Nuclear Boy, helping Japanese children understand the accident in Fekushima

Few days ago I found on You Tube this strange Japanese presentation for children, titled Nuclear Boy, trying to explain the nuclear accident in Fukushima ‘s reactors.

We are witnessing here a peculiarly Japanese way to handle problems. Hopefully it might help to appease the understandable anxiety of Japanese children.

The same day, in the morning, I had a conversation with a couple of young girls while traveling in the country school bus to work. They usually do not talk to me, often the only adult in the bus, and they surprised me by asking direct questions concerning the Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. They seemed anxious to discuss these events, after seeing the devastation in TV. They were looking for answers.

Perhaps we underestimate the impact such news have on children, when such terrible images are presented, over and over again, on television screens.

This cartoon clip is just one way to approach a very difficult topic. Children need to be informed without being spooked.

More thoughts on the Earthquake Transits and Japan’s Imperial Chart

~ The Face of Hope ~ A four months old baby girl rescued alive and well from the rubble ~

I want to discuss here how some important transits interacted with the Imperial Chart of Japan (February 11, 1889) at the time of the Japanese earthquake. I was unable to fit them in last night in my last post on the Japanese disaster, due to my own power shortage. I will discuss the same transits in relation to the Modern Chart of Japan (April 28 1952) in a future post.

The Japan earthquake of March 11 has been upgraded by US experts to a magnitude 9 instead than 8.9 (the effect of a single decimal point, in these types of measurement, being humongous). This makes this quake the fourth largest in the world since 1900.

Dire news were coming through my little transistor radio early this morning. Some of the children in the country school bus I board every weekday to come to work were talking about Japan, visibly worried by what they have seen in television. It is affecting a lot of people in a big way.

It seems too awful to contemplate that Japan may become victim of a nuclear disaster after being battered by such uncontrollable natural forces. In the worst-case scenario the core of the damaged reactor/s could reach melt down point, emitting large amounts of radioactivity into the atmosphere, a deadly cloud that could then be brought by winds’ currents hundreds of miles away from the nuclear plant, possibly affecting not just Japan but other countries as well.

We all feel a deep sense of compassion and sympathy for the plight of the Japanese people, and also a sense of dismay that economic imperatives are too often forcing us to adopt dangerous methods to produce power. There are better ways, we are just not clever or conscious enough to take them seriously on board.

I’m here looking further at the Synastry between the Earthquake Chart and the Imperial Japan’s Birth Chart. Here is this two-wheels Chart again.

Imperial Japan Birth Chart (1889) activated by the Earthquake’s Transits

Click to enlarge

Here are some of the major transits between these two Charts as I observed them.

  • The Ascendant of the moment the earthquake struck (17° 47′ of Leo) was conjunct Imperial Japan’s Saturn, on 16° 27′ Leo. Now this is a major transit because its timing is so close. The Mid-heaven, in any given place, moves an average of one degree every four minutes, while  the Ascendant moves more or less according to latitude and the season, some Signs taking longer to rise above the horizon than others (Long and Short ascension). Leo is a Sign of Long Ascension in the Northern Hemisphere, moving about one degree in five minutes, so that the Ascendant-Saturn’s conjunction would have been exact just at 2.39 pm, only seven minutes before the recorded earthquake’s time. Now this is quite a precise hit. Saturn in this Chart was in wide opposition to the Sun and in square to the Ascendant, at the time of the birth of Imperial Japan, difficult aspects, pointing at Imperial Japan’s authoritarian and disciplinarian leanings.  As I have found in Eclectic Astrology notes about Saturn’s role in a Mundane Charts ( Mundane Astrology part 2):in a collective sense, the amount of freedom a society permits or denies itself‘. These Saturn’s aspects show then that many restrictions and rigid rules were meant to hamper personal freedom, with the aim to achieve an efficient system of government and social order in Imperial Japan. Saturn is found in the foundation sector in the Imperial Chart, signifying his importance at the core of Japanese psychology and family life. Saturn also rules the Tenth House’s Mid-Heaven in Capricorn and the Eleventh House’s cusp in Aquarius (traditionally also a Sign of Saturn). These connections link Saturn to Imperial Japan’s  public institutions, style of government, also the nation’s status in the eye of the world, Law and Order, national security and technology.We shouldn’t forget also that the transiting Saturn, at the time of the quake, was in the Sixth House of this Chart, sector which, in Mundane Astrology, represents public health, working conditions of the masses, employment etc. This area has certainly received a terrible blow here and the recovery could indeed take a very long time. Transiting Saturn, at present retrograde in the middle of Libra, will be transiting this sector of Japan’s Imperial Chart until October 2013.
  • Of great significance is also a difficult aspect from transiting Pluto in Capricorn to Imperial Japan”s Sun in the Tenth House (semi-square), and the opposition of the same Pluto to Japan’s Chiron. Transits from Pluto always confront us with experiences of unavoidable loss, and the need to find inner resources to cope with difficult circumstances. The opposition to Chiron does not help to ease the difficulty of the contact Pluto-Sun, but rather makes it more painful and fated. Certainly the Japanese people have been tested to the core by this catastrophe and need to become even more resilient in order to psychologically survive and rebuild their lives. The Sun in a Mundane Chart represents the ruler of the country, President or King. The aspect from Pluto could challenge the authority figure of the country and bring political turmoil and power struggles in the wake of this disaster. A change in leadership may become necessary to start on a new course. Pluto, of course, is also astrologically connected with nuclear power and all things that are extreme and deadly, like poisons or weapons of mass destruction. Plutonium is after all an ingredient in the mixed oxide fuel (MOX) used in Fukushima Unit 3 reactor, one of the worst affected nuclear plants. This type of fuel has a lower melting point than other nuclear fuels and it is also much more toxic. We can only pray, for everyone sake, that the situation doesn’t get any worse.
  • Imperial Japan’s Lunar Nodes, representing the axis of destiny for individuals or nations, are also activated in this Synastry, aspected by the transiting Sun on the day, while the transiting Lunar Nodes happen also to be in aspect to Imperial Japan’s Ascendant and Neptune. The Nodes are, first of all, links to recent eclipses, destiny makers for individuals and nations. In my previous post I highlighted some of the most obvious connections of the Earthquake Chart to the eclipses of December 2010 and January 2011. These further links show again the deep impact of these events on the lives and destinies of every Japanese individual and on Japan as a nation.
  • There were also positive transits, the Saturn sextile Saturn, that I mentioned in my previous post, and, not exact on the day but still active, a contact Jupiter-Venus, welcome golden linings around the dark clouds. Transiting Jupiter in Aries was in fact separating from a conjunction to Imperial Japan’s Venus (exact on March 6). This is generally considered a fortunate aspect, hopefully helping to soften the blow and inspire the people with a strong desire to live and some optimism for the future. However the position of Venus and transiting Jupiter in the Twelfth House of Japan’s Chart, suggest a sense of fatalism and impotence too, when only a philosophical or religious  attitude can save the day. Venus is very important in the Imperial Japan’s Chart, because Taurus, Venus’ Sign, is on the Ascendant, making Venus the Ruling Planet of the whole Chart.

I leave the study of this interesting Synastry at that. In a next post I’ll discuss the same earthquake’s transits in relation to the 1952 Birth Chart of Modern Japan, another intriguing journey.

Look me up, it should be in in a day or two.

Can Astrology make sense of Japan’s earthquake, tsunami and nuclear menace?

First of all let’s examine the Chart of the earthquake itself.  The coordinates used were given by the International Seismological Center,  and are those of the epicenter.

Here it is.

Click to enlarge

Celestial Bodies orbiting parallel to the Earth Equator, with Saturn holding the reins

One thing is immediately apparent, as it was in the Christchurch, NZ, recent quake: many celestial bodies are at the present time orbiting parallel to the Earth’s Equator, including the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Chiron in Pisces (Sign just South of the Equator), and also Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn respectively in Aries and Libra (both Equatorial Signs).

This alignment on the mid-drift of the Earth could by itself increase the possibility of severe seismic and volcanic activity. Another one is the grouping of  many celestial bodies on one side of the sky while only Saturn stands alone on the other side.  Here is an interesting article by Australian astrologer Ed Tamplin on the astrological factors often involved in earthquakes and in particular on the role of Saturn.

The Sabian symbol for the degree occupied by Saturn (16th of Libra) reads: ‘a boat landing washed away(!!!).

To make this symbolic connection even more significant Saturn will transit  this degree between March 5 and 20, two entire weeks, due to retrogradation.

The middle degree of Libra is the starting point of the so called Via Combusta too, a section of the Zodiac, between the middle of Libra and the middle of Scorpio, that is considered unpredictable, unstable, even dangerous in the practice of  Horary Astrology.

Symbolically then Saturn seems to play an important part in this event.

The local Horizon-Meridian Axis in Fixed Signs

Not surprising to students of Astrology the four Fixed Signs were on the Horizon and Meridian of that time and place, Leo on the Ascendant, Aquarius on the Descendant, while Taurus and Scorpio are found on the Mid-Heaven and Lower-Heaven respectively. Because Leo was on the Ascendant the Sun is ruler of this Chart and is placed in the Eighth House of Death and Loss, together with Mars, Uranus and Mercury. Saturn is instead in the Second House, which in a Mundane Chart like this one represents the wealth of the nation, its financial institutions etc. Already in deep troubles before the event these were dealt a terrible blow by the enormity of this disaster.

It is a well known astrological tenet that Fixed Signs have greater propensity for earthquakes and all kinds of violent disasters, offering stronger resistance to all changes.

I cite here just a few recent examples I have personally observed:

  • The Christchurch’s (New Zealand) earthquake of February 22, 2011: Ascendant in Taurus, Descendant in Scorpio, Mid-Heaven in Aquarius, Lower-Heaven in Leo.
  • Category 5 Cyclone Yasi in North Queensland, on February 3, 2011: Ascendant in Scorpio, Descendant in Taurus, Mid-Heaven in Leo, Lower-Heaven in Aquarius.
  • New Moon on the day cyclone Yasi struck Queensland coast: Ascendant in Taurus, Descendant in Scorpio, Mid-Heaven in Aquarius, Lower-Heaven in Leo.
  • The Tibetan Earthquake of April 14 2010, which killed nearly 3.000 people : Ascendant in Taurus, Descendant in Scorpio, Mid-Heaven in Capricorn, Lower-Heaven in Cancer.
  • The massive Haiti earthquake of January 12 2010 that killed more than 200.000 people . This event was preceded by two Eclipses, a Lunar on December 31 2009 and a Solar on January 15 2010. At the times of both these Eclipses in Haiti the Horizon and Meridian were also in Fixed Signs. During the Moon Eclipse: Ascendant in Taurus, Descendant in Scorpio, Mid-Heaven in Aquarius, Lower-Heaven in Leo. And during the Sun Eclipse: Ascendant in Scorpio, Descendant in Taurus, Mid-Heaven in Leo, Lower-Heaven in Aquarius.

These would be  indeed very strange coincidences if Astrology could not explain them as it does!

