February 4, 2012, Neptune in Pisces: time for forgiving, forgetting, dreaming, loving

4 Responses to “February 4, 2012, Neptune in Pisces: time for forgiving, forgetting, dreaming, loving”

  1. Alrisha Says:

    For the past 3 weeks I have been having more vivid, intense dreams. Neptune has not only entered Pisces but also my 12th house. That would do it. I have Mercury at 8′ and progressed Moon at that degree also. With Saturn at 0’55” Virgo I have become a lot more tired but so far no illness. I look forward to bedtime.

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. I too have been having more vivid and memorable dreams. But this ingress is also making me bit melancholic, thinking of all the things that will never be, all the life that has gone, unheeded, and can never be captured again. Neptune is entering my VIII Natal House and trining my Sun XI House. Relevant to this mood are for sure also Saturn sitting on my Natal IC, Retrograde Mars’s ongoing square to my Natal Mars, the Sun opposing my Venus and Pluto, and Venus in opposition to Natal Saturn and square to Natal Mercury. And, of course, Uranus in long lasting square to my Sun, a hot wind of change that I am not welcoming with sufficient enthusiasm.
      Yesterday I found myself listening to Enrico Caruso’s Italian arias, not a recommended cure for sadness! Cheers, Paola

      • Alrisha Says:

        Ah the sweet melancholia of music. I know this well and really like to allow it to wash over me. It feels healing don’t you think/feel? Your Cancer sun plays a part in this sadness at letting go aspect?
        I am hoping I haven’t spoken too soon about the lack of illness as Saturn in my case tends to delay. I have also stopped taking my antidepressant medication so would not be surprised at some kind of reality check. I have noticed my rose coloured specs have slipped slightly in regard to some old friends. Nothing serious though so far. blessings Alrisha

      • Living Moon Astrology Says:

        Blessings. Here is a link to the Caruso’s arias:

        My sister Silvana sent it to me on my last birthday. I have Natal Neptune in the III, siblings House, conjunct IC, the taproot, so I am not surprised I’m going back there as Neptune enters Pisces and my VIII House. This house also, for me, has to do with memories of profound things and stuff we have shared, indelible substratum of psyche, like a mysterious pool whose waters can regenerate us or drag us in.

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