Italy’s alignment to the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011

Italy and the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011

Italy is another country going through the painful process of liberating itself from a corrupt government and a leader embroiled in just too many scandals.

You can see in the double-wheel Horoscope above how close Pluto is to Italy’s natal Capricorn Ascendant, only few minutes of longitude away from exactness at the time of the Eclipse. Pluto is also applying to a conjunction to Italy’s natal Mercury and Sun, also in Capricorn, transits that will continue until 2013. The Pluto’s aspects are just part of the current Cardinal Cross to which Italy is closely aligned. Pluto was transiting just the same degree and thus forming the same aspects during the all important Total Lunar Eclipse of December 21, 2010 (while transiting Mars was conjunct Italy’s Sun), and all other subsequent Eclipses. We should not forget that Italy was one of the first nations to declare war on Libya earlier in 2011.

Pluto on the Ascendant points to a slow period of deep transformation of Italy public image (Ascendant), public relations and commerce (Mercury) and identity as a nation and leadership (Sun). The Ascendant of the moment of this Eclipse (Rome’s coordinates)  is also conjunct Italy’s Moon-Mars’ conjunction in the Plutonian Eighth House, while the Cancer New Moon Eclipse sits just on Italy’s Natal Descendant, in near perfect opposition to its Sun-Mercury. The latter aspect is putting a mirror in front of the Italian people, where they may be able to see themselves as others see them, thus affecting the country relationship with the rest of the world as well as with itself.

Very important is also the position and aspects of the transiting Saturn, in square to Italy’s Sun and Mercury, from the Tenth House of the country’s reputation and public persona. This could manifest as a period of hardship and fear of poverty, while Saturn’s conjunction to Italy’s natal Neptune forecasts times of confusion and instability. The same conjunction Saturn-Neptune has been recently experienced by many countries that reached their independence at the end of World War II, because they all share the same generational position of Neptune (Israel, founded in 1948, Libya in 1951, People republic of China in 1949, India in 1950, etc.).

Another worrisome transit, absolutely exact during this Eclipse, is the 90 degrees angle between transiting Mars in Gemini and Italy’s Natal Mars in Virgo, aspect that also involves the Natal Moon in Virgo. The degree of Mars is also aligned to that of the previous Solar Eclipse in early June. And the Mid-Heaven at the time of this Eclipse is also at 90 degrees angle from Italy’s Mars, because the transiting Mars is conjunct this Mid-Heaven. All these aspects involving Mars and the Moon seem to indicate a flaring up of the social and political unrest we have seen in recent months, the common people (the Moon in a Mundane Chart) angry at the lack of leadership and the trashing of basic democratic principles by the Berlusconi’s government.

The Lunar South Node is transiting the Sixth House, not good news for the Italian workforce, and it is now conjunct Italy’s natal Uranus there, indicating that whatever disruption and upheaval happen at the present time are simply the karmic products of past errors.

On a positive note Jupiter is transiting Italy’s foundation sector, conjunct its natal part of Fortune and close to a trine to transiting Pluto, positive aspects, injecting some optimism and confidence in the Italian psyche during these trouble times. Jupiter may not be able to counteract the Saturnine, Plutonian and Uranian difficulties discussed above, but it will help the collective morale and the country’s sense of belonging and cohesion.

Silvio Berlusconi and the July 1 Cancer Solar Eclipse

Here is Berlusconi Natal Chart with the July 1 Solar Eclipse super-imposed on it.

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Silvio Berlusconi has been the Italian Prime minister since 1994 (three terms in office). In the double-wheel Horoscope above we can see the present Cardinal Grand Cross spanning his First House, with Saturn in Libra separating from the conjunction to his Sun and Mercury (a big, hard lesson), his Seventh House of open enmity, with disruptive Uranus transiting there, his Fourth House, the foundation of his Chart, with Pluto transiting there, and his Tenth House of reputation and career, occupied by the present Cancer Eclipse. To add to his mounting problems transiting Jupiter is applying to his natal Uranus in Taurus, indicating a possible sudden turn of events, and transiting Neptune in Pisces, while in trine to his natal Venus in Scorpio, is also opposing his natal Mars in Virgo, aspects that will not help him much to regain the trust of his party or of the Italian people. Both these transits are in fact meaningful signatures of the recurring scandals that has bugged Berlusconi’s life in the last few years (sex and corrupted business dealings).

