The Third degree of the Cardinal Signs and the March 23 Lunar Eclipse in Libra

War and Peace

War and Peace

If the Third Degree (or whereabouts) of the Signs of LIBRA, ARIES. CANCER or CAPRICORN are highlighted in your Birth Chart this Lunar Eclipse is for you. This means having your Sun, Moon, a planet, a Chart’s Angle (Ascendant-Descendant-Mid-Heaven-Lower-Heaven) and/or the Lunar Nodes close to this degree.

Looking just at Sun Signs: Librans born on September 25, Aries born on March 23, Capricorn born on December 24 and Cancer born on June 24 are all directly aligned to this Eclipse.

This special Full Moon marks a significant time for reassessing and revaluing your relationships, to realize some hidden truth about yourself and others close to you, to confront either the Demon or the Angel within you and in others.

The task will be to attain the right twilight, merging Light and Dark, within and without. The polarity character of this particular Eclipse is also stressed by its vicinity to the yearly Aries Equinox, the all important beginning of the astrological year. The Equinox is in fact always a time when we and the world strive to find some equilibrium, bridging the difference between the more extreme seasons of summer and winter. The Earth is now illumined in the same measure on both hemispheres.

Reading the news and listening to people personal issues in my consultations I have to say that all this seems to manifest more as marked, antagonistic duality, rather than the merging of opposite yet complementary energies. Only each one of us’ individual journey toward wholeness and the journey of individuals connected to the same ideals (of world’s peace and harmony) can help break the duality spell that is upon us.

The Lunar Eclipse, at the Libra Full Moon of March 23, was very much a mirror reflection of the one we witnessed in September 2015,  Sun and Moon occupying then the opposite Signs they occupy now. So many of the issues you may be confronting this time emerged at that time too. A walk down memory line could help a lot to unravel the situation and show you the way to resolve differences and difficulties, not just in the area of personal relationship but in your social and working life too.

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Libra Partial Moon Eclipse on March 23 2016; visible everywhere from Australia…

Luna by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan

Luna by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan

This Lunar Eclipse will be a Partial one, the Earth’s shadow only in part occulting the Full Moon disk. All over Australia we are well positioned to observe this important cosmic event, around Moon rising time, in particular Eastern Australia that will witness the entire event.

The Eclipse will also be visible in its entirety in the Pacific Ocean, the Western parts of North America (Eclipse at Moon setting), New Zealand and Japan. Only part of the partial Eclipse will be observable in Central and Eastern Asia.

None of this Eclipse will be observable instead from Eastern parts of the American continent, Europe or Africa.

This Libra Full Moon Eclipse coincides with the opening of the new astrological season at the Aries Equinox, that occurred just three days ago (March 20, 3 pm). The degrees directly aligned to the event are the third degree of Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.

An interesting fact is that this particular Eclipse is the mirror image of the Total Lunar Eclipse we observed in September 2015, same degrees highlighted, with Sun and Moon occupying each other degree at the previous event. This will manifest as a significant period of major changes and realizations, particularly in the area of personal relationships, whose root causes could be traced back to the second half of 2015. People directly aligned to this event are:

  • Librans born between the 23rd and 27th of September
  • Aries born between the 21 and 25 of March of any year
  • Cancer born between the 22nd and 26th of June
  • Capricorn born between the 22nd and 26th of December, of any year
  • Or anyone with the first to fifth degree of the above Signs occupied by the Moon, the Ascendant, Mid-Heaven or a planet in their Birth Charts.

Visibility Times in Australia

In Eastern Australia the complete Eclipse (maximum occultation) will occur around 11 pm (Australian Eastern Summer Time), while the whole event will take four hours and fifteen minutes to unfold.

Here are the viewing times for major cities and town in Australia:

Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne: Eclipse starts at 8.39 pm of 23rd and ends at 54 minutes past midnight of March 24.

Brisbane and Cairns: Eclipse starts at 7.39 pm and ends at 11.54 pm.

Adelaide: Eclipse starts at 8.09 pm of 23rd and ends at 24 minutes past midnight of March 24.

Darwin and Alice Springs: Eclipse starts at 7.09 pm and ends at 11.24 pm.

Perth: Eclipse starts at 5.39 pm and ends at 9.54 pm.

Let’s hope the weather leaves the sky clear to enjoy this cosmic alignment!