A Solar Eclipse from the antarctic cold

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On July 1 the last event of the Descending Node’s Eclipse Season will be another Partial Solar Eclipse, with a difference.

Eclipses have a lineage, starting from a a sort of Mother Eclipse, the one from which all other Eclipses of the same family are born. The partial Eclipse of the Sun on July 1 is such a Matrix event, beginning a family that will engender 69 Eclipses.

Astronomically this particular Eclipse may be considered unimportant when compared with the widely visible and Total Lunar and Solar Eclipses of recent times. Hardly anyone will be able to catch a glimpse of this event, occurring in the icy wastes of Antarctica, at sea, very much south of Southern Africa. To add to the location’s difficulties this is only a partial event of very little magnitude (0.097).

This is how the Eclipse Geeks’ site defines this event: “one of the remotest solar eclipse to occur, even in the modern age, …. challenging to reach…. due to such a remote location is possible that it may go completely unobserved and turn out to be the eclipse no one ever sees.
  And Hermit Eclipse: “…must be almost a record for the most insignificant solar eclipse, a tiny partial eclipse will be visible from a small patch of ocean near Antarctica”.

The Wiki article for this Eclipse, with animations etc., can be found HERE.

From an astrological viewpoint, however, this is an exceptionally significant event, the Matrix of 1226 years of future Eclipses (2011 to 3237), spanning from the Antarctic to the Arctic Circle, from the South to the North Pole. If we trust the knowledge that has been handed down to us, this Eclipse could contain, in embryonic form, the challenges and triumphs of many centuries to come. The Chart cast for the first Eclipse of a series is like the Birth Chart of the whole series, the foundation of all future developments.

Due to the intense nature of the Transits active during this Eclipse all the others belonging to the same series will also usher periods of significant challenges and upheavals for our world.

Here is the Birth Chart of this event, calculated for the coordinates of Canberra, Australia’s national capital.

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Like the Eclipses that preceded it in June this Eclipse is an active participant in the present configuration of Transits in Cardinal Signs.

At the time of the last Lunar Eclipse (June 15) Mercury in Cancer filled the missing degree of the Cardinal T square formed by Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra. During this event instead it is the New Moon’s degree (Sun and Moon in conjunction) that is filling the same space, completing thus a Grand Cross with the slow moving destiny makers. To name these transits again: the New Moon degree is square (90 degrees) Saturn in Libra, square Uranus in Aries and opposed (180 degrees) to Pluto in Capricorn.

The Cardinal Grand Cross has been the subject of astrological study and commentary by just about every astrological seeker on the planet. It has been our daily bread, since we began to anticipate it at the ingress of Pluto in Capricorn in late 2008. The present Eclipse in Cancer only confirms that the power of this rare configuration is still very much upon us and that the momentum for radical changes and unprecedented upheavals, welcome or dreaded as it might be, is simply unavoidable.

The birthday people aligned to this Cancer Solar Eclipse are Cancer (June30/July2), Capricorn (December31/January2), Aries (March29/31) and Libra (October2 /4); as well as anyone with Moon, Ascendant or planets between the 8th and 10th degree of the above Signs. These are exciting but potentially upsetting times for you, when you will need to look at making important changes in your life, in whatever area that happens to be highlighted by this very special New Moon. Becoming a willing participant in the changes that fate has decreed for you at this crucial time could bring unexpected positive results.

I have found a great example of this in a comment sent to me by a reader named Julia, expressing just the exhilarating effect of changes that may appear at first negative or frightening. Julia says: ” I lost my job after 20 years of hard work and little fun. I have no idea where I am headed. But I feel free and happy”. This is the sort of psychological approach that can transform the dreaded Cardinal Grand Cross into a liberating and empowering experience.

The Cancer Solar Eclipse in Mundane Charts

Here are two double-wheels Charts showing the interaction of the present Cancer Eclipse with the Birth Charts of two nations that are, at the moment, experiencing severe crisis: Greece and Libya.

The Eclipse has been relocated using the coordinates of the national capital of each country.