The relevant articles on these events can be found via these links: New Zealand’s February Quake ~ Cyclone Yasi in North Queensland ~ Tibetan Earthquake of April 14 2010 ~ Haiti Earthquake of January 12 2010 ~

Parallels and Counter-Parallels

Studying the Earthquake Chart, apart from many traditional aspects, I have observed a number of Parallel and Counter-Parallels of Declination. These aspects are special because they are not measured in longitudinal distance but rather in declination, North or South of the Ecliptic (Earth’s orbit). Celestial Bodies occupying the same degree of declination North or South are said to be in Parallel, while those on the same degree of declination but in different hemisphere are said to be in Counter-Parallel.

These aspects are important, the Parallel acting in a similar way to conjunctions and the Counter-Parallels to oppositions.

I have found that the Sun, ruler of the Earthquake Chart, was in Parallel to Saturn (similar to a conjunction to Saturn, considered traditionally unfortunate) and Counter-Parallel to Jupiter (similar to an opposition to Jupiter, also traditionally inauspicious),  while Jupiter and Saturn were in Counter-Parallel to each other (similar to an opposition). The actual opposition between Jupiter and Saturn not that far away, becoming exact on March 31. The Counter-Parallel anticipating the opposition’s effect.

Furthermore Mercury was in Counter-parallel to Uranus (similar to an opposition), another significant connection between these two.

The Ingress of Uranus in Aries

Astrologers are rightly having a field day with the ingress of Uranus in Aries coinciding so closely to this massive earthquake and its aftermath. It is nearly too perfect to be true, especially now that we are all anxiously waiting for news of those damaged nuclear reactors, that actually contain radioactive Uranium which is dangerously heating up (Aries Fire)!

Due to the present nuclear dread in Fukushima and others nuclear plants in Japan, Uranium stocks are falling on the stock market in Australia, country that produces more than 30% of the economically exploitable Uranium in the world. This seems to be in accord with the general planetary trends pointing to another downturn period for the global economy.

In my previous post on the Japanese event I stressed the importance of Mercury as a medium for the Uranian energy, entering Aries only two days before. But there are many other angles from which we can look at this Uranus astrologically, to try to understand why, of all days in a year when huge transits occur, this one day brought about such catastrophe.

To penetrate the mystery we need to look at other aspects Uranus was forming on the day, as well as at the link with other cosmic events, like the two Eclipses that have preceded the earthquake (Lunar on December 21 2010 and Solar on January 4 2011). And also we need to place these transits in the context of Japan’s Birth Charts (1889 and 1952).

On the day of the earthquake and tsunami Uranus, on the 29th degree of Pisces, was still forming a semi-sextile to Neptune on the 29th degree of Aquarius, transit that had been exact in mid-January. Due to the slowness of these two planets the angle was separating  by less than a degree (49 minutes of arc), still very close.  Mercury in early Aries was forming the same aspect (semi-sextile) with Chiron in early Pisces. Considering the nature of this event, sudden and violent (Uranus on the cusp Pisces-Aries) and beginning under the sea (Neptune) the transit fits the bill perfectly, also considering that this was the very last day these two planets would have been in Mutual Reception (one in the Sign of the other and viceversa), relationship that began when Uranus entered Pisces in 2003. At the same time there is another active Mutual Reception between Mars in Pisces (Sign ruled by Jupiter-Neptune) and Jupiter in Aries (Sign ruled by Mars). This relationship Mars-Jupiter, between Water and Fire Signs, is also very appropriate to the nature of the event, expressing itself violently and from a sea location (Mars in Pisces), and with great and expanding power (Jupiter in Aries magnifying the fiery nature of  Mars in the watery realm of Pisces). I feel all this to be remarkable.

Of great interest is also the fact that all the Full Moons since September 2010 have been on the 29th degree of the Signs, so that the degrees of both Uranus and Neptune have been activated by these Lunations, including the Total Eclipse of the Moon of December 21 2010, the day of the Capricorn Solstice. During this lunar eclipse the Sun and Moon were on the 29th degree of Sagittarius and Gemini therefore forming a square with the transiting Uranus and a sextile and trine with the transiting Neptune, aspects that became more exact by the time of the Japanese earthquake. Even the Lunar Nodes, eclipses’ signposts,  that were, at the time of the lunar eclipse, in early Capricorn and Cancer, reached the 28th degree of Sagittarius and Gemini at the time of the earthquake in Japan! We can definitely connect this powerful eclipse with the recent events in Japan. Mars exalted, strong in Capricorn, was separating from a conjunction to Pluto and approaching a square to Saturn in Libra at the time of the eclipse, showing the inherent dangers for the weeks and months ahead, eclipses always having an extended effect in time.

Jupiter was also close to conjunct Uranus for the last time before entering Aries in January, so Jupiter was augmenting the power of Uranus as well. At the time of the Solar Eclipse of January 4 2011 the last conjunction became exact, the solar eclipse making this transit truly powerful and far reaching, as this massive earthquake has demonstrated.

At present Jupiter, obviously another major actor in these events, is also separating from a 90 degrees angle to Pluto in Capricorn, that became exact on February 26, a potentially very destructive and deeply transforming angle, Jupiter enhancing also the power of the Underworld God. 

Read more on the December 21 Lunar Eclipse HERE. And the January 4 Solar Eclipse HERE.

Here is are two double wheel Charts. The top one has the Japan Earthquake Chart in the inner wheel and the Lunar Eclipse Chart on the outer wheel. The bottom one has the Japan Earthquake in the inner wheel and the Solar Eclipse in the outer wheel.  All Charts are calculated for the coordinates of Hoshu.

Please note the position of the Moon, transiting the Sign of Gemini during both the earthquake and lunar eclipse, the end of Gemini during the eclipse, and the beginning of Gemini at the time of the earthquake. More about the Moon in Gemini later.

The Earthquake Chart and the Total Lunar Eclipse of December 21 2010

Click to enlarge

The Earthquake Chart and the Solar Eclipse of January 4 2011

Click to enlarge

The earthquake’s transits become even more remarkable when we look at them over the backdrop of the two Birth Charts of Japan.

Here I consider some of the connections between these transits and the Imperial Chart of 1889.

Imperial Japan Birth Chart (1889) activated by the Earthquake’s Transits

Click to enlarge

The Moon in Gemini

If the entrance of Uranus in Aries, plus the Sun and three planets in the Eighth House of Death weren’t enough, the transiting Moon, at the time of the quake, had just entered Gemini, a significant placement for Japan, because the Moon happened also to transit Gemini in Japan’s Imperial Chart of 1889 as well as the Modern Japan’s Chart of 1952.

Strange enough the Moon happened also to transit Gemini at the time of the magnitude 9.1 Sumatra’s earthquake and tsunami of December 26 2004, and the more recent Indonesian tsunami of October 25, 2010. As well as at the time of the first salvos on Krakatoa, on August 26 1883, and when the three big blasts of the same eruption occurred, on August 27 1883.

All this seems to show a different face of the airy and light Gemini Moon of astrological lore!

The Moon was also involved in significant transits with some of this event’s major actors, on the day disaster struck. The Moon was in fact in aspect to Mercury, catalyst of the Uranian energy; Saturn, the planet modern astrologers call the Lord of Karma and the ancients recognized as the root-cause of earth tremors, ruling as it does the Earth plane; Chiron, planet of collective suffering and healing; Uranus, planet of sudden and unexpected events; Neptune, God of the Oceans and all that happens therein; and the Lunar Nodes, the axis of destiny, connected with recent eclipses. As I will explain a bit later the Moon’s aspects to Mercury and Saturn seem particularly relevant here, due to the role of these planets in the event when compared to the Birth Charts of Japan.

Naught degree of Gemini is also the middle of the Pleiades Star Cluster in the constellation of Taurus. These stars were considered by some writers to have an evil influence, causing bereavement, mourning, sorrows and tragedies, and also abundant rains and floods, their name meaning ‘The Rainy Stars’. The Star Alcyone, most brilliant amongst the Seven Sisters, was perfectly conjunct the transiting Moon at the time. All the Pleiades were known in antiquity as the Sailor’s Stars.

According to Arab astrologers when the Moon was transiting the Mansion connected with these stars (Al Thurayya, the Many Little Ones) one could plant and sow but do not marry or travel by water.

Other amazing connections between Japan’s Imperial Birth Chart and the earthquake’s transits

  • The transiting Moon is conjunct Imperial Japan’s Neptune and Pluto. Now this is something!  Being born with a conjunction Neptune-Pluto the nation of Japan was destined to experience destructive upheavals and profound transformations involving the sea (Neptune) and the depths of the Earth (Pluto). It also shows Imperial Japan’s fascination and delusional aspirations (Neptune) for power and war (Pluto); heroic ideals that were utterly defeated in the Second World War. Hiroshima and Nagasaki come to mind, as well as the constant fear of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions with which the Japanese people have learnt to live. The fact that now Japan is also facing the prospect of melt down in some of its nuclear power plants shows the connection Moon-Pluto in action. This, together with the transits of Uranus, is proving indeed disastrous. And there is more, because the transiting Moon was also at right angle to Imperial Japan’s Mercury in early Pisces, while the transiting Neptune and Chiron are both conjunct the same Mercury and at right angle with the transiting Moon as well as Japan’s Neptune and Pluto! The Moon, in this type of Chart, is said to represent the people. So meaningfully connected with these destiny makers (conjunction Neptune-Pluto, square transiting Neptune-Chiron etc.) the Moon is a symbol here of the great loss of human lives.
  • The significant role of Mercury is confirmed by the fact that transiting Mercury (major activator of Uranus on the cups of Aries) was also approaching a sesqui-square (135 degrees) to Japan’s Saturn in Leo, while, at the same time, transiting Saturn in Libra was sesqui-square Japan’s Mercury in Pisces. This is what astrologers like to call a ‘double whammy’, the repeat of the same aspect, putting a strong accent on the power of these planets in the unfolding of this particular event. The double aspect was possible because the two Saturn (the transiting one and Japan’s) are close to a sextile aspect (60 degrees), a positive aspect, showing perhaps how early warning, strict building regulations and many other cautionary measures have saved many in the circumstances, the positive aspects of Saturn indicating caution and forethought.

Please check my next posts for more on the astrological signature of the Japan event. There are in fact many more meaningful aspects to be considered, in particular the connection with the 1952 Birth Chart of Modern Japan.

Japan Earthquake, March 11, 2011

A massive earthquake has hit Japan  at 2.46 pm (AEDST = 9 hours East of GMT).  It was followed by an horrific tsunami event, for which alarms have been sent to numerous countries, as far as the Chilean coast, across the Pacific.

The quake struck at sea, but devastated the Eastern coastline, with the Tsunami said to have reached 10 km inland in some place. The death toll is unknown, but could rise into the thousands.

This is the biggest earthquake to hit Japan in 140 years, and apparently the seventh biggest seismic event in the whole world, magnitude 8.9, according to the US Geological survey.

Astrologers would be forgiven to think that the imminent ingress of Uranus in Aries, on March 12, has something to do with it all.

By itself  however even this significant cosmic event couldn’t explain the scale of this ongoing disaster, if we weren’t also aware of other important synchronicities. Like, for instance, catalyst Mercury, fastest planet in the Solar System and ancient Messenger of the Gods, just separating from a conjunction to Uranus, the day before the earthquake. And Neptune, also on the threshold of a new Sign, on the 29th degree of Aquarius, and in semi-sextile aspect to Uranus on the 29th degree of Pisces. We shouldn’t also forget that the last Full Moons, since September 2010, have occurred on the 29th degree of zodiacal Signs, and that one of these FUll Moons corresponded to a Total Eclipse of the Moon, on the very day of the Capricorn Solstice, a traditional astrological year opener.

