Highlight on dreams, intuition, creativity, with ‘a get real’ twist: Mercury, Venus and the Solar Eclipse in Pisces, Mars in Sagittarius, and Jupiter in Virgo to the fore at Sun opposition

Fairy animationBig changes are happening on the cosmic canvas this week. In the space of a few days three of our closer neighbors are changing Signs, while a Total Solar Eclipse is looming, heralding the first Eclipse Season of 2016.

Mercury entered Pisces on March 5; Mars Sagittarius on March 6; then, on March 8/9 (depending where you are in the world) the Pisces New Moon will be a Total Solar Eclipse. On the same day mighty Retro Jupiter in Virgo will reach his yearly opposition to the Sun (while Sun, Moon and Jupiter  will be at right angle to Saturn in Sagittarius); and finally, on March 12, Venus will enter Pisces also.

The week before a New Moon is always an important time, when we feel a change is in the air, but it is still just floating within us, not yet affecting our external circumstances, until the seed of that change will be released at the New Moon and begin manifesting outwardly. This is even more so if the New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse. This special phase, combined with the highlight on idealistic/dreamy Pisces and philosophical/inspirational Sagittarius, could indeed make us feel slightly unhinged for the time being, perhaps unable to perform our daily tasks as efficiently as we wish.

When Pisces is highlighted by many transits, as it is at present, we are all given a chance to explore the psychic openness and mental fluidity of this watery Sign. Pisces can encourage us to go with the flow of things, to surrender to what cannot be changed and to find spiritual and uplifting meaning in all our experiences.

If you are the type of person who values dreams and the symbolical life, if you are an artist or would-be artist, or are already conscious of psychic or mystical tendencies, these transits will suit you well, helping you to pursue these interests in a deeper way. They could also make you even more dreamy and unpractical though (no good if you are trying to get a job or to put your house in order!).

On the other hand, if you are mainly a practical person, busy with your family and career, goal oriented and used to get your own way,  you could find this great number of Pisces’ transits a somewhat bewildering experience, bringing you out of your comfort zone, in strange and foggy back alleys, where you feel you could become irreparably lost. Your efficiency level may drop and things which are usually simple for you will seem rather complicated and muddled. If this is the case, the best thing to do will be to slow down, learning to relax and to purposely lose control of your situation, now and then, so to realize that things can run their own curse even without your constant intervention. A more spiritual, less straight and controlled life is beckoning, it would be sad if you miss that call. The dissatisfaction about your present circumstances,  the lack of direction and low energy are all telling you that there is more to life than chores, business or paying the bills.

Said that, the present Pisces transits, enlivened by the transit of Mars in the questing Sign of Sagittarius, are only half the picture because, at the same time, Jupiter, in practical Virgo, is reaching great prominence via his opposition to the Sun/Moon at the Solar Eclipse, while Sun, Moon and Jupiter are all at right angle to pragmatic Saturn, and all in positive aspect to Pluto (Jupiter trine Pluto – Eclipse sextile Pluto). These are all signs that pursuing our dreams and ideals is not going to be enough to make us feel good. We will have to try to squeeze our ideals into the straight jacket of reality in order to take better advantage of these transits. And not just for now. While a regular New Moon exerts its influence for one lunar month (until the next New Moon) a New Moon which is also a Solar Eclipse can exert its influence for many months, some would say until the next Eclipse Season (this year August/September).

The picture that seems to come out of all of this is that dreams and ideals need to be acknowledged now more than ever, without however losing sight of what is possible and what may be impossible to realize, at least for now. Jupiter is retrograding in Virgo (until May 9), meaning that we will need to revisit our ways of working, our daily habits and routines in order to achieve the results we envision, if not immediately in the near future. Next May/June the same transits of Jupiter will repeat with the planet in direct motion, a promise of fulfillment and reward for the efforts we may put in now. At least that’s my plan! On this positive note, see you next time…

Grand Trine in Earth Signs: Mars in Virgo, Jupiter/Venus in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn

This post has been edited a couple of times since publication. I got a good excuse, Mercury is Retrograde in my Ninth House of Publishing!

A Grand Trine happens when two or more planets orbiting at a distance of 120 degrees from each other (from Earth’s standpoint) happen to be at the same distance from another planet or planets. If we were to trace these distances with an imaginary line, they would form an equilateral triangle.

The date of this complex event is March 15, 2012, but its effect could be easily felt one week before and after the actual time of exactness.

A perfect Grand Trine always connects Signs belonging to the same Element, enhancing, generally in a positive way, that Element’s particular energy and power.

This is an entry on the Grand Trine in my summary of aspects configurations in my Astrological Tutorial on Aspects Page:

This is traditionally a beneficial aspect, indicating potential talents and opportunities. But the study of numerous Charts and dramatic events in history led many astrologers, ancient and modern alike, to believe that there is more to the Grand Trine than mere blessing or joy. This beautiful configuration can sometimes be inauspicious too, exaggerating perhaps the positive influences to the point of self inflation; or expressing them in a climax type of atmosphere that entails some danger.

Possible effects of Trines (and Grand Trines) in the four different Elements:

Fire Trines: inspiration, passion, creativity, faith, generosity, joy, romance, artistic abilities, intuitive awareness.

Air Trines: refinement, sociability, friendliness, fairness, learning, communication, cooperation, intellectual awareness.

Water Trines: empathy, sensitivity, caring, psychic powers, imagination, psychical awareness.

Earth Trines: practicality, efficiency, sense of responsibility, power for service, reliability, calm, concentration, physical awareness.

