Moon conjunct Antares of Scorpio, May 15 2014

The times given are for the Northern Rivers region of Eastern Australia, New South Wales

MAY 15 2014: tonight the Moon, just past her full phase, which happened early this morning (5.15 am), weather permitting, can be observed parallel to the Alpha Star of the constellation Scorpio, powerful Antares.

Despite the alignment to the constellation Scorpio the Moon will be in the Tropical Sign of Sagittarius that she will enter at 3.43 pm. To better understand this apparent contradiction  please visit the Two Zodiacs Page in the Tutorials, here.

Antares is a star of the character or nature of Mars and Jupiter together, so embodying the combative spirit of Mars combined to the wisdom and expansion of Jupiter.  This is an emotionally adventurous conjunction through which we may be able to sound the depths and explore the heights of  our feelings, especially if the conjunction degree is the same or close to an active point in your Birth Chart (Sun, Moon, Planet, Node or Angle).

May 15 2014 Moon Antares

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