Donald Trump and the July 17 2019 Capricorn Moon Eclipse

The day of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn (July 16 in the USA, July 17 in Australia) Robert Mueller III has agreed to testify publicly before the House Committee. This could be then an important date of reckoning for the president. The importance of this Eclipse event on his life and career couldn’t be overlooked by any serious student of Astrology, with the obvious connections with his Natal Horoscope. Check it out !

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Donald Trump and the Transits at the Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse of July 16 2019

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Here is the recent Cancer Solar Eclipse that occurred in the USA on July 2, 2019 (July 3 in Australia). This event too was significantly connected with Donald Trump’s Natal Chart, but not as dramatically as the upcoming Lunar Eclipse.

Donald Trump and the Transits at the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 2 2019

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