Maryl Streep’s Transits and Progressions Oscar night 2012

Thought my readers would like to see what a Oscar winning looks like through the lens of Transits and Progressions.

No enough power in my bush dwelling tonight to read those Charts. If you know some Astrology though the Charts should speak for themselves.

Few hints: Transiting Venus conjunct Mid-Heaven and North Lunar Node; South Lunar Node conjunct Mercury and Mars in Gemini; Progressed New Moon in Virgo (once in thirty years aspect!) conjunct Natal Saturn and Ceres (in the Second House of wealth), opposition Transiting Neptune, sextile Natal Sun and Uranus; Transiting Taurus Moon conjunct Natal Moon; Transiting Neptune trine Sun and Uranus, etc, etc.

Amazing Astrology, as usual!

4 Responses to “Maryl Streep’s Transits and Progressions Oscar night 2012”

  1. Elsa Says:

    I featured you on the Astro Dispatch here: Hope you get some hits! 🙂

  2. Thomas Gazis Says:

    Hello Paola and friends! Well, you’ve already spotted the most important to me element. Let me expand on it: Progressed Moon partile conjunct progressed Sun and both conjuncting natal Saturn (a major social award, a very formal social recognition). Jupiter in the 10th House helped too…

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Thomas, thank you. You may be interested to look up my second post on Streep’s other Oscars, following the evolution of her Progressed Horoscope.
      I am now preparing a Tutorial post to explain the difference between Transits and Progressions. I have found that beginner students often consider Progressions more difficult than Transits and I would like to prove that this is not the case. If one has a foundation in Astrology, enough to read Natal and Transits Charts, one is also ready to look into Progressions. The sooner the better, I reckon, because Progressions provide a dimension to Astrology that is very special. I personally couldn’t do without them; they are always the backbone of my Transits readings for clients, friends and family.

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