Sagittarius Full Moon at one of the year’s turning points, the Cancer Solstice

Helga Hornung

Vogelfreund = Bird Lover by Helga Hornung

This year we are having two FULL MOONS in SAGITTARIUS, one was on May 22, on the first degree, while the second will be on the last degree of the Sign on June 20. It is significant in these times of intense ideological clashes for the Sign of philosophy and beliefs to be highlighted in such a way, also considering that mighty Saturn is transiting the Sign until the end of 2017.

The second upcoming Full Moon happens also at the time of the Winter/Summer Cancer Solstice (depending where you are  in the world), the beginning of a new season, not just climatically but also psychologically for all of us. This could be a turning point for many, changing our awareness about a lot of things, hopefully helping us to shift rigid and outdated beliefs to embrace more idealistic and inclusive ones.  The worst would be to give in to cynicism, a very real danger while pragmatic and conservative Saturn transits the Sign of dreams and hope. Let’s make this instead a progressive transit, where realism meets idealism and we begin building a better world.

I know it is hard to remain optimistic in this terribly divisive climate, but really we don’t have a choice, unless we are prepared to give in to the forces of hate and embrace ideologies of war. Saturn in Sagittarius, still at right angle to Jupiter and Neptune (in opposition to each other) is a truly amazing symbol of what is at stake. We need to overcome ingrained prejudices about people different than our selves, because of their nationality, creed or skin colour. We need to be more tolerant and compassionate, and also to take care of the practical needs of people who find themselves discriminated, isolated, rejected, homeless, etc. etc. Actually embracing the practical side of things, the day to day things we can all do to help, in our little way (Jupiter in Virgo), is more than ever important now, to avoid the ideological divide that is splitting our world apart and that could escalate in a more global war.

Neptune in Pisces for few more years (until 2025/26)  is a promise that a more compassionate, inclusive, spiritual world view is at hand if we, individually and collectively, give it a chance.

I will hopefully find more time to discuss in greater depth this all important Sagittarius Full Moon at Solstice time. Cheers.

Cancer Solstice, June 22, 2011: the return of the Cardinal Grand Cross

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Cancer was known to the ancients as the ‘Gate of Life’, that stage in the development of consciousness that has to do with protecting and nurturing life. The life that had its beginning in the crucible of Fiery Aries, became established in Earthy Taurus, began to analyze the external world in Airy Gemini, and now is ready to develop the feelings function, by establishing bonding relationships through family, tribe and national identity. Cancer is not only the Home Sign, but also the whole matrilineal descent, the sense of belonging to a clan or country, the whole idea of a Mother Land.

The Moon is closely associated with Cancer, in her role as nurturer, as Lady of the Waters, bringing moisture up from the depths of the Earth to nourish plants, animals and human beings living on the planet. Without the Moon there wouldn’t be life on Earth as we know it.

So what is the cosmic message every year as the Sun enters the Sign of Cancer? We could say: ‘nurture yourself and one another; take care of the Earth as your Mother and of other creatures like if they were your children’. How more livable a place would the Earth be if we could do that as a collective, dedicating this important time in the yearly cycle to acknowledge the sacredness of Life.

Every Solstice, or Equinox for that matter, is different from all others, due to the ever changing planetary patterns in the solar system. Thus every Cancer Solstice offers a unique opportunity to manifest the nurturing qualities of  this Cardinal Water Sign.

At this time some of the slow moving destiny-makers, namely Pluto, Uranus and Saturn, together with the swift moving Mercury, now transiting Cancer, are coming very close again to a Grand Cross formation that was first felt, well before becoming exact, in late 2008, with the ingress of Pluto in Capricorn, the Earth Cardinal Sign. The alignment of Pluto to the Sun has been in fact the leitmotif of the last three years Equinoxes (via square aspect) and Solstices (via conjunction and opposition). At the end of 2009 Saturn came into the equation by entering Libra, the Cardinal Air Sign, followed, in mid-2010, by Jupiter and Uranus’ combined ingress into Aries, the Fire Cardinal Sign.

