE of MERCURY will last until its SUPERIOR CONJUNCTION to the SUN on September 21, just around the LIBRA EQUINOX time. This will be the start of its EVENING STAR apparition.

For a general post on the Retrogradation of Mercury’s effects, please navigate to my Page here.

VENUS entered LEO on Sunday, July 28, at 11.53 am. VENUS will transit LEO until Wednesday, August 21, 7.06 pm, with the ingress into VIRGO.
‘ s Transit through VIRGO will last until September 14, at 11.42 pm.

MARS entered the FIXED FIRE SIGN LEO on July 2, at 9.19 am.  MARS will transit LEO until August 18, 3.18 pm, with ingress in VIRGO. MARS will transit VIRGO until October 3, at 2.21 pm, with the ingress into LIBRA.


August 2019 slow moving Planets’ Signs Ingress and Retro Periods

Jupiter GlyphJUPITER entered SAGITTARIUS on November 8, 2018, at 11.39 pm (Australia Eastern Summer Time). JUPITER will remain in SAGITTARIUS until Tuesday, December 3, at 4.20 am. JUPITER became STATIONARY RETROGRADE on April  10, and will turn DIRECT again on August 12, between 24°20′ and 14°30′of SAGITTARIUS.
Navigate HERE to a short post on the transit of JUPITER in SAGITTARIUS.

SATURN entered CAPRICORN on December 20, 2017, and will transit CAPRICORN until March 22, 2020. SATURN became STATIONARY RETROGRADE on April  29, and will turn DIRECT again on September 19, between 20°31′ and 13°54′ of CAPRICORN.

Chiron GlyphCHIRON entered ARIES for good on February 18 2019, at 8.07 pm, and will transit ARIES until June 20, 2026. This year CHIRON will be STATIONARY RETROGRADE from July 9 to December 13, between 05°56′ and 01°26′ of ARIES.
For a short post on the ingress of Chiron in Aries please navigate to my 2018 post here.

Uranus GlyphURANUS entered TAURUS on Wednesday, March 6, at 7.26 pm. URANUS will transit TAURUS until April 26, 2026.
This is indeed the great event of the year. If interested please navigate to my 2018 post on URANUS in TAURUS here.
URANUS will turn STATIONARY RETROGRADE on August 12, 2019, and DIRECT again on January 11, 2020, between 06°36′ and 02°38′ of TAURUS.

NEPTUNE has been transiting PISCES for good since February 4, 2012, and will remain in PISCES until March 30, 2025, when it will enter ARIES. This year NEPTUNE will be STATIONARY RETROGRADE from June 22 to November 27, between 18°33′ and 15°55′ of PISCES.

PLUTO has been transiting CAPRICORN for good since November 27, 2008. PLUTO will transit CAPRICORN until March 23, 2023, then entering AQUARIUS. This year PLUTO became STATIONARY RETROGRADE on April 26, and will turn DIRECT again on October 3, between 23°09′ and 20°38′ of CAPRICORN.

August 2019 Lunar Nodes Signs Ingress

The NORTH and SOUTH LUNAR NODES have been transiting CAPRICORN and CANCER respectively since November 6, 2018. The MOON NODES will transits these Cardinal Signs until May 6, 2020, entering then the Mutable Signs of SAGITTARIUS and GEMINI.
In the month of August 2019 they will cover the degrees between 17°35′ and 16°30′ of CAPRICORN and CANCER, in Retro Motion, as usual.

August 2019 Four Major Asteroids: CeresPallas-Juno-Vesta’s Signs Ingress

Asteroid CeresCERES has been transiting SAGITTARIUS since January 26, 2019. CERES will enter CAPRICORN on November 16, 2019.

PALLAS has been transiting LIBRA since November 5, 2018. PALLAS will enter SCORPIO on August 26, 2019.

Juno GlyphJUNO entered LEO on June 21, 2019, and will transit LEO until August 24, with the ingress into VIRGO.

