Transits September to December 2008


DSCN0006 The following readings cover the season between the Libra Equinox, September 23, and the end of 2008.

The major Transit of this period is the Saturn-Uranus opposition, exact on November 5, but active much earlier and continuing until September 2009 and beyond. This is the last of the historic oppositions formed by Saturn since 2001. It will be a long time before such a set of saturnine challenges will constellate again our astrological sky.

The opposition which opened the sequence was Saturn-Pluto (2001-2002), coinciding with 9/11; an event not just big in itself, but big in its implications. It has in fact left the world sorely divided ideologically and spiritually, accentuating the fanatic stances of fundamentalists of all political and religious provenances (Sagittarius Pluto). It provoked at first a war of words and a clash of principles (Gemini-Sagittarius), and degenerated in the second Iraq war, the intervention in Afghanistan, and the corrosive and pervasive fear of terrorism we are still experiencing. Among other woes this connection has also made us more aware of the limited supply and non sustainability (Saturn) of Earth natural resources (Pluto), culminating in the recognition of our responsibility in the vital issue of climate change.

Between 2003 and 2006 the Saturn-Chiron opposition took place, witnessing the outbreak of conflict in Iraq, affecting the welfare and security of the whole planet. Political and economical issues in Africa also worsened considerably.

In August 2006 and June 2007 Saturn reached the opposition to Neptune, a difficult configuration, amply discussed in previous articles, pitting our material imperatives and survival needs against our spiritual and social ideals.

The last stage in this opposition journey of Saturn is its confrontation with Uranus, in November. Saturn represents all boundaries, material, psychological etc., and also the awareness of our limitations. Uranus, first giant planet past the orbit of Saturn, represents, on the other hand, the breaking free from Saturn’s confines. Uranus is against everything that is too structured and rigid, too conservative and safe. Uranus urges us to seek our individual path, irrespective and often against all that we have learnt we should be like or we should be doing. Revolt and rebellion are key words here, sometimes acted out just for the sake of change, but more often for an unrecognized need for freedom of choice. It is a common experience being told that we are acting out of character as soon as we begin to express more of our true selves to the world, especially our private world of family and close friends! Uranian crisis can alienate us from others and disrupt the apparently smooth surface of our relationships and occupations, but can also help us to feel younger and more empowered, not depending so much on other people for approval or help.

Very interesting is the fact that Jupiter in Capricorn will be forming harmonious angles with both Saturn (vision with restraint, grounding of vision) and Uranus (ushering the new and making the vision more brilliant and far reaching). Jupiter represents expansion, daring, believing. We can hope that Jupiter will foster a better integration of the energies of the opposing planets.

One is naturally reminded of the fact that in November Americans will go to the poll to elect a new President. At the time of writing (June 2008) the choice is Obama versus McCain, appropriate incarnations of the Saturn (McCain) and Obama (Uranus) principles: the older one upholding traditions and the safe old ways; the young one proposing a new deal and breaking, just by being who he is, with one of the most ingrained social convention in the American psyche, racial division. “The Audacity of Hope” is one of his most successful slogans, hinting at the drive for change embodied by the Uranus side of the opposition. Mythological Saturn and Uranus were, respectively, son and father in the Greek pantheon, and theirs was the story of a natural conflict of interest and rivalry. An archetypal father/son conflict has been obviously enacted here.

Strange enough the two men have striking numerous conjunctions on the same degree of the Zodiac (Sun-Pluto, Venus-Mars, South Node-Venus, Moon-Saturn-Jupiter). Their relationship was indeed made in heaven: the many meaningful connections are bright examples of synchronicity in action. This shows how their destinies are indeed intertwined, the raise of one will mean the fall of the other and vice versa.

Comparing Obama’s chart (time of birth still unknown) with the traditional nativity chart of the United States (July 4, 1776, 2.21 pm, Ascendant Sagittarius) one cannot help to notice the conjunction of Obama’s Neptune to the USA’s Ascendant, and his Mars to the USA’s Neptune; while the Venus of the two Charts are conjunct on the same degree of Cancer. All these aspects point to a strong connection between Obama and the American collective soul. There is a sense of destiny here, a fusion of dreams and make believe.