Another curious fact is that the next Full Moon, on the 28th degree of Virgo, on March 19, will be the closest to planet Earth in the whole year (Moon at perigee). Some observers think that this has a lot to do with the extremity of this event as well.

Time is running out for my lapttop battery and solar batteries too. Frustrating, but I can’t go on for the moment.

More about this incredible event in my next post.

For the moment these are the preliminary Charts for the study of the March 2011 Japanese Earthquake.

North-Eastern Coast of Japan Earthquake, March 11, 2.46 pm, local time

Click to enlarge

Japan Birth Chart 1889, February 11, 10.30 am

Click to enlarge

Modern Japan Birth Chart 1952, April 28, 10.30 pm

Click to enlarge

Double Wheel Japan 1889 and the transits of the March 11 2011 Earthquake

Click to enalrge

Double Wheel Japan 1952 and the transits of the March 11 2011 Earthquake

Click to enlarge



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Libra Partial Moon Eclipse on March 23 2016; visible everywhere from Australia…

Luna by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan

Luna by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan

This Lunar Eclipse will be a Partial one, the Earth’s shadow only in part occulting the Full Moon disk. All over Australia we are well positioned to observe this important cosmic event, around Moon rising time, in particular Eastern Australia that will witness the entire event.

The Eclipse will also be visible in its entirety in the Pacific Ocean, the Western parts of North America (Eclipse at Moon setting), New Zealand and Japan. Only part of the partial Eclipse will be observable in Central and Eastern Asia.

None of this Eclipse will be observable instead from Eastern parts of the American continent, Europe or Africa.

This Libra Full Moon Eclipse coincides with the opening of the new astrological season at the Aries Equinox, that occurred just three days ago (March 20, 3 pm). The degrees directly aligned to the event are the third degree of Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.

An interesting fact is that this particular Eclipse is the mirror image of the Total Lunar Eclipse we observed in September 2015, same degrees highlighted, with Sun and Moon occupying each other degree at the previous event. This will manifest as a significant period of major changes and realizations, particularly in the area of personal relationships, whose root causes could be traced back to the second half of 2015. People directly aligned to this event are:

  • Librans born between the 23rd and 27th of September
  • Aries born between the 21 and 25 of March of any year
  • Cancer born between the 22nd and 26th of June
  • Capricorn born between the 22nd and 26th of December, of any year
  • Or anyone with the first to fifth degree of the above Signs occupied by the Moon, the Ascendant, Mid-Heaven or a planet in their Birth Charts.

Visibility Times in Australia

In Eastern Australia the complete Eclipse (maximum occultation) will occur around 11 pm (Australian Eastern Summer Time), while the whole event will take four hours and fifteen minutes to unfold.

Here are the viewing times for major cities and town in Australia:

Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne: Eclipse starts at 8.39 pm of 23rd and ends at 54 minutes past midnight of March 24.

Brisbane and Cairns: Eclipse starts at 7.39 pm and ends at 11.54 pm.

Adelaide: Eclipse starts at 8.09 pm of 23rd and ends at 24 minutes past midnight of March 24.

Darwin and Alice Springs: Eclipse starts at 7.09 pm and ends at 11.24 pm.

Perth: Eclipse starts at 5.39 pm and ends at 9.54 pm.

Let’s hope the weather leaves the sky clear to enjoy this cosmic alignment!

December 2011, Stars over Wollumbin, our Southern skies


December: get out your night goggles to watch some magnificent sky-walkers:

Jupiter, in the East, and Venus, in the West, are King and Queen of the night.

Mercury is hiding again, between Earth and Sun, for most of this month

Mars is becoming brighter and is more elevated above the horizon

Saturn rises low in the South-East before sunrise, elusive but visible

Other events

~ Meteors Showers, Geminid and Ursid ~ a Total Lunar Eclipse on December 10/11 ~

*MERCURY, in retro motion in Tropical Sagittarius since November 23,  is changing from Evening to Morning Star, moving from the Western sky after sunset to the Eastern sky before dawn, after forming an Inferior Conjunction with the Sun on December 4.

Mercury will remain invisible until the end of December, re-emerging  in the South-East after December 20. On December 22/23 it could be easier to spot him (-0.4 magnitude) because of his vicinity to the tiny Balsamic Moon (two days before New Moon)  and also his alignment to the star Antares (alpha of Scorpio constellation).

VENUS: Venus is becoming brighter every day, also more available for observation because she will remain longer in the western sky after sunset.  Her magnitude will be around -3.9 throughout the month.

Venus and the tiny Crescent Moon (two days past New Moon) will appear very close in the evening of December 27.

Venus will reach her maximum brightness at the end of April 2012 (-4.5 magnitude), her maximum elongation or longitudinal distance from the Sun expected at the end of March.

Click HERE to view a cool graphic of the pentagram or five pointed stars formed during the eight years Venus/Sun’s basic cycle.


*MARS: it will be easier to spot Mars this month, rising in the East a bit earlier every day. The Red Planet is also becoming brighter, from +0.7 to +0.2 magnitude. mars will be already well above the Eastern horizon by month’s end. He will remain relatively close to the two major stars of Leo constellation, Denebola and Regulus. 

On December 18 the last Quarter Moon will transit in the vicinity of Mars, in the East, from one am until sunrise. providing a bright clue to spot Mars.

JUPITER: as it gets dark in the evening Jupiter can be observed already high above the Eastern horizon this month. He is very bright, at around -2.7 magnitude.

The Giant Planet is rapidly moving North-West, setting earlier as December advances, between two and three am at the start of December and  just after midnight by the end of the month.

Jupiter is transiting against the backdrop of Cetus (the Whale constellation). He will be caught up in the Sun’s glare in mid-May 2012.

On December 6 and 7 the Waxing Gibbous Moon will be visually close to Jupiter for good part of the night.

In December Saturn makes his return to visibility, appearing higher above the Eastern horizon before sunrise, rising in our mid-southern latitudes about 3 am.

In early April 2012 Saturn will reach his maximum elongation (distance) from the Sun and so also its greatest brilliance (+0.2 magnitude). In the month of December Saturn will shine at +0.8 magnitude only.

Saturn will still be transiting near the the alpha star of Virgo, Spica, the ear of corn in the maiden’s hand. On December 21 the Waning Moon will be aligned to both Saturn and Spica,  in the East before sunrise.

Other major astronomical events in December

A Total Lunar Eclipse in the Tropical Sign of  Gemini is on the cards for the Full Moon of December 10/11 (depending where you are in the world).

This Eclipse will be visible in its totality in most regions of Russia, the whole of Asia, including South East Asia, in China, Japan, the two Koreas, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia. It will not be visible from South America or Antarctica, and only partially from Europe, Africa, Mexico, North America and parts of Canada. 

The Nasa site discussing this Total Moon Eclipse can be found HERE.

Meteors Showers are expected this month too, the Geminid and the Ursid. The Southern Hemisphere will be ideal to watch the first one, while the second will be visible only for people North of the Equator.

The Geminid will reach its peak on December 13,14 and 15, but some of its meteors could be glimpsed between December 6 and 19. Unfortunately the big Waning Moon (Disseminating Phase, after the Full Moon on December 10) may conceal many of its shooting stars (up to 80/120 per hour! One of the best meteors showers of the year). The spectacle will be worth the effort of rising early though, especially if you live away from city lights.

The constellation of Gemini, from which this shower radiates, rises before midnight in mid-latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere, so there would be many hours of opportunity for observation. The shooting stars will appear to generate in the vicinity of Castor (with Pollux, one of the Twin stars of the constellation Gemini), situated just below the Moon for southern observers. These meteors actually originate from the Asteroid Phaeton, an unusual occurrence because most showers come instead from comets.

The Ursid meteors shower (visible only to Northern observers), will have the advantage of a darker sky, its peak occurring two days before New Moon, on December 22 and 23. The shower itself goes on from December 17 to 25. The Small Bear or Little Dipper constellation, the place from where this shower radiates, is a circumpolar constellation, meaning that it does not rise above the horizon sufficiently in southern latitudes.  This shower has less meteors than the previous one, 20-15 per hour, occasionally more. It originates from a comet called 8P/Tuttle.

For a historical take on Sun Spots and Flares please navigate to some interesting article on HERE.


All the Sky Snapshots have been generated using Stellarium, a wonderful Planetarium freeware software.

Information for the Sky Events has been gathered from these web sites:


June, the month to observe six members of our Solar Family


~ Jupiter at dawn in the eastern sky ~ Mercury, just emerged from darkness, low on the eastern horizon, below bright Jupiter ~ Venus in the western evening sky, for a couple of hours after sunset ~ Mars and Saturn in the North-West at dusk and through the night ~ With a pair of good binoculars we could even spot far away Uranus close to Jupiter in the eastern sky before sunrise ~


MERCURY has re-appeared as a Morning Star, very faintly at first, at the end of May. It will remain visible until mid-June, but very low in the eastern horizon in the pre-dawn sky, below much brighter and more elevated Jupiter, reaching its Superior Conjunction with the Sun on June 28.


VENUS will trace her bright course between the Twin Stars Castor and Pollux (alpha and beta of Gemini constellation) until mid-June, setting with the Beehive Cluster in constellation Cancer by June 19 (find snapshots in the June Calendar of Observable Events, below).

Our Sister Planet will remain the beautiful Evening Star until October 2010. In June it will remain around magnitude -3.9 (its maximum being -4), and also spend more time in the night sky, setting at 8 pm, three hours after the winter Sun (in Southern Latitudes), by the end of June.

The Evening Star’s incarnation of Venus represents a collective opportunity to become more self-reflective, acknowledging our contribution to any relationship issues we may be experiencing. The Goddess of Love is looking deeper into our hearts and show us the way to a less self-centred and more aware kind of loving, (see also Venus in Cancer  post).


MARS‘ light keeps diminishing this month. You can spot Mars in the evening in the North-West, relatively low above the horizon,  reddish in colour, rising in daylight and setting  just before midnight in mid-June. It will be easily spotted on June 6/7 when it will conjunct Regulus, alpha Star of Leo, and, again, on June 16/17 when it will be close to the Waxing Crescent Moon (find snapshots in the June Calendar of Observable Events, below).


JUPITER, after emerging from the glare of the Sun in March, is now a very bright star, rising at midnight and very conspicuous in the east until sunrise, with the backdrop of the Pisces constellation. By the end of June Jupiter will rise at midnight. Jupiter will become brighter and brighter as the year advances, reaching its greatest brilliance in its whole 11.8 years cycle just in time for the Libra Equinox 2010 (September 21). This is due to the fact the giant planet will reach its perihelion, closest position in relation to the Sun, in March 2011.


There is a companion to Jupiter in the pre-dawn sky, though invisible, so you will need a good pair of binoculars to spot it, 0.4 degrees above Jupiter. It is giant Uranus, spinning at right angle to everyone else, a bluish/green star-like object. Jupiter is -2.4 magnitude and Uranus at 5.8, dim but still the brightest object in the vicinity of Jupiter.

Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct for the first time in nearly 14 years on June 9, and they are nearly as bright as they can be, their opposition from the Sun getting closer. It will be exact on September 22, just as the Sun prepares to enter Tropical Libra (Spring-Autumn Equinox), opposing them only five hours apart from each other. Jupiter and Uranus meet cyclically (synodic cycle) every 13.7 years. This time they are playing a prolonged duet, though, meeting twice in 2010 (June 9 and September 22) and a third time on January 2, 2011. This is a rarer opportunity for the energies of these planets to blend for a sustained period, so exerting a greater overall influence over the affairs of the whole year. The last time Jupiter and Uranus met three times was in 1983, 27 years ago.

Animation of the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus in 2010/11, from Martin J.Powell astronomical site, can be found HERE.


By the end of June Saturn will rise around midday and set around midnight. Saturn emanates a yellowish light, easily spotted between Regulus of constellation Leo and Spica of constellation Virgo, not far from Mars.Like Mars, Saturn also is becoming dimmer this month, around  +1 magnitude, moving away from the Earth at an angle that will cause its rings to become thinner, reflecting less sunlight.

The Moon will be conjunct Saturn on June 18 (find snapshots in the June Calendar of Observable Events, below).


Full Moon in Capricorn, Lunar Eclipse, June26

A Partial Eclipse of the Full Moon is due on June 26. It will happen in the Tropical Sign of  Capricorn, with the Sun in the opposite Sign of Cancer. I re-post here the article I wrote concerning this Eclipse in the 2010 Forecast post (June to September):

Click to enlarge

The Eclipses, once again, accompany the change of season, a significant fact that will make their influence more marked and also longer lasting.

The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse is Partial, visible after sunset from Australasia, and before sunrise in western South and North America.

The Moon, central to the whole interpretation, is transiting in close proximity to Pluto in Capricorn, separated from the position of this planet, as projected on the ecliptic, by a mere 0 degrees and 41 minutes of longitude. The Sun then is of course exactly 180 degrees away from the Moon and also Pluto. Even by itself this configuration would heighten the intensity of the ecliptic Moon, but there is much more. Mercury is in Cancer with the Sun on the day, while Jupiter and Uranus, still conjunct in Aries, are 90 degrees away from both Sun and Moon; while Saturn in Virgo, opposite to them, is also in a wide 90 degrees angle to Sun and Moon. This configuration is known as a Grand Cross, usually connecting four celestial bodies, but, in this case, linking instead seven: Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn.

Grand Crosses are tough, tight knots, forcing planets to work together, especially problematic if difficult planets are involved, as here are Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, heavy weights of the Zodiac. This Eclipse seems to draw attention and energize the knotty transits coming into activity during this season, the squares and opposition of Saturn to Pluto and Jupiter-Uranus respectively; more about these specific transits later. Some intensely emotional events can be the result of such a configuration corresponding with the time of an eclipse, because the combined forces of Jupiter and Uranus in Aries will create a fierce opposition to the might of Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, also challenging each other: a time of quickening, a protracted labour inducing the birth of the New (a forceps birth rather than a gentle water birth). Unavoidably astrologers would notice the similarity between this event and the last lunar eclipse of 2009 (or first eclipse of 2010, depending where you were at the time), the one that preceded the Haiti and Chile’s disasters. The Sun and Moon were then placed in the Sign each other occupies in the June eclipse, on opposite hemispheres. The Sun was separating from a conjunction to Pluto and both Sun and Moon were widely square Saturn in Libra. But there is a great difference too.

All Eclipses are grouped under one specific number, known as their Saros number. A Saros group begins with a particular eclipse; other eclipses follow, at an interval of 18 years approximately, all falling around the same degree of longitude.

So, for instance, the Lunar Eclipse of June 26 2010 belongs to the Saros number 120. This group of Lunar Eclipses began with one that took place on October 5, 982 AD, close to the beginning of the last Millennium. The Eclipse that began a series is said to give its colour, tone and vibration to the lot of them. Therefore it is very important to study the first Eclipse of a Saros series to get a feel of what we are dealing with. This first eclipse of the series shows a highly charged Horoscope, but also one with many redeeming factors. The Saros number of the December eclipse instead began with an extremely difficult eclipse in 1000 AD, showing more clearly the potential destructive nature of all the following eclipses of the same number.

For an in-depth reading of the major transits of Saturn and others, for the present and near future, please visit 2010 Forecast page.





Information and pictures to make you better acquainted with your southern night sky

The different lighting of some of the pictures is due to the time the snapshots of the Planetarium were taken.



JUNE 6: the Waning Moon, just past the Last Quarter Phase, will join Jupiter and invisible Uranus in the pre-dawn sky. The snapshot of this event was taken looking East, just before 6 am.

JUNE 6 and 7: Mars is today and tomorrow very close to the Star Regulus, the little King in the constellation Leo. This is a great colour contrast, with red Mars and white-blue Regulus.

The snapshot of this event was taken looking toward the North, at around 7 pm. In ancient times this conjunction would spell the violent or sudden  death of a king or ruler.

Click to enlarge

JUNE 7: Venus is setting very close to Castor, one of the Gemini Twin Stars. While Mars is s still very close to Regulus, the Little King Star (alpha of Leo constellation). A great time to observe Gemini and Leo Stars.

Below is a snapshot of this event, looking toward the West around 6 pm.

JUNE 15: Venus has now moved higher than Castor and Pollux, the Twin Stars, but the tiny Crescent Moon is joyning her in a beautiful display. Here is a snapshot of this event, looking toward the North-West, just before 6 pm.

JUNE 17: the Moon will become conjunct Mars and Regulus tonight. This snapshot was taken looking toward the North-West, just before 7 pm.

JUNE 18-19: the Moon will be close to the conjunction with Saturn over these two days, against the backdrop of the Virgo constellation. This snapshot was taken on June 19 around 10 pm.

JUNE 20: Venus can be seen setting in the Beehive Nebula of constellation Cancer. Here is a snapshot of this event, taken looking toward the West, around 6 pm.

JUNE 20: the Moon is just 04 degrees far from Spica, the Ear of Corn Star in the hand of the Virgin constellation.

Here is a snapshot of the event, taken looking toward the West, around 7 pm.

JUNE 24: the Moon can be oberved very close to the alpha Star of Scorpio, Antares. The snapshot was taken, looking toward the North-West, just before 8 pm.



All the Sky Snapshots have been generated using Stellarium, a wonderful Planetarium freeware software.

Information for the Sky Events has been gathered from these web sites:


JUNE 15: Venus has

The historical significance of the transits active at the Libra Equinox 2011

'storm' by christine robinson ~

With the ingress of the Sun in Libra, on September 23, we have began another league of our yearly journey.

In the Southern Hemisphere, where I live, this Equinox means the onset of spring, fireflies in the garden, the scent of jasmines and wisterias in the air. The Sun is now shining overhead on the Equator, slowly moving southward toward the Tropic of Capricorn where it will culminate at the December Solstice (Capricorn ingress).

In this peaceful, glorious corner of the Earth we  seem somehow to be enclosed in a magic bubble, far away from the strife and trials of so many people out there. The spring weather contributes to the illusion that all is well, life is great.

The international news present another reality all together: financial markets free falling, banks on the brink all over the place, and many matters coming to a climax in numerous hot spots around the world; famine, natural disasters, wars, civil wars and terrorism. People are moving ‘en masse’, from county to country, a truly great exodus that will be remembered in the annals of history.

For years now the times around Equinoxes and Solstices have been more critical than other periods, because, entering a Cardinal Sign, the Sun is aligning with three major destiny makers, Uranus in Aries (opposition on September 26), Pluto in Capricorn (square on September 28), Saturn in Libra (conjunction on October 14).

Here is the Chart of the Libra Ingress of the Sun, calculated for the coordinates of Wollumbin, NSW, Australia.

The opposition Sun-Uranus leads the way, indicating sudden turns of events in the world stage as well as in our individual lives. Conflicts of wills, confrontation between uncompromising and self-righteous viewpoints.  Also fighting for independence and autonomy, clash with authority, defiance, conflicting ideologies. Also scientific discoveries and breakthroughs; and all sort of exciting developments. Positively the energy can be electrifying,  encouraging us to think with our own head and refuse conventional stereotyping.

The square (90 degrees angle) between the Sun and Pluto soon followed the Equinox (September 28), adding the determination to struggle to liberate ourselves from outworn conditions and relationship, with the readiness to pay dearly for achieving the changes we want. Happening as they do so close to the actual Equinox the Uranus-Pluto-Sun contact will colour the whole season. Furthermore Uranus is now only a couple of degrees separated from the square with Pluto, transit that will dominates the whole of 2012 and beyond.

On October 14 the Sun will meet Saturn in Libra, their yearly conjunction. Always a time to ponder and assess the work done and the work left undone, to ground our ideas on solid foundation, to start something that will last.

Considering all the above we shouldn’t be surprised then to find lots of Uranian and Plutonian stuff in the news, while we may have to prepare for some Saturn effect to become obvious in the very near future.

On September 23, just in time for the Equinox, Mahmoud Abbas made his historical speech at the UN  Security Council Assembly in New York, submitting an official request for a Palestinian statehood. This has been an unprecedented,  risk taking, unexpected, assertive stand by Palestinians, defiant of the USA promise to veto. The Sun-Uranus-Pluto transits tie very well with this event, together with other transits active at the same time: Moon conjunct Mars in Leo (assertion, courage), Moon-Mars trine Uranus (rebellion, defiance), square Jupiter (confidence, hope), sesquisquare Pluto (need to redress wrongs), and in semi-square with the South Node (tackling unfinished business from the past); all this while Jupiter retrograde is getting closer to the second pass of his trine to Pluto (belief in the possibility of radical changes), the most important non solar transit of the season.

Abbas received a standing ovation at the end of his speech. This response has shown the growing world support for the Palestinian cause (with few exceptions) and also the general unease with the present Israeli government standing on the matter.

I found very interesting that in the remote Middle Ages Uranus happened to also transit Aries at the time of the First Crusade, fought by the Catholic West to reconquer the territory of Palestine and Jerusalem from the Islamic Turkish Empire. Uranus transited Aries between 1089 and 1097.

It was Pope Urban II who called the First Crusade in November 1095, throwing a ball of contention between East and West that is still rolling today. The response to his call to arm was overwhelming. Many were allured by the promise of spiritual ‘indulgences’, guaranteeing a place in Heaven for those who were killed while fighting the infidels (sound familiar?). This first Crusade was fought between 1096 and 1099. It proved a successful campaign for the Christians who won back Jerusalem from the Turkish Empire.

Looking back at the more recent Uranus in Aries periods we can see that they have been also rich with events that dramatically changed the course of world history.

This is what I wrote in a previous post on the effect of the last passage of Uranus in Aries, 1927/34: “Historically Uranus was in Aries the last time between 1927 and 1934, an epoch that saw the rapid growth of armament in the world, in preparation for the Second Great War, an age of political turmoil and unrest, fueled by the global depression and the socio-political aftermath of the previous Great War. That age witnessed the growth of right wing movements all over the globe, from Latin America to Germany. On the other hand this was also the New Deal period in the States and an extremely prolific period in literature and the arts, one that truly modernized our concept of culture. The whole period was the start of something quite different at many levels“.