Finally Chiron will hover for a while on the cusp of Berlusconi’s Sixth House, predicting perhaps serious health problems in the coming months and years.

A Solar Eclipse from the antarctic cold

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On July 1 the last event of the Descending Node’s Eclipse Season will be another Partial Solar Eclipse, with a difference.

Eclipses have a lineage, starting from a a sort of Mother Eclipse, the one from which all other Eclipses of the same family are born. The partial Eclipse of the Sun on July 1 is such a Matrix event, beginning a family that will engender 69 Eclipses.

Astronomically this particular Eclipse may be considered unimportant when compared with the widely visible and Total Lunar and Solar Eclipses of recent times. Hardly anyone will be able to catch a glimpse of this event, occurring in the icy wastes of Antarctica, at sea, very much south of Southern Africa. To add to the location’s difficulties this is only a partial event of very little magnitude (0.097).

This is how the Eclipse Geeks’ site defines this event: “one of the remotest solar eclipse to occur, even in the modern age, …. challenging to reach…. due to such a remote location is possible that it may go completely unobserved and turn out to be the eclipse no one ever sees.
  And Hermit Eclipse: “…must be almost a record for the most insignificant solar eclipse, a tiny partial eclipse will be visible from a small patch of ocean near Antarctica”.

The Wiki article for this Eclipse, with animations etc., can be found HERE.

From an astrological viewpoint, however, this is an exceptionally significant event, the Matrix of 1226 years of future Eclipses (2011 to 3237), spanning from the Antarctic to the Arctic Circle, from the South to the North Pole. If we trust the knowledge that has been handed down to us, this Eclipse could contain, in embryonic form, the challenges and triumphs of many centuries to come. The Chart cast for the first Eclipse of a series is like the Birth Chart of the whole series, the foundation of all future developments.

Due to the intense nature of the Transits active during this Eclipse all the others belonging to the same series will also usher periods of significant challenges and upheavals for our world.

Here is the Birth Chart of this event, calculated for the coordinates of Canberra, Australia’s national capital.

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Like the Eclipses that preceded it in June this Eclipse is an active participant in the present configuration of Transits in Cardinal Signs.

At the time of the last Lunar Eclipse (June 15) Mercury in Cancer filled the missing degree of the Cardinal T square formed by Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra. During this event instead it is the New Moon’s degree (Sun and Moon in conjunction) that is filling the same space, completing thus a Grand Cross with the slow moving destiny makers. To name these transits again: the New Moon degree is square (90 degrees) Saturn in Libra, square Uranus in Aries and opposed (180 degrees) to Pluto in Capricorn.

The Cardinal Grand Cross has been the subject of astrological study and commentary by just about every astrological seeker on the planet. It has been our daily bread, since we began to anticipate it at the ingress of Pluto in Capricorn in late 2008. The present Eclipse in Cancer only confirms that the power of this rare configuration is still very much upon us and that the momentum for radical changes and unprecedented upheavals, welcome or dreaded as it might be, is simply unavoidable.

The birthday people aligned to this Cancer Solar Eclipse are Cancer (June30/July2), Capricorn (December31/January2), Aries (March29/31) and Libra (October2 /4); as well as anyone with Moon, Ascendant or planets between the 8th and 10th degree of the above Signs. These are exciting but potentially upsetting times for you, when you will need to look at making important changes in your life, in whatever area that happens to be highlighted by this very special New Moon. Becoming a willing participant in the changes that fate has decreed for you at this crucial time could bring unexpected positive results.

I have found a great example of this in a comment sent to me by a reader named Julia, expressing just the exhilarating effect of changes that may appear at first negative or frightening. Julia says: ” I lost my job after 20 years of hard work and little fun. I have no idea where I am headed. But I feel free and happy”. This is the sort of psychological approach that can transform the dreaded Cardinal Grand Cross into a liberating and empowering experience.

The Cancer Solar Eclipse in Mundane Charts

Here are two double-wheels Charts showing the interaction of the present Cancer Eclipse with the Birth Charts of two nations that are, at the moment, experiencing severe crisis: Greece and Libya.

The Eclipse has been relocated using the coordinates of the national capital of each country.

