Venus on the eventful cusp Pisces/Aries, the end and the beginning, the old and the new

'Mastering the art of waiting'

‘Mastering the art of waiting’

Note: a shorter version of this post was published in issue 93 of the Uki Village News, April/May 2017

Venus on the eventful cusp Pisces/Aries, the end and the beginning, the old and the new

Venus is spending a long time in Aries this year, from February 4 to June 6 (excluding most of April, when she re-entered Pisces in retro motion); three whole months, triple the time she usually spends in one Sign.

The long stay of Venus in the fieriest of the Fire Signs can be either exciting or troublesome, depending how we handle it and our personal circumstances. It can be a real struggle for Venus to play the role of the Love/Harmony Planet in the combative, competitive Sign of Mars. We risk losing sight of the softer, loving side of Venus. The inner journey of retrogradation (March 3 to April 16) and the brief return into Pisces (April 2 to 29) should have created greater awareness of this risk.

Let’s consider the timeline/ highlights of this transit and others, from February to early June:

  • In February Venus was in Aries with Mars, ideal time to initiate new things, to be bolder and more independent in all areas, particularly in personal relationships. The prominence of this Fire Sign provided us with the vision and courage to pursue new goals with energy and embrace changes with confidence. Wanting our own way we might have ignored or disregarded other people feelings, in an attitude of confrontation rather than cooperation. We may have succeeded to eliminate stuff/people/circumstances from our lives that seemed to impede our progress, but our feeling of success may have proven premature.
  • Within the first ten days of March Venus turned retrograde (March 3 to April 15), while Mars entered Taurus (March 10 to April 21), this Earth Sign tending to slow down rather than stir up Mars’ fiery energy. These events ushered a period when our recent initiatives/actions and assertive/self-centred Aries moods have been put to the test. The retrogradation suggests in fact a time for returning over issues we have already explored in the recent past, a frustrating thing if you remain determined to push ahead with earlier plans and decisions, without making any changes.
  • On March 25 Venus aligned with the Sun thus turning from Evening to Morning Star for the rest of the year, the bolder and more forceful aspect of Venus; this aspect becoming more active however only at the end of April.
  • Between April 2 and 29 Venus return to Pisces, compounding the softening effect of retrogradation with the passive tendencies of Pisces. This suggests the need for a more pliable, compassionate and sensitive approach, even in the midst of changes and even while trying to be more honest and assertive in the way we relate to others. A challenging transit Venus-Saturn, also active throughout April, will accentuate the need for a more practical outlook on our relationships, general values and the way we go about satisfying our desires. This is a sobering, limiting transit.
  • To add more spice to this complex picture Mercury became Stationary Retrograde, on the 4th degree of Taurus, on April 10. Our Little Brother re-enters Aries on April 21 (same day Mars enters Gemini), and will turn Stationary Direct on May 4, on the 24th of Aries. Mercury will re-enter Taurus for good only on May 16.
    So we will not be out of the wood with the slowing and often confusing, if not downright bewildering effect of retrogradation, particularly tangible when the Inner Planets move backward (Mercury and Venus). The retrogradation of Mercury’s effects can range from missed appointments, delayed phone calls or travel arrangements, wrongly deleted emails etc., to more serious misunderstandings in the areas of communication and learning, but hopefully also with a more penetrating insight into the same matters.
  • The landscape will change again in late April and throughout May. On April 21 Mars enters Gemini, a mentally/physically active Sign, while, by April 29 (until June 6) Venus will be again in Aries and moving in direct motion. This change will return to us the level of energy and drive we experienced earlier this year and hopefully the wisdom a Retro Venus can bring in the areas of experience indicated by her relative position in our Birth Charts. On May 20 an opposition Venus-Jupiter could bring opportunities for romance, travel, special celebrations, enthusiasm and creativity. A challenging angle Venus-Pluto, on May 26, could be intense, even dramatic. A conjunction Venus-Uranus in Aries, on June 3, just before Venus’ change of Sign, could prove very exciting, but also highly unpredictable: a joy ride of emotions which may involve taking unusual risk A Mars opposition Saturn, active around the same time, could make it harder to obtain our heart desires as speedily as we wish.

All the best with all these Transits; cheers

Mars in Virgo is finally turning direct, April 15 2012, cause for celebration

This Roman statue of the God Mars,complete with war helmet and a broken nose, and infused with the colour and texture of the Red Planet itself, seems an appropriate incarnation of this planetary energy: bold, but also rush, often getting hurt during his daring feats, due to lack of patience and forethought.

