Mercury stalling on the cusp of Capricorn begins its Retro Period in Sagittarius, on December 3 2017

Thoth, Egyptian Hermes-Mercury street art

Thoth, Egyptian Hermes-Mercury street art

Timeline of December 2017 Mercury’s Retro Period in Sagittarius

Just as Mercury reached the very last degree of Sagittarius, and the cusp of Capricorn, on December 3, it began its Retro Station. It will be January 11 2018 before Mercury will finally make it into Capricorn. The period of Retrogradation will last until December 23. This seems good news for Christmas holidays, family get-togethers and travel’s plans. Until then however re-check your plane-train-bus tickets and the addresses on your postal parcels or email greetings, the Trickster is on the prowl for unwary victims!

Other possible effects of this Mercury’s Retro Period in Sagittarius

When Mercury moves from a Fire Sign to an Earth Sign we can expect to enter a more suitable frame of mind to put into practice all the ideas we have been brewing in our heads during the Fire transit. Sagittarius is a very speculative and future oriented Fire Sign but not one accomplished in manifesting the same as viable propositions and down to earth realities. Hesitating as it does on the cusp of Capricorn Mercury shows a collective reluctance to stop speculating and dreaming big and start dealing with real stuff. Until December 23 we will be revisiting all the recent projects and aspirations, perhaps to correct inconsistencies and errors of judgement or just to face instructive setbacks and delays.

It will be only after December 23 and, even better, after January 11 2018 (Mercury in Capricorn), that we may start looking more seriously for ways of putting everything to more rigorous reality tests. Capricorn then will not suffer delays and procrastination but will spur us into action.

As I often remind my readers, the apparent backward motion of Mercury is not just an optical illusion but actually marks the time when the planet is at its closest to us, circling the Sun within the Earth’s own orbit. The astrological Mercury is said to rule, among other things, over the collective and individual mind, the way we process and share ideas and thoughts.

The present transits of Mercury in Sagittarius (December 3 2017 to January 11 2018)

The most important transits of Mercury will be a conjunction (direct alignment on the same degree of longitude) to mighty Saturn on December 6, time to seriously re-consider our ideas and projects in a somewhat more cynical light, hopefully without knocking the wind out of them completely. This transit will be repeated once again, with Mercury moving in direct motion, on January 13 2018; with the big difference that Mercury and Saturn will be then in Earthy Capricorn, a much more suitable Sign to get things done.

On December 10 Mercury will trine Uranus in Aries (harmonious transit). The same will be repeated on January 7 2018, in direct motion. This could mean a blast of unusual, brilliant or just crazy new ideas flooding our mind, encouraging us to take uncharted paths, to go on odd tangents, to start peculiar conversations with or be inspired by eccentric or very inventive people. Make the most of this influence to move out of stale or conventional ways of thinking.

The big one though will be the Sun-Mercury alignment in Sagittarius (Inferior Conjunction) on December 13.  This will begin a few weeks period (until about mid February 2018) of Mercury apparition as a Morning Star (rising just before sunrise). This is astrologically considered an outgoing time for our Trickster, during which we may be able to communicate our thoughts and ideas more openly and directly, even with a certain degree of recklessness.


Mercury’s Retrogradation through Sagittarius, between December 3 and 23, could particularly affect people with the last fifteen degrees of the Mutable Signs highlighted in their Natal Charts: Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. The natural changeability and eclecticism of Mercury in Sagittarius could end up driving us too much off the tangent, at times, wasting precious mental and verbal energy into useless speculations and pie in the sky dreams.

Of course this will not be just in the mind, but circumstances, interruptions, other people interference, unexpected complications and delays may all arise at this time to test our patience.

Jupiter in Libra, friend or foe?

'The assembly of the Gods around the throne of Jupiter' by Giulio Romano. From the vault of the 'Sala dei Giganti', in Palazzo Te, Mantova, Italy

‘The assembly of the Gods around the throne of Jupiter’ by Giulio Romano. From the vault of the ‘Sala dei Giganti’, in Palazzo Te, Mantova, Italy

Here is a longer version of an article published in the Uki Village News, October/November 2016 issue.

