The Waning Moon transits Aries from June 18 to 20, during the Last Quarter Phase

'Happiness among the water lilies - morning' by Shuchi Krishan

‘Happiness among the water lilies – morning’ by Shuchi Krishan

ARIES, Moon of initiative and action
Energetic and fiery

From June 18, 3.54 am, to June 20, 7.52 am

Suitable energy for taking on challenges, participating in competitions, performing daring feats, arduous exercises, physical work, to begin new ventures, or to perform action for its own sake. Purchase of sporting gear, protective gear, hats, tools, stoves, firewood, machinery, cars, bikes, leather objects. The mood is decisive, enterprising, impulsive, militant, spirited, visionary. Honest, direct expression of feelings, strong instinct, but somewhat insensitive. Beware of emotional extremes, head strong, bossy, uncompromising attitudes, lack of empathy, antagonism, aggression, selfishness.

♣ ♣ ♣ In the garden Aries is traditionally considered too hot, dry and barren for growing anything. Its energy is very suitable instead for cultivating, general maintenance, pruning, pest control, weeding, and harvesting. Plants sown with the Moon in Aries will soon go to seed, due to this Sign’s notorious impatience. Suitable only for early crops.

♥ ♥ ♥ Healing Herbs: Burdock, Gotu Kola, Red Clover.

 A note: the garden activities associated with the Moon Sign depend also on the cycle the Moon is in. The Moon transiting through a fertile or productive Sign will no be so favorable if the Phase is not a productive one, and vice-versa. For best results the Sign and Phase of the Moon have to be considered together.

Last Quarter

If the First Quarter presented us with external challenges to overcome in order to achieve the goal promised by the Full Moon, at the Last Quarter we feel that whatever bar our progress is within us and not without. We can now take responsibility for our life and circumstances. The battle needs to be fought with oneself and not other people. Both Quarters are crucial times that suggest division and strife, but while at the First Quarter we could find refuge in the illusion that the cause of all the problems was someone or something else, now we can clearly see how we contribute to whatever crisis we may be experiencing. The Moon is now 90 degrees behind the Sun, another right angle. The friction generated by the inner dialogue could be very creative if you don’t let it depress you.

♣ ♣ ♣ In the garden we should stop all sowing and planting, and concentrate on soil conditioning and cultivation. Suitable energy also for harvesting and getting rid of unwanted weeds and pests.


The Waning Moon transits Pisces from June 15 to 18, between the Disseminating and Last Quarter Phases

Artwork by Beth Conklin

Artwork by Beth Conklin


PISCES, Moon of compassion and universal sympathy
Adaptable and romantic

From June 15, 8.17 pm, to June 18, 3.54 am

Suitable energy for sailing, swimming, day dreaming, escapism, falling in love, creative writing, especially of poetry, theater, performances, movies, concerts, music, crowds, solitude, remembering. Charity, water scrying, astral traveling, past life experiences, déjà vu, psychic awakening, bliss. Purchase of swimming gear, boats, surfboards, pets, alcohol, shoes. Action motivated by the need to accommodate fate, to go with the flow. Gentle poetical expression of feelings, romantic, changeable, ambivalent. Beware of escapism, untruthfulness, drug taking, victimization, passivity, impracticality, phobias, fatalism, lack of discrimination.

♣ ♣ ♣ In the garden Pisces is a very fertile, particularly suitable for growing water plants, like Water Chestnuts and Lotus. A great time for propagating cuttings, grafting, irrigation, pruning to encourage re-growth, but not potatoes that may sprout too soon. Romantic garden walks and picnics could do well too.

♥ ♥ ♥ Healing Herbs: Echinacea, Eyebright, Golden Seal and Mugwort.

A note: the garden activities associated with the Moon Sign depend also on the cycle the Moon is in. The Moon transiting through a fertile or productive Sign will no be so favorable if the Phase is not a productive one, and vice-versa. For best results the Sign and Phase of the Moon have to be considered together.

Disseminating Moon PhaseDisseminating Moon

The Moon is now on her return journey. This phase occurs three and half days past the Full Moon. It has been given this name because this is a time for spreading and sharing the knowledge or realization we have gathered at the Full Moon. It is the first step on the inner journey which began at the Full Moon, but it can still be an active time in the world too, with the need to reach out to others. The Moon has past her prime, but her still strong light is a reminder of her recent fullness.

♣ ♣ ♣ In the garden, despite the rapidly diminishing Moon light, this is a productive time for growing things and also to apply slow release fertilizer. The fact that these are the last available days for planting before the Last Quarter should work as an incentive to get going. Favourite plants to grow during this first week of the waning cycle are the Perennials, Biennials and Root Crops because the Moon energy is being stored underground in anticipation of the resting period not too far ahead.