Greece and the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011

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Note how the Eclipse Sun-Moon’s degree is close to Greece Saturn-Mercury’s conjunction and to the nation’s Ascendant, and at right angle to Greece’s conjunction Moon-Pluto, while transiting Saturn separates from the same, forming also another right angle with Greece’s Mercury, Saturn and Ascendant. All of this while Uranus perfectly opposes Greece’s Moon and Pluto and forms an ongoing square to Venus. And transiting Pluto, in the VI House, the area pertaining to a nation’s work-force, will be in opposition to Greece Cancer planets ( Venus, Mercury, Saturn) and in square to Greece’s Moon and Pluto in Libra, promising a volatile climate to continue for a long time yet. The Pluto-Venus’ opposition in particular suggests the deep financial crisis and lack of security the Greek people are experiencing, and also the resentment and desire for revenge they are expressing via their violent uprising.

The above sketchy outline shows a strikingly obvious connection of Greece’s Natal Chart to the revolutionary Cardinal Grand Cross.

Furthermore the transiting Mid-heaven in Athens, at the time of the Eclipse, is at right angle to Greece’s Jupiter in the IX House of foreign affairs, and conjunct Greece’s South Node, indicating a time of reckoning for this nation public image, now that past errors (South Node) are exposed.

Transiting Mars is also in perfect opposition to Greece Neptune on the cusp of the VI House, a fit symbol for the chaotic unrest and total confusion reigning in the country at this time, and the fact that the Greek working class has become the unwilling and angry victim of this crisis.

Libya and the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011

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The civil war raging in Libya since February this year is dramatically expressed by the transits active during this Solar Eclipse.

Uranus, the mover and shaker, is highlighted in many ways: the New Moon’s degree is conjunct Libya’s natal Uranus, in the Tenth House (the country’s public image); while transiting Uranus is very close to a conjunction to Libya’s Jupiter in the area of public relation and open enmity (VII House).The transiting Uranus is also at right angle (square) to Libya’s Chiron in Capricorn, and still in orb of square to Libya’s Sun, also in Capricorn. The latter transits are extremely important because they happen between Libya’s public relations sector (VII House) and its foundation (IV House).

Uranus and Pluto have been shaking the very foundations of Libya as a nation and the mandate of its leadership in particular (Sun). Pluto and Uranus, simultaneously activating Libya’s Sun and Chiron, show how unavoidably painful this Uranian-Plutonian change is proving to be.

Uranus represents, at one and the same time, the two opposing sides of this civil war: the promethean spirit of rebellion against all forms of tyranny, as well as the staunch and intolerant stand of the tyrant himself. And Pluto indicates that the crisis is a terminal one, requiring the eradication of those aspects of the past that have become toxic. Since 2009 the passage of Pluto over Libya’s Sun has demanded a radical new approach to leadership in this country, and, the way things are going, implying perhaps even the death of the leader and of his political grip on Libya.

This country, as many others deeply experiencing the present turmoil (Ireland, Japan, the USA) is also going though a prolonged Saturn Return, a time of restructuring and maturing, a difficult but necessary stage of all growth processes.

Finally transiting Neptune in Pisces is in positive aspect to Libya’s Sun in Capricorn (sextile) and Moon in late Libra, cusp Scorpio. The Moon, representing the common people in Mundane Astrology, has also been activated, over and over again, by recent Full Moon and the all important Total Lunar Eclipse of December 2010, the same that fell on Gaddafi’s own natal Jupiter and squared his Moon (Sunrise Chart). The Neptune Transits describe well the idealism of the Libyan people and their willingness to sacrifice their personal interests and even their lives to achieve the dream of democracy, against very tough odds. An inspiration for all.

Stay tuned for more on the possible effects of this Eclipse on countries like Italy, Ireland, Egypt, the USA and Japan.

If interested HERE you can find another post discussing, amongst other things, the July 1 Solar Eclipse.


Camilla Parker Bowles and the Descending Node Eclipse Season, June/July 2011

In a previous post I tried to fathom the possible connection between the Birth Chart of the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and the Descending Node Eclipse Season of June/July 2011.  Here I am attempting the same with the Birth Chart of Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall.

I have chosen her Chart because it will be activated by all the three Eclipses this season, two Solar and one Lunar.

This rare event could affect her life in important ways, for months and even years to come.

