Gardening by the Pisces Moon, with Paola Emma: Waning between the Capricorn Last Quarter and the Pisces Balsamic Phase




To view a full interpretation of the Moon Sign and Phase please click the images below.12 Pisces Moon Moist Very Fertile

Last Quarter to Balsamic Moon Phase

Capricorn Last Quarter. 25°22′, Wed, Apr 15, 8.56 am

New to Crescent Moon Phase

Pisces Balsamic Moon, 14’22, Sun, Apr 19, 9.23 am

The WANING MOON TRANSITS PISCES from Saturday, April 18, at 4.29 am, to Monday, April 20, at 5pm, then entering ARIES.
The CAPRICORN LAST QUARTER PHASE began on Wednesday April 15, at 8.56 am, and will end on Sunday, April 19, at 9.23 am, with the PISCES BALSAMIC MOON PHASE.
The PISCES BALSAMIC MOON PHASE begins on Sunday, April 19, at 9.23 am, and will end on Thursday, April 23, at 12.25pm, with the TAURUS NEW MOON PHASE.


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Slow Release


Pisces Moon in the garden

  • The following are the Edible Plants, Herbs, Tees and Flowers since ancient times associated with Pisces, and also with Jupiter, Pisces’ traditional Ruler.

In the garden Watery Pisces is very fertile, particularly suitable for growing water plants, like Water Chestnuts and Lotus. It is also a great time for propagating cuttings, grafting, irrigation, pruning to encourage re-growth, but not potatoes that may sprout too soon.Romantic garden walks, music ensembles and picnics could do well too.

  Edible Plants: Kelp, Lettuce, Spinach, Water Cress, Borage, Rhubarb, Yarrow, Almond, Chestnuts, Currants, Fig, Olive, Nutmeg, Mulberry.

  Healing Herbs: some of these medicinal herbs are suitable as blood and liver cleansers, the arteries and liver being under the rulership of Jupiter: Sage, Dandelion, Kelp, Echinacea, Eyebright, Golden Seal, Mugwort, Lemon Balm, Borage, Rose Heaps, Balm, Cloves, Chervil, Cinquefoil.

Tree GlyphTrees: Oak, Almond, Chestnuts, Fig, Olive.

Flower Glyph pinkOrnamental and Flowering Plants: Water Lilies, Lotus, Moss, Poppies, Clematis, Lilacs, Jasmin.


This Moon Phase in the garden

  • Note that the garden activities associated with the Moon Sign depend also on the cycle the Moon is in. The Moon transiting through a fertile or productive Sign will no be so favorable if the Phase is not a productive one, and vice-versa. For best results the Sign and Phase of the Moon have to be considered together.

Moon GlyphThe Last Quarter Moon is the beginning of the fourth and last waning week, before New Moon. We should stop all sowing and planting, and concentrate on soil conditioning, cultivation, slow release fertilizing and composting. This phase is suitable also for harvesting and storing fruit and vegetables; as well as getting rid of unwanted weeds and pests, particularly if the Moon transits any of the Fire Signs, or Non Fertile Earthy Virgo, or the Non Fertile Air Signs of Gemini and Aquarius.

Moon Glyph 2The Balsamic Moon Phase is certainly no time for planting or sowing, but it is ideal instead for cultivation and soil conditioning, slow release fertilizing, composting, mulching.
It is great week for eradicating pests and unwanted plants and also to prune in order to retard growth, but only if the Moon is transiting a Non Fertile Sign.


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