Last Quarter

If the First Quarter presented us with external challenges to overcome in order to achieve the goal promised by the Full Moon, at the Last Quarter we feel that whatever bar our progress is within us and not without. We can now take responsibility for our life and circumstances. The battle needs to be fought with oneself and not other people. Both Quarters are crucial times that suggest division and strife, but while at the First Quarter we could find refuge in the illusion that the cause of all the problems was someone or something else, now we can clearly see how we contribute to whatever crisis we may be experiencing. The Moon is now 90 degrees behind the Sun, another right angle. The friction generated by the inner dialogue could be very creative if you don’t let it depress you.

♣ ♣ ♣ In the garden we should stop all sowing and planting, and concentrate on soil conditioning and cultivation. Suitable energy also for harvesting and getting rid of unwanted weeds and pests.

Second week of November: Last Astrological News

MAYA aquaIn this post I’m discussing the significance of the major transits active during the second week of November 2015.

November 9 = Venus enters Libra. November 12 = New Moon in Scorpio, while the Lunar Nodes are shifting into the Mutable Signs of Virgo and Pisces. November 13 = Mars enters Libra.

The Scorpio New Moon

At this yearly New Moon in Scorpio Sun and Moon will be conjunct Mercury, sextile Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn and trine Chiron in Pisces (still in opposition to Jupiter). A rich configuration, offering real opportunities for some in depth exploring and emotional healing this opening lunar month.

For an in depth look at this 2015 Scorpio New Moon please navigate to my post HERE.

Venus and Mars in Libra

After aligning for the third and last time in 2015 on November 3 in the Sign of Virgo, Venus and Mars remain close to each other for a while longer, Venus entering Libra on November 9 and Mars on November 13. The Libra transit of Venus will last until December 5, while the Libra transit of Mars will continue until January 4.

Libra is the archetypal Sign of relationships, expressing our innate urge to seek companionship and to share what we have in common with other human beings. Anyone with Libra, of course, but also Aries, Cancer and Capricorn highlighted in their Birth Chart will be more directly affected by these transits, the latter Signs in a more challenging way.

This yearly transit of Venus offers opportunities for new or renewed relationships, pleasurable activities, creativity, aesthetic and sensual pleasures, holidaying, friendship, love, sharing, romance, beauty, business transactions, the pastel colours of life. Mars following Venus into Libra at a slower pace will add spice to the mix and deeper hues to the mild Venus’ colours, in the form of passion, competitiveness, even apparent antagonism. Relationships of all kind will have to include a healthy dose of selfishness, we and others on equal footing, so to speak. Also the tendency of Libra to compromise too much in order to achieve agreement, often at its own expense, could be balanced by the need to assert ourselves, expressing more openly what we want in our relationships, not just what we are prepared to give or compromise for them.

All in all this could be an exciting period for relationships, in particular to tackle issues of equality and fairness, not only in love but in any other form of one to one interaction.

Looking ahead the transits of Venus coming in contact with Pluto in Capricorn (square) and Uranus in Aries (opposition) on November 21 and 24, followed by the same transits of Mars in December, are proof that there will be more than love and romance in the air: Pluto and Uranus deepening our awareness of the psychological undercurrents in all our relationships, while stressing the need for honesty, mutual respect and independence.

The shift of the Lunar Nodes into Virgo and Pisces

On November 12 the Nodes of the Moon are shifting Signs, in retro motion as usual.  The North Node enters the end of Virgo, from Libra, and the South Node the end of Pisces, from Aries. These transits will last until early May 2017.

The Nodes’ positions have everything to do with the positions of Eclipses, especially Solar Eclipses. In fact from now, until the passage of the Nodes in Leo and Aquarius in 2017, four out of five Sun Eclipses will fall in Virgo and Pisces, preparing a fertile ground for major changes in the lives of people whose Sun, Moon, Planets or Angles happen to be aligned to these events’ degrees.

Anticipating next week here is a list of the transits becoming active from mid to end of November. I will discuss them in a next post.

Stay tuned.

November 18 = Mercury reaches Superior Conjunction to the Sun. After this phase Mercury will return to the morning sky, rising before the Sun, still hidden from view by the Sun’s glare until late December.

November 21 = Mercury enters Sagittarius. This transit will last until December 10.

November 21 = Venus in Libra reaches 90 degrees distance from Pluto in Capricorn, a difficult square aspect.

November 23 = the Sun enters Sagittarius today.

November 24 = Venus opposes Uranus in Aries.

November 25 = Mercury conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius and also square Neptune today.

November 26 = Saturn forms the first square to Neptune. This aspect will repeat on June 18, in retrogradation, and September 11 2016.