As with Julia Gillard here too we see not only Eclipses in action, but also some significant Transits and Progressions.

Camilla Parker Bowles (inner wheel) and the Gemini Solar Eclipse of June 1 2011,

cast for the coordinates of London (outer wheel)

The Gemini Solar Eclipse will be on Camilla’s Natal Mars (XI House).

Natal Mars happens to rule the Natal Mid-heaven and is in trine aspect to Natal Neptune and the Cusp of the IV House (IC) in Libra. Natal Mercury, ruling the XI House in the Mercurial Sign of Gemini, was retrograde at birth, and in trine to Natal Jupiter on the Cusp of the Natal V House.

This activation of her Natal Mars by a Solar Eclipse could bring to the fore again, and perhaps exacerbate, the difficulties Camilla has experienced for a long time in her relationship with the English public, fogged by mistrust and falsehood, causing this prominent lady to remain an unsolved mystery in the eyes of many (Natal Mars trine Neptune on the IC, Retro Mercury ruling XI).

This is however just a negative reading of a Transit that could actually provide an opportunity to gain the sort of approval or popularity that has been denied to her before. Or, at least, it could help her to find new strategies to cope with the stress and anxieties caused by this flawed relationship. A relationships that, her Natal Chart shows clearly, is important to Camilla, more than she can express (Neptune on IC, trined by Mars in XI).

In both eventualities her public image and her role in the community are coming to the fore for Camilla.

The activation of Mars by anything often ends creating stressful and tense situations or reactions. But the aspects of Natal Mars are mainly positive, and this could be very helpful to Camilla, helping her to utilize the Eclipse energy wisely (Natal Mars sextile Natal Saturn and Pluto).

At first reading I sensed that Camilla could be faced with the need to conceal something or repress something, in order not to give another blow to her shaky public career. I thought of loss through friends and aspirations (XI House) and her home life and family. But perhaps I got carried away with an attractive negative train of thought, as it happens with Eclipses.

I would have read this Eclipse on Mars differently if I didn’t consider the Transits concomitant with it though. The major transits I’m talking about being Saturn on the Lower-Heaven point, Cusp of the IV Natal House, the taproot of the Charts, all endings and all beginnings. Transiting Saturn entered Camilla IV House first in October 2010; but, during this Eclipse Season, is returning to conjunct the Natal IC, not far from uniting with her Natal Neptune again (a difficult transit) and squaring for a second and third time her Natal Moon-Venus’ conjunction in the XII House, another emotionally difficult transit, that could affect her home life, her close family and her own sense of well being.  An illness cannot be ruled out either. Saturn will transit Camilla’s large IV House until the end of 2013.

At the same time Pluto is slowly approaching his opposition to her Natal Moon-Venus’ conjunction, while Uranus is preparing to square the same. All aspects heralding major changes and personal transformations and realizations for the next few years, into 2014.

For curiosity sake: Camilla’s all important Natal Neptune is conjunct the star Diadem (alpha of Coma Berenices), symbolizing a woman’s sacrifice to ensure her husband’s safety.

Camilla Parker Bowles (inner wheel) and the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse of June 15 2011,

cast for the coordinates of London (outer wheel)

At the Sagittarius Total Lunar Eclipse the transiting Gemini Sun and South Node will be conjunct Camilla’s Natal Uranus in Gemini and the XI House, like Mars before. The eclipsed transiting Sagittarius Moon and the North Node naturally will be in opposition to Natal Uranus from the V House.

This Eclipse then again puts the accent on the area that has to do with Camilla’s relationship with the collective, in the sense of personal friends and also people in general, the public or community. Uranus has, more often than not, a disruptive effect, introducing changes in our lives that we may find hard, at first, to adjust to, because somehow they seem unexpected or unreasonable. We may feel unprepared for them or afraid to accept them.

Often transits involving Uranus make us feel also a bit weird, somewhat alienated from family and friends, emotionally isolated and cold. Trying to fit in the old mold will not succeed because actually we are supposed to embrace more our uniqueness under an Uranus transit, accepting, as a necessary payment for it, some loneliness and alienating feelings.

