Italy’s alignment to the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011

Italy and the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011

Italy is another country going through the painful process of liberating itself from a corrupt government and a leader embroiled in just too many scandals.

You can see in the double-wheel Horoscope above how close Pluto is to Italy’s natal Capricorn Ascendant, only few minutes of longitude away from exactness at the time of the Eclipse. Pluto is also applying to a conjunction to Italy’s natal Mercury and Sun, also in Capricorn, transits that will continue until 2013. The Pluto’s aspects are just part of the current Cardinal Cross to which Italy is closely aligned. Pluto was transiting just the same degree and thus forming the same aspects during the all important Total Lunar Eclipse of December 21, 2010 (while transiting Mars was conjunct Italy’s Sun), and all other subsequent Eclipses. We should not forget that Italy was one of the first nations to declare war on Libya earlier in 2011.

Pluto on the Ascendant points to a slow period of deep transformation of Italy public image (Ascendant), public relations and commerce (Mercury) and identity as a nation and leadership (Sun). The Ascendant of the moment of this Eclipse (Rome’s coordinates)  is also conjunct Italy’s Moon-Mars’ conjunction in the Plutonian Eighth House, while the Cancer New Moon Eclipse sits just on Italy’s Natal Descendant, in near perfect opposition to its Sun-Mercury. The latter aspect is putting a mirror in front of the Italian people, where they may be able to see themselves as others see them, thus affecting the country relationship with the rest of the world as well as with itself.

Very important is also the position and aspects of the transiting Saturn, in square to Italy’s Sun and Mercury, from the Tenth House of the country’s reputation and public persona. This could manifest as a period of hardship and fear of poverty, while Saturn’s conjunction to Italy’s natal Neptune forecasts times of confusion and instability. The same conjunction Saturn-Neptune has been recently experienced by many countries that reached their independence at the end of World War II, because they all share the same generational position of Neptune (Israel, founded in 1948, Libya in 1951, People republic of China in 1949, India in 1950, etc.).

Another worrisome transit, absolutely exact during this Eclipse, is the 90 degrees angle between transiting Mars in Gemini and Italy’s Natal Mars in Virgo, aspect that also involves the Natal Moon in Virgo. The degree of Mars is also aligned to that of the previous Solar Eclipse in early June. And the Mid-Heaven at the time of this Eclipse is also at 90 degrees angle from Italy’s Mars, because the transiting Mars is conjunct this Mid-Heaven. All these aspects involving Mars and the Moon seem to indicate a flaring up of the social and political unrest we have seen in recent months, the common people (the Moon in a Mundane Chart) angry at the lack of leadership and the trashing of basic democratic principles by the Berlusconi’s government.

The Lunar South Node is transiting the Sixth House, not good news for the Italian workforce, and it is now conjunct Italy’s natal Uranus there, indicating that whatever disruption and upheaval happen at the present time are simply the karmic products of past errors.

On a positive note Jupiter is transiting Italy’s foundation sector, conjunct its natal part of Fortune and close to a trine to transiting Pluto, positive aspects, injecting some optimism and confidence in the Italian psyche during these trouble times. Jupiter may not be able to counteract the Saturnine, Plutonian and Uranian difficulties discussed above, but it will help the collective morale and the country’s sense of belonging and cohesion.

Silvio Berlusconi and the July 1 Cancer Solar Eclipse

Here is Berlusconi Natal Chart with the July 1 Solar Eclipse super-imposed on it.

Click to enlarge

Silvio Berlusconi has been the Italian Prime minister since 1994 (three terms in office). In the double-wheel Horoscope above we can see the present Cardinal Grand Cross spanning his First House, with Saturn in Libra separating from the conjunction to his Sun and Mercury (a big, hard lesson), his Seventh House of open enmity, with disruptive Uranus transiting there, his Fourth House, the foundation of his Chart, with Pluto transiting there, and his Tenth House of reputation and career, occupied by the present Cancer Eclipse. To add to his mounting problems transiting Jupiter is applying to his natal Uranus in Taurus, indicating a possible sudden turn of events, and transiting Neptune in Pisces, while in trine to his natal Venus in Scorpio, is also opposing his natal Mars in Virgo, aspects that will not help him much to regain the trust of his party or of the Italian people. Both these transits are in fact meaningful signatures of the recurring scandals that has bugged Berlusconi’s life in the last few years (sex and corrupted business dealings).

Finally Chiron will hover for a while on the cusp of Berlusconi’s Sixth House, predicting perhaps serious health problems in the coming months and years.

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