November 30 = today the Sagittarius Sun is conjunct Saturn and in also square Neptune in Pisces.

Saturn square Neptune for the collective

At the collective level (Mundane Astrology) this transit cannot begin to be understood unless we consider it within the context of the complex planetary pattern of which it is a part. This pattern involves also Jupiter, Chiron and the Lunar Nodes, not only Saturn and Neptune. In fact, as Jupiter opposes, on and off, Chiron and, previously, Neptune and aligns with the North Node, Saturn squares all of them, while in opposition to Jupiter. With the exception of Jupiter opposition Neptune, all the above transits will remain active until well into 2016 and some until September/October 2016.

These transits show the great difficulties we all face, now and in the coming months, trying to reconcile our material necessities and need for personal/national security with the call for a higher sense of humanity, for compassion, and also for a deeper awareness of the unity of people with the planet itself. It is not a surprise to astrologers that a transit like Saturn square Neptune (necessity, pragmatism, materialism, fear versus idealism, compassion, spiritual unity, non violence) becomes exact for the first time just three days before the Paris Conference on Climate Change.

More on this very significant transits in a future post.  Stay tuned.

Michelle Payne, the Astrology of a modern day Amazon

Synchronicity in action…
Michelle Payne winning the Melbourne CupThe day of a conjunction of Venus to Mars in the Sign of Libra saw the first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, elected in Australia, on August 21, 2010.

The day of the same conjunction, this time in the Sign of Virgo, has seen the victory of the first female jockey, Michelle Payne, in the prestigious Melbourne Cup Carnival, on November 3, 2015.

If this wasn’t intriguing enough I later discovered that this modern day Amazon was born on a day, September 29 1985, when the same conjunction of Venus and Mars occurred, in the same Sign of Virgo. Now, that’s some ‘coincidence’!

The horse she rode to victory is Prince of Penzance, a name ideally suited to the regal Sign of Leo the Moon was transiting. Curiously also the horse’s number was 19, which in classical Tarot decks represents the Sun, ruler of Leo.

The accent on humble Virgo stresses however the underdog status of this woman jockey, not only because of her gender, but because the horse itself was listed at 100:1, only the fourth horse, in the entire Cup history, to win at such odds.

Another ‘humble’ side to this victory has been the fact that Steven Payne, Michelle’s brother and horse strapper, first time playing this important role in the Carnival, has Down syndrome and was he who drew the number One barrier, factor that the jockey herself said contributed to the outcome.

Here is the Sunrise Chart (time of birth still unavailable) of this modern day Amazon:

MIchelle Payne Birth Chart

click to view full resolution image

Full Moon birth

The first thing in this horoscope that jumps to the astrologer eyes is the fact that Michelle was a Full Moon baby, born in the Sign of Libra, just a few hours before the  Aries Full Moon. Even without Michelle’s time of birth we can be certain of her Moon Sign because the Moon transited Aries the whole day on September 29 1985. This Moon’s Sign placement brings to my mind another iconic Australian heroine,  also born  at the time the Moon was transiting fiery Aries, Jessica Watson, the youngest female sailor to circumnavigate the globe solo in 2010.

If interested please navigate to my posts on Jessica’s Astrology HERE.

And another post discussing the Transits and Progressions active when Jessica received the Young Australian of the year award in 2011, HERE).

The combination of a birth around Full Moon time and the Aries Moon will manifest in a driven life and one where challenges are met head on, with courage and confidence. Being born at Full Moon is often an indication of a ‘full on’, eventful life. And certainly this has been the case with Michelle, losing her mother Mary, killed in a road accident, when she was just a six months old baby, and also tragically losing a sister, one of her nine siblings, who was also a jockey and died suddenly of a heart attack after an accident on the race course in 2007. Michelle herself has had numerous accidents while horse riding and competing, one in 2004 that nearly costed her life, with a serious fracture to her skull and brain hemorrhage. Aries is the Sign that governs the head in Astrology and it is often associated with taking risks and dangerous sports. it is in fact common in the Charts of athletes and all sorts of dare devils!

Sun and Moon

The combination of Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries shows that gaining equality in a male dominated field like horse racing will be a priority for Michelle. Libra is in fact the Sign of justice and equality, while the Aries Moon adds the courage to speak her mind and a combative even feisty spirit, undaunted by fears and stale social conditioning.

The Sun and Moon, in opposition to each other (Full Moon phase) were also at a difficult right angle (90 degrees) from Neptune in Capricorn (T Square) and at positive angles to Jupiter in Aquarius (Sun in trine and Moon in sextile). The difficult connection to Neptune will bring to Michelle periods of unforeseen difficulties when life seems to be pretty much out of her control and a sense of fatedness prevails. Positively this could give Michelle an uncanny sense of her own destiny and life purpose. She remarked that she was only five years old, and already in love with horses, when she dreamed to win the Melbourne Cup!