A few examples of the effects of Uranus in Aries during its previous passage, 1943/1850: in 1848 Marx and Engels published the Communist Manifesto while social uprisings of the exploited masses took place in most European countries (with the exception of Russia,the Netherlands and the UK), spreading even to South America, only to be ruthlessly repressed.  Over 50 countries became involved. According to a Wikipedia article: “It was the first (and only) Europe-wide collapse of traditional authority…”

Also in 1848 Elizabeth Cady Stanton, an American activist and reformer, organized the first Women Convention in Seneca Falls, New York, to demand universal suffrage and other human rights for women. Stanton and her supporters started something that, two Uranus’ cycles later, is not yet completed, with some countries still denying the rights of women to be equal citizens. This present Uranus in Aries period may hopefully guarantee women suffrage everywhere.

For further information about Uranus in Aries, please click the links below to read some of my Living Moon’s posts including the subject.

The Science of  Uranus in Aries

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From the Cancer Solstice to the Libra Equinox 2011

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The 2011 Aries Equinox Sun conjunct Uranus

The Astrology of the Japan earthquake and Tsunami

Finally Uranus in Aries

A Solar Eclipse from the antarctic cold

Click to enlarge

On July 1 the last event of the Descending Node’s Eclipse Season will be another Partial Solar Eclipse, with a difference.

Eclipses have a lineage, starting from a a sort of Mother Eclipse, the one from which all other Eclipses of the same family are born. The partial Eclipse of the Sun on July 1 is such a Matrix event, beginning a family that will engender 69 Eclipses.

Astronomically this particular Eclipse may be considered unimportant when compared with the widely visible and Total Lunar and Solar Eclipses of recent times. Hardly anyone will be able to catch a glimpse of this event, occurring in the icy wastes of Antarctica, at sea, very much south of Southern Africa. To add to the location’s difficulties this is only a partial event of very little magnitude (0.097).

This is how the Eclipse Geeks’ site defines this event: “one of the remotest solar eclipse to occur, even in the modern age, …. challenging to reach…. due to such a remote location is possible that it may go completely unobserved and turn out to be the eclipse no one ever sees.
  And Hermit Eclipse: “…must be almost a record for the most insignificant solar eclipse, a tiny partial eclipse will be visible from a small patch of ocean near Antarctica”.

The Wiki article for this Eclipse, with animations etc., can be found HERE.

From an astrological viewpoint, however, this is an exceptionally significant event, the Matrix of 1226 years of future Eclipses (2011 to 3237), spanning from the Antarctic to the Arctic Circle, from the South to the North Pole. If we trust the knowledge that has been handed down to us, this Eclipse could contain, in embryonic form, the challenges and triumphs of many centuries to come. The Chart cast for the first Eclipse of a series is like the Birth Chart of the whole series, the foundation of all future developments.

Due to the intense nature of the Transits active during this Eclipse all the others belonging to the same series will also usher periods of significant challenges and upheavals for our world.

Here is the Birth Chart of this event, calculated for the coordinates of Canberra, Australia’s national capital.

Click to enlarge

Like the Eclipses that preceded it in June this Eclipse is an active participant in the present configuration of Transits in Cardinal Signs.

At the time of the last Lunar Eclipse (June 15) Mercury in Cancer filled the missing degree of the Cardinal T square formed by Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra. During this event instead it is the New Moon’s degree (Sun and Moon in conjunction) that is filling the same space, completing thus a Grand Cross with the slow moving destiny makers. To name these transits again: the New Moon degree is square (90 degrees) Saturn in Libra, square Uranus in Aries and opposed (180 degrees) to Pluto in Capricorn.

The Cardinal Grand Cross has been the subject of astrological study and commentary by just about every astrological seeker on the planet. It has been our daily bread, since we began to anticipate it at the ingress of Pluto in Capricorn in late 2008. The present Eclipse in Cancer only confirms that the power of this rare configuration is still very much upon us and that the momentum for radical changes and unprecedented upheavals, welcome or dreaded as it might be, is simply unavoidable.

The birthday people aligned to this Cancer Solar Eclipse are Cancer (June30/July2), Capricorn (December31/January2), Aries (March29/31) and Libra (October2 /4); as well as anyone with Moon, Ascendant or planets between the 8th and 10th degree of the above Signs. These are exciting but potentially upsetting times for you, when you will need to look at making important changes in your life, in whatever area that happens to be highlighted by this very special New Moon. Becoming a willing participant in the changes that fate has decreed for you at this crucial time could bring unexpected positive results.

I have found a great example of this in a comment sent to me by a reader named Julia, expressing just the exhilarating effect of changes that may appear at first negative or frightening. Julia says: ” I lost my job after 20 years of hard work and little fun. I have no idea where I am headed. But I feel free and happy”. This is the sort of psychological approach that can transform the dreaded Cardinal Grand Cross into a liberating and empowering experience.

The Cancer Solar Eclipse in Mundane Charts

Here are two double-wheels Charts showing the interaction of the present Cancer Eclipse with the Birth Charts of two nations that are, at the moment, experiencing severe crisis: Greece and Libya.

The Eclipse has been relocated using the coordinates of the national capital of each country.

Greece and the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011

Click to enlarge

Note how the Eclipse Sun-Moon’s degree is close to Greece Saturn-Mercury’s conjunction and to the nation’s Ascendant, and at right angle to Greece’s conjunction Moon-Pluto, while transiting Saturn separates from the same, forming also another right angle with Greece’s Mercury, Saturn and Ascendant. All of this while Uranus perfectly opposes Greece’s Moon and Pluto and forms an ongoing square to Venus. And transiting Pluto, in the VI House, the area pertaining to a nation’s work-force, will be in opposition to Greece Cancer planets ( Venus, Mercury, Saturn) and in square to Greece’s Moon and Pluto in Libra, promising a volatile climate to continue for a long time yet. The Pluto-Venus’ opposition in particular suggests the deep financial crisis and lack of security the Greek people are experiencing, and also the resentment and desire for revenge they are expressing via their violent uprising.

The above sketchy outline shows a strikingly obvious connection of Greece’s Natal Chart to the revolutionary Cardinal Grand Cross.

Furthermore the transiting Mid-heaven in Athens, at the time of the Eclipse, is at right angle to Greece’s Jupiter in the IX House of foreign affairs, and conjunct Greece’s South Node, indicating a time of reckoning for this nation public image, now that past errors (South Node) are exposed.

Transiting Mars is also in perfect opposition to Greece Neptune on the cusp of the VI House, a fit symbol for the chaotic unrest and total confusion reigning in the country at this time, and the fact that the Greek working class has become the unwilling and angry victim of this crisis.

Libya and the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011

Click to enlarge

The civil war raging in Libya since February this year is dramatically expressed by the transits active during this Solar Eclipse.

Uranus, the mover and shaker, is highlighted in many ways: the New Moon’s degree is conjunct Libya’s natal Uranus, in the Tenth House (the country’s public image); while transiting Uranus is very close to a conjunction to Libya’s Jupiter in the area of public relation and open enmity (VII House).The transiting Uranus is also at right angle (square) to Libya’s Chiron in Capricorn, and still in orb of square to Libya’s Sun, also in Capricorn. The latter transits are extremely important because they happen between Libya’s public relations sector (VII House) and its foundation (IV House).

Uranus and Pluto have been shaking the very foundations of Libya as a nation and the mandate of its leadership in particular (Sun). Pluto and Uranus, simultaneously activating Libya’s Sun and Chiron, show how unavoidably painful this Uranian-Plutonian change is proving to be.

Uranus represents, at one and the same time, the two opposing sides of this civil war: the promethean spirit of rebellion against all forms of tyranny, as well as the staunch and intolerant stand of the tyrant himself. And Pluto indicates that the crisis is a terminal one, requiring the eradication of those aspects of the past that have become toxic. Since 2009 the passage of Pluto over Libya’s Sun has demanded a radical new approach to leadership in this country, and, the way things are going, implying perhaps even the death of the leader and of his political grip on Libya.

This country, as many others deeply experiencing the present turmoil (Ireland, Japan, the USA) is also going though a prolonged Saturn Return, a time of restructuring and maturing, a difficult but necessary stage of all growth processes.

Finally transiting Neptune in Pisces is in positive aspect to Libya’s Sun in Capricorn (sextile) and Moon in late Libra, cusp Scorpio. The Moon, representing the common people in Mundane Astrology, has also been activated, over and over again, by recent Full Moon and the all important Total Lunar Eclipse of December 2010, the same that fell on Gaddafi’s own natal Jupiter and squared his Moon (Sunrise Chart). The Neptune Transits describe well the idealism of the Libyan people and their willingness to sacrifice their personal interests and even their lives to achieve the dream of democracy, against very tough odds. An inspiration for all.

Stay tuned for more on the possible effects of this Eclipse on countries like Italy, Ireland, Egypt, the USA and Japan.

If interested HERE you can find another post discussing, amongst other things, the July 1 Solar Eclipse.


Hot spots around the world: Horoscopes for the Ingress of the Sun in Gemini, May 21, 2011

The Sun enters Gemini, May 21, 2011

We are turning another leaf in our Book of Seasons. On May 21 the Sun exits Earthy Taurus to enter Airy Gemini.

Gemini is a Mutable Sign, indicating the changeable nature of the season, the last astrological month (Sign) of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and Spring in the Northern. Time to wrap up the passing season’s experiences and learning and get ready for the new yearly phase beginning at the next Cancer Solstice (June 21 this year).

An important planetary shift is also at hand with the ingress of Jupiter in Taurus on June 4, a transit that will last a whole year.

All I have time for today is posting various Gemini Ingress Horoscopes, cast for different places on the planet. Following each Ingress I’m also posting double-wheel Charts with the Ingress Chart superimposed upon each nation’s Birth Chart.

I thought it may be interesting to compare them. Ingress Charts in fact have been used for thousands of years to predict the fate of people and countries.

In this case though, to get a more complete picture, we also need to consider the upcoming Eclipse Season, starting with the Partial Solar Eclipse of June 1/2 (depending where you are). This Eclipse, and the other two following in mid June (Total Lunar in Sagittarius) and early July (Partial Solar in Cancer), should also be considered in forecasting future trends for these hot-spots countries.

You can find HERE an article I posted earlier on the significance of this Eclipse season and the passage of Jupiter into Taurus.

Another post on the approaching Solar Eclipse of June 1/2 is in the pipeline, to be published soon.


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Weekly Astrological Highlights, April 25 to May 1


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The transits of Venus in Aries come to the fore this week, with the square to Pluto in Capricorn, on Wednesday, April 27, and the opposition to Saturn in Libra on Sunday, May 1.

On May 1 Mars in Aries will also form a conjunction to Jupiter.

The most significant solar aspect will be the 120 degrees angle (trine) to Pluto in Capricorn, exact on Thursday, April 28.


The Moon’s Last Quarter falls in Aquarius on Monday, April 25, beginning the last week of the lunar cycle that was born with the Aries New Moon on April 4. This particular cycle, important because it marked the beginning of the astrological year after the Aries Equinox, started with very intense transits, delivering a month of serious international events, with the deepening nuclear crisis in Japan, the escalating democratic uprising in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere, followed by bloody repression.

We have entered collectively a period during which we may find difficult to cooperate, and when the line of least resistance will be to seek conflict rather than peace. After the Sun entered Taurus few days ago there are still five celestial bodies transiting Aries at the moment, namely Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

The Aquarius Last Quarter phase provides a time for reflection, focusing on global humanitarian issues.  This trend will continue with the Balsamic Moon Phase in the Sign of Pisces on Friday, April 29.