Positively Uranus’ transits bring us closer to who we really are and to the individual path we are meant to travel on; the emotional isolation helping to really find that path. In this sense the major adjustments and changes demanded by Uranus, even if difficult to embrace at first, lead us eventually in the right direction. With Uranus in the collective House at birth it is Camilla’s challenge to rebel against the environment that makes her feel alienated and different, eventually finding a group or tribe that can accept her the way she really is.

Uranus, in Camilla’s Birth Chart, received only minor aspects from the Sun and Saturn, but was conjunct the Asteroid Vesta (Hestia), symbol of the sacred spiritual flame we all, and women in particular, are meant to devotedly keep alive in order to protect our families and countries’ spiritual integrity. Having this aspect at birth shows that Camilla possesses her own brand of spirituality, not too influenced by conventions and traditions. In spiritual matters she is very much her own person, and this Eclipse may emphasize this trait too.

Camilla Parker Bowles (inner wheel) and the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 1 2011,

cast for the coordinates of London (outer wheel)

Click to enlarge

Last but not least, the third Eclipse this season, a Solar in Cancer at the July 1 New Moon, is nearly perfectly conjunct Camilla’s Natal Moon and, by Translation of Light, also her Natal Venus, in the XII House. This Eclipse degree is also in square to her Natal Neptune and the Cusp of her IV House or IC.

An Eclipse right on Moon and Venus, one the symbol of personal feelings (Moon), the other of those emotions we share with others in close partnership (Venus), could prove a very emotional experience for Camilla, big time. An illumination of the dark, unconscious side of relationships and of her personal inner life, with a pervasive sense of fate that should encourage a spiritual search for meaning.

This Eclipse’s contact seems to me the beginning of a spiritual journey for Camilla, during which her many preoccupations with the world and people may begin to fade and she may need to concentrate on her spiritual, emotional and physical well being. Again a period of illness or forced withdrawal cannot be ruled out. Considering the aspects the Moon-Venus’ conjunction forms in her Birth Chart (squaring Neptune, Mid-Heaven and Lower-Heaven), this Eclipse highlights also the home and career sectors, encouraging her to find some balance between the two in her life, perhaps by giving up some cherished illusions and ideals (Neptune), and accepting the difficulties with, at least, resignation, at best, spiritual understanding.

Eclipses’ Doors of Perception

Doors by Colin Thompson

The language of Eclipses

On the eve of a new Eclipse season I find myself considering the language astrologers, including myself, adopt at times to describe Eclipses: a mixture of glamor and mystery, often far too esoteric to provide any real guidance. This language is obviously chosen to evoke special feelings in the reader, a sense of danger, even doom, but also of unlimited possibilities.

Traditional astrological texts more often than not describe the effects of Eclipses in very lurid terms, often depicting them as evil omens. Some modern readers of horoscopes are instead waxing lyrical about all the profound realizations and life changes we are all going to experience thanks to Eclipses. Maybe we need to find a middle way between these two extremes.

To use few examples of the traditional approach: Alan Leo (1860-1917), in the footsteps of William Lilly (1602-1681), described thus the possible effect of a Solar Eclipse in the second Decan of Gemini (as the one coming on June1/2): “Thefts and robberies, piracy and slaughters” (Lilly about the same Decan Eclipse states: “much Piracy at Sea, and Murder, many fruitless treaties, many turbulent Petitions presented by the people to their Superiors.”).

Alan Leo again, talking about a Lunar Eclipse in the Third Decan of Gemini (as the one coming on June 15): “The pestilence and many evil” (sic). And the Solar Eclipse in the first Decan of Cancer (as the one coming on July 1): “Disturbs the air, and causes various winds and alterations of weather“.

And what about this brief survey on the general effects of Eclipses from Sepharial’s (1864-1929) Dictionary of Astrology: “….disasters, tribulations, sickness and even death…..Falling on the Moon they denote hurt to mother, on the Sun to the father, on Jupiter to uncles, on Mars to brothers, on Venus to sisters, and on Mercury to aunts.”  No one is safe by the sound of it!

I reproduce here Sepharial’s last comments because I have my own little story to tell about Eclipses on my Natal Venus (First House), Neptune (Third House) and Ascendant, in far-away 1953. They lived to be not messengers of terrible events, but of a joyous one, the birth of my much loved younger sister. The points in my Natal Chart that those Eclipses touched show the great love we share, but also the anguish of separation and longing for union (Neptune and Saturn in the Third House), and the fated loss caused by living far apart for a very long time (Venus conjunct Pluto, both opposing the Moon).