If you had a project for any reason confined to the back burner (a common effect of Mars Retrograde) it is time now to push ahead with it again. With Mars turning Stationary Direct yesterday the energy is right to move forward. This will be true especially if, during the Retro period, you have  made an effort to tie all the loose ends, touching up on the details. The God of Action and Enterprise, now on your side, could provide you with the courage and energy necessary to overcome obstacles that may have seem insurmountable before.

At the end of this article you can find the post I wrote, late last year, about the Retrogradation of Mars in Virgo (January 24 to April 14).

The energy of Virgo though could still put a spoke in your wheels if you become too particular and finicky about something, trying to achieve an impossible level of perfection. Humbly accepting and acknowledging one’s shortcoming and the natural limitations of the situation will help to ground your dreams and make them into feasible realities. The atmosphere of Virgo is such as to make any planet acts in a more practical and realistic fashion, including hot headed Mars.

The Martial drive can in fact become very useful in the skillful hands of Virgo, Sign of craftsmanship and service, so that a lot can be accomplished in a short time and with great accuracy. The transit of Mars through Virgo will last until July 3. The people most likely to be directly affected by this transit are those who have the following Signs highlighted in their Birth Charts: Virgo (via conjunction), Pisces (via opposition), Gemini and Sagittarius (via square), Taurus and Capricorn (via trine). Also those who have Aries Ascendant, Sun or Moon, are in direct line of influence of this transit, because Mars’ transits, this planet being Aries’ natural ruler, will always be important in their lives.

Tomorrow, April 17, Mercury will re-enter Aries in Direct motion, after ending his Retro period on April 4. Mercury will transit Aries until May 9. This is also important with reference to Mars in Virgo because the two planets will then be in Mutual Reception, meaning that each occupies the Sign traditionally ruled by the other. This sort of connection reinforces the mutual effect of the two planetary energies, in a similar way as a positive aspect would. Both physical (Mars) and mental activities (Mercury) will take on the Martial character of decisiveness, assertiveness, confidence, Mercury providing the brain and Mars the brawn, so to speak. We could all feel more enterprising and also more practical.

The transits of Mars and others, active at the same time, have filled my daily life with many things, too many, in fact, hence the difficulties in finding time to sit down and just write. Extreme busy-ness is often a problem with Virgo’s transits, when we get trapped in a million things to do, duties, deadlines, chores, and time for reflection is pushed aside until the sleepy hours, when mental and psychic energies are ebbing, and much effort can bear only  poor results. First Mercury turning Direct, on April 5, and now Mars doing the same, will hopefully help me and others to regain focus, the concentration needed to achieve results.

The Retrogradation of Mars in Virgo

Amongst the most important astrological events of the start of 2012 will be the lengthy retrogradation of Mars in Virgo, from January 24 to April 14. Mars will enter the next Sign of Libra only in early July 2012, after having transited Virgo for a whooping eight months, since November 2011!

The fact that Virgo is highlighted here shows a need to adjust our daily routine, clean our acts, tackling those jobs we always find a good excuse not to do. Making our space at work and home clear of clutter, organizing everything in a more rational way will contribute to efficiency and better practical outcomes.

The tendency of people influenced by Virgo to become engrossed in details of no consequence will be tested during the Mars’ retrograde period when opportunities will arise to look into our habits (from diet to work), and experience, in a more acute way, the anxieties brought about by the inability to stick to priorities.

The birthdays directly aligned to Mars retro in Virgo are: Virgo (August 26/September 16), Pisces (February 21/March 14), Gemini (May 24/June 14), and Sagittarius (November 25/December 15).

It could be difficult for many of us to freely express our passions and highly charged emotions or to go after what we want in an effective way. This could be true for the birthdays given and also for those whose Mars was in a prominent or difficult position at birth. In particular individuals who had Mars transiting Virgo the day they were born and will experience the all important two yearly Mars’ Return during the retro period (end of January to mid-April).

When Mars moves retrograde his energy, usually spontaneous and outgoing, is somewhat internalized, to serve psychic rather than physical purposes. There arise the need for re-thinking the way we go about asserting ourselves, our modalities of action, in our personal lives as well as communities of people and nations.

If our habitual behavior has often created strife and attracted opposition in the past perhaps now is the right time to look into these issues and the way we normally handle conflicts in our lives.  Because Mars, during retrogradation, becomes somewhat frustrated in his desire for action, we got to find another way to deal with anger, and with all the unspent energy that boils beneath the surface.  Virgo suggests taking up a discipline or healthy routine that could help dealing with the unspent energy and the unending frustrations and irritations of daily life (Virgo’s stuff).