The next New Moon will be in the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus on May 3.

APRIL 27 and 28, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY: Pluto is brought to life by the combined transits from Venus in Aries, today, and the Sun in Taurus, tomorrow, April 28.

On April 27 Venus in Aries is exactly at right angle to Pluto in Capricorn. This transit, as well as the Sun-Pluto’s angle exact tomorrow, will remain active for three/four days, from April 26 to 28.  Individuals directly aligned to this transit are Aries, born March 27 to 30,  Capricorn, born December 28 to 31, Libra, born September 30 to October 3, and Cancer, born June 28 to July 1. Or anyone with Moon, planets or Chart’s Angles around the 7th and 8th degrees of the same Signs.

The Venus-Pluto’s transit cannot be separated from the conjunction Venus-Uranus that was exact on April 23, or the upcoming opposition Venus-Saturn, due on May 1. They are all part of the present Venus’ story, affecting the way we relate to each other on the planet.

Like Mars did in recent weeks Venus is now playing the role of trigger to bring to manifestation the energies of the slower moving planets. Venus brought Uranus to life inciting rebellion against the status quo in our relationships at the end of last week, while today, contacting Pluto, she helps to reveal the shadowy side of relationships, and later, expressing the power of Saturn, she will make us more aware of relationships’ limitations and responsibilities.

Venus-Pluto is not a fuzzy, lovey-dovy kind of transit, it is far too intense and truthful for that. Great passion combines here with great difficulties, forcing us to look into those irksome issues we often prefer to ignore or gloss over. We may get the chance to explore power struggles, control issues, sexual difficulties, loss in love, changes we find difficult to accept but that are unavoidable. It should help to better understand what makes our relationships thick, and what needs to change in us so that we can begin to relate in a more authentic way. If we are unable or unwilling to look within for answers this configuration could instead contribute to destructive feelings, such as jealousy, resentment, excessive pride, and, in some cases, even to violent behavior.

Art being also the realm of Venus this aspect could help us to express our feelings into more passionate and truthful forms of art, not just beauty for beauty sake.

On April 28 the Sun is also in aspect to Pluto, and a positive aspect at that (trine), hopefully helping us to experience the square Venus-Pluto in a more constructive way.

Whenever the Sun contacts a planet an opportunity arises to integrate the planet’s function in our conscious life. Despite the obvious difficulties of the Venus-Pluto’s square, the Sun in trine to Pluto could direct the spot-light of awareness onto the hidden layers and dark recesses of our relationships and life patterns. This should stimulate the desire to make meaningful changes in these areas, taking full emotional responsibility for what happen to us or finding the inner strength to end relationships that have become toxic.

MAY 1, SUNDAY: a mixed bag of transits today, all originating in Aries, but of a rather different character. Aries Venus is opposing Saturn in Libra, a limiting, sobering influence, while Aries Mars becomes conjunct Jupiter, an exhilarating, expansive aspect.

Despite the fact that these transits are exact on the same day, different lots of individuals will be aligned to them.

The Venus-Saturn’s opposition will be active for about three days, from April 30 to May 2, touching in particular Aries born April 1 to 4, Libra born October 5 to 8, Cancer born July 3 to 6, Capricorn born January 2 to 5, Leo born August 4 to 7, and Sagittarius born December 4 to 7. Or anyone with Moon, planets or Chart’s Angles around the 12th degree of the same Signs (11th to 13th).

If you feel lonely and unloved today, or just a bit cold and gloomy, blame it on Saturn.

The reality is that today we have been offered an opportunity to test our ability to be alone, without feeling lost or emotionally bereaved. The function of Saturn in fact (a saturnine adverb) is to help us build enough ego-confidence, self-authority and self-respect to stand in our own light, even in matter of love.

When connecting to Venus Saturn  demands that we find emotional fulfillment in ourselves first, before we start looking for it in other people.

Negatively this could be a reality check transit spoiling any romantic notions we may have about love, showing our relationships in a stark light, not embellished by wishful thinking and desire, but rather the way they really are. Or, and that’s the trap, through a darkling glass of pessimism and cynicism. In this way secure and dependable relationships may seem devoid of spark and boring, while new ones may fail to excite, because we are in the mood to expect the worst from them, feeling basically not just unloved but unlovable.

This planetary combination is better expressed through love in action, landing a hand to others in need, especially the elderly, or getting into down to earth activities, like gardening, pottery, wood working, crafts of all sort, where Saturn’s practical knack becomes attuned to Venus’ eye for beauty.

Few hours after the Venus-Saturn’s opposition Mars reaches his once every two years conjunction to giant Jupiter.
This transit will be active for about six days, from April 29 to May 4, touching in particular Aries born April 10 to 15, Libra born October 13 to 18, Cancer born July 12 to 17, Capricorn born January 11 to 16, Leo born August 12 to 17, and Sagittarius born December 12 to 17. Or anyone with Moon, planets or Chart’s Angles around the 22nd degree of the same Signs (20th to 24th).

The Mars-Jupiter’s conjunction has a quite opposite nature to the Venus-Saturn’s contact.

Venus and Mars attract each other because of their dissimilarities, like male is attracted to female and viceversa. They form one of the best known couples in the planetary pantheon.

Saturn and Jupiter also form a couple of sorts, with Jupiter embodying the function of expansion and Saturn that of contraction. So, as much as Saturn will limit and define our experience of love and relationships (Venus) today, Jupiter will stimulate our desires, prompting us to reach out for what we want in a confident way (Mars).

The Mars-Jupiter’s conjunction is a risk taking transit, through which we may even become too bold and cocky for our own good, impressed by such high expectations that the reality of things may prove rather disappointing, once the enthusiasm begins to wane, later on.

Positively this transit could provide a great injection of confidence, faith in oneself and life, desire to start something new, and aspiration toward bigger and better things. Especially because it happens in this very idealistic and passionate Sign it could provide a vision of the future we may want to live by and believe in during darker moments. Save this ray of sunshine for the rainy days that will unavoidably come.

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Transits June to September 2011

~ Melancholy by Odilon Redon (my blue) ~ Click to enlarge ~


Welcome to my thoughts for this opening Solstice season, June to September 2011. Numerous eclipses constellate this period, while new sets of cosmic relationships are also emerging.

The planets in a nutshell: Jupiter enters Taurus on June 4; Saturn is still transiting Libra, turning direct on June 13; Uranus is powering ahead in Aries, turning retrograde on July 10; Chiron and Neptune are transiting Pisces, but Neptune will be there only until August 5, when he will cross back into Aquarius, remaining in this Sign until February 2012.

Jupiter, from Fiery Aries to Earthy Taurus

Jupiter moves into a new Sign every year. This shift is said to colour the philosophical/religious attitudes of the time and of the people born during this time, thus also generating future trends when these people will be old enough to have an impact on collective attitudes.

Earth always follows Fire in the organic sequence of the Zodiac. What this particular shift reveals is the collective need to ground (Earth) the ideals we have conceived previously (Fire). We now need to transform the ideals into practically achievable goals. And there is more: Jupiter here is also moving from a Cardinal Sign (active, energetic, initiating) to a Fixed Sign (static, conserving energy, stabilizing). This means that not only we need to ground our ideals, but also make them more secure, less liable to change and waver.

When Jupiter transits Taurus, Earth Fixed Sign, conservative views may prevail, because Taurus is conservative and unchanging by nature. This is not necessarily in the sense of bigotry and intolerance, but rather in the sense of respect toward traditions and tried and tested principles. This phase of Jupiter then ensures the conservation of what of the past we still consider valuable, its most basic legacy over which we want to build our future. Fixing our collective ideals, even making them into dogmas at this time will ensure that they will not be lost. The continuity with the past will help to stabilize society, fostering a feeling of personal and collective security. During these troubled times Jupiter in Taurus will be in fact one of the main factors helping to keep society together.

All it is well when positive and forward looking ideals become part of our human heritage, via Jupiter in Taurus, because this Sign will help to solidify them and make them more permanent. Danger may lurk ahead however when backward looking ideals creep instead back into the collective psyche, creating a more intolerant and draconian mindset. This is our philosophical challenge in the coming months.

Jupiter has a lot to do also with global finance. His transit through Taurus can be read as a possible return to financial prosperity and ease. To lend credibility to this idea Jupiter will also form a harmonious aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, Lord of Riches, active, on an off, until April 2012. We cannot exaggerate however the influence of just one transit because the overall picture still points at difficulties and changes affecting all aspects of our social and political life. Jupiter will also turn retrograde at the end of August, and has not long ago separated from the opposition to Saturn in Libra, indicating that the global economic contraction will be on for a while longer. Taurus and the aspect to Pluto could help though, mitigating the effects of the financial crisis, assuring at least supplies of essentials, like food and shelter, to our planet’s people, Pluto lending the necessary resources.

In the three months between June and August the people who could feel in a big way the expansive and optimistic Jupiter’s effect will be Taurus (April19/30), Virgo (August22/September2), Capricorn (December21/31), Scorpio (October22/November 2), Leo (July22/August2), Aquarius (January19/29).

June and July Eclipses

This astrological period is also very much about Eclipses, three of the record six of 2011 occurring between June and July. To have this number of eclipses in a year is somewhat rare.

Because eclipses are considered as portals to greater awareness, this year and this season could bring awakening opportunities for a very great number of people, through personal breakthroughs as well as via the heightened impact of global events.

The first is a Partial Solar Eclipse, on June 1/2 (depending where you are in the world), visible only at high latitudes in the northern hemisphere, Iceland, the Scandinavian countries, North Alaska and North Canada.  The transits around this eclipse do not look as dramatic as some we have had recently. Both Sun and Moon will be in fact in harmonious aspect to Saturn, a positive and constructive influence, especially considering that Saturn will soon turn direct (on June 13), always a cause for celebration, because our efforts may start to bear results. This eclipse will prove helpful to some Gemini (June1/3), Sagittarius (December2/4), Virgo (September2/4) and Pisces (February29/March2), or anyone with Moon, Ascendant or planets around the 11th degree of the above Signs. This could be an ideal time to consolidate your position in practical ways, building on your professional and personal security, making cautious but steady advances in your life. As all New Moons a Solar Eclipse represents the start of a new phase, this time not only for your month ahead but for a much longer period.

A Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is expected for June 15/16. This is an important event, an eclipse of long duration (one hour and forty minutes), passing deeply through the Earth’s shadow, and thus meant to be more influential. It will be visible in its totality in Eastern Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, India and Western Australia. The Moon will be rising as she becomes eclipsed in South America, West Africa and Europe, and setting instead over East Asia and the eastern states of Australia. North America is cut off from the shadow and will not witness directly this eclipse.

Sun, Moon and Mercury are forming a 90 degrees angle to Ceres (Demeter) the largest asteroid orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. In the last few years I have tried to observe the position and aspects of Ceres at the time the Earth has been particularly challenged by natural and man-made disasters, and often found meaningful connections. Not surprising in view of the fact that Ceres is a symbol of the original Earth Mother, Goddess of the Harvest and first Mater Dolorosa, weeping Madonna of myths and religions, mourning the death of her child. This archetype is brought to light by the darkling eclipsed Full Moon, time for full emotional impact and deep realizations.

