Weekly Astrological Highlights, March 28 to April 3


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Much is coming our way this week and the next, including events we have been waiting for a long time. Like  Neptune making his first foray into his own Sign of Pisces, on April 5, after 165 years absence. He will be swimming there until August 5. And Pluto turning retrograde on April 9, becoming direct again only on September 17.

The week started with a 90 degrees angle between the Sun in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, on Monday March 28, adding more fuel to the melting pot of world affairs, as you must have noticed if you watch the news.


The Aquarius Balsamic Moon Phase begins on March 30. The Moon will be still decreasing in light ’til the end of this week, the Aries New Moon happening at 1.32 am (Eastern Australia Summer Time), on Monday April 4.

If falling close to your birthday (for Aries born between March 29 and April 3) the Balsamic Moon indicates that this year would be ideal to finish unfinished business, put your house in order, so to speak, to prepare for a new imminent cycle.  Also to tap into your spiritual understanding of your life’s  rhythm, to get the essence-wisdom out of the cycle that is now ending.  Time for a bit of soul searching, weighting the losses and gains of the past year, sorting out your priorities, that may be now different from the ones you had on your previous birthday.

In the short term, for the end of the present lunar month, the same Balsamic Moon’s effect can work for everyone, as a preparation and reflection time for the new cycle beginning on April 4.

How depressing or fascinatingly introspective this Moon phase can be it is ultimately up to our attitudes, and the understanding we have of the cyclical nature of life.

MARCH 29, TUESDAY: the third and last opposition Jupiter-Saturn is exact today, but will remain very active for at least a week, and, as a general influence, until Jupiter will leave Aries to enter Taurus in early June.

The present is the third incarnation of this transit, that was also exact in May and August 2010. Since then the limiting influence of the opposition on world affairs has been discussed at length by many astrologers, including myself (one of my posts on the historical significance of the Jupiter-Saturn’s opposition can be found HERE).

In unison with other cosmic events, the contracting effect of this 20 years transit has been considered partly responsible for the 2010 global economic downturn. Now that it is nearly over perhaps we could see some improvement.

The opposition however has also the positive role of making people aware of issues of imbalance and unfairness, in every walk of life, from government politics to family politics. Somehow opposites are made to work together, finding the balance that can help to avoid extremes. All oppositions do that, in some way, but this one is an oppositions between planets which are considered opposite not just in distance but in essence and meaning as well. So more is in opposition here. Jupiter symbolizes the function of expansion while Saturn represents the function of contraction. Jupiter fosters growth without limits, while Saturn limits growth in order to consolidate.

Perhaps this is something that is needed at the moment, a limiting factor, an inhibitor for otherwise rather intense transits. Let’s see:

  • the Sun and Mercury in Aries, with Mercury remaining in this Sign longer than usual, until May 16, due to retrogradation between march 30 and April 23.
  • Mars not far from entering Aries, this Saturday, April 2
  • The upcoming New Moon in Aries, next Monday, April 4, with Sun and Moon conjunct Jupiter and opposed to Saturn in Libra, while, on the same day, Mars becomes conjuncts Uranus
  • Uranus in Aries since March 12
  • Jupiter in the middle of Aries right now

Perhaps the often malingered Saturn may very well be our savior here, in the Sign of balance and equanimity, restoring some balance and cool to very heated up situations. It is enough to look at what’s going on in the Middle East and Africa, and the ongoing crisis in Japan, Saturn may be what is limiting the scope and severity of these events, that could be even worse without his sobering effect.

At the time of this last opposition Jupiter in Aries will be aligned with the star Alpheratz, the most brilliant in the constellation of Andromeda. In the past this star was actually part of  the square of Pegasus, the Flying Horse, constellation very close to Andromeda, both belonging to the same Perseus’ myth. He was the hero who saved Andromeda, the princess chained to a rock, with the help of magical Pegasus. Here is a link to the Perseus’ myth, retold by Robert Graves, scroll to page 142. This star is connected then with ideas of freedom and deliverance from bondage, in the way the winged horse helped to liberate the maiden from her deadly plight. A symbol promising positive future developments.

The birthday people directly aligned to this transits are Aries (April 3 to 6), Libra (October 6 to 9), Cancer (July 5 to 8 ) and Capricorn (January 4 to 7), also anyone with Moon, Ascendant and/or planets around the 13th/14th degree of the same Signs.

MARCH 30, WEDNESDAY: Today begins the Station of Mercury on the 24th degree of Aries, start of a retrograde period that will last until April 23.

Little Brother will move slowly backward until his Inferior Conjunction with the Sun on April 10. One of my articles on the phenomenon of retrogradation, in particular Mercury’s, can be found HERE.

People born with Mercury in Aries are more likely to feel the effects of this backward motion, in particular if Mercury was placed around the 24th or 12th degree of this Fire Sign, where the Retrograde and Direct Stations will occur this time round. To a degree also all Aries individuals born between April 2 and 16; as well as those with Moon, Ascendant and/or planets placed at birth between the 12th and 25th degree of Aries.

Your go go go attitude when it comes to communicating your ideas and expressing yourself freely and even forcibly, your impatience when others do not quite follow your lead will be put to the test during the next few weeks. This is an opportunity to learn patience and tolerance; also to slow the pace of life and thought, to gather your mental strength for the coming period of Mercury Morning Star, a more outgoing time ahead for you, after Mercury will turn direct, on April 23.

APRIL 2, SATURDAY: Mars enters today his own Sign of Aries, transiting there until May 11.

A Mars in Aries’ post is coming your way soon on Living Moon, for now it is enough to say that Mars today is joining a whole choir of planetary voices coming form Aries, the Sun, Mercury, Uranus, and soon the New Moon. A call to action, initiative, courage, fraught with the dangers of excessive impulsiveness and aggression, especially around the Aries New Moon next week that will see many intense transits happening around the same time.


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