From September 9 this year until October 10 next year Jupiter will be transiting the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra.  This transition resonated with a bang: possibly the largest ever nuclear warhead was tested in North Korea on the very day of the transition; no surprising given that Jupiter never does anything half measure. It is not all gloom and doom though, most students of Astrology, including myself, consider Jupiter in Libra a mainly positive development for the collective.

The recent transit through Virgo (with Jupiter involved, on/off, in a rather difficult and paradoxical configuration involving stingy Saturn and open-handed Neptune) did manifest as a stifling of the generous impulses and optimism traditionally associated with this planet. This coming 12 months Jupiter will instead align to Uranus and Pluto, all now in Cardinal dynamic Signs, more likely to inspire collective changes of a great magnitude.

The fear of changes, reflected by Jupiter in timid Virgo, may be replaced by enthusiasm for trying new ideas and policies, and perhaps the ruthlessness necessary to cut the roots of a noxious past, with those in power hopefully more willing to take up the need of radical reforms.

The periods more likely to see the outer manifestation of these new cosmic alignments will be November to late December 2016, March, and then August to late September 2017. These transits will encourage many to embrace changes, collectively aligning ourselves to principles of justice and equality. In particular people with Air, Fire and Cardinal Signs highlighted in their Birth Horoscopes will be more likely to respond to this cosmic vibes, embracing a more adventurous and risk taking philosophy of life.

At the personal level the big planet could help us find new friends and make new contacts with the greater world.  Finally, Jupiter in Libra is a stalwart patron of the arts. This could be a time of feeling inspired again, in love, art and social ideals. Most importantly, it’s a time of finding our inspirations together.

Jupiter in Libra in recent history

Looking back in history at the time, last century and this, when Jupiter transited Libra (at interval of 12 years) it is easy to see how, even without the accompanying alignment to revolutionary Uranus and trans-formative Pluto active in 2017, this transit tends to manifest as positive changes to the ideological and philosophical mindset of the planet. Civil Rights and Grass Roots Movements, for example, receive a new impetus with open minded Jupiter transiting peace loving, cooperative Libra. Jupiter supports works of reconciliation between warring parties, the signature of important contracts, be they constitutions, trade deals, or something a bit more personal.

If that sounds philosophical, it’s because we’re going to be in a philosophical state of mind during Jupiter in Libra, which will form a positive aspect (sextile) to Saturn in Sagittarius, a Sign traditionally ruled by Jupiter himself.

Many financial astrologers reckon that the cardinal T-square, involving Jupiter to Uranus and Pluto, will manifest as a major economic re-balancing, or “market correction”, with equal winners and losers. Libra is balance, not meaning that balance is always achieved, but rather that balance is the ultimate goal.

Peace accords and trade agreements of great international consequence have been signed during past Jupiter’s transits through Libra, strengthening hopes that the cease fire in Syria, decided on the day Jupiter entered Libra, may hold and eventually bring permanent peace to the region.  Jupiter in Libra, at its best, could de-escalate many conflicts, at the personal and collective level, at least for a time.   Venus, traditionally associated with Libra, will go through a retrograde period starting in the opposite Sign of Aries from early March to mid April 2017, possibly an obstacle or an extended crisis in any peace process.

I list here few historical examples of events associated with the transits of Jupiter in Libra:

