January 2020 All Moon Phases


All phases, positions etc are calculated for Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (11 hours East of Greenwich)
Click images to view meaning
First Quarter Moon Phase Animation

Aries First Quarter Moon, 12°15′, Fri, Jan 3, 3.45 pm

Gibbous to Full Moon animation

Gemini Gibbous Moon, 01°19′, Tue, Jan 7, 3.39 pm

Full to Disseminating Moon

Cancer Full Moon Eclipse, 20°00′, Sat, Jan 11, 6.21 am

Disseminating Moon Phase

Virgo  Disseminating Moon, 08°25′, Tue, Jan 14, 3 pm

Last Quarter to Balsamic Moon Phase

Libra Last Quarter. 26°51′, Fri, Jan 17, 11.58 pm

New to Crescent Moon Phase

Sagittar. Balsamic Moon, 15’29’, Tue, Jan 21, 1.28 pm

1 New Moon Crescent fast

Aquarius New Moon,  04°21′, Sat, Jan 25, 8.41 am

Crescent Moon Animation

Pisces Crescent Moon, 23°28′, Wed, Jan 29, 9.38 am

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