Full Moon in Cancer, January 9, 2012

'there be dragons', courtesy of christinerobinsonart.com

The Cancer Full Moon every year is the first of the Capricorn Solstice season (from late December to late March). In the Northern Hemisphere this is the period of ‘incubation’. This time, the lowest point in the whole Sun’s cycle, less sunlight and more hours of darkness, is when the seed of the New Year begins sprouting its roots in the dark secret womb of the earth, to emerge as a green shoot in the Aries spring. The symbolical meaning of this yearly cycle is the same in the Southern Hemisphere where the season are exactly reversed.

(I refer those of you who may wonder if, due to the seasons’ reversal, there should be a different meaning for the Signs of the Zodiac in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, to one of my Tutorial article HERE. An interesting article by AstroBarry on the astrological hemisphere seasonal quandary can be found HERE instead).

The Cancer Full Moon represents a time of emotional climax, when we are given plenty of opportunities to experience the power of feelings in our lives, and to become more aware of the underlying emotional currents that drive our external moods and actions. The Full Moon, every month, is the culmination of a psychological cycle that began at the previous New Moon. That New Moon in this case was the New Moon in Capricorn on Christmas day, only two days past the actual ingress of the Sun in Capricorn and the beginning of the new Solstice season. That New Moon provided the signature for the whole period ahead. Looking back at it for a moment we may be better equipped to understand its culmination at this Full phase time.

The Capricorn Sun and Moon were transiting then at right angle to Uranus in Aries, promising many unexpected, drastic, event violent events, with profound changes affecting a great number of people on the planet. If you have at all followed the news during the last fortnight you would know how accurate this description has been, as far as the collective goes. In our own private lives too this has been a period when we have been cosmically stimulated to be more true to ourselves, to call a spade a spade and accept changes, even difficult or scary ones, in order to embrace a more authentic life (Uranus effect). We have been faced by many challenges (square aspect), but those have strengthened rather than weakened the focus on our objectives. With this in mind let’s give a look now at the present Full Moon phase.

Here is a Chart of the Cancer Full Moon, calculated for the coordinates of Wollumbin, a sacred mountain and one million years old extinct volcano in northern New South Wales, Australia. In other places in the world the positions of Sun, Moon and Planets will be the same, while their orientation to the local horizon will differ.

click to view larger image

First of all the people directly aligned to this phase, and so more likely to feel its effect, are Cancer, born between the 9 and 11 of July; Capricorn, born between January 8 and 1o; Aries, born between April 7 and 9; and Libra, born between October 10 to 12.or anyone with the Moon, a Lunar Node, one of the four Angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Mid-Heaven, Lower-Heaven) or any planets or midpoint between the 17th and 19th degree of the same Signs.

The most prominent transits at the time of this phase are the harmonious aspects of the Sun and Moon to Mars in Virgo (a sextile from the Moon and trine from the Sun). These earthy transits, together with the ingress of Mercury in Capricorn that occurred only a day earlier, on January 8, should help us to bring to fruition those aspirations toward meaningful changes contained in germ form in the the previous New Moon’s transits. Humbly (Virgo), methodically (Capricorn) and in a caring way (Cancer) we should be able to manifest our ideals, making them into useful and viable propositions. Through Mars things get done, because this planet provides the energy for action and also the courage and confidence necessary to go ahead with it.

The Sign-change of Mercury is always important because it indicates the inception of a different mental outlook for everyone on the planet. Mercury will transit Capricorn until January 28. We are then moving from a mentally speculative and optimistic attitude to a more grounded, practical one. Time then to work at manifesting some of the ideas and plans that came so easy to us during the Mercury in Sagittarius period; time to be methodical and realistic, to test our ideas against our everyday reality where they can flourish and bring real results. We can stop procrastinating and get things done.

Mercury is now in square to Uranus in Aries (as the Sun and Moon were at the previous New Moon) reinforcing the need to accept changes, even at the cost of losing some of our cherished sense of security, the same false security that has kept us in a psychological or physical rut for a long time.

A promising configuration at this time is the Air trine becoming active between Venus-Neptune in Aquarius and Saturn in Libra (becoming exact on January 14). Harmonious aspects involving Saturn are always an indication that method and practicality have a good chance to bring better results. In harmonious aspect to Neptune and Venus, archetypes of love in its metaphysical and sensual forms respectively, Saturn also suggests  that a realistic rather than idealistic look at our love life, at what we value and cherish and at our spiritual longings (or the lack of them) could help us mature in positive ways. Because the contact is a positive one it should not spoil the magic that the conjunction Venus-Neptune is promising, but rather make it more a tangible part of our daily living, promoting real, not imagined soul mate ship with another,  genuine artistic inspiration, and true compassion. Air Trines (120 degree angles) bring the gift of clarity, clarifying things within ourselves,  as well as helping to communicate our ideas and feelings and share them with other people.

No much time left to post this before the Full Moon, now nearly upon us. I really welcome comments and contributions here. So, if you have something you would like to say about this Cancer Full Moon, contributing to my sketchy outline, or about other topics you wish to discuss, please go ahead and share your insights with me and my readers.

Love and Light.