  • In 1946 many trials for genocide and crimes against humanity were held in Nurenberg, to bring some sense of justice to the millions who had suffered before and during WWII. Strangely enough the previous transit of Jupiter in Libra (1933/34) had witnessed the promulgations of the racial laws in Germany! I cannot help seeing the similarity in the world’s situation at present, divided as we are along racial, ideological and religious borders.
  • The Civil Rights Act was signed into law in 1957, a great step toward social justice in the USA.
  • 1968/69 were the iconic years of grass roots movements becoming very active in all western countries, ushering the beginning of the end of the Vietnam war, the rise of political and social reforms, the so called sexual revolution etc. In 1968 there were mass protests and violent clashes in Ireland, producing some concessions to Catholic in a bitterly divided country.
  • In 1992/93 the Oslo accord was signed, the first in the long running Israel/Palestinian saga.
  • In 1992/93 also a Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty was also signed by the USA and Russia.
  • A single European market was created in 1992, eliminating trade barriers in Europe.
  • In the same years South Africa abandoned its nuclear weapons program, and the International Chemical Weapons Convention was established.
  • In 1992 the Church of England admitted women to the priesthood for the first time. Also in 1992 the Project AIDS Memorial Quilt was unveiled in New York, raising awareness to the plight of million ostracised sufferers. In 1992, again the USA, women were allowed to fly military aircrafts and the first female attorney General was elected.
  • In 2004/05 Kuwati women regained the right to vote (!).
  • The rise of social Networking, the most powerful grass roots movement of our modern era: the World Wide Web was released as a royalty free application in April 1993, sparking a global wave of multicultural cooperation; Facebook was born in 2004 and Youtube in 2005; freedom loving net users welcomed the release of the Ubuntu free and open source operating system in 2004. Furthermore Ubuntu’s precursor was released in 1993, another Jupiter in Libra epoch.
  • Advances in astronomy and space exploration:
  • 1957: first Sputnik launched by the Soviet Union.
  • 1958: birth of
  • 1969: first manned Moon landing (with Jupiter conjunct Uranus on the very first degree of the Sign); first trial flight of Concorde; Vietnam’s peace talks begin in Paris; first Boeing 747 commercial flight.
  • 1981: first orbital flight of the Space Shuttle.
  • 1993: space station agreement between the USA and Russia was signed, first act of space cooperation between these super powers.      


Jupiter has been orbiting in alignment with the earth’s Equator for some time now, exerting a greater pull than usual on our planet, fact that could account for the numerous Earth’s tremors and major quake events of the last few weeks.

The ingress itself corresponded to the man-made Earth’s tremor caused by the latest and biggest nuclear test in North Korea (an eerie synchronicity).

For students of Astrology I am listing here the major transits active during the whole Jupiter in Libra period:

  • Mars in Capricorn squares Jupiter in Libra at 5 degrees, Wednesday, October 5th
  • Mercury conjuncts Jupiter 6 degrees Libra Tuesday, October 11th
  • Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn 15 degrees Thursday, November 24th
  • Venus in Capricorn squares Jupiter in Libra 15 degrees Friday, November 25th
  • Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus retrograde in Aries 20 degrees Monday, December 26th
  • Sun in Capricorn squares Jupiter in Libra 22 degrees Wednesday, January 11th
  • Mercury in Capricorn squares Jupiter in Libra 23 degrees Thursday, February 2nd
  • Jupiter stations retrograde 23 degrees Libra Monday, February 6th
  • Mars in Aries opposes Jupiter Rx in Libra 22 degrees Monday, February 27th
  • Jupiter Rx in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries 22 degrees Thursday, March 2nd, 7:16 PM
  • Mercury in Aries opposes Jupiter Rx in Libra 20 degrees Friday, March 24th
  • Jupiter Rx in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn 19 degrees Thursday, March 30th
  • Sun in Aries opposes Jupiter Rx in Libra 18 degrees Friday, April 7th
  • Jupiter stations direct at 13 degrees Libra Friday, June 9th
  • Mars in Cancer squares Jupiter in Libra 13 degrees Friday, June 23rd
  • Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter in Libra 13 degrees Tuesday, June 27th
  • Sun in Cancer squares Jupiter in Libra 14 degrees Wednesday, July 5th
  • Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto retrograde in Capricorn 17 degrees Friday, August 4th
  • Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus retrograde in Aries 27 degrees Wednesday

More than ever relevant today: the spiritual function of Neptune in Pisces, 2011 to 2025, striving for unity in a divided world

Witold Pruszkowsk Falling Star

Witold Pruszkowsk’s Falling Star

Return to the big picture

Often, when we concentrate on the present, zooming into the changeable astrological signatures from week to week, this New Moon, that Full Moon, Mars Retro, Mercury changing Signs etc. etc., we forget the ‘Big Picture’, what overall cycle the present period is part of.

