Saturday, April 7: Sunrise Rainbow Horoscope

Living Moon Astrology Everyday Sunrise Rainbow Horoscope & Data


The SUN will transit ARIES from March 21, 3.15 am, to April 20, 2.12 pm, 2018, to enter Taurus

Sunrise Sun’s Degree on April 7, 2018

ARIES 16°47’53


Second Decan of ARIES (portion of ten degrees):ARIES/LEO

Seven Dwad of ARIES (portion of 2.5 degrees): ARIES/LIBRA

And HERE you’ll find my take on the Major Transits for 2018, in a nutshell.

(my Dwad Table)

The time for the following Sunrise Charts is Australian Eastern Standard Time (=10 hours East of Greenwich).
Click HERE to change it into your own Time Zone. Daylight Saving ended in NSW on April 1, at 3 am.
Sunrise Horoscope April 7 2018

click to view larger image

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