During this Cancer Solstice the Sun and Mercury are filling in the empty leg of the original T Square, thus forming a Grand Cross, involving all four Cardinal Signs and all four Elements. Last year Cancer Solstice produced a similar configuration, with the difference that Saturn had temporarily moved back into Virgo then, still part of the grand Cross but not from a Cardinal Sign.

This special alignment of planetary energies is offering again a wealth of challenges to us earthlings. Judging from the eventful years we have had, since 2008, it is easy to predict some more of the same. In particular we are now having a taste of the mighty square connecting Uranus to Pluto, that, becoming exact only in 2012 and continuing until 2015, is however less than two degrees away from exactness at this crucial time of the year.

The energies involved are those of Pluto, the inside-out transformer, causing the death of the old in order to give life to the new; Uranus, the harbinger of radical and unexpected changes, and Saturn, the one who is supposed to keep the status quo, to uphold tradition, challenged indeed by the others’ iconoclastic natures. In a formation like this something has to give, because all the different energies involved, each with its own agenda, so to speak, have no choice but to work together.

Symbolically this Solstice could bring a season of significant changes, and even upheavals, for all Cardinal Signs, Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. In particular, though, for those individuals who were born within the first week of these Signs, dates more closely aligned to the Grand Cross. Also anyone with Moon, Ascendant or other Birth Chart’s Angle, and/or Planets between the naught and ten degrees of the same Signs.

The Solstice Chart however shows more than just the Cardinal alignments. The two planetary lovers, Venus and Mars, are now both transiting Gemini, Mars having entered this Sign less than fifteen hours before the actual ingress of the Sun in Cancer. The accent on Gemini seems positive to me, releasing some of the stress of the Cardinal Cross, with the gift of adaptability and lightness, especially as Mars will be soon in harmonious aspect (sextile) to Uranus in Aries. Via Gemini we may be better equipped to withstand the impact of the Cardinal Grand Cross, that is forcing many to take action in rather big ways.

Another factor to consider is Jupiter that left Cardinal Aries in early June and is now transiting fixed Taurus, promoting a greater sense of stability, curbing somewhat the restlessness and anxiety that are often the lot of the Cardinal Signs.

Here are the Horoscopes for this Cancer Solstice, calculated for the coordinates of Canberra, Australia’s national capital, and a double wheel Chart with the same Cancer Solstice over Australia’s National Chart (January 1, 1901).

Sun Ingress into Cancer in Canberra, Australia national capital

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Sun Ingress into Cancer and the Australian National Chart

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The Sun enters the Tropical (seasonal) Sign of Cancer on June 21, 9.28 pm.

It is the Cancer Solstice, Sun’s northernmost declination,

gate of winter in the southern hemisphere and summer in the northern.*******

I am re-posting here THE SOLSTICE CHART from an early article I wrote for the Art of Healing.

The Cancer Solstice Chart

Astronomers and astrologers alike mark the start of the Southern Winter and Northern Summer with the Cancer Solstice, this year falling on June 21. On this day the Sun lingers on its northernmost declination, before beginning to descend again toward the Equator. An important time in the yearly calendar, recognised and held sacred by most cultures, since the dawn of time. Still today, all the promises and mysteries of the coming season are contained in the Solstice Chart.

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This year the Solstice Horoscope shows the Moon in Via Combusta, that trait of the Zodiac that traditionally is said to span between the middle of Libra and the middle of Scorpio. As its Latin name implies, translating something like ‘burning path’ or ‘fiery road’, I’m reminded here of the feats of walking on hot embers and fire accomplished during initiation ceremonies in diverse cultural traditions, including those of some Australian Aboriginals. The months ahead then we will all be walking on a difficult but enlightening path, a trial of sorts, with empowering potential.

