Tuesday, October 18: Sunrise rainbow Horoscope

Living Moon Astrology Everyday Sunrise Rainbow Horoscope & Data

Sunrise Sun’s Degree on October 18, 2016

LIBRA 24°50’24”


  Third Decan of Libra (portion of 10°):  LIBRA/GEMINI
Tenth to Eleventh Dwad of Libra (portion of 02° 30′):  LIBRA/CANCER ~ LIBRA/LEO

Libra glyphThe Sun is now transiting the CARDINAL AIR Sign of LIBRA. The Sun will transit LIBRA from September 23, 0.21 am (Australia Eastern Standard Time), to October 23, 10.45 am (Australia Eastern Summer Time) when he will enter SCORPIO.

(my Dwad Table)


click to view larger image


click to view larger image

The times given are Australian Eastern Standard Time (=10 hours East of Greenwich). Click HERE to change it into your own Time Zone.


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