Both Sun and Moon also happen to form positive aspects with the planet Jupiter in Aquarius, a configuration that will increase her self confidence and optimism for better things to come. These aspects in combination with the Aries Moon will give her the power of vision and a future oriented attitude that will help her not to get stuck in the past. These aspects are bringing her popularity and attract mentors in high places, also money and business opportunities.

The placement of Jupiter in Aquarius shows that Michelle could also contribute greatly to the making of a better, more inclusive world, Aquarius being the Sign of reformers and social innovators, trailblazing ideas and anticipating social trends. Testimony of this is the courageous and unusual speech she gave when interviewed after her victory, stressing the chauvinistic climate of the horse racing industry and also challenging the prevailing stigma about people with special needs like her brother Steven.  Her victory has vindicated her on all these accounts.

Venus and Mars

The conjunction Venus-Mars in Virgo shows that she is a hard working, methodical person, who would take routine and duties very seriously. Virgo is a earthy practical Sign. One of the recent statements by Michelle has been that in the dairy farm where she grew up ‘we had to work to earn our keep…”: work and being useful apt key words for a person strongly influenced by Virgo.

Virgo is often associated also with the love for animals. The importance of these placements is heightened by the fact that Venus rules Libra, the Sun Sign, while Mars rules Aries, the Moon sign. Often this alignment of the girl (Venus) and boy (Mars) planets also manifests, in a woman, as a Tom Boy type of temperament.

Mars is involved in a difficult T Square with Uranus and Chiron, at right angle to both while they oppose each other. This is another indication, even more telling than the Aries Moon, that accidents are likely and periods of illness that could leave a mark. To add to this the planet Saturn, in Sagittarius, the Sign of horses and horsemanship, is affected by a semi-square (45 degrees angle) from Mercury, the planet of mobility, pointing to periods of restricted mobility that should not curb however Michelle’s innate optimism and ability to enjoy life (minor aspect).

The Asteroids

Because of the significance for women of Michelle Payne’s victory in such a prestigious and male dominated event I have included in her Natal Horoscope the four major Asteroids, embodying the characteristics of four mythological Goddesses of the ancient Greek pantheon, Ceres in Leo, Pallas Athena on the cusp between Gemini and Cancer, Juno in Libra and Vesta on the cusp between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

The most significant Asteroid placement is that of Pallas Athena, Goddess of Justice as well as War, in defense of just causes, in particular women causes. She was half sister and arch enemy of Hares (the Greek Mars), archetype of the chauvinistic male. Athena is on the cusp of the Mid-Heaven in Michelle’s Sunrise Chart, connected by aspect to Sun, Moon, Neptune and the Asteroid Vesta, protector of families. This is the most prominent position for any celestial body, stressing again her fiery personality and drive for justice. This is also another point of similarity between Michelle Payne’s Sunrise Chart and Jessica Watson’s, who also has Pallas Athena aligned to her Mid-Heaven and conjunct Vesta! Click here to view Jessica’s Sunrise Chart.

Much more of course could be read in this Natal Chart, especially if I could find Michelle’s birth time. I prefer to publish now though or I will be here for ever…

Michelle & Steven Payne

The Carbon Tax and Jupiter trine Pluto on July 8, 2011

After the last Cancer New Moon Eclipse life has been very busy for me. I haven’t been able to post as much as I wish.

Today, briefly, I would like my readers (Australian in particular) to observe the synchronicity between the first pass of the Jupiter-Pluto’s trine (harmonious aspect of 120 degrees) on July 8, 2011, and the news, out on the same day, that the Australian Labor government did finally get the number to pass the controversial Carbon Tax (tax on big polluters, with the aim to cut emissions and make a small contribution to the fight against global warming). The second pass of the same transit will happen at the end of October this year, and the third, and last, in March 2012.

As I have observed in an article I just sent to The Art of Healing quarterly: ‘Positively this Transit could inspire passion for higher causes, broadening the collective’s views (Jupiter) on the management of natural resources and sustainability issues (Pluto). The power to effect social changes could be amplified.’

The harmonious angle between expansive Taurus Jupiter and Capricorn Pluto, planet of natural resources, mining, and big corporate capital, seemed to be auspicious for promoting more enlightened views on the use of those resources. Also, borrowing words repeated ad nauseam by the leader of the opposition, Liberal Tony Abbott,  this aspect is incarnating, after all, into a Big (Jupiter) Tax (Pluto)!

I know that such marvelous synchronicity will not impress the skeptics, but it is of great value to sincere students of Astrology.