8 Responses to “Full Moon in Cancer, January 9, 2012”

  1. Coco Says:

    I was born one June 25. And dealing with a lot of personal stress. Esp since Christmas, at which point I became so angry over a shirt on the friday before New Years that I punched a wall and broke a relationship… Hopefully for now with my Leo (aug 22). I have this week been over filling my brain with information and making passionate attempts to look back and heal. I after reading this feel I will now chart the moon more and watch the phases… I do feel a huge connection with the moon, esp after reading this! Thank You!

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Coco, thank you for sharing your experiences. Reading about your troubles I can only sympathize. I could be doing something like that myself if I were younger and had the energy to smash things! At my age it is not easy to express frustration that way, though, everything got to be sorted out in one’s head and by oneself. Hope things turn out good for you.
      The bit of response I have received after my Full Moon post is encouraging me to write more regularly about this living, ever changing Moon that has been the inspiration for my site. Being a Cancerian, like you, the Moon’s moods are very much my moods too. Lots of love, Paola

  2. Steve the Jew Says:

    Wow! I was so missing my friend Jane in San Francisco. She used to read me the aspects of the moon phases and I was fascinated, but ignorant. My life trajectory is an absolute jettison today. I feel so much change in the air. Profound, mountain-moving change. Old painful “scores” deep within my conflicted psyche now coming out and getting air. Getting more right-sized. Thank you for your observations. Keep ironing!!
    Steve in Elkhart, Indiana

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Thank you, Steve. Tonight, Full Moon night, I am in great need of support for my writing. The Moon is shining beautifully on my verandah, after a sultry and stormy afternoon, but my mood has been rather melancholic and pessimistic (the Full Moon falls in my XII House).
      Also I have been feeling lately: what’s the point of it all? Can I contribute anything? It is worth anything to anyone apart from myself? Writing is a painful but compelling process for me (both Saturn and Neptune in the Third House) and a strong Gemini (Mercury-Mars conjunct there and squaring Saturn). I have had better creative moments in the past, when I felt freer and less concerned about results. At the moment it is a struggle.
      You have read my mind somehow, because i have also been thinking to make the Moon, her phases and aspects, the main guideline to my posts, as i did in the past in another publication (a yearly diary called Dionysus). Always a good way to understand our ups and downs, new beginnings, peak experiences, the lot.
      Thank you for your words, Steve, a Cancer Full Moon gift to a Cancerian in a crabby mood.

  3. Paul Says:

    Several things in this article about our new Moon, today, really impressed me. This idea, alone, is enough to be a main theme in my full Moon ritual, later, today: “become more aware of the underlying emotional currents that drive our external moods and actions.”
    Two ideas, in particular, ring true for me: “In our own private lives too this has been a period when we have been cosmically stimulated to be more true to ourselves, to call a spade a spade and accept changes, even difficult or scary ones, in order to embrace a more authentic life (Uranus effect).”
    “…reinforcing the need to accept changes, even at the cost of losing some of our cherished sense of security, the same false security that has kept us in a psychological or physical rut for a long time.”
    I have Jupiter at 17 Libra, and am reaching the 7-year mark at an apartment complex (and social situation) that are stagnant and toxic.
    Although my funds are quite limited, I actually gave the management my 30-day notice, echoing strongly the Sun/Moon square to Uranus. (I really do not have enough money to move, and I would end up losing half of my stuff because I would end up in a single room (my present apartment is subsidized).
    Strangely enough, my 30-day notice, which I handed in, was returned to me by the office (rejected), because it was not submitted at the end of the month! Very strange! (How often does THAT happen?)
    So, now, even though I have shown a willingness to go along with the impulse and lesson of Uranus, Saturn seems to have intervened. I wish to implement the effects of Mercury in Capricorn, to solidify and keep-consistent my efforts at finding a place that is less-polluted, physically, and to thereby get more of my energy moving.
    It was very insightful that you mentioned “…physical rut…”. My environment has caused a 2-year-long case of adrenal fatigue, accompanied with asthma. I am certain that the right spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical conditions will remedy this.
    I would like to know how to calculate or predict transits (of the Moon, especially. That would be one of my next steps, astrologically.
    Saturn Trine Neptune in air signs promises some clear-yet-visionary thinking, so I definitely want to get on board with that.
    Thanks for the great article

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Paul, thank you for your contribution. Nothing better than a real life story to describe the uncanny effect of transits.
      The Moon is indeed a good starting point to learn transits because she forms and dissolves them in record time, repeating the cycle every month. The Moon forms major connections (conjunction, waxing square, opposition and waning square) with every point in the Natal Chart during one cycle. Observing the daily transits of the Moon we can begin to unravel the particular energy generated by each Sign, the specific function of the planets, and also to understand in real terms the area of influence of each House she transits. This way it is easier to move from theoretical Astrology to a living, flesh and blood Astrology.
      Hope my posts will help you more in the future. Best of luck with your risky, exciting changes, way to go, Paola

  4. christinerobinsonart Says:

    You make a very worthwhile contribution Paola. I like your idea of making the moon, her phases etc. your guideline.
    I also enjoy your selection of images!

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Christine, thank you. I felt that your ‘there be dragons’ fitted the exciting and slightly scary mood of this emotional Full Moon, an important yearly phase for Cancerians like us.
      Love all your Moons, Paola

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