No wonder some modern writers sound so esoteric when talking about Eclipses! It is indeed difficult to translate the archaic language of Eclipses into one intelligible to the modern reader. On the other hand, to modernize and rationalize the language of Eclipses, calling them opportunities, as I have often done, is perhaps an attempt at oversimplifying something because we don’t understand it or we don’t know how to describe it.

Apart from all the dire predictions Eclipses in antiquity were also depicted, in writing and art, as Jacob’s ladders to angelic realms, or shadow bridges to cross over to the world of the dead and the unborn, more ‘doors of perceptions’ than just opportunities, I would say!

It is true that Eclipses were considered powerful omens, but not necessarily negative ones; they were in many cases seen as harbingers of success and positive developments, promising a victory in battle or a king’s ascension to the throne.

The unfair distribution of Eclipses

Eclipses are so elusive in personal experience, because their distribution, during a life time, their frequency, intensity and duration of effect vary considerably from person to person and from Eclipse o Eclipse. An Eclipse, Partial, Annular, Lunar, Solar, whatever, can have a revolutionary, traumatic or exciting effect on a particular individual, while having no effect at all on another. Even if he/she is someone sharing the same Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. This marked difference of effect can be explained by the fact that Eclipses come in series and family of series.

During a period of 18 years and 9/11 days there would be 70 to 72 Eclipses (Solar and Lunar), an average of four Eclipses per year (but there could be as many as seven some years). Only a portion of the whole zodiacal circle will be touched by Eclipses, so some Signs will have a greater share of Eclipses than other Signs, during a given period.

So, for instance, if you had the Sun at zero degree Cancer at birth and you were born in 1951, like I was, seven Eclipses (four Solar and three Lunar) would have fallen over your Sun’s position, between 1951 and 2011, and there will be others, in 2020, 2029 and 2039, if you live long enough.

If, instead you were born with the Sun in Cancer, but on the fifth degree of this Signs, born four to five days after I was, you would not expereince any Eclipse over your Sun’s position, for the whole of your life. You could, however, experience, at different times, Eclipses on your Moon, Ascendant , Planets or Nodes.

To get an idea of the uneven distribution of Eclipses, between the years 2000 and 2011 there have been five Eclipses on different degrees of Aquarius and Virgo, four in Aries, Gemini and Leo, three in Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces, only two in Libra, but six in Sagittarius, and eight in Cancer and Capricorn.

My own Approach to the study of Eclipses

My approach to the study of Eclipses springs from personal observations of their influence on my own Chart and life, and those of some clients, and also from the perusal of Eclipses’ stories and interpretations in different astrological texts, modern and old, providing a wealth of  Natal and Mundane examples.  A text that really helped me personally to understand the working of Eclipses is “Eclipses” by the scholar of the Occult David Ovason‘s, a book full of useful information and insight. Ovason stresses in particular the importance of the relationship between Fixed Stars and Eclipses’ degrees, discussing many great case histories to make his point.

When I know an Eclipse is close at hand I repeat the mantra I have often used with my students: ‘Eclipses of the Sun are New Moons, Eclipses of the Moon are Full Moons’. I am not here to demystify Eclipses, but I feel we need to have a more level headed approach toward them, not always expecting incredible events to take place or our personal lives to be transformed by them. Here I have attempted to do this without denying the power an Eclipse can actually exert in a person’s life and in the life of the collective. What I am advocating is to look closely at the Eclipse itself and also put it in the context of the current Transits. Eclipses are not separated phenomena, but are part, like every other cosmic event, of a much bigger picture.

In some of the examples that I’m using here you’ll find that the power of an Eclipse is always magnified by the presence of other major Transits happening during the Eclipse’s period of activity, a period that can stretch, forward and backward in time, for months and even years.

How to look for your important Eclipses, up-close and personal

Every New Moon is a portal to a league of the monthly journey.  When the New Moon falls on your birth Sign you know that to be a special beginning for you, a turning point in the yearly cycle. Now, if that New Moon, like in this case, is also a Solar Eclipse the New Moon’s portal is opening to a wider horizon than just few months ahead, and also to deeper dimensions of experience; sometimes even a re-birthing of sort. Still, fundamentally, the Solar Eclipse remains a symbol of the end of one cycle and the start of another, though perhaps a particularly intense and significant one.

