February 2020: All Dates and Times of the Moon’s Ingress into Signs


All phases, positions etc are currently calculated for Australian Eastern daylight Saving Time (11 hours East of Greenwich).
Click images to view meaning
Moon in Taurus

Wax. Moon in Taurus on Sat, Feb 1, 11.27 am

Moon in Gemini

Wax. Moon in Gemini on Mon, Feb 3, 10.28 pm

Moon in Cancer

Wax. Moon in Cancer on Thu, Feb 6, 6.02 am

Moon in Leo

Wax/Wan Moon in Leo on Sat, Feb 8, 9.44 am

Moon in Virgo

Wan. Moon in Virgo on Mon, Feb10,10.38 am

Moon in Libra

Wan. Moon in Libra on Wed, Feb 12,10.37am

Moon in Scorpio

Wan. Moon in Scorpio, Fri, Feb 14, 11.37 am

Moon in Sagittarius

Wan. Moon in Sag. on Sun, Feb 16, 3.06 pm

Moon in Capricorn

Wan. Moon Cap Tue, Feb 18, 9.36 pm

Moon in Aquarius

Wan Moon Aquarius Fri, Feb 21, 6.41 am

Moon in Pisces

Wan. Moon Pisces on Sun, Feb 23, 5.37 pm

Moon in Aries

Wax. Moon in Aries on Wed, Feb 26,5.47 am

Moon in Taurus

Wax. Moon in Taurus on Fri, Feb 28, 6.29 pm


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