Between December 16, 2008, and January 9, 2009 (the time the old President will officially leave office) Jupiter will become conjunct, first, to Obama’ s Capricorn Saturn, and then to his Aquarius Jupiter. This is a boost to Obama’s ambition (Saturn) and vision (Jupiter). Transiting Saturn will also be only one degree away from his natal Mars, but reaching the actual conjunction only later, in August 2009, a testing time, but possibly also a very productive one.

Another factor that seems significant is that, just around the time of the polls, the Saturn-Uranus opposition will be instead nearly perfectly aligned to McCain’s Saturn. Uranus will be conjunct Saturn (need to change old attitudes), and Saturn will oppose his natal Saturn. The latter is one of the cyclical Saturnine crisis, happening every 7 years or so, when one is required to accept limiting lessons or set backs. Jupiter, on the very same day of the Elections, will be, together with the transiting Moon, conjunct his natal Capricorn Moon, showing that his experience will be a very personal and emotional one.

It is easy, at this point, to become biased in favour of Obama, after viewing his still incomplete chart. He seems conservative enough in his views and yet ‘different’ enough to make the most of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, when the old will meet the new in a big way.

Apart from its effect on lofty world politics, Sagittarius (Nov.11-15), Gemini (Jun.9-13), Virgo (Sep.11-15) Pisces (March 9-13), the Saturn-Uranus opposition could make you feel particularly rebellious, itching for some type of change. Close relationships may seem restrictive, while a wider world of friendship and freedom is opening up. Fears and lack of confidence in your abilities could stop you from taking the necessary steps to improve your situation, steps that entail breaking up with past attitudes. The need for change is a real call you need to answer in order to be true to yourself.

Pluto is concluding his passage through Sagittarius, entering Capricorn for good on November 27. For late season Sagittarius (Dec.19-21), Gemini (Jun.18-21), Pisces (Mar.18-20), Virgo (Sep.20-23) issues that have surfaced in the last two years should now come to a head. Something very important has changed, within and without. After this weighty transit you will be able draw from new psychological and/or material resources.

After November 27 early season Capricorns (Dec.22-25) will experience again the transformative effect of Pluto, demanding from you profound changes of attitude. There are instead only a few months left of Jupiter’s passage through your Sign (it will leave on January 6, 2009), still time to take those risks you usually like to avoid and trust in the universe for a while longer; it could prove not only profitable, but enjoyable too.

For early season Libra (Sep.23-29) the end of this year and next year could be a time of profound life changes and inner transformations. It may become necessary to let go of something you thought you could not do without. You may feel uprooted for a time.

From early season Aries (Mar.21-24) Pluto demands a more honest approach all round, perhaps also exaggerating your innate strong headed tendencies. Check the intensity of your reaction in order to avoid emotional extremes.

Early Cancer (Jun.21-23), there could be, from the end of November, the resurgence of a profound dissatisfaction with the status quo, and destructive feelings rather difficult to handle in a positive way. The area of close relationships could be the crucible of devastating endings or very productive revolutions.

Chiron-Neptune-South Moon Node, all in Aquarius, are behind those meaningful turns of destiny which are slowly changing the spiritual outlook in the lives of Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus. Aquarians (Feb.5-12) will be directly in the line of influence of these planets, feeling the need to become more inclusive and open to whatever experience comes (Neptune), avoiding the too rigid and rational mental stance characteristic of your temperament. It could also be the perfect time for consciously healing those painful memories that still impede your progress (Chiron). On January 6, 2009, Jupiter will enter your Sign, a twelve months confidence boost for all Aquarians.

Leos (Aug.8-16) will feel the unsettling longing for something more meaningful in their relationships, coupled with the sting of past hurt that has not been properly addressed. There is also the potential to heal and to gain spiritual insights through relationships.

Taurus (May6-13), making false moves in your career or home life would be easy now. Any decision will have to be considered carefully, to avoid self-deception. Following your dreams will be compelling but could be also fraught with dangers.

Scorpio (Nov.7-15) will have to tackle some painful family issues, when your ability to truly empathize with others will be put to the test.

Happy Libra Equinox, everyone.

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