Here is the Chart of the first pass of this transit, calculated for Canberra, Australia’s National Capital.

No time for more today. ‘Til next time, enjoy your transits.

Click to enlarge



In my previous post, having run out of time, I left out a few thoughts that perhaps will explain better my conclusions. In particular I would like to draw some light on the way I have been looking at the upcoming conjunction of transiting Saturn to Julia Gillard’s Sun degree. After all we have just seen an Australian Prime Minister dethroned under the very same transit! How do I think it could instead mean that she will win these elections?

Well, in Astrology transits do not happen in a vacuum, they don’t produce the same effect for all individuals they touch. This is why astrological cookbooks’ interpretations, that give a standard explanation for each and every transit, have to be taken with a grain of salt and considered only general outlines. Those can encompass in fact all sort of different events.

The traditional way to judge the strength and possible outcome of a transit is by looking at the position and aspects, in the individual’s Birth Chart, of the planets involved in the transit. If the planets are negatively aspected at birth they are also much more likely to produce negative results when in transit over some vital zone of the Horoscope.

Let’s consider Kevin Rudd first. In the picture below his Birth Chart is in the inner circle while in the outer circle are the transits active on June 24 2010 when he had to step down from his Prime Ministerial office.

Click to enlarge

In Rudd’s Chart Saturn is a very important planet, ruling the Ascendant in Earthy Capricorn from fiery Sagittarius. The aspects of Saturn at birth are a mixed lot, some very positive, like the perfect sextile to Jupiter in Libra (who rules or disposes of Saturn’s Sign, Sagittarius). Jupiter happens also to be conjunct the Mid-Heaven thus providing many opportunities for a brilliant career. Both Saturn and Jupiter are in harmonious aspect to his Birth Uranus in Leo, enhancing his visionary qualities but also a tendency toward self-inflation or believing that everything is possible. Saturn forms however also a difficult aspect, square, to Mercury in Virgo, another very important influence in his life. Not only Mercury is strong in one of his own Sign but he also disposes of his Sun and Mars conjunct in Virgo.

When Saturn completed his third and last conjunction to Kevin Rudd’s Sun-Mars on May 30, he had also turned Stationary Direct just on the conjunction Sun-Mars’ degree, lingering, so to speak, on this degree in order to exert maximum effect on the life of this individual. Transits of the Ruling Planet are also of great importance and cannot be underestimated. At the time of the crisis, June 24, Saturn was just one degree past that conjunction, but by then Mars had entered Virgo as well and was very close to a conjunction to his Birth Mercury in early Virgo (the exact conjunction occurring on June 28). Mars here worked like the perfect trigger for the Saturnine lesson and contributed to make it a very hard one! It is very important to observe here that we are not only witnessing a Saturn conjunct the Sun but also a Saturn conjunct Mars, one of the Boogie Men amongst transits, while transiting Mars was also touching Mercury, at birth in difficult aspect to Saturn.

Looking at Julia Gillard’s Chart and the approaching conjunction of transiting Saturn to her Sun (becoming exact on September 17, one pass only, and only three degrees away on Election Day) we need to remember the position and aspects of Saturn in her Birth Chart. Saturn is very well placed in Julia Gillard’s Chart, in his own Sign of Capricorn, conjunct lucky and expansive Jupiter.

Below is Gillard’s Birth Chart, with the tentative time of 12 noon, with the transits active on Election Day on the outer wheel. Another difference to notice here between her Chart and Rudd’s is that the Saturn’s transit happens in Libra for Gillard, an exalted or extra positive position for Saturn, while it did happen in Virgo in the case of Kevin Rudd, a traditionally difficult position for Saturn (it has been linked to the financial crisis the world has experienced in 2009/2010).

Click to enlarge

I consider particularly promising for Julia Gillard the fact that she was born under the historical conjunction Jupiter-Saturn in Capricorn, a time traditionally auspicious for the birth of would be leaders. With this I don’t mean that, if she was elected today, the transit of Saturn will not affect her somewhat negatively too. There are always lessons to be learnt and severe tests to pass through when Saturn becomes prominent in transit. Her trouble will not be over for a while; a long hard road ahead can be easily predicted for her.

I agree with Ed Tamplin in his latest post on the Australian Federal Elections that the opposition Sun-Neptune practically exact at elections’ time could mean that many voters feel rather dissatisfied and disillusioned about politics, leaders’ promises, blaming, etc. etc., and a lot of these votes will be lost to the two major parties. The direction these dissatisfied votes will take could in fact determine the outcome of these elections.

It has been an interesting journey for me in the world of politics. I will post some comment after the results are known, hopefully sooner than later (remember Mercury retrograde!).

AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL ELECTION 2010, AUGUST 21, an astrological perspective


Only two days before the Australian Federal Elections, the outcome is still far from certain.

Elections’ week is astrologically a very significant one, even if we weren’t going to the polls. It started with the mighty second pass of the Jupiter opposition Saturn last Tuesday, August 17, followed by non less than six major transits (and many minor ones) exact, one after the other, until Monday August 23 when the Sun will make his annual entrance into Virgo.The Moon is in her waxing mode, promoting goal-oriented activities, an accelerated pace of life, greater expectations of future development, but also a degree of anxiety and stress. The Moon is transiting Capricorn showing that the general public will be concerned mainly about their financial security, housing, jobs, the cost of living rather than grand schemes and lofty ideals. Practical, down to earth matters will be in the voters’ mind and influence their choices.

Looking at the active transits it is easy to see that, during this period, we are experiencing another wave of the Cardinal T Cross that has had astrologers so worried for a while, with Saturn opposed by Jupiter for the second time this year and squaring Pluto for the last time just on Elections’ day!

I would like to highlight here the significance of some of the major transits, with the Australian Federal Elections and his candidates in mind.

Jupiter opposition Saturn and square Pluto

Jupiter in Aries is opposing Saturn in Libra (second pass) on August 17. The first occurrence of this transit was in May 2010 and the last will be at the end of March 2011. The transit will be still very powerful on Election Day, together with the square Jupiter-Pluto that became exact for the second time in early August and involves the three planets in the T square configuration.

Jupiter opposing Saturn represents the open confrontation of two differing viewpoints and philosophies of life, optimism versus pessimism, wishful thinking versus serious planning, speculation versus realism, etc. etc.The still active square of both Saturn and Jupiter to Pluto makes the whole configuration much more dramatic and conducive to major changes to the status quo. This for some are symbols that a change of government may be at hand.

The all important configuration straddles the two Cardinal Signs that are central to the Birth Charts of both candidates: Libra, occupied by the Sun in Julia Gillard’s Chart, and Aries, occupied by the Moon in Tony Abbott’s Chart. The opposition symbolizes an extended period (the last pass will occur in March 2011) during which these apparently antagonistic forces will manifest in many areas of our lives, including, of course, politics.

During the period covered by this powerful transit aspirations and ideals, at the personal and collective levels, will have to be severely tested by practical considerations. This will be especially true for Julia Gillard because Saturn is now close to transiting over her Sun degree (exact in mid-September). Certainly a testing and growing time for her but also one that could be very constructive, establishing her role and position in the world. Winning this elections under such transit would mean very hard work ahead for Julia Gillard, more responsibilities, obstacles, hardships, oppositions, not an easy ride by any means. With Saturn on her Sun, authority and power come in fact with a heavy price tag. One way or another Saturn conjunct the Sun is always a turning point for anyone who experience it. A good example is Kevin Rudd, Australia’s former Labor prime Minister who was deposed by his colleagues just as Saturn became conjunct his Sun and Mars. Because in Rudd’s Birth Chart Mars is closely conjunct the Sun, Saturn became conjunct Mars as well , proving to be a very hard turning point for him.

The same transit may also be important in Tony Abbott’s Chart, but, not knowing his time of birth, it is impossible to establish if Jupiter is in any way conjunct his Moon in Aries at present. If it is then it could be a great help to him, improving his public standing and confidence in himself.

In Bob Brown’s Birth Chart the opposition Jupiter-Saturn is forming positive aspects with his Birth Moon in Gemini (sextile from Jupiter and trine from Saturn), to me a symbol that the confrontation of the other two major candidates, represented by the opposition itself, will play in his favor and boost his popularity.

Sun opposition Neptune and Chiron

Leo Sun opposing first Neptune in Aquarius, on August 20 and then Chiron in Aquarius on August 22. These are annual events that happen to ‘coincide’ with the Elections.

These transits very well depict the confused feelings that have permeated the whole election campaign, the wavering and volubility of the public response, the uncertainty about the way it will go for Australia. Neptune is, among other things, the planet of confusion, deception, murky and unclear situation. Because these aspects are so close to Election Day there is a possibility that the confusion will not end with the end of the campaign but could follow it for a while. It could mean, together with the retrogradation of Mercury (see below) that the results will not become clear for a while or will be the subject of controversy. To me the opposition Sun-Neptune also very well depict the negative role of the media reporting in this campaign, and how it contributed greatly to the general confusion, worsening the already jaded attitude of the electorate, already disillusioned by the political events that preceded the elections, in particular the sacking of our previous Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.

