SORRY DAY: November 16, Sunrise on Mt. Warning, Australia


 Wollumbin, Australia’s most easterly point, first light Horoscope,

November 16, 2009, 05.49 am (Australian Eastern Summer Time, –11 hours).


This is the precious day before the New Moon in Scorpio (on November 17, 05.13 am, local clock time).

Ideal time to reflect upon the ending cycle, which began on October 18, with the New Moon in Libra, and reached its climax on November 3, with the Full Moon in Taurus.

The Balsamic Moon phase is when we can heal our souls and bodies from the energetic disturbances which always occur in our lives, and thus unravel the essence and wisdom of the cycle that has just been. Time also to rest from our labours, at least psychologically (most of us have still to work and it is Monday, after all!).

In this atmosphere of healing past hurts and just as Saturn forms its first right angle to Pluto, the Australian Government is saying its second big Sorry to another stolen generation. This time are the hundreds of thousand of orphaned and abandoned children, of all racial backgrounds, who were moved from their countries with the promise of a better life, often to become virtual slave labourers in Australia, and, sometimes, even victim of physical and psychological abuse by those who were supposed to take care of them.


The Moon, the Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in Scorpio today, a Sign that searches deep to uncover the truth of things, while Mars is at right angle to both Moon and Venus which are conjunct. As I observed yesterday, the transit of Mars-Venus-Moon will make this day a specially emotional and highly charged one.

At the same time the historical square Saturn-Pluto is also exact today, a hard reality check for all of us, taking stock of events we would prefer to forget, because they are so hard to face. Through Saturn we are always made to face facts and take responsibility, and through Pluto we become aware of the deepest implications of any event, and their transformative potential.  United by this rather hard angle, Pluto, planet of inner resources and survival, and Saturn, planet of hard lessons and karma, describe well the abuse, pain and suffering of these forgotten people, as well as their resilience and survival skills; and make this an ideal day to address past issues and redress past injustice.

Today it is just the first pass of this important transit. It will be exact again in February (second pass in retro motion) and August 2010, last pass. 

Today the Sun is also forming a perfect right angle (90 degrees) to Neptune, planet of compassion and universal sympathy, another apt signature for this event. And, even more striking than all that, a Grand Trine is also exact today, between the Sun (consciousness), the South Node of the Moon (the collective past and what of it needs to be redeemed) and Uranus (planet of innovations, new deals, unconventional and reforming spirit). The Grand Trine (a cosmic equilateral triangle) is considered the most harmonious and well promising of all astrological configurations. Great!