Mars is an important actor at this time, as it is transiting Taurus, a difficult terrain for this planet. Mars can in fact make the notorious wilfulness of this Earth Sign more fiery and dangerous. It will be even more so during this Lunar Eclipse, due to Mars’ conjunction to the head of Medusa (the star Algol), a troublesome encounter, inclining to power struggles and sometimes even bloodshed.

Mars in Taurus is said to sometimes function as a trigger for increased seismic and volcanic activity, if other more ponderous transits point in the same direction. Mars is also just separating from an aspect to Saturn, always a difficult bedfellow, and approaching a square to Neptune in early Pisces, the aspect is not as close, but still seems significant, because of the proximity to the time of the eclipse.

Due to the above considerations and to the eclipse’s totality this event could be more powerful than the other two solar eclipses.

The people whose birthday will be in direct alignment with this eclipse will be Sagittarius (December14/16), Gemini (June13/15), Virgo (September15/17) and Pisces (March13/15); or anyone with Moon, Ascendant and/or planets around the 24th degree of the same Signs.

The third eclipse of the season will be another Partial Solar, at the Cancer New Moon of July 1, visible only in very low South latitudes, near the Antarctic Circle.

Despite its limited range this is a special event, being the first eclipse in a new (defined by a Saros number) happening around the same degree of longitude at intervals of 18 years. The period inaugurated by this eclipse will last 1.226 years, until 3.237, and contain 69 Solar Eclipses!

Something important is beginning at this time, whose influence would be however unformed for now, not very well defined, with nonetheless significant implications for the future. For many years astrologers will look at this eclipse, trying to fathom its possible effect on each of the eclipses belonging to the same series. Great stuff!

If during the previous Solar Eclipse of June 1/2 the Sun and Moon formed a positive relationship with Saturn, here instead they are forming a difficult angle with the same planet.

This eclipse may have the effect of making people realize their limitations, stressing more what it is negative or lacking in their lives rather than what is positive and abundant (a negative Saturn’s effect). The sense of discouragement and pessimism could prove difficult to shake off for a while. On the positive side, as with the previous eclipse, all events involving Saturn are always helpful to find practical solutions to life problems.

The birthday people aligned to this Cancer Solar Eclipse are Cancer (June30/July2), Capricorn (December31/January2), Aries (March29/31) and Libra (October2 /4); as well as anyone with Moon, Ascendant or planets around the 9th degree of the above Signs.

Uranus in Aries begins its risque dance with Pluto in Capricorn, take cover or ride the wave, it is up to you.

Since March 12 Uranus in Aries has lend new impetus around the globe to radical and rapid reforms, even revolutions, as recent history has demonstrated. Via the same amazing energy Uranus’ ingress into Aries also coincided with the appalling natural and ecological disaster that hit Japan. We are learning that dealing with this Uranus is like dealing with fire: it can be put to many amazing uses to improve our lives, but it has also the capacity to burn all our hopes to cinders and cause severe geological and political shocks.

Between June and August 2011 Uranus and Pluto will be transiting at a distance of around eighty nine degrees from each other, very close to what astrologers call a square aspect (ninety degrees angle). The aspect will be close enough to give the world a taste of its significance. The main exact dates for this historical transit are still in the future though, June and September 2012, May and October 2013, April and December 2014, and finally April 2015. These are seven exact squares in three years!

From the lengthy duration of this transit we can gather that it will be indeed a transformer of our collective mind-set, an opportunity to embrace real changes as it hasn’t occurred for decades; also, of course, implying an abrupt end of some of our old ways of doing things, forced by compelling outer circumstances.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that this is one of the cosmic factors that will be eventually responsible for the birth of a new civilization, or, at least, for the demise of the old one! It has been in the past and it will be now even more so, because of the other major planetary shifts occurring at the same time. It is not all gloom and doom either, because only through a deep renewal of our human values we can look forward to a viable future on the planet.

A radical way of tackling ingrained problems is emerging and will continue to gain strength in the coming years. This could be very positive, if enough conscious individuals decide to take a stand, but it is also naturally fraught with the danger of extremism, power-mongering, and the desperate attempt on the part of the powers to be and the international plutocracy (dominion of the super rich) to cling to the old corrupted and unfair ways.

More instances of war, international hostility and general unrest are possible, as well as more geological turbulence, because both Uranus and Pluto symbolize unmitigated and uncompromising stances, Uranus bent on fostering change no matter the cost, and Pluto bent on destroying in order to make a complete fresh start, because he is as much the God of Life as he is the God of Death.

The strength and solidity of our public institutions, systems of government, education, science and technology, industries, financial institutions, laws, ideologies, beliefs will be put to one of the greatest test in recent history.

Countries in the Middle East and in the African continent will continue a steady surge of uprisings, Central and South American countries will follow suit, while also giants like China, Russia and India will be seriously unsettled, the old system of government tested as never before.

Since 2008 the energetic Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) have become activated by various transits, meaning that this is time for action and not procrastination, that collectively we are all quite driven to participate into those ground-breaking activities, sometimes even subversive and dangerous ones, that will be necessary to bring on the changes we want to see in the world. They are anyway fated to occur, because the time is right, as the cosmos is clearly showing.

Many of us who feel their life style and livelihood threatened by these social upheavals could do well to prepare for more adjustments, looking at what seems now unsettling with an eye to the future, when those same changes will bring on a renewed sense of security and a better world, once the dust has had time to set on the ruins of the old one.

In a way the present season is the ideal time to begin making some of those adjustments. The main aim would be to become more independent and self sufficient, reducing our needs and working on our life skills, like building, gardening, husbandry, recycling, DIY projects, creating more independent incomes etc. These are the skills that could help us ride the wave of possible future crisis with greater ease.

Observing Uranus-Pluto’s mutual relationship in the context of their whole cycle (synodical period), they formed a waning square between 1932 and 1934 (extending to 1935/36), then they met in conjunction between 1965 and 1966 (extending to 1968), and they are now approaching the waxing square that will extend to 2015/16. The past dates have been very significant in shaping our collective history, with the enormous socio-economic changes of the 1930s during their previous square, that culminated in the Second World War, and the cultural revolution of the 1960s, during their conjunction (a more constructive aspect than the square), that ushered a wave of revolutionary thinking, as well as social and political reforms that many of us take now for granted but weren’t granted at all, back then.

In June 2011 the Uranus-Pluto’s square will receive an indirect boost from the transits of Saturn and Mercury, traveling in Libra and Cancer respectively, and forming wide squares and oppositions to Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, around the 20th of the month. Later on a similar trigger could be Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus, between the 9th and 13th of August.

When faster moving celestial bodies enter in contact with slow moving ones they function as triggers of their energies, bringing the effect of the slow transits in our every day immediate experience.

Another loop for Mercury

Mercury will make his cosmic loop between August 2 and 27, from early Virgo to mid-Leo. Careful consideration of the way you communicate your mind and your manner of thinking will be on the cards for some Virgo (August23/24) and Leo (August11/23). Expect some disruptions, delays and misunderstandings; even in the most carefully planned, routine jobs.

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Aries New Moon, and Aries Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Jupiter. A call to arms?

I was preparing for an intense day on this New Moon, and for good astrological reasons. The conjunction Mars-Uranus has become exact today, so giving a certain character and tone to the whole new cycle the New Moon is opening. Bloody conflicts are all over the news, with not imminent solutions in view.

The whole month will keep this momentum going, the drive for change and progress at all cost (Uranus) married to the need for action without delay and an aggressive general attitude (Mars). This trend will be obvious on the evening news as well as in our own private lives, where conflicts could flare up at the least provocation, causing often a sense of alienation and separateness amongst people. No great strides toward peaceful solutions seem to be on the cards for now.

Furthermore the Sun and Moon were also in conjunction to Jupiter in Aries today and therefore in opposition to Saturn in Libra, thus becoming active participants in the cosmic patterns that are shaping the  present historical events. In fact Jupiter is only now just separating from the opposition to Saturn that became exact, for the third and last time, last Tuesday, March 29.

If interested in the Jupiter-Saturn’s opposition, please look up the astrological highlights of the week March 28 to April 3 HERE, and, for a more in depth analysis, to my older post on the historical significance of the Jupiter-Saturn’s opposition HERE.

The Sun and Moon with Jupiter will attract big events, and perhaps also an inflated expectation of big events. We may risk collectively to escalate differences, rather than contain them.

A good example of this is the fierce conflict raging at present in Australia about the so called Carbon Tax, between opposite factions, one absolutely against it and the other absolutely in favor.

The opposition of Sun and Moon to Saturn, at New Moon, will have also a powerful effect, on this particular issue and others, now and in the next few weeks. Finding a middle ground between Jupiter and Saturn’s tendencies would be indeed very difficult. Perhaps this necessary reform will have to be imposed forcibly on a lot of people who don’t want any of it.

Or another possibility is that Saturn could create the type of stalemate we have seen gripping other crisis, all over the world, from Japan’s atomic crisis, to the bloody civil conflicts in the Middle East and Africa.

Mercury now moving slowly in retro motion in Aries could also have the effect of making us revisit the past, going through similar experiences and tests we have had recently. It is difficult to find permanent solutions to personal or collective problems while Little Brother is making his cosmic loop, because we need now to re-think everything, to go over again what we thought we had outgrown and overcome. Mercury turning direct again, on April 23, will offer more opportunities for a meaningful change of direction. For more information on April’s retrogradation of Mercury visit last week highlights post HERE.

Astrological predictions cannot be rosy under these circumstances, also considering the imminent retrograde station of Pluto (beginning on April 9) that could also mark a more intense and transformative time of the year for all of us.

One of the positive roles of Astrology is to make us more aware of the dangers inherent in a period of social and personal revolutions like the present, hopefully helping to find ways of toning down our passions, thus achieving a measure of cooperation with those who held opposing views.

A different facet of this New Moon story is represented by Neptune entering Pisces tomorrow, April 5. This historical transit seems to indicate that whatever is happening now in the world and within us will have far reaching consequences in shaping our beliefs, because we are in the grip of something much bigger than our own individual ambitions, dreams or wants, something we can hardly fight against because it seems and is unavoidable.

Amongst all other transits active at present the passage of Neptune in Pisces could redeem us by fostering compassion and tolerance, in a period of increased turbulence and unrest. Via Neptune’s unifying lenses we may be made to perceive that the aspirations of all human beings on the planet are indeed the same, because our source of being is the same.

For more about the transition of Neptune into Pisces visit my Escape to Neptune post HERE and More about the effect of Neptune in Pisces HERE.

My own Aries’ transits

I have been living through an experience lately, confirming to me the power of planetary configurations on our daily life. This story can also be read as an apology for posting this New Moon article late and also for non having published yet the Mars in Aries’ article I was preparing last week.

A sudden and very acute attack of sciatica prevented me from working. Only tonight I am finally able to sit for any length of time to type.

Well, my sciatica is part of the Aries story really. Mars, entering Aries on Friday, April 2, has formed a perfect right angle (square) with my very early Cancer Sun and my Birth Chiron, on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn. And, of course, Uranus was already forming exactly the same aspects since it too entered Aries on March 12. Uranus was obviously just waiting for Mars passing over the same degree to unleash its sudden fury over my poor sciatic nerve.