In order to make some sense of the difficulties we are all facing at present I find myself looking again at those cycles of collective evolution: the transits of the slow moving planets Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, especially the last three.

I decided then to again put together my thoughts on the ‘big picture’ transits of those Planets.

I start today with Neptune in Pisces (2011-2015). My choice is due to the fact that recently Neptune has been activated by transits of Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and the last Gemini New Moon, which also involved Venus in Gemini, all those Planets locked into a Mutable  Grand Cross, representing a stiff learning curve for humanity. This is a time when our firmly held beliefs, routines, habits, ways of communication and generally relationships may go to some profound transformation in readiness for major life-adjustments we will be facing in the near future.

Click HERE to the end of this article where I added some key words to describe what I see as the negative and positive potentials of the transit of Neptune in Pisces.


Neptune in Pisces in recent historical times

Neptune remains in each Sign approximately 14 years, orbiting the Sun in about 148 years.  At present Neptune is on its fifth year into the Sign of Pisces. It will remain in this Sign until 2025, entering the next Sign of Aries in nine years time.

The last historical passage of Neptune through Pisces happened between 1848 and 1862 (soon after its discovery in 1846). This is often referred to as  the Romantic period in the arts and literature, and ideologically one that saw the rise of  socialistic ideals, with the writing of Marx and Frederick Engels (the Communist Manifesto was published in 1848). A very significant Occult Revival occurred then also, in response to the rationalistic and materialistic ideologies that flourished during the so called age of Reason brought about by modern industrialization.

People born while Neptune transits Pisces

Neptune’s passage through a new Sign will be reflected in a shift in the spiritual aspirations of the world. The generation of people born with Neptune in Pisces, between 2011 and 2025, will produce some charismatic visionaries and artists of a higher order, contributing to a spiritual and artistic renaissance, as people born with the same Neptune’s placement have done in the past, like Rudolph Steiner, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Gustav Mahler, to name just three. This transit will define an epoch in human history, reflecting on our spiritual and aesthetic values for years to come.

This generation will be extra sensitive to our spiritual connection to the Earth as the all giving Mother. Neptune in fact, traditionally depicted as a powerful male god, rising from the ocean’s waves with his  mighty trident, is actually very much a feminine energy, passive and inclusive, fluid and changeable, a shape shifter helping us to glimpse the subtle aspects of all situations and relationships.

This generation will hopefully be also more sensitive to our collective suffering, including that endured by the Earth itself, and be ready to work selflessly toward global solutions, including everyone in this world’s multicultural melting pot, from which the flower of a new humanity may be able to emerge.

The present era of Neptune in Pisces

A new Romantic era is opening, that will witness the resurgence of interest in the mantic arts, like alternative healing methods, astrology, palmistry, tarot, occultism, etc. There will be a renaissance of the feminine spirit in art, religion, philosophy and in the heart of men and women. We may more consciously seek experiences of transcendence, via trans-personal psychology, channeling, active dreaming, out of the body experiences, meditation etc. These and similar activities will become more widely accepted and sought after by an increasing number of people. The visual arts, the media, music will all be influenced by this new mystical trend.

Neptune symbolizes the ever present longing for a lost state of bliss and unity, the lost individual paradise of the womb and the collective paradise of humanity’s Golden Age. With Neptune in Pisces this longing will permeate the lives of more and more people, perhaps stirred by the ecological catastrophes threatening our world. This transit shows the collective desire for unity to be on the increase, despite the worsening outer struggles of our troubled world.

Chiron, in Pisces since early 2011 will remain in this Sign until 2018/19, accompanying Neptune in his journey; its transit showing the potential for healing our collective ills by embracing wiser and more compassionate ways.