Following the same reasoning every Full Moon represents the climax of a journey or period. If this event happens around your birthday it would be a more significant climax. If the Full Moon were also a Lunar Eclipse you could expect some major realizations and far-reaching climax type experience.

Eclipses are not rare phenomena, but they will produce a marked effect only if falling in close conjunction and opposition (for the Lunar Eclipses) to a sensitive point in your Birth or Progressed Charts, meaning Sun, Moon, Planets, Angles, Lunar Nodes. The orb (distance) allowed for Eclipses’ aspects should be, I think, very tight, one degree or less, or we would end up with too many Eclipses and not much happening with them. I am aware that many astrologers advocate a larger orb for Eclipses in conjunction or opposition to your Natal Chart’s placements, three or even five degrees, but I feel that keeping to a tight orb is always the safest thing to do, when trying to measure the strength of any aspect. The closest the aspect, the more obvious the effect. Eclipses are not exception.

When hunting Eclipses for a specific individual, ascertain, first of all, if the person was born in an Eclipse Season, with a Solar or Lunar Eclipse closely following or preceding the birthday. If this is the case make sure to search for any conjunction of the Eclipses’ degrees (also opposition, for Lunar Eclipses) with angular and planetary placements in the Natal Chart, especially with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Ruling Planet. Even when you don’t find any close aspect make a note of the areas of experience (House) occupied by the Eclipses, because they will remain sensitive areas throughout life, where, from time to time, important crisis may take place.

As you have gathered from my own example you don’t need to be born in an Eclipse Season to be affected by the power of Eclipses.

With the help of the astrological software Solar Fire I have created a list that shows the date, Sign and degree of all Solar and Lunar Eclipses happening between the years 1940 and 2011. Looking at this list with your Natal Chart in hand you can make a note of the years when  an Eclipse was conjunct any significant point in your Chart (Sun, Moon, Angle, Node).

Please click Here for the 1940-2011 Soli-Lunar Eclipses List.

Eclipses, like all astrological events, have a light and a dark side. The type of experience depends on a combination of the nature of the Planet involved (aspected by the Eclipse) and the field (astrological House) where the Eclipse occurs in the Natal or Progressed Chart.

So, for instance, an Eclipse on your Sun will affect your sense of identity and self-esteem, an Eclipse on your Moon your emotions and family life. An Eclipse in your Third House will colour your communication and relationship with siblings, in the Eighth House your intimate relationships, your shared finances and your desire for personal power, etc, etc.

The example I gave before, of the glut of Eclipses I experienced the year my younger sister was born, is one of many I could have used. Here are a few more, hoping they will help you to understand how Eclipses might work in your own life.

A Solar Eclipse on the 29th degree of Gemini fell on my Natal Sun at 0° 03′ of Cancer, XI House, in 1982, the year my partner and I emigrated to Australia. Some change: we have never gone back in 29 years! That’s an Eclipse’s effect. It wouldn’t have been so powerful though if not for the assistance of a Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter’s passage over the cusp of my IV House, nadir and taproot of my Chart, life changing transits on their own. Together with the Solar Eclipse, the Progressed Moon in Aries in my Natal IX House of foreign travels and people, and other apsects besides, the Eclipse manifested in the decisive way it did.

And what about, earlier, a Lunar Eclipse on my Pisces North Node, Natal VIII House, in 1979, the year I visited India, my stay there lasting two years, during which time I met my partner of thirty years, and having a lot to do with the later decision to emigrate to Australia. The emotional impact of that period is still difficult to assess for me, one of the most formative year of my life. That Eclipse too wasn’t alone, but coincided with a full-on Saturn Return and other important transits.

Eclipses haven’t quite finished with me, more are coming my way, and I wasn’t even born in an Eclipse Season!

Please check my next post where I’ll discuss how the June and July Eclipses will interact with the Natal Charts of some famous individuals, like Julia Gillard, our Australian Prime Minister, Camilla Parker Bowles, wife of the Prince of Wales, Hosni Mubarak, ex President of Egypt, Sathya Sai Baba, the Indian guru who recently passed away, just to name a few.

For a general interpretation of the June/July Eclipses, please click HERE for an article on the Major transits active between June and September 2011.