Weekly Astrological Highlights, March 14 to 20


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Highlights of the week

Apology for posting this weekly update late. The unfolding crisis in Japan has pretty much upset my priorities in the last few days.

No major transits are exact this week, while we are all still reeling from the dramatic entrance of Uranus in Aries, last Saturday, March 12.

Prominent in transit are the two inner planets, Mercury and Venus, respectively in Aries and Aquarius.

The Moon is waxing, the Leo Gibbous phase begins on Thursday, March 17, and the Full phase, in the Sign of Virgo, on Sunday, March 20, 5.10 am (Eastern Australia Summer Time = 11 hours East of GMT).

MARCH 14, MONDAY : Mercury in Aries reached a distance of 90 degrees from Pluto in Capricorn on Monday, March 14. The transit will then be active for another day or so.

This was a somewhat depressing transit for lively Mercury: our conversations, writing, reading, learning, teaching leaning toward more profound and serious subjects. Glaring examples of this have been the media and public attention given to the ongoing tragedy in Japan, with very confronting footage of the destruction and death brought by the earthquake and tsunami filling television screens and radio reporting all over the globe. The Fire and Earth Signs will be more directly aligned to this transit, particularly Aries and Capricorn.

In the context of these appalling events the contact Mercury-Pluto reminds one of the Greek myth of Hermes (Mercury) Psychopomp, guiding the souls in the afterlife realm of Hades, name that indicated the place where the souls went after death as well as the God of the underworld himself (what the Romans and astrologers call Pluto). Just a thought, and an intriguing picture by German master Albrecht Durer (1471-1528), born with Pluto on the Ascendant.

The square to Pluto is just the first of Mercury’s transits this week. On Wednesday, March 16, our little brother will become conjunct Jupiter in Aries, on Friday, March 18, he will semi-square Neptune on the cusp Aquarius/Pisces, on Saturday, March 19,will reach the opposition to Saturn in Libra, and finally, on Sunday, March 20 (Full Moon day) Mercury will form a semi-square to Chiron in Pisces.

MARCH 15, TUESDAY : today Venus comes to the fore in transit, first in difficult aspect (semi-square) to Uranus in Aries and then in harmonious aspect (trine) to Saturn in Libra.

When Venus is prominent in transit the feminine is strong, also desires and the pursuit of pleasure and joy are important. Today we may oscillate from the desire to be different and relate in unconventional ways (Uranus’ contact) and the desire to comply with what is expected of us, what is considered proper and straight (Saturn’s contact). Difficult but interesting balance. The Air Signs of Aquarius, Libra and Gemini will feel this transits more keenly.

If interested, please click HERE to navigate to my Venus in Aquarius post .

MARCH 16, WEDNESDAY: today Mercury is conjunct expansive Jupiter, in the fiery Sign of Aries, an optimistic transit that could help to lift our collective spirit for a while.

Astrologically Mercury is said to rule the intellect and our human capacity to mentally analyze our experiences, translating them into words and concepts. Jupiter, on the other hand, is also a planetary energy that deal with mind stuff, but rather than categorizing and discriminating Jupiter has the function of searching for meaning, widening our mental horizons through philosophical thoughts and flights of intuition. We need Jupiter to see the big picture, to observe things from a more global and inclusive perspective, while we need Mercury to function as intelligent beings on the planet. If we define Mercury as Intellect we should then define Jupiter as Intuition. The combination of these planetary energies today will help our intellect to align with intuition, giving us a more refined tool for understanding life. This aspect will be more significant for Aries and the Fire Signs in general.

MARCH 19, SATURDAY: Mercury in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra today. Another difficult but potentially productive contact for Mercury.

After the flights of intuition brought about by the conjunction to Jupiter on Wednesday we are brought back to reality and forced to look at things as they are, minus the embellishments and wishful thinking. Used properly this is a wonderful energy to be particularly efficient in our work, especially paper work and studies, to meet deadlines and plan our future moves. Serious conversations and/or meeting with people from the past could be on the agenda too. The Fire and Air Signs are the ones directly aligned to this transits, in particular Aries and Libra.

MARCH 20, SUNDAY: Full Moon in Virgo today (28° 47′). As I explained in a previous post this Full Moon and the one after, in April, will be the closest to Earth in a period of 18 years (perigee), hence the term SuperMoon used to describe this phenomenon (apparently first coined by astrologer Richard Nolle).

