May 2019 All Moon Phases

May 2019 Moon Phases

Calculated for Australian Eastern Standard Time (10 hours East of Greenwich)

Balsamic to New Moon Phase

Pisces Balsamic Moon, Monday, May 1, 11.16 am.

New to Crescent Moon Phase

Taurus New Moon, Sunday May 5, 4°10′, 8.45 am.

Crescent to First Quarter Moon Phase

Cancer Crescent Moon, 02°41′, Wedn. May 8, 11.50 pm.

First Quarter to Gibbous Moon Phase

Leo First Quarter Moon, 21°03′, Sunday May 12, 11.12 am.

Gibbous to Full Moon Phase

Libra Gibbous Moon, 09°19′, Wedn. May 15, 8.30 pm.

Full to Disseminating Moon Phase

Scorpio Full Moon, 27°38′, Sunday May 19, 7.11 am.

Disseminating to Last Quarter Moon Phase

Capricorn Disseminating Moon, 16°14′, Thurs. May 23, 0.52 am.

Last Quarter to Balsamic Moon Phase

Pisces Last Quarter Moon, 05°08′, Monday May 27, 2.33 am.

Balsamic to New Moon Phase

Aries Balsamic Moon, 24°Ar01′, Friday May 31, 3.21 am.


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