Mars in Virgo, November 11, 2011, to July 3, 2012

Mars’ ingress into Virgo is a special event. Instead than the average two months Mars will in fact remain in Virgo until early July 2012, eight long months! This is a transit that we should stop and take notice of, because it will have a significant impact on our individual and collective lives.

The reason for this lengthy stay in Virgo is, of course, Retrogradation. Mars will become Stationary Retrograde on January 24, 2012, on the 23rd degree of Virgo, and turn Direct only on April 14, on the 3rd degree of Virgo. Every Virgo and, by affinity every Pisces (opposite-complementary Sign), Gemini and Sagittarius (by challenging 90 degrees angle), as well as all Taurus and Capricorn (by harmonious 120 degrees angle) will be affected by this transits. The individuals who have Sun, Moon, Planets or Chart’s Angles between the 3rd and 23rd degrees of the above Signs will be more directly aligned to the span of Retrogradation.

If you were born when Mars was in Virgo you will experience an unusually long Mars’ Return, testing your ability to master your environment and achieve your optimum mode of energy release in action (Mars’ function), especially during the retro period. The birthdays directly aligned to Mars retrograde in Virgo are: Virgo (August 26/September 16), Pisces (February 21/March 14), Gemini (May 24/June 14), and Sagittarius (November 25/December 15).

This transit beginning just as the world seems to be preparing for more hard economic times, the message seems clear: reduce your needs, work a bit harder and more conscientiously, help others rather than concentrate exclusively on yourself or your immediate family. This is time to serve each other, to use our brain power and ingenuity to go back to basics, learning or re-learning crucial survival skills, like growing things, cooking, preserving, building, repairing, making do without too many trappings or those extra luxuries our modern society has taken for granted for decades now. Our quality of life doesn’t have to suffer, but rather we need to change what we think is quality. 

As i was writing in a previous post on the upcoming 2012 Transits: ‘The fact that Virgo is highlighted shows a need to adjust our daily routine, clean our acts, tackling those jobs we always find a good excuse not to do. Making our space at work and home clear of clutter, organizing everything in a more rational way will contribute to efficiency and better practical outcomes…..Virgo suggests taking up a discipline or healthy routine that could help dealing with this energy and the unending frustrations and irritations of daily life (Virgo’s stuff)‘.

An Earth Sign, of course, wants to ‘ground’ a planet, harnessing its energy to work on a practical level and in a realistic fashion. Virgo needs now to tame Mars’ outgoing, impulsive, often reckless energy by encouraging us to stick to rules, and promoting a stricter sense of discipline. This will hopefully not degenerate into excessive self-criticism and doubts, if we attempt to reach impossible perfections, thus losing sight of what can be realistically done.

The couple Venus and Mars and the coming eight months

Mars provides the Sign he transits with the drive, passion, challenges and confrontations that positively can enliven or negatively over-excite our lives. To balance the outgoing energy of Mars, in order to avoid extremes, it is always necessary to ask the help of Venus, his archetypal counterpart. Venus’s role is in fact to provide the sense of cooperation, rhythm and tolerance that impatient and competitive Mars often lacks.

While Mars slowly makes his way through Virgo Venus will rapidly transit seven Signs, half the Zodiac, from Sagittarius to Gemini, slowing down only in mid-May 2012 when she will begin her retro motion in Gemini. Each of these Venus’s Signs gives us a clue on the sort of energy Venus can provide, during any given period, to equalize Mars in Virgo. I add here few key words for each Sign Venus will transit in the next eight months, with reference to the transits of Mars.

  • Sagittarius (November 2/26): Venus in this optimistic Fire Sign could be of great help to Mars in Virgo, providing the confidence and faith that are not Virgo’s strong points.
  • Capricorn (November 26 – December 21): this coupling could help us to be very efficient, at a down to earth level. This will be a great Venus’ transit to make use of Virgo’s practicality to develop some ambitious and far-reaching plans.
  • Aquarius (December 21 – January 14): here cooperation with groups of similarly minded individuals (Aquarius) could bring the energy of Mars in Virgo to benefit entire communities and idealistic projects.
  • Pisces (January 14 – February 8): the dynamics of our relationships will come to the fore under this Venus-Mars’ opposition: the every day routine and duties that are part of our relating experiences will be enriched by the angst for something more, soul mate-ship, creativity, spirituality.
  • Aries (February 8 – March 5): action is the key here, guided by Aries’ infallible instinct and Virgo practical skills and willingness to walk the extra mile.
  • Taurus (March 5 – April 4): now this is as practical as it gets, Taurus providing not only extra common sense, but also the pose and determination to get the most out of Virgo’s often nervous striving for perfection.
  • Gemini (April 4 – August 8): as Mars turns Direct, on April 14, Venus prepares to go Retrograde, on May 15. This is a Mercurial combination, great for any intellectual work  or communication, teaching, studying etc., and all activities that require the collection of eclectic information and data, as well as the skill to put them to practical use.

Note: in the last week, just as Mars was preparing to enter Virgo, I started to put order on my site, a long overdue task. The format of the site has slightly changed. I have eliminated the top banner, and added a Sunrise Horoscope’s link in the left sidebar, with a new Sabian symbols menu, linked to my own personal readings of the daily Sabian degree at sunrise. I hope you like the changes. I take the opportunity to apologize here for some errors I have found in the Sunrise Page in the last few days, discrepancies mainly, due to the fact that I’ m slowly getting used to the new format myself. 

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