Transits March to June 2008



Welcome to this new season reading. covering the period between the Aries Equinox (March 20) and Cancer Solstice (June 21).

Pluto and the powers to be.

Pluto, transiting into Capricorn. marks a time of heightened emotional experiences for Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra born early in their respective periods (December 21-22-23;June 20/21/22; March 20/21/22; September 23-24-25).

Pluto will go retrograde on April 2, back into Sagittarius on June 14, turning Direct again in early September, re-entering Capricorn on November 26. It will then remain in Capricorn until 2024.

The unrivalled power of Pluto will be felt by many in potentially liberating ways.

But what in Astrology we mean by the power of Pluto? How this mysterious body, relatively small and nowadays even demoted from the rank of major planet, could possibly have such a profound impact on our experience of ourselves and the world?

Lost in the coldness of space, at a bizarrely long distance from the Sun around which it revolves in a long elliptical orbit of 248 years, Pluto‘s cycle oversees the destiny of many generations. In the length and pace of this historical cycle we can begin to glimpse the meaning of Pluto’s power over our lives. This power come to us from the ancestral past and project us into an unknown future, full of potential but also of changes that will make the present disintegrate and our sense of security and continuity shatter. That’s why we associate Pluto with ultimate experiences, death and passions alike, and with the renewed sense of life and meaning that is sometimes attained after serious traumas or periods of deep personal crisis. Pluto is known to operate the way volcanos do, stirring for a long time in the bowels of the earth, to erupts or even explode, in time, with sudden devastating force.

The transits of Pluto can give us a frightening sense of how much subterranean currents drive our external lives, often totally unrecognized by our conscious selves. We tend to experience the power of Pluto via the agency of other people or the hand of destiny. But people and even circumstances, which seem beyond our control, are mirrors, often dark and mysterious, of our own longings, our unlived lives and those traits of character we are unable to accept in ourselves. Pluto in particular suggests our drive to control and manipulate, a very difficult trait to acknowledge in oneself, but easily spotted in others (the New Testament’s ‘mote in thy brother eye‘).

All the disowned bits come back to haunt us and claim admittance in our conscious lives. This is the reason why Pluto’s Transits can be so confronting, because we have to recognize as belonging to us sentiments and behaviour we thought were alien, even repellent to our idea of ourselves. The potential of a Plutonian crisis is truly amazing and life changing.

Apart from those who are directly challenged by Pluto, the entrance of this epoch making planet into a new Sign is significant for all of us, showing the collective karma of the time continuum it presides over.

Capricorn represents the skeletal structure in the human body as well as the social and moral structure of society, the work ethics, the government, authority and dynastic goals of each generation. Pluto embodies those indispensable crisis and losses that are a vital part of human history and evolution. Pluto transforms past decay into the fertile humus of the future. This combination suggests the need for changes in the structures and mores we have been used to and upon which we have based our sense of collective security. Pluto is coming along to overcome and terminate these aspects of the old social structure that have outlived their usefulness.

We will experience, in the next 16 years, the slow but sure transformation of our ideas of authority and government. We could also see, at least at first, a more rootless approach to government and power. These are attempts at controlling what is really uncontrollable, the vital urge for change which is broiling unheeded in the depths of our collective psyche. More draconian laws and restrictions on privacy and individual rights could be the last, tough resistance of a system destined to soon crumble, having reached the term of its natural life (Pluto in Capricorn).

But what about the children who will be born with Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024)? Some already call them “The Reformers’, for obvious reasons. They will certainly yield individually more power and clout than previous Pluto’s generations. They will be compelled to challenge the status quo and transform the social fabric in dramatic and profound ways, from the inside out, breathing new life and meaning into the old structures, ruthlessly getting rid of all the outlived functions.

Abuse of power, which is indeed a grave risk with this position of Pluto, can only be counteracted by more and more individuals becoming themselves empowered, taking fuller responsibility for their lives, participating more wholeheartedly into the working of society and the task of governing. Gaining power over one’s own inner life a person can defuse and weaken the external control of any power to be.