The degrees occupied by the planets when this configuration becomes exact determine who will be more likely to come under its spell. This Grand Trine happens on the tenth degree of the Earth Signs of Taurus (Venus and Jupiter), Virgo (Retro Mars) and Capricorn (Pluto). You could feel the Grand Trine more personally if your Sun, Moon, any Planet, Lunar Node or Angle (Ascendant, Descendant, Mid-Heaven, Lower-Heaven) happen to be on the tenth degree of these Signs or within two/three degrees either way of it.

The Birthdays directly aligned with this Grand Trine will be: Taurus born April 27 to May 1; Cancer born June 29 to July 3; Virgo born August 30 to September 3; Scorpio born October 30 to November 3; Capricorn born December 29 to January 2; and Pisces born February 26 to March 2. And, of course, anyone born within few days of the exact trines (approximately March 12 to 19).

The Planets involved instead determine which psychic functions have been activated by the configuration. In this case we have a complex blend of Venus (cooperation, attraction, creativity), Mars (assertion, action, courage), Jupiter (expansion, faith, search for meaning) and Pluto (transformation, depth, personal power), the overall dynamic of the configuration. You can see then that this could indeed be a very powerful configuration, generating energy for all sorts of projects and ventures, giving a boost to our social life, personal relationships, study, career, business, and, most importantly, giving all a real opportunity to change the perception we usually have about love, work, the way we tackle difficulties and confront obstacles. Pluto’s presence always implying an intense desire to change things in a radical way, getting rid of all that do not work anymore for us, to be more truthful with ourselves and others, even if it hurts; while Jupiter adds the personal confidence and faith in better things to come, attitudes that can greatly help to face difficulties.  We could become, during this period (lasting a week or so) more resourceful, energetic and brave, feeling empowered to act by the difficulties we are facing rather than be passively overwhelmed by them.  As I described it in a recent post on Venus’ Transit through Taurus, this configuration could encourage, in many of us, a ‘renewal of confidence in self and life’.

I can add here that we could all feel life more passionately and intensely, getting more out of our experiences, more depth of understanding, more meaning and a sense of our destiny unfolding. To decide which areas of your life could be more likely affected by these transits you should look at the House positions of the four planets relative to your Birth Chart.

To know what personal effect these transits and others are having on your life, past, present and future, you may want to book a reading-consultation with me. I am available in person, by phone or Skype. Click my Astrological Consultations Page for details, HERE.

For everyone the fact that these trines occur in an Earth-Fixed Sign means that the opportunities will be very real, not just fanciful feelings or far fetched ideals, encouraging a practical and realistic take on life, making things really happen for us, if we are able to use wisely the gift of this rare configuration. 

While it is true that Grand Trines can prove very beneficial, increasing the potential for expressing in creative and fulfilling ways the Element they are in, in this case Earth (practicality, sensuality, realism, efficiency), studies done by many serious astrologers have also revealed their potential for negative expression. This seems to be mainly due to their close circuit nature, where the planetary energies bounce from one another, keeping on moving in circles, so to speak, without achieving much, while creating feeling of self-inflation or excessive optimism.

Of course we should not forget also that, at the same time, Mercury has started his Retrograde period (becoming Stationary on March 12), now moving backward into Aries, while Mars is still Retrograde in Virgo. These facts will tend to slow down the pace of progress for everyone, forcing us to repeat experiences and face challenges we may have thought to have left behind.

Talking about retrogradation I have to apologize for an error (now corrected) in my previous post on the magnificent visual conjunction Venus-Jupiter (exact on March 15) where I stated that Jupiter was Retrograded at this time. He is not, while Mars and Mercury are. A Retro Mercury’s trick?

Below is a Chart calculated for the moment Mars trines Pluto, using my local coordinates of Wollumbin in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia. At this time Venus and Jupiter are separated from their respective trines to Mars and Pluto by only a few minutes in longitude. To convert the time of this Horoscope to your own time, please visit the World Clock site HERE.

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The Carbon Tax and Jupiter trine Pluto on July 8, 2011

After the last Cancer New Moon Eclipse life has been very busy for me. I haven’t been able to post as much as I wish.

Today, briefly, I would like my readers (Australian in particular) to observe the synchronicity between the first pass of the Jupiter-Pluto’s trine (harmonious aspect of 120 degrees) on July 8, 2011, and the news, out on the same day, that the Australian Labor government did finally get the number to pass the controversial Carbon Tax (tax on big polluters, with the aim to cut emissions and make a small contribution to the fight against global warming). The second pass of the same transit will happen at the end of October this year, and the third, and last, in March 2012.

As I have observed in an article I just sent to The Art of Healing quarterly: ‘Positively this Transit could inspire passion for higher causes, broadening the collective’s views (Jupiter) on the management of natural resources and sustainability issues (Pluto). The power to effect social changes could be amplified.’

The harmonious angle between expansive Taurus Jupiter and Capricorn Pluto, planet of natural resources, mining, and big corporate capital, seemed to be auspicious for promoting more enlightened views on the use of those resources. Also, borrowing words repeated ad nauseam by the leader of the opposition, Liberal Tony Abbott,  this aspect is incarnating, after all, into a Big (Jupiter) Tax (Pluto)!

I know that such marvelous synchronicity will not impress the skeptics, but it is of great value to sincere students of Astrology.

Here is the Chart of the first pass of this transit, calculated for Canberra, Australia’s National Capital.

No time for more today. ‘Til next time, enjoy your transits.

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