Greece and the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011

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Note how the Eclipse Sun-Moon’s degree is close to Greece Saturn-Mercury’s conjunction and to the nation’s Ascendant, and at right angle to Greece’s conjunction Moon-Pluto, while transiting Saturn separates from the same, forming also another right angle with Greece’s Mercury, Saturn and Ascendant. All of this while Uranus perfectly opposes Greece’s Moon and Pluto and forms an ongoing square to Venus. And transiting Pluto, in the VI House, the area pertaining to a nation’s work-force, will be in opposition to Greece Cancer planets ( Venus, Mercury, Saturn) and in square to Greece’s Moon and Pluto in Libra, promising a volatile climate to continue for a long time yet. The Pluto-Venus’ opposition in particular suggests the deep financial crisis and lack of security the Greek people are experiencing, and also the resentment and desire for revenge they are expressing via their violent uprising.

The above sketchy outline shows a strikingly obvious connection of Greece’s Natal Chart to the revolutionary Cardinal Grand Cross.

Furthermore the transiting Mid-heaven in Athens, at the time of the Eclipse, is at right angle to Greece’s Jupiter in the IX House of foreign affairs, and conjunct Greece’s South Node, indicating a time of reckoning for this nation public image, now that past errors (South Node) are exposed.

Transiting Mars is also in perfect opposition to Greece Neptune on the cusp of the VI House, a fit symbol for the chaotic unrest and total confusion reigning in the country at this time, and the fact that the Greek working class has become the unwilling and angry victim of this crisis.

Libya and the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011

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The civil war raging in Libya since February this year is dramatically expressed by the transits active during this Solar Eclipse.

Uranus, the mover and shaker, is highlighted in many ways: the New Moon’s degree is conjunct Libya’s natal Uranus, in the Tenth House (the country’s public image); while transiting Uranus is very close to a conjunction to Libya’s Jupiter in the area of public relation and open enmity (VII House).The transiting Uranus is also at right angle (square) to Libya’s Chiron in Capricorn, and still in orb of square to Libya’s Sun, also in Capricorn. The latter transits are extremely important because they happen between Libya’s public relations sector (VII House) and its foundation (IV House).

Uranus and Pluto have been shaking the very foundations of Libya as a nation and the mandate of its leadership in particular (Sun). Pluto and Uranus, simultaneously activating Libya’s Sun and Chiron, show how unavoidably painful this Uranian-Plutonian change is proving to be.

Uranus represents, at one and the same time, the two opposing sides of this civil war: the promethean spirit of rebellion against all forms of tyranny, as well as the staunch and intolerant stand of the tyrant himself. And Pluto indicates that the crisis is a terminal one, requiring the eradication of those aspects of the past that have become toxic. Since 2009 the passage of Pluto over Libya’s Sun has demanded a radical new approach to leadership in this country, and, the way things are going, implying perhaps even the death of the leader and of his political grip on Libya.

This country, as many others deeply experiencing the present turmoil (Ireland, Japan, the USA) is also going though a prolonged Saturn Return, a time of restructuring and maturing, a difficult but necessary stage of all growth processes.

Finally transiting Neptune in Pisces is in positive aspect to Libya’s Sun in Capricorn (sextile) and Moon in late Libra, cusp Scorpio. The Moon, representing the common people in Mundane Astrology, has also been activated, over and over again, by recent Full Moon and the all important Total Lunar Eclipse of December 2010, the same that fell on Gaddafi’s own natal Jupiter and squared his Moon (Sunrise Chart). The Neptune Transits describe well the idealism of the Libyan people and their willingness to sacrifice their personal interests and even their lives to achieve the dream of democracy, against very tough odds. An inspiration for all.

Stay tuned for more on the possible effects of this Eclipse on countries like Italy, Ireland, Egypt, the USA and Japan.

If interested HERE you can find another post discussing, amongst other things, the July 1 Solar Eclipse.


