Astrological knowledge is steeped in the antiquity of Astronomy, Mathematics and Geometry. It was born of the inquisitive human mind’s need to understand and compare. Astrology is indeed the forerunner of all modern systems of measurements and calculus, of all the greatest and most profound discoveries concerning the power of numbers and the geometry of our living universe. But Astrology is also a Philosophy and an Art, permeating the whole life of its serious students, as Art or Philosophy would. This knowledge has come from the most ancient records of study of nature’s law and their connection with the human psyche. Modern psychoanalysis recognizes in the rich tapestry of astrological symbology, as well as in that of Alchemy and other ‘occult sciences’, the same eternal Archetypes, the building blocks of both organic life and human consciousness. These are the primordial images that appear in our dreams, that are re-enacted in movies studios, theatres and literature, that manifest in a myriad of ways in our daily lives and are naturally found in all myths and religious doctrines of antiquity. An unbiased observer will have to recognize that modern psychoanalysis, a well respected science, is not more rational in its main tenets than Astrology itself.

The logical side of Astrology is easily understood and approved even by the sceptics, because it consists really of perfectly astronomical, scientific and exact calculations, using proper coordinates and real celestial bodies and nodes. For many the problem arises when we, advocates of Astrology, make a sort of quantum leap and begin to give special and very specific meaning to our exact measurements and calculations. Numbers, spheres and degrees become physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realities. Sincere astrological seekers are people who can make a leap of fate into uncharted psychic waters, but who are also able to appreciate the perfection and rationale of this ancient and wise celestial geometry. Furthermore Astrology can be also appreciated by all who love nature and recognize, described by Astrology, the same laws that govern organic life on Earth. Our planet is in fact the receiver of all the collective emanations of the Sun and Planets, which are distributed amongst us, its inhabitants, according to the season of birth, the lunar phase, the time of night and day we were born, and other factors besides.


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