As shown in my previous post the Lunar Eclipse of December 31 2009 has been a deep source of inspiration and insight in the study of the Haiti’s earthquake.

The disaster occurred even closer in time to the Solar Eclipse of January 15. Therefore in this post I’ll  also explore this Eclipse via its Saros number (for an explanation of this term, please see previous post).

The first Eclipse of this series occurred on May 19, 1613. Below is the Chart of the old event, calculated for the coordinates of Haiti.

Compared to the Lunar Eclipse series’ first Chart this Horoscope shows a better balance between hard and soft aspects, and all together doesn’t’ look half as dramatic.

Virgo is rising, with Jupiter in wide conjunction to Neptune, both weak in Virgo, the Sign of their detriment (Jupiter being the traditional ruler of Pisces and Neptune the modern ruler of the same Sign). This seems significant, as also the right angle of Jupiter to the Mid-Heaven and the right angle of Neptune to Uranus. Mercury is the Ruling Planet (Virgo Ascendant) and it is well placed in Gemini, its own Sign. The conjunction Mercury-Uranus and their squares to Jupiter and Neptune add an element of unpredictability to the whole Chart. Sun and Moon, with Venus, Pluto and the North Node of the Moon are all in Taurus, a notoriously earthquaky Sign. And Pluto is in the Eighth House, a symbol of mass deaths.

Mars on the last degree of Cancer, Sign of his Fall, is in opposition to Chiron and both are applying to a square to Pluto, a violent configuration that could bring accidents and/or acute forms of illness.

Saturn is weak in Pisces, in wide opposition to Neptune in Virgo, and also connected to both Neptune and Jupiter by transiting through the Sign over which they rule. Saturn is also square to Uranus in Gemini, trine to Mars in late Cancer and sextile Sun and Moon in late Taurus and Chiron in late Capricorn. This  is a very active but not strongly placed Saturn.

As far as the Fixed Stars are concerned, some interesting connections can be found in this Chart too. Returning to Algol or Medusa (see previous post), the Taurus Sun and Moon, conjunct during the Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees of Taurus, are just two degrees away in 1613 from the present longitude of  Algol (26 degrees of Taurus). And we should not forget that the Descendant, in the Solar Eclipse Chart of January 2010 in Haiti, is even closer in longitude to Algol than the Ascendant was at the Lunar Eclipse!

All considered, the First Lunar Eclipse of 1000 AD, belonging to the same series as the Lunar Eclipse of December 2009, seems more significant in relation to the Haiti’s earthquake than the Eclipses belonging to the Solar series .

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