Transits September to December 2007



Happy and fruitful season everyone. A Solar Eclipse in Virgo, the last of 2007, on September 11, ends the winter season on a high intensity note. The past will become a strong pull for many, in memories and longing. It is a ‘letting go’ type energy this Earthy Eclipse, a collective colonic irrigation to flush out toxins from weary bodies and souls. Happening so close to the Equinox this event will suffuse the whole season, while also symbolizing the difficult end product of the previous one. There are many high tension aspects active, exciting, ingenious, but also unsettling and unpredictable. It is a great time for brain storming and exploring, if not yet initiating projects that better wait for the Equinox proper. We thrive on diversity, needing the creative input of many brains and hearts. But it could also be a strained and wasteful time, when initiatives soon lose their momentum; too many tangents bring one away from his/her goal; nerves feel easily strung, any available technique of relaxation coming handy. The plutonian angles could make cutting with the past either a conscious choice or a compelling necessity. All in all, the spring of 2007 will be a creative, busy, confusing, wonderful and potentially stressful period for all Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius; in particular those born 10-11-12 September, 7-8-9 March, 10-11-12 December, 8-9-10 June.

The early Mutable Signs (Virgo August28/September1 – Pisces 20/28 February – Gemini 23/30 May – Sagittarius November24/December1) are having the first taste of Saturn. Which entered Virgo on September 3, beginning a period, lasting ‘til the end of 2009, when those Signs will experience first hand the sobering touch of the planet of boundaries and self discipline: added responsibilities, greater need for security, nest egg building, lasting commitments and a generally more serious and constructive turn of mind.

The celebration for this Spring Equinox (September 23, 7.51 pm) should reflect the inclusive, open minded and tolerant spirit of Aquarius, on a high learning curve: the waxing Moon is separating from a conjunction to wise Chiron and approaching one to mystical Neptune; time to learn from one another, to play the music and dance the dance of the world together.

On October 12 Mercury begins its cosmic loop re-entering Libra on October 24. Those retrograded periods are reflective times (until November 2), when thinking, reading, writing, communication need to go through an inner process of revision. We need to revisit our inventory of knowledge to truly absorb its essence. Mercury (mercurial brain) in its direct motion is often too swift to permit us a look into the gaps between thoughts or to penetrate the silence between words. This retrogradation will affect more Scorpio born October24/November2 and Libra born October18/23.

On September 29 Mars enters Cancer, the Moon Sign, a strange, misty world for this Warrior God. Raw emotions are likely to visit all of us, at times, in particular Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries. It is time to have family issues out on the table, but to avoid outright battles one may need much restraint. These necessary confrontations run the risk of degenerating into family feuds if left unchecked (Mars’ retrogradation, November 15 2007 to January 31 2008).

Between October 8 and 14 Venus will move into Virgo (a difficult, prickly environment for soft skinned Venus, the Goddess of pleasure and comfort) and will also conjunct ponderous Saturn: we may look at love through a critical and scrutinizing lens for a while (Venus will enter Libra on November 9), we may become too calculating of our affections, or feel afraid to open up.

On October 10 one of the most important planetary aspects of the season will become exact (for the last time, having been very active earlier in 2007). This is the square, 90 degrees angle, between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Uranus in Pisces, a clash of giants. We could waste a lot of precious mental energies pursuing wild dreams and ideas more eccentric than original. Conflicts of opinions, the clash of different philosophies of life are possible at this time. But genial ideas could also seem to come up from nowhere and should be promptly grabbed to avoid losing them like we often lose our dreams in the twilight of early morning. This could be a very creative but also challenging transit especially for Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo.

On October 23 Saturn conjunct the South Node of the Moon could bring in focus again the September Eclipse issues discussed earlier.

It will be only on December 12 that the biggest event of the whole period will take place: Jupiter will first conjunct Pluto and soon after (December 19) enter Capricorn. Jupiter’s yearly shift into a new Sign represents a shift in philosophical, religious, political views, across the world. This could be a conservative shift, while, at the same time, the conjunction with mighty little Pluto, from which Jupiter is still separating, adds a certain iconoclastic streak, the desire to begin anew in very radical ways, the impulse for change and progress, at the cost of cutting radically with the past (Pluto). This aspect in many ways anticipate the actual entrance of Pluto itself into Capricorn, in 2008. We begin at this time, late 2007, to have a mental image of the profound changes to our lives that Pluto in a new cardinal Sign is destined to bring. Jupiter can provide the vision to see into the future of these changes and make wise practical decisions accordingly. Capricorn may be the Sign of Jupiter’s Detriment, because we are not allowed to dream and hypothesize here; we have instead to deliver a vision (Jupiter) which is practical and viable (Capricorn).

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