Astrology Foundation Course, 12 weekly worshops beginning April 23


Always wanted to explore this fascinating subject?

Here is a chance not to be missed

Foundation Astrology Course

April 23~ July 23

Twelve Affordable Workshops

Every Monday in the village of Uki,

ten minutes drive from Murwillumbah

10.30 am – 2 .00 pm

(excluding school holidays period, June 29 to July 15

Paola Emma, your local astrologer since 1985,

dedicated teacher, holder of the FAA DIPLOMA,

winner of the FAA Gold medal for excellence 2007

Make new friends, have fun, while learning and growing, in an emotionally and intellectually stimulating environment

Book early, limited places

(02) 66794037  – 0407359607 —

or drop in at FORTUNA BOOKSHOP, 1459 Kyogle road, Uki Buttery


The basic principles of Traditional Western Astrology will be explored in the light of ancient mythology and modern psychology.

The symbolic and psychological correspondence of every part of the Horoscope will be discussed in depth, and the students’ and teacher’s Birth Charts used as guidelines throughout the course, to make the subject more immediately interesting, useful and enjoyable.

The aim of these workshops is

  • To encourage mutual understanding and self-knowledge.
  • To empower you to recognize your talents and manifest your full potential, transforming what you feel to be your shortcomings into invaluable assets. Astrology can show you the key role you are playing as maker of your own destiny.
  • To penetrate to the roots of any problem you may be experiencing in the area of relating, helping you to get the most out of your love life and all relationships.
  • To help to heal childhood wounds which may still affect your life in negative ways, impeding your progress.
  • To explore your true vocation in order to make sensible as well as inspired choices of career.
  • To decide the best time for action, travel, business, marriage or to begin something new, through the study of astrological Transits and Progressions.
  • And, most importantly, to help you to accept and love yourself and your circumstances, realizing that life is a constantly changing, exciting and profound experience, in all its facets, the joyous and the sad.

These twelve workshops (in all 36 hours) serve as an optimum introduction to the vast subject of Astrology and a great opportunity to start looking at your life in a more cosmic,  natural  and insightful way.

Subjects covered in the XII Workshops

  • The Astronomical side of Astrology. The Horoscope as Cosmic Clock and Calendar.Your life’s Mandala.
  • Astrological Yin and Yang, Sun and Moon Polarity. The Solar and Lunar Elements, building blocks of consciousness and life. The Four Temperaments of the ancient Alchemists.
  • The Three Modes or Qualities, life’s  fundamental rhythms: Cardinal: activity, drive, initiative. Fixed: stability, will, conservation of energy. Mutable: adaptability, mobility, change.
  • The twelve Signs: our journey of consciousness. An introduction to their rich symbology and the various myths which can reveal their essence and meaning.
  • The Actors in the cosmic play: Sun, Moon and Planets. The Archetypal Characters living within each one of us, shaping our and the world’s destiny.
  • The time of birth: the key which can unlock your mystery. The Significance of the four Angles: Ascendant, Descendant, Mid-Heaven, Lower-Heaven and the Intermediate Houses. Your world and experiences in the Horoscope.
  • Planets in Signs: a) an introduction to the planetary rulership of Signs. Planets’ ‘zodiacal’ and ‘mundane’ strength and weakness
  • Planets in Signs: b) Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn manifesting their energy through the Four Elements and Twelve Signs.
  • The Trans-Saturnian Planets: Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Their transformational effect on the individual via House position and aspects, and their generational effect via Sign position.
  • The Astrological Aspects, the way Sun, Moon and Planets relate and interact with each other within our own psyche.
  • Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Planets, Aspects: attempt at synthesis.
  • An introduction to planetary Cycles and Transits: beginnings and endings, transitions, changes, opportunities, evolution, growth.
  • An introduction to the Progressed Horoscope, symbol of the evolving self. Observe the unfolding of the progressed Moon’s waxing and waning cycle throughout life.


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