In Julia Gillard’s Chart the transiting Sun, while opposing the transiting Neptune and Chiron, will also conjunct her Uranus indicating that the result of the election will have an element of surprise for her. I consider the Sun-Uranus’ contact a positive for her mainly because of an harmonious aspect between her Mars and Uranus at birth, aspect that the Sun will energize and make more powerful, while passing over Uranus at the time of the election.

In Tony Abbott’s Chart the same oppositions finds Neptune on the cusp of his Midnight point (at sunrise) and the Sun on this Chart’s Mid-heaven. What to make of this? The Sun on top could well mean victory for him, while Neptune on the other side could destabilize his position, especially by internal problems of his party. This opposition is also in positive aspect to his Venus in Sagittarius and his Mars in Libra, some of the best transits he has around elections’ time and the reason why many astrologers are actually predicting his victory. The presence of Neptune however makes the whole configuration a bit sass and difficult to trust. When Neptune is prominent confusion reigns, things are never clear-cut.

In Bob Brown’ Chart the same opposition is forming a positive angle (trine) with his adventurous and outspoken Mercury in Sagittarius, fact that could contribute to his popularity and ability to inspire the electorate.

Venus conjunct Mars in Libra

Venus conjunct Mars on the 13th degree of Libra on the day of the Elections, August 21. This is the highlight of the Venus-Mars cosmic relationship, repeating three times, twice this year, August and October, and one time next year, in May.  These conjunctions will be in the Signs of Libra (August), Scorpio (October) and Taurus (May 2011). The last of these triple conjunctions, in the same Signs, has not been seen since 1978/79.

Venus meets Mars routinely every couple of years, but this year these particular repeating conjunctions belong also to a greater Venus-Mars’ cycle lasting 77 months (six years +) and even a greater one of 32 years. This is the time to better integrate masculine and feminine forces on the planet, and within each one of us, to achieve a greater degree of fairness and cooperation among the sexes, and also a greater inner integration between activity and receptivity, independence and cooperation and so on.

As far as the Elections are concerned it is too easy to see Venus-Mars’ conjunction as the ‘girl meeting boy’ transit, manifested in Gillard, woman, versus Abbott, man. If you take this as a powerful symbol of what it is happening, as I do, then you can see that the power of Venus, the feminine principle is, at the moment, on the raise, Venus transiting and forming the conjunction in Libra, Sign of her Rulership and Dignity, a place of active power for Venus.  Furthermore Venus is at her greatest angular distance from the Sun, meaning that our sister planet is now reaching her brightest phase and awareness.

Mars, on the other hand, represents the weak one in this conjunction, transiting the Sign of his Detriment, opposite to Aries, the Sign Mars traditionally rules. This simple picture seems to indicate a victory of the feminine. Julia Gillard was also born a Libra so the conjunction occurs in her own Sun Sign, while in Abbott’s Chart it falls opposite his Moon Sign of Aries.

Looking at other aspects of this conjunction in Gillard’s Chart I have found a semi-square aspect between it and Julia’s Uranus in late Leo, to which the transiting Sun is also conjunct. This is a fairly powerful configuration indicating some surprising or unexpected turns of event, or simply an unusual degree of excitement and intellectual stimulation for our current Prime Minister. Below is Julia Gillard’s Birth Chart (with the tentative birth time of noon at the moment circulating the net), in the inner circle, and the Sunrise Chart for Election Day, August 21, in the outer circle.

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In Tony Abbott’s Birth Chart (time still unknown) the same conjunction is not that far, only five degrees, from his Jupiter indicating an expansive period ahead and increased confidence.  It also forms positive angles with his Chiron, promoting healing and learning. The Jupiter’s aspect is not exact on Election Day though, and Mars, who Tony Abbott naturally embodies, here is still weaker than Venus in the Sign of Libra. We shouldn’t forget that both Gillard and Abbott were born with Mars in Libra so that their connection with this cyclical conjunction is even more significant. Abbott’s transits on the day are, by the way, far from negative. Many in fact are rather good and could indicate a positive outcome for him. I feel that this will be true even if he loses in the end. The best of his transits are the harmonious angle of Neptune and Mars (trine), indicating that he is feeling very inspired, driven by a sort of religious fervor for his liberal cause and, because of that, perhaps liable to lose touch with reality a little. He is also experiencing the transiting Sun in harmonious aspect to his Venus in Sagittarius, a fun-day transit, while touching the Mid-Heaven of his Sunrise Chart (a symbolic rather than real Mid-heaven), also indicating honors and success.

Below is Tony Abbott’s Sunrise Chart (inner circle) and the Chart of Election Day, August 21, on sunrise too.

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To me however the prominent Venus in Libra still seems to point to a victory for Julia Gillard: the symbol is just too powerful and visually compelling to be ignored.

