Daily Sun and Moon Sign/Phase: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ask the wild bee what the Druids knew…

Sun SymbolThe SUN will transit the MUTABLE AIR SIGN of GEMINI from May 21, 12.14 pm, to June 21, 8.07 pm.


Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon

Last Quarter to Gibbous Moon Phase

Last Quarter to Gibbous Moon Phase

The WAXING MOON TRANSITS VIRGO from Tuesday, May 22, 12.02 pm, to Thursday, May 24, 4.51 pm, with the ingress into LIBRA.

The VIRGO FIRST QUARTER MOON PHASE starts on Tuesday, May 22, 1.49 pm, and ends on Saturday, May 26, 4.13 am, with the LIBRA GIBBOUS MOON PHASE.

Get your GIFT COPY of my colourful 48 pages ASTROLOGY E-BOOK for a gold coin donation (or whatever you wish to give). No other payment necessary, no email signups, no spam or other trickery. Click HERE for details and previews.rainbow waveHERE you’ll find my take on the Major Transits for 2018, in a nutshell.

  • The SUN will enter the MUTABLE AIR SIGN of GEMINI on May 21, 12.14 pm, and transit GEMINI until June 21, 8.07 pm, with the ingress into CANCER
  • VENUS entered the CARDINAL WATER SIGN of CANCER on Saturday, May 19, 11.10 pm. VENUS will transit CANCER until June 14, 7.54 am, when she will enter LEO.
  • URANUS entered the FIXED AIR SIGN of AQUARIUS on May 16, 1.16 am.
    URANUS will briefly return to Aries on November 7, and will re-enter Taurus, for good, only on March 6 2019. After that the Uranus-Taurus’ transit will last until 2025.
  • MARS entered the FIXED AIR SIGN of AQUARIUS  the same day URANUS entered TAURUS, just a hour after.
    MARS will return to CAPRICORN on August 13, due to Retrogradation, and re-enter AQUARIUS for good only on September 11, remaining more or less at right angle (in Square) to Uranus the whole time. Wow!
  • MERCURY entered the FIXED EARTH SIGN of TAURUS on May 13, 11.40 pm. MERCURY will transit TAURUS until May 30, 9.48 am.
  • SATURN turns STATIONARY RETROGRADE on Wednesday, 18 April. SATURN will turn DIRECT again on September 7, 2018
  • CHIRON entered ARIES on Sunday, April 15.  CHIRON will return, in Retro motion, into PISCES on September 26 2018, to step into ARIES again, for good, in February 18 2019.
    CHIRON will then transit ARIES until 2027!
  • JUPITER entered SCORPIO on October 11 at twenty minutes past midnight.The Giant Planet will transit this Fixed Water Sign until November 8 2018.

NEW YEAR of the EARTH DOG ~ February 16 2018 to February 4 2019Yang Earth Dog 2018

May this be a year of practical achievements, no nonsense approach to life, faithfulness to our principles  and all round closer bond to nature and her creatures.

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This is still a work in process and will take some time. Thank you for your support throughout the years, Paola Emma4



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  2. Dawn Silver Says:

    What a creative site…enjoyed.

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