Weather Astrology, early June 2016 Astrology is a very ancient branch of our Art. I have studied the Charts of major natural and man-made events in the past, but I could not call myself an expert in this complex field of Astrology. I can though recognize a dramatic pattern when I see one!

The weather events of the last few days, torrential rains and gale force winds, not just on the East coast of Australia but in many different climate regions around the world, have been a reminder of how uncannily accurate the planetary transits can be.

This week has in fact been awash with alignments to Neptune (the Water and Tempest God = king tides and floods), sorely tried by transits of Saturn (difficulties, hard work, grief), amplified by the transits of Jupiter (the energy of exaggeration and increase).

The most visually dramatic the Mutable Grand Cross involving all the above with the Sun conjunct Moon and Venus on New Moon day (June 5).

On June 7, around sunrise, we can celebrate the yearly conjunction of Sun to Venus, with the latter accelerating on the Sun and beginning to set after the Sun to eventually  become visible as the Evening Star in July. Click HERE for a post of this transit of Venus. 

Here is the Horoscope of the Gemini New Moon event where the dynamics described above can be clearly seen in the prominent square and associated crosses in the middle, four 90 degrees angles linking Sun, Venus, the Moon, the Lunar Nodes, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.

Gemini New Moon June 5 2016

Click to view larger image

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