VESTA entered TAURUS on June 9, 2019, and will transit TAURUS until March 21 2020, after a long period of Retrogradation, from September 24 to December 30 2019.


Black Moon Lilith Ephemeris August 2019

Click to view larger image

Black Moon Lilith GlyphLast, but not least, here are the August 2019 Ephemeris just for the elusive BLACK MOON LILITH.

To help you understand what this occult point represents I’ve chosen two websites:

Astrodienst on the Black Moon Lilith on the Black Moon Lilith

Click this link for the current Month Astro Calendar (including the Moon’s Voids of Course)
and all monthly Astro Calendars since January 2011

Click this link for the current Month Ephemeris (including the Four Major Asteroids and Black Moon Lilith)
and all monthly Ephemeris since April 2010

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Last but not least of the twelve Chinese Animals, the smart and friendly Pig closes the cycle, rounding up all the good fortune and opportunities that the cycle has to offer.
This time the PIG is associated with the EARTH ELEMENT (there are five in Chinese Astrology).
This is therefore the last Earth Element Animal before the switch to the next twelve years Element, Metal, in 2020. Each Element lasts in fact for twelve years and is in turn associated with each of the Twelve Animals.
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The Waxing Moon transits Aries from January 22 to 25, during the Pisces Crescent Moon Phase

'Joan of Arc' by Odilon Redon

‘Joan of Arc’ by Odilon Redon

ARIES, Moon of initiative and action
Energetic and fiery

The WAXING MOON TRANSITS PISCES from January 20, 7.26 am,
to January 22, 5.26 pm, with the ingress into ARIES

Suitable energy for taking on challenges, participating in competitions, performing daring feats, arduous exercises, physical work, to begin new ventures, or to perform action for its own sake. Purchase of sporting gear, protective gear, hats, tools, stoves, firewood, machinery, cars, bikes, leather objects. The mood is decisive, enterprising, impulsive, militant, spirited, visionary. Honest, direct expression of feelings, strong instinct, but somewhat insensitive. Beware of emotional extremes, head strong, bossy, uncompromising attitudes, lack of empathy, antagonism, aggression, selfishness.

*** In the garden Aries is traditionally considered too hot, dry and barren for growing anything. Its energy is very suitable instead for cultivating, general maintenance, pruning, pest control, weeding, and harvesting. Plants sown with the Moon in Aries will soon go to seed, due to this Sign’s notorious impatience. Suitable only for early crops.

*** Healing Herbs: Burdock, Gotu Kola, Red Clover.

A note: the garden activities associated with the Moon Sign depend also on the cycle the Moon is in. The Moon transiting through a fertile or productive Sign will no be so favorable if the Phase is not a productive one, and vice-versa. For best results the Sign and Phase of the Moon have to be considered together.

Crescent MoonCrescent Moon Animation

The PISCES CRESCENT MOON PHASE begins on January 21, 2.45 pm,
and ends on January 25, 9.20 am, with the  TAURUS FIRST QUARTER MOON PHASE

The Crescent Moon occurs half way through the first week of the Waxing cycle, when the Moon is transiting 45 degrees ahead of the Sun and looks like a beautiful crescent in the western sky after sunset. Psychologically this is an enthusiastic time, in which lots of ideas crowd our mind and we may feel that the sky is the limit. It is a slightly naïve Moon time, but also one full of hopes and dreams (the bright crescent shows now the shadowy sphere of the future Full Moon. The energy of the Moon however needs maturing at this stage and grounding. The first difficulties may appear, the first chinks in the armor; but the challenge is not strong enough yet for us to build up on it.

*** In the garden this is an excellent growing time: everything can go in now, but in particular leafy vegetables and all plants that we grow for their above the ground parts, but only when the Moon is transiting through the very fertile Water Signs or the productive Signs Taurus, Libra and Capricorn.