Transits March to June 2007


Raffaello Justice

Welcome to this astrological interpretation of the major planetary patterns occurring between March and June 2007.

February: the transits of the Sun in Aquarius begin to activate the Saturn-Neptune opposition. The Sun will conjunct Neptune and oppose Saturn the 8 and 11 of February. Saturn will then rise as the Sun sets. Through a pair of binoculars it will be as large and brilliant to observe as a 0.01 magnitude star. Saturn will remain visible in the eastern evening sky until June 2007 (when the third and last pass of the Saturn-Neptune opposition will occur).

Mercury Retrograde. Mercury will retrograde from Pisces to Aquarius, between February 14 and March 8. Extra care is recommended in all transactions and communications. Situations and people could prove unreliable, even untrustworthy. Best three weeks to slow down and smell the flowers, to meditate, let go, float, swim with dolphins, play the harp. Trying to contain creativity and intuition within rigid rational boundaries will prove a waste of time and energy. Avoid gossip that could suck you in like a rip tide or hit you back like a boomerang.

March 1: second pass of the historical Saturn-Neptune opposition. Since 2006, this Transit is making us more aware of inhabiting the same Earth. An event affecting one region will reverberate throughout, a domino effect that could become very obvious at this time. The ‘global village’ experience is becoming more of a living reality for many of us, if we attune ourselves to this cosmic energy. It could help to bring down to earth some of our ideals, initiating responsible, viable changes in our daily lives. Little changes, at first, that will affect everything, eventually. The Saturn-Neptune’s encounter, as they again face each other, with our little Earth in the middle, could bring the precious Neptune’s gifts of compassion, tolerance, unconditional love down to an earthy, saturnine level of experience. This will not happen, however, without some birth pangs, because often hard knocks are needed to assimilate the wisdom of Saturn. And Neptune’s vibes are very subtle, and thus we feel them mainly through dreams and creative imagination, hardly ever in concrete reality.

As we have already experienced in 2006, this opposition has also the power to polarize people, providing an excuse for antagonism and war (it is enough to look at the various civil wars and dramatic leadership changes that have occurred since the opposition became active at the end of August 2006). It has been proven to be particularly negative where there is little awareness.

The more directly affected at this time will be Leo born between August 10 and 14; Aquarius born between February 7 and 11; Taurus born between May 8 and 12; Scorpio born between November 10 and 14.

Saturn in Leo and the nemesis of power: since July 2005, Saturn, symbol of time and boundaries, has been transiting Leo, the Sign of Kings and Power. We have seen many important leaders, historical figures and popular heroes of the past twentieth century die or relinquish their position of power: from Pope John Paul the second, to Castro, to Pinochet, Steve Irwin, Peter Brock, Gerald Ford, Saddam Hussein, James Brown, just to name a few. What was authority, success and power (Leo) falls pray to the inexorable laws of time and karma (Saturn).

The Total Moon Eclipse (13° Virgo), at Full Moon, on March 4 and the Sun’s conjunction to Uranus on March 6. This is an intense Lunar Eclipse; the Uranian drive for radical changes may gain momentum, perhaps clashing with the established order of things, in our private lives as well as in our social and political lives. Time for breakthroughs and the birth of original inventions. Possible severe weather around Full Moon time. The wind of change could blow particularly in the lives of Virgo born between September 3 and 7; Pisces born between March 1 and 5; Gemini born between June 1 and 5; Sagittarius born between December 3 and 7.

Jupiter in Sagittarius trine Saturn in Leo, on March 17. Another major Transit operating at this time: Jupiter will reach a distance of 120 degrees from Saturn (a Trine that will become exact again on May 6). This is a practical influence, helping us to work at our projects steadily and responsibly without losing sight of our goals and ideals. This harmonious aspect could show us how to avoid extremes and inspire feelings of general cooperation. Lots of good work, Saturn, and good will, Jupiter. And perhaps good luck and opportunities in particular for Aries born between April 7 and 11; Leo born between August 10 and 14; and Sagittarius born between December 10 and 14.

A Sun Eclipse on March 19, close to the Equinox. The beginning of all astrological years is the Aries Equinox, on March 21. In 2007, as was the case in 2006, a Solar Eclipse will be active around this pivotal time, indicating another eventful year. Such Eclipses, due to their alignment with the Earth’s Equator, can have a profound influence on the year ahead.

The Sun’s Eclipse, on March 19th, will fall on the 28th degree of Pisces, a hylegiacal or ending degree, ideal time for purification, cleansing, closure of past issues, preparation for the challenges and changes heralded by the new season and new astrological year. It could represent a turning point in consciousness, especially for Pisces/Aries born between the 17 and 22 of March; Virgo/Libra born between the 19 and 24 of September; Sagittarius/Capricorn born between the 18 and 23 of December; and Gemini/Cancer born between the 17 and 22 of June. There is much emphasis on the necessity to overcome those psychological habits that chain us to the past, impeding our progress; emotional eruptions possible too (Sun-Moon at right angle to Pluto, symbol of death and rebirth, during the Solar Eclipse). This Eclipse could bring upheavals in some people’s lives, but also the beginning of a more courageous and truthful existence.

Mars’s cycle: Mars in Aquarius February 26 – Mars in Pisces April 6 –Mars in Aries on May 16 (until June 24) – During their own respective Martial periods Aquarius, Pisces and Aries people will experience a boost of energy in their lives, with a strong drive to become more assertive, to do one’s own thing. Great period to initiate things and stand up for yourself.


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