Transits June to September 2007


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*** The longest night, falling on June 22 this year, marks the beginning of our winter season (Sun in Cancer); a foundation time when the lengthening of daylight begins, even while much of nature seems dormant. This introspective period is studded this year with Transits that could deepen our understanding and widen our horizons. We could work harder at becoming more true to ourselves and experience special insights into people’s psychological motives.

*** On June 6 the Sun will reach its yearly opposition to Jupiter, making the planet of wisdom very bright and visible from dusk to dawn. This could be an expansive and risk taking week, a time to put energy into big projects, with a tendency for some to overstretch, becoming overly optimistic. This Transit may concern in particular Gemini (born 3/7 June), Aquarius (born 3/7 Feb.), Libra (born 6/10 Oct.), Sagittarius (born 6/10 Dec.), Virgo (born 6/10 Sep.), Pisces (born 3/7 Mar.).

*** On June 16 Mercury in Cancer will begin to retrograde (until July 10). This Mercury’s loop in the sensitive, psychic Sign of Cancer, marks an ideal period for mental introspection and realization of our psychic potential, also imaginative and artistic, in particular for Cancer people (born June 23 to July 5) and Capricorn (born December 23/January 3). Beware however of ideas that spring from narrow social or religious conditioning.

*** On June 19 the Sun will oppose Pluto (another yearly event). This aspect has great potential to make many of us more conscious of the hidden power of raw emotions. Bringing to light secrets, to oneself and others, could prove a fascinating experience this week or, negatively, cause some losses or endings in the lives of Gemini (born 17/21 June), Libra (born 18/22 Oct.), Aquarius (born 14/18 Feb.), Sagittarius (born 18/22 Dec.), Virgo (born 18/22 Sep.), Pisces (born 16/20 Mar.).

*** The historical opposition Saturn-Neptune, dominating the cosmic stage since August 2006, will become exact for the last time on June 26. For many years Neptune, in humanitarian Aquarius, has inspired us to simplify and spiritualize our living. Or dramatic climatic events, perhaps a literal submersion of vast area of our planet, seem now possible. Neptune’s call is for a unifying vision and unconditional acceptance of each other and all creatures. Many more people are hearing the call for ecological and humanitarian reforms and become active and personally responsible for collective changes. This could be especially true for Leo (born 14/16 Aug.), Aquarius (born 10/12 Feb.), Taurus (born 11/13 May), Scorpio (born 13/15 Nov.). A stock market crash in China created a big ripple in the financial world at exactly the time of the Second Pass-age of the same Transit (end of February 2007). Perhaps a similar effect can be expected from the Third Pass.

*** An important event in July is the Retrogradation of Venus, from Virgo to Leo, July 28 to September 9. This phenomenon often manifests as various difficulties in relationships and financial matters, but it can also help to refine and deepen our feelings and aesthetic values. For some, past experiences and relationships may seem to come back into focus at this period, their ‘lessons’ becoming more apparent. This could prove particularly true for Virgo (born 24/27 Aug.), Pisces (born 19/22 Feb.), Leo (born 8/23 Aug.), Aquarius (born 5/19 Feb.).

*** The most important August’s Transit is the harmonious trine between Saturn in Leo and Pluto in Sagittarius, exact on August 6 and active, on-off, until May 2008, but in different Signs (Virgo, Capricorn). Those likely now to feel the effect of this Transit are Leo (born 19/21 Aug.), Sagittarius (born 18/20 Dec.), Aries (born 16/18 Apr.), Aquarius (born 15/17 Feb.). It could spur them into a frenzy of activity, giving greater concentration and will power, with intense feelings of personal empowerment.

*** On August 10 the Sun will oppose Neptune, a yearly aspect, bringing to focus our dreams and longings, negatively making us believe in things and people who are not really what they pretend to be; or, positively, opening our psyche to new perceptions and untapped creative imagination. Revealing Transits for Leo (born 11/15 Aug.), Aquarius (born 8/12 Feb.), Taurus (born 9/13 May), Scorpio (born 11/15 Nov.).

*** On August 22 the Sun will conjunct Saturn (yearly contact), a time to come to term with our limitations, to begin working on efficiency and practical concerns. Especially powerful Transit for Leo (born 20/24 Aug.), Aquarius (born 15/19 Feb.), Taurus (born 17/21 May), Scorpio (born 19/23 Nov.), Sagittarius (born 18/22 Dec.), Aries (born 16/20 Apr.).

*** On August 28, a total Moon eclipse in Pisces will be well visible from Eastern Australia, 8.37 pm, E.S.T.. Active at the time of the eclipse are many planetary oppositions (Mercury-Uranus; Venus-Neptune; Mars-Jupiter), suggesting a dynamic phase, with lots of realizations and learning via relationships. Intense period for Pisces (born 23/25 Feb.), Virgo (born 26/28 Aug.), Gemini (born 23/25 May), Sagittarius (born 25/27 Nov.).

*** A significant planetary shift is at hand. On September 3 2007 Saturn will finally leave the seat of Leo, seeking expression in Earthy Virgo. By then both Jupiter and Saturn will be in Mutable Signs (Sagittarius-Virgo). The Fixed Signs’ rigidity (Scorpio and Leo) is giving way to greater adaptability and readiness to allow for differences and learn from each other; on the level of ideals and principles (the Fire of Sagittarius) as well as on the concrete level of experience (the Earth of practical Virgo). A less flamboyant and cocky approach in all areas, from politics to relationships, will then become possible. Virgo naturally follows after Leo to make us more responsive to the needs of others and aware of the ability we all possess to be of service to the community.

Have a great and healthy winter time.

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