As our daily lives become more and more impacted by the momentous adjustments and disruptions all around us, Neptune in Pisces can show us transcendental ways to navigate the troubled waters of the present, enhancing creativity, imagination and compassion. There will be a sense of underlying unity between us and the planet, a striving toward greater integration among races, religions and ideologies, in the face of the still polarized situation on the surface of things. Outlasting many other transits that preoccupy astrologers at the present time, this influence gives us real hope that we will be guided toward greater spiritual unity in the next decade and beyond. The fate of the planet, I feel, depends very much on the way we will be able to embrace Neptune in Pisces, avoiding its downside of extreme passivity and escapism.

When viewed in the light of the other major transits, in particular of Pluto in Capricorn (to 2023/2024) and Uranus in Aries (to 2018/2019), the passage of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces could be just what we need to keep a sense of unity and transcendental meaning to our lives, in times of dramatic social, political, economic, ideological changes. Through Pisces we may be able to distill the spiritual essence of this period of evolution, the coming together of all the separated bits to form a new wholeness. Many sacrifices, personal and collective, will be required to truly embrace the visionary age opening in 2025 with the ingress of Neptune into Aries, beginning a complete new cycle in our spiritual evolution.


Positive and negative keywords for Neptune in Pisces

Hopelessness in the face of overwhelming events

Escapism, to remove ourselves from what we feel we cannot face

Passivity and depression, feeling exhausted of life energy, depleted, weak

Going along with whatever

Indulgence, promiscuity, dissipation of energy, debauch

Delusions of easy fixes

Raise of messianic figures who promise to change everything for the better

Excessive idealism, impracticality, lack of realism and common sense

Greater than ever use of drugs, legal and not legal, to compensate for an uninspired, meaningless, soulless existence

Collective mayhem, mass madness, riots, chaotic gathering

Many death at sea, drownings, disasters involving water

Collective hysteria


Spiritual and artistic Renaissance

Charismatic visionaries and artists of a high order

Occult revival

Socialistic ideals

Self sacrifice for common or universal causes

Love of Nature

Compassion, tolerance, a sense of Oneness

Holistic Medicine

Transcendence, metaphysics

Creativity, imagination

Meditation, dreaming

Sagittarius Full Moon at one of the year’s turning points, the Cancer Solstice

Helga Hornung

Vogelfreund = Bird Lover by Helga Hornung

This year we are having two FULL MOONS in SAGITTARIUS, one was on May 22, on the first degree, while the second will be on the last degree of the Sign on June 20. It is significant in these times of intense ideological clashes for the Sign of philosophy and beliefs to be highlighted in such a way, also considering that mighty Saturn is transiting the Sign until the end of 2017.

The second upcoming Full Moon happens also at the time of the Winter/Summer Cancer Solstice (depending where you are  in the world), the beginning of a new season, not just climatically but also psychologically for all of us. This could be a turning point for many, changing our awareness about a lot of things, hopefully helping us to shift rigid and outdated beliefs to embrace more idealistic and inclusive ones.  The worst would be to give in to cynicism, a very real danger while pragmatic and conservative Saturn transits the Sign of dreams and hope. Let’s make this instead a progressive transit, where realism meets idealism and we begin building a better world.

I know it is hard to remain optimistic in this terribly divisive climate, but really we don’t have a choice, unless we are prepared to give in to the forces of hate and embrace ideologies of war. Saturn in Sagittarius, still at right angle to Jupiter and Neptune (in opposition to each other) is a truly amazing symbol of what is at stake. We need to overcome ingrained prejudices about people different than our selves, because of their nationality, creed or skin colour. We need to be more tolerant and compassionate, and also to take care of the practical needs of people who find themselves discriminated, isolated, rejected, homeless, etc. etc. Actually embracing the practical side of things, the day to day things we can all do to help, in our little way (Jupiter in Virgo), is more than ever important now, to avoid the ideological divide that is splitting our world apart and that could escalate in a more global war.

Neptune in Pisces for few more years (until 2025/26)  is a promise that a more compassionate, inclusive, spiritual world view is at hand if we, individually and collectively, give it a chance.

I will hopefully find more time to discuss in greater depth this all important Sagittarius Full Moon at Solstice time. Cheers.