Pluto was officially discovered in 1930 while in Cancer. Around that time scientists were attempting the first atomic fission (accomplished by Fermi in 1934) and Pluto has come to represent, amongst other things, the destructive potential of nuclear power. As Pluto in the next sixteen years completes its half cycle since its discovery, the management of this dangerous energy will become an even greater preoccupation for many world governments and people (Capricorn).

On May 5 the North Node of the Moon will conjunct Neptune, aligning the energy of this mystical planet to the Earth destiny. This is an important symbol that conveys the need for union and tolerance amongst people if we don’t want to be swamped by ungrounded ideologies and glamorous but empty ideals. The sea will come alive in the consciousness of the masses, perhaps because of a maritime disaster or a serious ecological one. Ideal time for art/music festivals and massive celebrations. Aquarians born February 12 to 15 will be more personally touched by this transit.

The need for change will be overwhelming in the emotional lives and careers of some Pisces (March 9 to 13), Virgo (September 11-15), Gemini (June 10-14) and Sagittarius ( December 11-15). Mind not to take too drastic measures to get out of your present situation, because not all that seems useless and restrictive now will feel that way when this transit is over (well into 2009). Not responding at all to the need for change could be, on the other hand, a real missed opportunity and also source of future regret.

Saturn sobering effect will be still felt strongly in the lives of some Virgo (August 24-27), Pisces (February 19-23), Gemini (May 22-25) and Sagittarius (November 23-26), up to the end of the period I am considering. This has been a very long transit (active since early September 2007) bringing extra responsibilities and work, hopefully to foster a more realistic outlook and to create a greater sense of security. If you feel lonely, unloved and overworked, remember, you are not alone and this too will pass.

A significant aspects will be exact on March 29, the harmonious sextile (60 degrees angle) between Jupiter and Uranus, bringing positive stimuli into the lives of Capricorns (born January 9-10-11) and Pisces (born March 8-9-10). New ideas, once perhaps considered too outlandish or unrealistic, could rapidly penetrate the collective mind. A very inventive and buoyant transit.

Jupiter is also opening up new opportunities and bestowing a new level of confidence upon Capricorn (born January 9 to 13), Taurus (born May 9 to 14) and Virgo (born September 11 to 15). Time to take a leap of faith and trust in the unbound generosity of the universe. The force is with you, make the best of it.

Some Cancer people will be glad to farewell Mars as it finally leaves their Signs on May 10, after an exceptionally long transit which began in early September 2007. It has been an opportunity for sensitive Cancerians to be more honestly assertive, a needed boost to their self-confidence. On the other hand, it might also have caused quarrels and antagonism, especially at home. All in all it should have been a useful experience, showing Cancerians how a little confidence can go a long way, and that there is no need to use emotional manipulation to get what they want, a not very healthy ‘modus operandi’ they sometimes fall into.

Mars will be in Leo between May 10 and July 2. During this period Leo, Sagittarius and Aries people will feel more energetic, enterprising and passionate about things.

The risk here is to overdo it, becoming arrogant and overbearing. Does Leo really need an extra boost of confidence? Much can be accomplished by the Fire Signs at this time, but they could wisely avoid extra stimulants and the unhealthy stress that sometimes accompanies the proximity of Mars. Enforced periods of relaxation and undoing are recommended to make the most of this highly creative period.

Gemini born June 3-12 will experience first hand the retrogradation of Mercury between May 27 and June 20, needing to re-plan projects, re-consider choices, keeping important activities and decisions on the backburner in order to avoid false starts. All will be affected by Mercury retrograde’s usual disruptions in communication, computer breakdowns, car malfunctions, lost objects and missed appointments and deadlines. Despite Gemini’s natural speed it would be better to slow down and give things time to sort themselves out.

Happy new season everyone.

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