Transits January to March 2008



Happy festive season everyone. The following reading covers the period between the Capricorn Solstice (Dec.22) and Aries Equinox (Mar.21). As 2007 draws to a close many planets are transiting Earth Signs. On December 19 and January 26 respectively Jupiter and Pluto will enter Capricorn, while Saturn has been in Virgo since early September.

Saturn may bring restrictions at first and a heavy workload in particular to Virgo born Aug.23-Sep.1, and also Pisces born Feb.19-28, Gemini born May22-31, and Sagittarius born Nov.23-Dec.2. Giving into the negative side of Saturn, one could feel burdened, even dulled by the many demands and duties of a busy, not immediately rewarding life. Crossing the dim threshold between melancholia and sadness one may feel depleted of vitality, fearful of failure, discouraged, developing also a negative rapport with all forms of authority, parental and otherwise. Saturn in Virgo could manifest in all sorts of symptoms as well as in a more conscious need for healing and willingness to change negative habits. It is indeed human to look for healing mainly when serious symptoms arise (or an environmental disaster looms imminent), rather than preventing the illness through right living. Purity of life and unwavering dedication to whatever you are doing is just what Saturn demands, not as an inflexible task master, but rather as a wise old person who has seen a lot of life and knows what works and what will pay off in the end. Embracing in earnest the serious vibes of Saturn will help to make this into a highly productive and deeply satisfying period during which some solid foundation for your future will be put in place, commitments met, old bills paid. The last time Saturn transited Virgo, in 1978-80, the world experienced a general recession, with doubling of oil prices and food shortages in the Third World and even Europe, due to long lasting droughts (harbinger of many other climatic extremes). And the previous Saturn in Virgo periods began in 1919 and 1949 respectively, when the world was slowly recovering from the devastation of global war. Whatever the final outcome of this transit, the tendency will be to spend less on non-essentials, living more frugally, thus reducing our mounting debts.

Capricorn born Dec.23-Jan.11 in particular, and also Cancer born Jun.21-Jul.12, Aries born Mar.21-Apr.10, and Libra born Sep.22-Oct.13 are in, instead, for a full on period. Their Signs will be highly energized by Jupiter and Pluto entering Capricorn. Jupiter’s transits always inspire a sense of optimism, increasing faith in oneself and alertness to opportunities. Travel at this time could be rewarding too, or any other activity, including study, which engages the higher spheres of the mind, encouraging a philosophical outlook. The risk with a Jupiter’s transit is always to overstep the mark, becoming the victim of ego-inflation and excessive pride. These tendencies could contribute to the squandering of the precious resources now available. In the generally earthy atmosphere of this period being responsible and guarded will be in fact more a necessity than a choice. There are also opportunities here for more dramatic and lasting changes, especially in the lives of early Capricorn (born Dec.22-24), but also Cancer (born Jun.21-23), Aries (born Mar.21-23), and Libra (born Sep.23-25). Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces born late in their respective Signs will also still feel for a while the power of Pluto in their lives. What has become useless and detrimental to your well being can be eliminated now and a clean start made. Pluto’s invisible touch always transforms, that is its function. To accomplish the transformation however it needs to destroy first, often leaving a great sense of loss, even loss of identity. You are feeling emotionally charged, drastic in your decision making. The people around you may consider your behavior ruthless and uncompromising, especially if they are part of the life you feel you have outgrown. There will be no looking back; and, hopefully, no regrets. This is a once in a lifetime sort of transit, therefore affecting you in profound ways.

Looking back at the historical occurrences of Pluto’s passage through Capricorn we discover that the more recent transit happened between 1762and 1778. This was a time of great political and economical ferment, culminating, in one example, in the American Declaration of Independence, in 1776, and the war with imperial Great Britain. This fostered the birth of the American nation, event that dramatically altered the old world order.

Pluto was also in Capricorn between 1515 and 1532, an epoch of religious and philosophical turmoil in Europe, with Martin Luther publicly challenging the Papal Church for the first time in 1517. This was the beginning of the Age of Reformation, another great leap in history, ushering a profound change of outlook, for all faiths. Secular and religious powers become then separated, the beginning of a truly modern way of thinking. In 1522 Magellan also circumnavigated the globe for the first time; this event too changing spectacularly the established order. And in 1521 the Aztecs were defeated by the Spanish Conquistadors, not just another victory but a real milestone for the destiny of South American and the whole world.

Uranus transiting the middle section of Pisces is still stimulating Pisces (born Mar.5-15), and also Virgo (born Sep.7-16), Gemini (born Jun.6-15), Sagittarius (born Dec.7-15) to embrace the new, sometimes becoming defiant and rebellious, in order to find what’s right for you and to overcome those external conditioning that tend to hamper your need for individual self expression. Go for it! There is no need to feel alienated. It will just take a little while to get used to your new you.

Neptune in Aquarius is bringing intriguing vibes in the lives of Aquarius (born Feb.9-13), and also Leo (born Aug.13-17), Taurus (born May10-14), and Scorpio (born Nov.12-16). You are at the moment unusually sensitive and psychically vulnerable. You may experience a vague sense of uneasiness and a decreased ability to cope with the demands of the world, longing for escape and freedom. Or you may feel keenly inspired by art, beauty, love, compassion and the desire for a more spiritual life. This could be an eye opener via dreams and imagination.

Finally the retrogradation of Mars, between November 15 and January 31, will affect in the first place Cancer born Jun.21-Jul.5, and also Gemini born Jun.16-21. These periods are never completely smooth for anyone. Many activities and urgent task may have to be slowed down considerably or even come to a halt, bringing up frustration and pent up aggression. Your personal wants and goals are now more than ever challenged by the need to care for others (children, spouse, parents, friends). You may become resentful of the demands imposed upon you by personal ties and duties. Re-entering Gemini (on December 31) Mars could also stir up again recent arguments making you a touch too militant and even verbally aggressive. Considering the fact that the Sun is very close to its yearly opposition to Mars the day of the Solstice, herald of the new season, extra stress will be our lot around the Xmas holidays. We could all do with some relaxing.

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