9 Responses to “A Solar Eclipse from the antarctic cold”

  1. wfoster2011 Says:

    Really outstanding analysis on tomorrows eclipse. Very impressive. I’m going to put a link to your web-site on my blog. It will be the first one I’ve done this for. See my blog at: http://wfoster2011.wordpress.com/
    All the Best,
    Bill Foster

  2. Maru Says:

    Helloooo again from Mexico. I like your blog so much, but this time I must say I am stunned for your interpretation of the Lybia Chart.- I do not know a word about astrology, but you must check your reading again. You got it all wrong: The self-called “rebels” are nothing but thieves supported by other thieves (powerful but still thieves) and the real Lybian people are fighting for their leader, Moammar al Gaddafi.- This war has nothing to do with democracy nor tyranny, it is about theft and illegal invasion.Something is wrong there. I hope you have the time to review the chart, correct it and do the right interpretation.- Thanks so much.

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Maru, thank you for contacting me again.
      Well, the view of individuals and groups of individuals differ, and astrologers are not exception. I interpret Charts according to my own temperament and also cultural bias; it could not be otherwise.
      But, I agree, there are as many viewpoints as there are people; tolerance is the key here.
      I am sorry if I have offended you, and other people, with my views on the Libyan conflict. It is a view, however, uphold my many other decent people in the world.
      I am sure that what i call fight for democratic rights is also part of the globalization phenomenon, trying to align everyone to ‘western’ cultural values, in the process undermining non western traditions and mores. It cannot be denied however that genuine grassroots movements exist, not only in Libya but all over the world, inspired by true democratic ideals of freedom and self-determination.

  3. Maru Says:

    Hi again, You are so nice at replying so soon. thank you for it. Well, what can I say? Astrology got my attention only as a sort of a amusement for my whole life. But, many friends of mine do believe in it as to guide their actions and decisions by their Natal Charts, so I thought Astrology could work for many people. Even so I never approached it seriously. By your reply, I understand your explanation as to your interpretation of the Chart for Libya, which is YOUR OWN POINT OF VIEW, right? Again, I do not know a word about Astrolgy nor its etiquette, but then I must admit that I got it all wrong, as once I used to think that if the stars were true, the astrologer would have to interpret the charts or alignment or whatever, as they were indicating.
    Once in a biographical movie about Nostradamus, when he gets poisoned by King Henry II, Queen Catherine de Medici asks him that if he knw the glass of wine contained posion why on Earth did he drink it? He replies: “I know it is not my time (to die), for the stars always tell the truth, the key is to know how to interpet them”.
    I do not intend to make a big thing out of this, only I find that my own vision of Astrology was absolutely wrong. I was about to start studying Astrology using the Morin de Villefranche method, now that I have more free time, but, now, I find no point in doing it.
    Again, thank you so much, I love the pictures and graphics and I will keep you in my blogs list (or blogrolls) for many people find Astrology interesting and fascinating.
    I send you a very warm sunbeam from my super warm now (32 degrees Celsius) and lovely port of Mazatlan, (a lively tourism spot) at the Mexican Pacific Ocean right under the Tropic of Cancer.
    Thank you.

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Maru, I reply again briefly. I am sorry if my previous hurried reply has lead you (and others perhaps) to think that there is no a degree of objectivity in the reading of Charts, mundane or personal. There is.
      The Cardinal emphasis of the destiny makers has been felt not just in Libya but all over the globe. It is not difficult to read either.
      Ideologies do not change that. The civil war is real, apart from any conspiracy theories. I am not impressed at all by the European intervention, but the horrors of war were real enough before anyone intervened. And don’t you think, 30 years of undemocratic rule should be enough for Gaddafi and his family? Preserving the cultures that are being gobbled up by globalization doesn’t mean to me to keep to the good old ways of tyranny and repression.
      I am sure many Libyans side with their long time leader, but many don’t. They should have a voice too.
      I tried to explain a few times the fact that to me the connection between Pluto, Uranus and Saturn shows the two sides of the medal: the compulsive drive toward radical changes at the grass-root level and the reactionary drive of those who don’t want to relinquish power. And in fact are prepared to kill and maim thousands to retain it.
      Libya, I feel, is a great example of the double meaning of these historical transits.
      I don’t want to make this into a big issue either. Opinions are welcome but i wish they will not degenerate into divisive political arguments.
      I respect your views, but I don’t share them.
      Peace to you, Paola Emma

    • EH Says:

      Hi Maru

      Actually, although you admit knowing little about astrology, I would, as an astrologer
      of some tenure, agree with much of what you have said here. Ordinarily I incline not to post
      too much here, in some respect for our hostess, who is admittedly very busy, but also still
      on her learning curve with respect to interpreting Mundane astrology, with the finesse that
      she qualifies as a more traditional, personal astrologer. We all have to start somewhere, eh?

