More about the effect of Neptune in Pisces

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In my last post on Neptune entering Pisces I didn’t mention who would be the people more likely to feel the Neptune’s effect between early April and early August 2011. These will be principally the early Water Signs, Pisces, born 18 to 20 of February; Cancer, born 21 to 23 of June, and Scorpio, born 23 to 25 of October. And also (via opposition and square aspects) the Mutable Signs: Virgo individuals, born 23 to 25 of August; Gemini, born 21 to 23 of May, and Sagittarius, born 22 to 24 of November.This transit will not stop there either, because it will return and be around for the whole of 2012, after a few months of Neptune’s withdrawal into Aquarius (from August 2011 to February 2012).

Neptune will enter in direct contact with these individuals’ identity and sense of self, represented by their Sun in the Horoscope.

Of course also people who happen to have the Moon, the Ascendant or a planet around the naught and  first degree of the Water and/or the Mutable Signs will live the power of Neptune, the nature of their experiences depending on the planet involved in the transit.

Neptune’s Sign, embodying the mythic image of each of his 14 years generations, will bring experiences of love, enchantment, mystery, compassion, art, aesthetic pleasures, unbound creativity, with everything poetical, transcendent, spiritual. A way of seeing that will make our whole world partake of this mystical image.

Experiences of loss are also possible, somewhat forcing us to go with the flow of things rather than resist our fate. We may not be able to trust the situations we find ourselves in anymore or even the people we thought we could relay on. Not the best influence for reliability and substance, because we may tend to believe what we wish to believe rather than see what is really there. Beware of dodgy deals or any situations that seem a bit ambiguous or murky. The narrow and straight path may be boring and prosaic, but it may be the only safe one in these circumstances. In general terms, for good or ill, a Neptune’s transit may induce us to lose the sense of control over our lives that we take for granted, realizing that it is actually an illusion.

It will be a soul enhancing experiences for many, but also a bewildering one for some, because through Neptune we always risk to lose our sense of reality and become disengaged from our every day duties and responsibilities. Some will need to take time off from everything and just be. If this is impossible then try to make time for contemplative and relaxing activities, in particular for expressing your creativity and get in touch with your inner silence or music.

Born with the Sun at 0° 03′ of Cancer I am in for some Neptunian uplifting or dissolving too.


Mercury enters his own Sign of Gemini today, June 10 2010, at 3.41 pm, Eastern Australian Time.

The closest planet to the Sun is now becoming less and less visible in the dawn twilight, speeding toward a conjunction with the Sun (Superior Conjunction) on June 28. By then Mercury will be in Cancer, entering this Sign on June 25.

When planets transit one of the Signs that are traditionally assigned to them, like in this case Mercury in Gemini, they can  express their function in a more direct and natural way. The Sign will not resist the energy of the planet but rather encourage it, preparing a receptive medium through which it can work smoothly and perform at its best.

Mercury in Gemini is great for many things, not just intellectual stuff or communication. It accelerates the pace of all actions,the pace of thought that drives the action, in the first place, so that we can get more done, hopefully more than when Mercury was transiting slow-paced Taurus, the latter transit having lasted for much longer than usual because of Mercury’s retrogradation (Mercury has been in Taurus since April 2).

As it enters Gemini Mercury is also forming a harmonious angle with both Jupiter and Uranus (sextile) conjunct in Aries since June 8, making today and tomorrow great days to feel inspired and optimistic, finding new ways to do things and new avenues of discovery.

Gemini is one of the double Signs of the Zodiac, meaning that is works equally well on two different planes of experience, the intellectual and the intuitive (the mortal and immortal twins) allowing for greater flexibility and tolerance of differences in our dealings with the world.