Some have linked the perigee SuperMoon with the Japanese disaster. Reading more about the subject I discovered however that, at the time the quake struck, the Moon was actually at apogee (greatest distance from Earth), because she regularly oscillates between perigee and apogee, in cycles of two weeks (click HERE to calculate the Moon’s apogee and perigee periods for any year).

The perigee that will occur during today Full Moon will cause higher than usual tides, while its effects could have been anticipated by other astrological factors, active at the time of the disaster, as it often happens in astrological experience.

These things remain a mystery, to astrologers and astronomers alike, no matter how much the skeptics try to deny the lunar influence on Earth’s affairs. We should then remain open to the possibility that this special time in the Moon’s cycle could indeed bring special effects to planet Earth.


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Weekly astrological highlights: March 7 to 13


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Highlights of the week

Aries is definitely coming to the fore this week. Mercury will enter this Fire Sign on Thursday the 10th. And, on Saturday the 12th, the long awaited entrance of Uranus in Aries will become a reality.

MARCH 7 and 8: the Moon is waxing this week, from Crescent, on Wednesday, March 9, to First Quarter phase on Sunday, March 13.

The week begins with the Crescent Moon transiting Aries, moving from a difficult aspect to Pluto in Capricorn (confronting some powerful inner and outer demons), to a fiery conjunction to Jupiter in Aries (boost of confidence, irrepressible desire for action and freedom), and finally an opposition to Saturn in Libra (facing facts, reality checks on relationships, action thwarted by obstacles, faith diminished by fear), early on March 8 (Eastern Australia Summer Time = 11 hours East of GMT).

MARCH 10: big transit day this one! Mercury meets Uranus on the very last degree of Pisces, entering Aries less than two hours later.

Mercury here will act as a catalyst for the expression of Uranian energy on the planet, considering that Uranus is only two days away from entering Aries himself.

The transit of Mercury in Aries is a particularly protracted one this time, because, due to retrogradation, our little brother will remain in this Fire Sign until April 24. Mercury’s retrograde period is a couple of weeks away though, beginning on March 30.

Mercury can be considered the broadcaster amongst the Gods, the mouth piece for the other planetary energies as he encounters them. In this case we can expect our verbal communication, our reading and writing to be original, even outlandish today. It could feel OK now to think and talk out of the box, embracing new subjects and novel ideas with ease. Abstract concepts may seem more easy to understand and talk about, including those thoughts we often keep to ourselves for fear of being considered a bit mad!

Negatively the conjunction Mercury-Uranus could make us more nervous, highly strung and impatient, overly excitable and inconsistent too. When this is the case other people may not hear us right or viceversa, each lost in his/her own mental tangents and idiosyncrasies.

Because this conjunction happens between such important degrees of the Zodiac (the last and first) we can also expect it to have some far reaching consequences on the affairs of the world. Perhaps important global news may surprise or shock us today, promoting a different way of looking at life, pushing toward radical changes in the way we think and interact at the collective level.

The birthday in direct line with this conjunction, and therefore more likely to feel its full exciting impact, will be Pisces (March 19/20), Aries (March21/23), Virgo (September 21/22), Libra (September23/25), Gemini (June 19/20), Cancer (June21/23), Sagittarius (December 20/21), and Capricorn (December22/24).

Also Venus, in Aquarius since March 2, will form a harmonious contact with Jupiter today (sextile), transit remaining active also tomorrow. This is a beneficial aspect that could help in the next couple of days to embrace more gracefully the new impulse promised by the ingress of both Mercury and Uranus in Aries. Venus is in fact transiting the Uranian Sign par excellence, Aquarius, thus also ready to accept original and progressive ideas; while Jupiter is already in Aries, encouraging all to be more courageous and innovative, embracing new philosophies with an open mind.

If interested, please click HERE to navigate to my Venus in Aquarius post .

MARCH 12: Uranus enters Aries today. There is reason for excitement here, and also for some apprehension, as this is a very unpredictable and full on transit that could sweep many of us off our feet, only to land us on never explored before terrains where, for a while, we may find difficult to find our way.

Astrologers all over the world feel that what’s happening in the Middle East is one amazing expression of Aries Uranus’ revolutionary energy, extreme but also guided by higher reason and the need to improve human condition.

Uranus is the planetary energy stimulating us to become truly independent, to achieve individual freedom while also acquiring a greater sense of social responsibility. Such things would have been unthinkable before the time of Uranus’ discovery (in 1781),  just utopian dreams sprang from the heads of philosophers and mystics. But they can find expression in the real world now, especially under some of the planetary connections we are witnessing in this second decade of the 21st century. The passage of Uranus into Aries, beginning a brand new cycle for the Awakener, is one of these connections.

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