Saturday, January 20: Sunrise Rainbow Horoscope

Living Moon Astrology Everyday Sunrise Rainbow Horoscope & Data

Sunrise Sun’s Degree on January 20, 2018

CAPRICORN 29°39’44


Last Decan of CAPRICORN to First Decan of AQUARIUS (portion of ten degrees): CAPRICORN/VIRGO ~ AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS

  Twelfth Dwad of CAPRICORN to First Dwad of AQUARIUS (portion of 2.5 degrees): CAPRICORN/SAGITTARIUS ~  AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS

AquariusToday, January 20 2018, at 2.08.56 pm, the SUN enters the FIXED AIR SIGN AQUARIUS. Time is Eastern Australia Daylight Saving, 11 hours East of Greenwich.
The SUN will transit AQUARIUS until February 19, 4.17.56 pm, with the ingress into PISCES.

And HERE you’ll find my take on the Major Transits for 2018, in a nutshell.

click HERE to view the Rainbow Horoscope of this cosmic event

(my Dwad Table)

The time for the following Sunrise Charts is Australian Summer Time (=11 hours East of Greenwich).
Click HERE to change it into your own Time Zone. Daylight Saving will begin again in NSW on October 1 at 2 am.
Sunrise Horoscope January 20 2018

click to view larger image


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