Mercury’s Retrograde Station

Mercury is turning Stationary Retrograde on Election Day. In another type of country one might fear all sorts of problems in counting the votes, making sure no one votes twice etc. In Australia could mean a slow and difficult process of counting all the votes and putting a clear picture together, because retro Mercury likes rather to confuse issues and muddle things up. This transit, more than any other, has sparked the fear of Australians ending up with a hung parliament. A recent example are the British Elections of May 6 2010, run on the last week of a retrograde period of Mercury, ending up in a hung parliament and eventually in the conservative victory thanks to their unlikely alliance to the Liberals. Alliances are different in Australia, while a re-shuffle of the cards in new and unusual ways is certainly possible under a retro gradation of Mercury. All the politicians involved and their voters will have time to  re-think and re-value their experiences of the Elections, after they are done. One of the worse scenario would see the nation waiting until the end of Mercury’s retro period, mid September, to know who has the mandate. Even without such a dramatic effect Mercury retro during an election could contribute to all sorts of communication problems, breaking down of networks. misinformation, misinterpretation, recanting etc. Let’s hope for the best.

The retrograde Mercury in Virgo will be in positive aspect to Tony Abbott’s own Mercury in Scorpio, indicating perhaps that the retrogadation itself will not affect him too negatively.

The same Mercury will be sitting right on Gillard’s Mid-Heaven and station there for a few days (if we accept the noon birth time), a positive sign I feel, for her career, and also an opportunity to improve her people and communication skills.

Saturn square Pluto

I have already discussed this transit while talking about the Jupiter-Saturn’s opposition. Few more words will suffice here (or i will finish this post only after the elections!).

Saturn in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn (last pass), is happening also on the same day of the Elections. The previous passes of this powerful transit occurred in November 2009 and February 2010. Now this is a very hard aspect, one of the most difficult, indicating the collective need to experience radical changes and even the destruction of much cherished security and what has been established by years of hard work and commitment. In Gillard’s Chart this transit is tied up with Saturn moving onto her Sun, indicating that this is a major life changing configuration for her, one that could propel her into position of power but also involve her in a ruthless war to gain that position. These Elections have been a great example and proof of this ongoing struggle for her. Apart from the obvious negative connotations of these transits they are also empowering her and making her even more determinate to win.

In Tony Abbott’s Chart this transit shouldn’t have the same dramatic effect, while a semi-square of transiting Pluto to his birth Mercury in Scorpio can be considered a slightly negative factor. In Bob Brown’s Birth Chart Pluto is slowly but surely applying to a conjunction to his Sun in Capricorn, showing his raise to positions of greater power and influence in the next year. This is a chance in a lifetime for Bob Brown to implement some of the changes he has envisioned for Australia, because power (Pluto) will definitely be on his agenda when Pluto become conjunct his Sun in the near future.


Predicting the outcome of an election is nearly impossible because the factors involved are just too numerous and often very contradicting. Sometimes, like it was the case with the latest American elections, the picture was clear enough though for astrologers to be able to make some meaningful statements. A lot of astrologers correctly predicted Obama’s win over McKain, mainly based on the opposition Saturn-Uranus (old versus new) that was current at the time, and the fact that Obama was having a Jupiter return year, always a symbol of popularity and success. The advantage in that case was also that we knew both candidates’ times of birth. At the moment instead we don’t yet know the birth times of the two major contestants, Gillard and Abbott, so our interpretations have a limited scope for a start, because we cannot use angular placements to establish the strength or weakness of any of the planetary players and we are lacking the invaluable information given by the Ascendant’s degree. Like everybody I have my personal preferences here that I haven’t even tried to conceal; those, of course, will affect the way I am ‘reading’ the available signs. To remain objective is indeed very difficult and, in fact, impossible. But we can try.

Looking at Tony Abbott’s transits victory is a possibility for him; as a matter of fact he has more positive aspects than Julia Gillard has. Whatever the outcome this elections could prove him a winner in the eyes of many people and advance his career.

Bob Brown’s star seems to be on the raise too and his role in the upcoming government could be indeed crucial.

Perhaps due to wishful thinking brought about by my own preferences, not much about the parties involved but rather the personalities of the two major contestants, I will put my bet on Gillard for a narrow margin win. This conclusion is based mainly on the visually compelling conjunction of Venus to Mars in Libra, Julia Gillard’s Sun Sign, a cosmic phenomenon that we can all admire in the evening sky, tonight and in the next few days. The feminine is strong and bright for all to see: time we had in Australia a woman Prime Minister, to restore some balance (Libra) to this male dominated world. Happy Elections, everyone.

A post on the Astrology of our Green leader Bob Brown is nearly ready and will be in as soon as possible.