The Aries Equinox in the midst of the first Eclipse season of 2016

Statue of Zeus  - alias Jupiter- in the Bernini Fountain in Piazza Navona - Rome

Statue of Zeus – alias Jupiter- from the Bernini Fountain in Piazza Navona – Rome

Hi, the following is an extended version of an article published in the Uki Village News.

In Australia and NZ the 2016 Aries Equinox fell on March 20, opening the astrological autumn in the midst of an Eclipse Season. The Lunar Eclipse, at the Libra Full Moon of March 23, was very much a mirror reflection of the one we witnessed in September 2015, with Sun and Moon in opposite Signs. This mirroring effect could be found as well all over the Chart of the Equinox. The Equinox itself is always a time when the world strives to find equilibrium between Dark and Light, the Earth illumined in the same measure on both hemispheres; a time during which we are more inclined to reflect on our relationships, what we project on others and others project on us, an opportunity to see more clearly the dynamics of these projections.

The major actors at play at the time of both the Equinox and Eclipse, and thus remaining active for the duration of the whole season are Jupiter and Saturn, planets respectively of expansion and contraction, during this period fighting for supremacy in our personal lives and in the world at large.

Jupiter and Saturn are astrological counterparts of each other. Jupiter is calling for growth, increase, with future development and life improvement in mind, manifesting as hopeful optimism; while Saturn stands for our self-limiting tendencies, manifesting as careful realism or, negatively, fear of the future based on negative past experiences.  These two are at 90 degrees angle to each other, an ongoing transit, repeating this season while Jupiter is still moving retro in Virgo (the first pass of the same transit was in early August 2015 and the last will be at the end of May).  Jupiter enthusiasm and confidence are already somewhat stifled by the Sign this planet is in, Virgo being by nature a careful and realistic Sign. This doesn’t signify anything negative ‘per se’, but simply means that the planet is placed in a Sign not ideal to express the more open side of its energy. Saturn, on the other hand, is transiting Sagittarius, a Sign traditionally associated with Jupiter, fact that also indicates a general limitation of our more outgoing and extroverted tendencies.  It looks like as our ideals and aspirations will often clash with the necessities and duties imposed upon us by our everyday, practical living. Like in the last season is not a time for adventurous enterprise but rather for careful planning and economy. Work done now will certainly bring its reward later on, but the goals we envision may need more time to manifest and will come mainly from efforts and good will. We all need more patience and humility to use this dynamic energy constructively, avoiding frustrations.

The square Jupiter/Saturn is only one facet of a complex configuration which also involves Neptune-Chiron in Pisces, and, to a lesser extent, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. A positive angle between Jupiter and Pluto provides resourcefulness and the ability to tackle big projects with great confidence. Another harmonious angle between Saturn and Uranus provides the means to combine traditional well proven methods to implement innovative ideas, the old and the new working well together.

The fact that Jupiter in Virgo was perfectly aligned to the degree of the Pisces Solar Total Eclipse (conjunct the Ascending Node of the Moon), also in perfect opposition to Chiron, the Seeker and Healer of the planetary Pantheon, and just past its moment of maximum brilliance (Sun opposition) makes him, in my eye, the most important influence for this upcoming season.

Jupiter is now highlighting the best qualities of Virgo: purity, compassion, love for animals and nature, desire to be of service, a philosophy of life grounded in actions rather than nice words or wishful thinking.


Focus on the Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces, March 8/9 2016


12.54 pm (Australia EST) Total Eclipse of the Sun in Pisces, 18°55′,

sweeping west to east, from Sumatra to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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This is an ideal time to focus on your most inspiring and self-less dream. Imagine it in the minutest details, as much as you can. Imagine also the possible obstacles on your way to achieving it. Slowly and steadily work through them, seeking to transform them into opportunities.

Do not lose hope, while still trudging through the daily maze.

The Eclipse could reveal something important to you, an insight shifting your direction toward higher goals.


For my previous Post on the March 9 Solar Eclipse click HERE.

Navigate to this Page for a detailed description of the square aspect (right angle) between Jupiter and Saturn (active on/off until late May 2016, and one of the key factors at the March 9 Solar Eclipse).

