A good example of Mercury in Pisces’ effect…

In true Mercury conjunct Neptune and entering Pisces fashion (vagueness of mind, mental confusion, etc.) I made a big mistake writing my post yesterday. Luckily I realized it today, before receiving outraged comments from some of my readers!

I did state in the Weekly Forecast article that Einstein was born with Mercury in the Sign of Pisces. It isn’t true. Einstein had in fact the Sun in Pisces, but his brilliant intellect was indicated by a Mercury in Aries, Sign of vision and the pioneering spirit.

It is true however that Albert Einstein used to have visions of his mathematical intuitions and many of his most profound discoveries came to him in dreams and reveries.

One of the scientist I must have had in mind was Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone and eminent 19th century scientist. He had also a Sun in Pisces, and Mercury in Pisces.

Bell was endowed with a very sensitive nature, he was musical and attracted by all forms art. His Pisces nature was also revealed in his compassion. The invention of the telephone was in fact a result of experiments designed to restore hearing to profoundly deaf individuals.

Another great example of a scientist with this Mercury’s placement is Galileo, also born with Pisces Sun and Mercury in Pisces.

Here are the Birth Charts of these three inspired scientists.


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