The Moon also forms a beautiful Grand Trine, the combination of three 120 degrees angles, shaping an imaginary equilateral triangle between the Moon (emotions, family), Neptune-Chiron (spiritual healing and karmic suffering), and the Sun itself stationary on 0 degree Cancer, the ancient Gate of Life. Grand Trines are highly energetic configurations, mostly harmonious and positive, opening up new valves of understanding and offering outlets for greater creativity. This configuration seems to redeem the more difficult reading of Via Combusta. There is great potential for healing in this Chart and to overcome the emotional burning with an outflow of higher emotions, compassion, desire to help and heal the world, and all round enhancement of the nurturing quality of Cancer’.

Some fresh thoughts on the Cancer Solstice Season

I add here that this Solstice is embroiled, of course, with the Cardinal Grand Cross we are all worried about (as a 0°03′ Cancer Sun I can testify to this!), the two cannot be separated.

Even a distracted look at the Solstice Chart above would suffice to notice the dominant red square, the Sun making contact with all the known destiny makers: nearly exactly square (90°) Uranus in Aries, applying to a square to Jupiter in Aries, closely applying to a trine (120°) to Chiron in Pisces, separating from a trine to Neptune in late Aquarius and separating from a square to Saturn in late Virgo, and last, but not least, applying to the opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.

The Waxing Moon is on the last degree of Libra also in trine to Neptune and Chiron and in contact to Saturn and Uranus too, thus also contributing her light to the overall picture.

Before these amazing planetary patterns make us really superstitious perhaps we should start looking at them in another way. Like, for instance, as unique opportunities to grow up, individually and therefore globally. At this point I wouldn’t know a better way to put it.

The Moon disposits of the Sun in Cancer in the Solstice Chart, meaning that, at this particular Gate (change of season), the Sun of consciousness pays homage to the Moon of feeling and the psyche. Conscious meets unconscious, revealing to the ego the reality of the psyche, through depth of feelings, flights of creative imagination and psychic insights.

When people ask (and they do at present) how to better utilize these powerful energies, I say: work on yourself, make an extra effort to be aware of the implications of your actions, feelings, words. Participate with these transits rather than seeing them as your doom or the world’s doom.

Something is demanded of us, for sure, greater commitment and sense of responsibility; with the willingness to go looking for the ‘plank’ in our eyes rather than the speck in other people’s eyes. Of course we cannot expect everyone on the planet to be ready to look at themselves with such honesty, but this shouldn’t stop us trying.

These are not aspects which would tolerate avoidance. Facing facts squarely (Saturn), seizing the opportunity to turn things around, your whole life perhaps (Jupiter-Uranus), facing the fear of leaving the past behind and start over (Pluto) will help you to build sounder foundations for a better future.

These transits are global, engulfing the whole Earth and all creatures on it, not just us humans. A way, I feel, we may be able to exorcise them and find some redemption in them is by acting very locally, on the self in fact, each on his/her own self.

There will be tough times for a lot of people. Even if you are privileged enough to live a good material life (and many aren’t, even in western countries) your soul must feel the deteriorating conditions of the world we live in: the pressing social and financial problems; the conflicts of wars and ideologies, the displacement of millions of refugees, the dangers of an unchecked climate change, etc.

The Grand trine both in Water and Air Sign shows to me that the way out of the caginess of the grand cross is through the conscious cultivation (Sun in Cancer) of universal sympathy (Neptune in Aquarius), the willingness to heal what we can and to accept what we cannot change (Chiron in Pisces) and the sensitivity to apply all the above to our daily lives, especially in the area of relationship (Moon Libra-Scorpio’s cusp).

Let’s have a great Solstice season, wherever we are. It is, in part, up to each one of us what sort of world we will be in, in five/ten years time, and what legacy we’ll leave our children.

I feel we have a long way to go yet. In my view we will not find  instant solutions, experience collective illuminations or meet saviours on white horses coming to our rescue. Perhaps I am too much of a skeptic. Let me know what you think; your comments are always welcome.