Today, New Moon day, Mars is conjunct Uranus; this particular transit has therefore reached its climax. My condition has improved slightly; I feel I am on the road to recovery.

The New Moon always brings some difference, offering an opportunity to look at our predicament in a new light, with hope rather than gloom. I feel that the waxing energy of the New Moon helps the body to fight back or give enough incentive to tackle ongoing problems with a fresh and positive attitude.

I didn’t expect my sciatica to get as bad as it did, so Uranus provided the aspect of unexpectedness, as it is supposed to do.  Mars, on the other hand, brought on the acute stage of the condition, flaring it up. And Chiron the soreness, one to which I am already accustomed, having had it times before. With Chiron is always something from the past that hit us, something ingrained and chronic that causes the physical or psychological unease, fostering at the same time a desire to understand the root cause of a condition, thus also promoting healing.

Of course the very same transits wouldn’t have had the same results if my Natal Gemini Mars did not promise trouble in the first place, opposing Natal Chiron in the Sign of Sagittarius (ruling over the sciatic nerve), conjunct Natal Mercury (planet of mobility), and at right angle to Natal Saturn in Virgo Third House, often stressing life’s limitations in a very physical way. The Saturn in Virgo connection shows me also the obvious consequences of the unhealthy choice of sitting for hours at the computer, forgetting to keep my body in a good posture, foregoing in fact all good advice in this respect.

In good Saturnine fashion I conclude that the sciatica is not just a case of bad luck, but very much of bad choices too.

Mea culpa.

Weekly Astrological Highlights, March 28 to April 3


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Much is coming our way this week and the next, including events we have been waiting for a long time. Like  Neptune making his first foray into his own Sign of Pisces, on April 5, after 165 years absence. He will be swimming there until August 5. And Pluto turning retrograde on April 9, becoming direct again only on September 17.

The week started with a 90 degrees angle between the Sun in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, on Monday March 28, adding more fuel to the melting pot of world affairs, as you must have noticed if you watch the news.


The Aquarius Balsamic Moon Phase begins on March 30. The Moon will be still decreasing in light ’til the end of this week, the Aries New Moon happening at 1.32 am (Eastern Australia Summer Time), on Monday April 4.

If falling close to your birthday (for Aries born between March 29 and April 3) the Balsamic Moon indicates that this year would be ideal to finish unfinished business, put your house in order, so to speak, to prepare for a new imminent cycle.  Also to tap into your spiritual understanding of your life’s  rhythm, to get the essence-wisdom out of the cycle that is now ending.  Time for a bit of soul searching, weighting the losses and gains of the past year, sorting out your priorities, that may be now different from the ones you had on your previous birthday.

In the short term, for the end of the present lunar month, the same Balsamic Moon’s effect can work for everyone, as a preparation and reflection time for the new cycle beginning on April 4.

How depressing or fascinatingly introspective this Moon phase can be it is ultimately up to our attitudes, and the understanding we have of the cyclical nature of life.

MARCH 29, TUESDAY: the third and last opposition Jupiter-Saturn is exact today, but will remain very active for at least a week, and, as a general influence, until Jupiter will leave Aries to enter Taurus in early June.

The present is the third incarnation of this transit, that was also exact in May and August 2010. Since then the limiting influence of the opposition on world affairs has been discussed at length by many astrologers, including myself (one of my posts on the historical significance of the Jupiter-Saturn’s opposition can be found HERE).

In unison with other cosmic events, the contracting effect of this 20 years transit has been considered partly responsible for the 2010 global economic downturn. Now that it is nearly over perhaps we could see some improvement.

The opposition however has also the positive role of making people aware of issues of imbalance and unfairness, in every walk of life, from government politics to family politics. Somehow opposites are made to work together, finding the balance that can help to avoid extremes. All oppositions do that, in some way, but this one is an oppositions between planets which are considered opposite not just in distance but in essence and meaning as well. So more is in opposition here. Jupiter symbolizes the function of expansion while Saturn represents the function of contraction. Jupiter fosters growth without limits, while Saturn limits growth in order to consolidate.

Perhaps this is something that is needed at the moment, a limiting factor, an inhibitor for otherwise rather intense transits. Let’s see:

  • the Sun and Mercury in Aries, with Mercury remaining in this Sign longer than usual, until May 16, due to retrogradation between march 30 and April 23.
  • Mars not far from entering Aries, this Saturday, April 2
  • The upcoming New Moon in Aries, next Monday, April 4, with Sun and Moon conjunct Jupiter and opposed to Saturn in Libra, while, on the same day, Mars becomes conjuncts Uranus
  • Uranus in Aries since March 12
  • Jupiter in the middle of Aries right now

Perhaps the often malingered Saturn may very well be our savior here, in the Sign of balance and equanimity, restoring some balance and cool to very heated up situations. It is enough to look at what’s going on in the Middle East and Africa, and the ongoing crisis in Japan, Saturn may be what is limiting the scope and severity of these events, that could be even worse without his sobering effect.

At the time of this last opposition Jupiter in Aries will be aligned with the star Alpheratz, the most brilliant in the constellation of Andromeda. In the past this star was actually part of  the square of Pegasus, the Flying Horse, constellation very close to Andromeda, both belonging to the same Perseus’ myth. He was the hero who saved Andromeda, the princess chained to a rock, with the help of magical Pegasus. Here is a link to the Perseus’ myth, retold by Robert Graves, scroll to page 142. This star is connected then with ideas of freedom and deliverance from bondage, in the way the winged horse helped to liberate the maiden from her deadly plight. A symbol promising positive future developments.

The birthday people directly aligned to this transits are Aries (April 3 to 6), Libra (October 6 to 9), Cancer (July 5 to 8 ) and Capricorn (January 4 to 7), also anyone with Moon, Ascendant and/or planets around the 13th/14th degree of the same Signs.

MARCH 30, WEDNESDAY: Today begins the Station of Mercury on the 24th degree of Aries, start of a retrograde period that will last until April 23.

Little Brother will move slowly backward until his Inferior Conjunction with the Sun on April 10. One of my articles on the phenomenon of retrogradation, in particular Mercury’s, can be found HERE.

People born with Mercury in Aries are more likely to feel the effects of this backward motion, in particular if Mercury was placed around the 24th or 12th degree of this Fire Sign, where the Retrograde and Direct Stations will occur this time round. To a degree also all Aries individuals born between April 2 and 16; as well as those with Moon, Ascendant and/or planets placed at birth between the 12th and 25th degree of Aries.

Your go go go attitude when it comes to communicating your ideas and expressing yourself freely and even forcibly, your impatience when others do not quite follow your lead will be put to the test during the next few weeks. This is an opportunity to learn patience and tolerance; also to slow the pace of life and thought, to gather your mental strength for the coming period of Mercury Morning Star, a more outgoing time ahead for you, after Mercury will turn direct, on April 23.

APRIL 2, SATURDAY: Mars enters today his own Sign of Aries, transiting there until May 11.

A Mars in Aries’ post is coming your way soon on Living Moon, for now it is enough to say that Mars today is joining a whole choir of planetary voices coming form Aries, the Sun, Mercury, Uranus, and soon the New Moon. A call to action, initiative, courage, fraught with the dangers of excessive impulsiveness and aggression, especially around the Aries New Moon next week that will see many intense transits happening around the same time.


I warmly recommend giving a look at Australian astrologer Ed Tamplin’s site, for very interesting analysis of world events and serious astrological predictions.

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Full Moon in Virgo and the Aries Equinox conjunct Uranus

You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.

Alan Watts

While the earthquake-tsunami crisis in Japan continues, aggravated now by the threat of a nuclear melt down, a new international war is unfolding in North Africa, now that the UN has resolved to impose a no fly zone over Libya. Meanwhile the whole Middle East is in grave turmoil on the wake of last months Egypt’s successful push for democratic reforms.

The Full Moon in late Virgo (March 20 in Australia, March 19 in Europe and the US) opposing the Sun on the threshold of Aries, astrological starting point of the year, could see a climax of the last fortnight’s dramatic events, hopefully bringing solutions rather than more heartache.

Uranus is brought to life by the Sun, uniting with it on zero degree Aries, and also by the Moon going to oppose it from the naught degree of Libra. I can’t think of a grander way to announce this eccentric planet on the world stage: a special welcome.

Since antiquity a planet close to the Sun was said to be combust, somewhat weakened by the Sun’s power. But this only until the Sun got really close to the planet, 17′ or less, when the planet’s power actually is said to increase, in a relationship called Cazimi.

Being so close to the center of consciousness of our solar system,  the power of the planet can be revealed in all its glory, bathed as it were in the light of the Sun, becoming one with it. Here, to make this picture more memorable, the Moon is illumining the whole scene, reflecting back to Earth the light of both Sun and Uranus,making us more conscious of their energies, and also easier preys to their potential destructive tendencies. Both Sun and Uranus are highly masculine, outgoing energies that can easily bring us to extremes, feeling on edge or going on over-drive.

Quantum leaps of consciousness could be more common in this occasion and, because this incredible transit begins the year, it will also accompany the year. Exciting and full of surprises, also potentially unsafe, uncompromising, alienating, destructive, aggressive, war-mongering (compare the last ingress of Uranus in Aries, 1927-1935).

Please note also the approaching third and last opposition Jupiter-Saturn (exact on March 29), pointing to a new incarnation of the ongoing financial crisis, another downturn that astrologers predicted all along.

Making this mix even more intriguing on Full Moon day Ceres (Demeter), the largest asteroid, the ancient Earth Mother, Goddess of the harvest and also of mourning, will unite with Neptune, God of the oceans, on the last degree of Aquarius (7 pm Eastern Australia Summer Time, 11 hours East of GMT). This degree is symbolically very significant, marking the Ascendant of the World Chart, now on the cusp of Aquarius, which happens to be at the end of the Sign rather than the start (Precession of the Equinoxes).

I feel that the latest man-made and natural disasters fit well also with the atmosphere of the conjunction Ceres-Neptune, when we cry for our Earth Mother and for ourselves, when families and entire communities are thorn apart, and all we can do is mourn what we have lost, and pray for redemption. A great and sincere wave of compassion has gone around the world with the power of a spiritual tsunami. We have all  been somehow transformed by it.

Last minutes battery power: I post here a few Charts, in batches of 3 (for three different localities, Australia, Japan and Libya) for the Full Moon and Aries Equinox events.

In the Aries Ingress Chart for Japan note the Ascendant on the 29th degree of Taurus, a special degree activated by all the Full Moons since September 2010,and especially by the last Total Eclipse of the Moon of December 21 2010, still very much dominating the fate of  the world today.

Last but not least a double wheel Chart with the Sunrise Chart of Colonel Gaddafi in the inner wheel and the Aries Equinox in the outer wheel.

All these Charts make very interesting reading. Hope they can inspire you to search more.

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Full Moon 20 March 2011 in Wollumbin, Australia

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Full Moon 20 March 2011 in Japan (coordinates of earthquake’s epicenter)

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Full Moon 19 March 2011 in Libya

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Aries Ingress of the Sun in Wollumbin, Australia

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Aries Ingress of the Sun in Japan (coordinates of earthquake’s epicenter)

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Aries Ingress of the Sun in Libya

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Colonel Geddafi’s Sunrise Chart (time of birth unknown) and the Aries Ingress Chart

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