For further study of the Jupiter-Saturn’s synodic cycle see this Post-Tutorial.

Highlight on dreams, intuition, creativity, with ‘a get real’ twist: Mercury, Venus and the Solar Eclipse in Pisces, Mars in Sagittarius, and Jupiter in Virgo to the fore at Sun opposition

Fairy animationBig changes are happening on the cosmic canvas this week. In the space of a few days three of our closer neighbors are changing Signs, while a Total Solar Eclipse is looming, heralding the first Eclipse Season of 2016.

Mercury entered Pisces on March 5; Mars Sagittarius on March 6; then, on March 8/9 (depending where you are in the world) the Pisces New Moon will be a Total Solar Eclipse. On the same day mighty Retro Jupiter in Virgo will reach his yearly opposition to the Sun (while Sun, Moon and Jupiter  will be at right angle to Saturn in Sagittarius); and finally, on March 12, Venus will enter Pisces also.

The week before a New Moon is always an important time, when we feel a change is in the air, but it is still just floating within us, not yet affecting our external circumstances, until the seed of that change will be released at the New Moon and begin manifesting outwardly. This is even more so if the New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse. This special phase, combined with the highlight on idealistic/dreamy Pisces and philosophical/inspirational Sagittarius, could indeed make us feel slightly unhinged for the time being, perhaps unable to perform our daily tasks as efficiently as we wish.

When Pisces is highlighted by many transits, as it is at present, we are all given a chance to explore the psychic openness and mental fluidity of this watery Sign. Pisces can encourage us to go with the flow of things, to surrender to what cannot be changed and to find spiritual and uplifting meaning in all our experiences.

If you are the type of person who values dreams and the symbolical life, if you are an artist or would-be artist, or are already conscious of psychic or mystical tendencies, these transits will suit you well, helping you to pursue these interests in a deeper way. They could also make you even more dreamy and unpractical though (no good if you are trying to get a job or to put your house in order!).

On the other hand, if you are mainly a practical person, busy with your family and career, goal oriented and used to get your own way,  you could find this great number of Pisces’ transits a somewhat bewildering experience, bringing you out of your comfort zone, in strange and foggy back alleys, where you feel you could become irreparably lost. Your efficiency level may drop and things which are usually simple for you will seem rather complicated and muddled. If this is the case, the best thing to do will be to slow down, learning to relax and to purposely lose control of your situation, now and then, so to realize that things can run their own curse even without your constant intervention. A more spiritual, less straight and controlled life is beckoning, it would be sad if you miss that call. The dissatisfaction about your present circumstances,  the lack of direction and low energy are all telling you that there is more to life than chores, business or paying the bills.

Said that, the present Pisces transits, enlivened by the transit of Mars in the questing Sign of Sagittarius, are only half the picture because, at the same time, Jupiter, in practical Virgo, is reaching great prominence via his opposition to the Sun/Moon at the Solar Eclipse, while Sun, Moon and Jupiter are all at right angle to pragmatic Saturn, and all in positive aspect to Pluto (Jupiter trine Pluto – Eclipse sextile Pluto). These are all signs that pursuing our dreams and ideals is not going to be enough to make us feel good. We will have to try to squeeze our ideals into the straight jacket of reality in order to take better advantage of these transits. And not just for now. While a regular New Moon exerts its influence for one lunar month (until the next New Moon) a New Moon which is also a Solar Eclipse can exert its influence for many months, some would say until the next Eclipse Season (this year August/September).

The picture that seems to come out of all of this is that dreams and ideals need to be acknowledged now more than ever, without however losing sight of what is possible and what may be impossible to realize, at least for now. Jupiter is retrograding in Virgo (until May 9), meaning that we will need to revisit our ways of working, our daily habits and routines in order to achieve the results we envision, if not immediately in the near future. Next May/June the same transits of Jupiter will repeat with the planet in direct motion, a promise of fulfillment and reward for the efforts we may put in now. At least that’s my plan! On this positive note, see you next time…