      First, as there is more than one published chart for Libya, the one used here as the 1951 chart
      for the declaration of Libya’s independence. Actually, the more appropriate chart, in the case of
      the present leadership would be the formation of the Coup, or the declaration of the Republic
      on Sept 3rd, 1969. That chart also has several planets in early Libra, which being a Cardinal sign
      would be in the cross-hairs of the recent activity of planets in this area (Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus
      and Pluto, plus the recent Solar Eclipse of July 1st of this year) (CHART LINK.

      That said, there is a difference in how to interpret these two charts: one being more as the
      people declaring themselves independent from England, following the Italian occupation of
      in the 1940’s. The more recent chart (1969) depicts the present regime, which is a fdifferent breed of cats,
      so to speak, and has not been presented here; nor has the 1951 chart (IMHO) been addressed other in a more
      cursory view.

      To add to this little conundrum, and in the context of your reply, the actual issues in Libya, perhaps
      unrecognized by many astrologers, for whatever reason(s), lies in Gaddhafi’s refusal to submit to his
      economy (currency) going under the hands ot the IMF/World or Central Bankers. Ths is clearly evident in the
      1951 chart posted here, due to the present placement of Saturn in the financial area (2nd House) of that
      national chart. But it is all the more evident in the 1969 chart, which emphasizes a similar theme, but one
      that has been influenced by more recent connects with Saturn-Uranus and the recent Jupiter-Pluto influences
      from Fall of 2010.

      Not unlike more historical trends of the past, the avenue through power and control via
      economic conquest or hi-jacking (Pluto) has been used to foment conflicts
      (false flags and straw men) among nations- particularly those nations having strategic or economic
      significance; often creating circumstances by which there is always one of more
      ‘fall-guys’ or patsy’s to distract from the actual strategies of conquest or take-overs by those
      in the financial driver’s seat (the powers that be).

      Per your reply, there is a local consensus among some of Gaddhafi’s followers that he isn’t the
      bad guy that he’s being made out to be; rather being caught between a rock and a hard place in taking
      a stance for his people.

      The rabbit hole goes deeper than this. But for brevity, the bottom line here is that, for the benefit of
      the readers here , IMHO. an expose’ such as this could be more useful with a bit more preparation and depth,
      rather than just appeasing the readers or keeping one’s quota. And in today’s world, it also requires a bit
      more critical thought and out-of-the-box work than this article or some other recent articles posted here
      of a Mundane flavor. We are at worst, not looking at any sort of ‘conspiracy’ mumbo jumbo here, as those
      who seek and cross-reference sources will be able to corroborate these influences. Unfortunately some
      are either ‘too busy’, too lazy, or too indifferent to do so.

      While we are all ‘entitled to our opinions’ astrology (again IMHO) is a study that posits itself on factual
      premise. Those who profess to take any astrological stand should also be prepared to cite their sources or
      otherwise disclose some specifics for their ‘opinions’… 😉

      Don’t be discouraged by what you read in your visits, nor take any posture that Mundane Astrology is without
      proper merit. Rather recognize that some astrologers are good in a particular area and not as good in others;
      even when they may be endeavoring to sharpen their understanding and skill in areas beyond their basic training.



      “He who thinks, but does not learn…
      is lost.
      He who learns, but does not think…
      is in great danger.”

      • Living Moon Astrology Says:

        Thank you, EH (don’t know your name) for a very sobering comment. I hope I never sounded as smug as you make me, in mundane matters.
        It is true that my astrological talents lay more elsewhere and that my mundane comments on Charts are often naive and rather general. They do not ‘pretend’ to be much more than that.
        Call someone lazy or what ever else you said here is spiteful and not that professional, after all.
        I live a very busy and down to earth life (literally carting water and reading by candle light). I run a bookshop open six days of the week; I counsel people with all sorts of problems on a daily basis, and often without payment, and design blogs for artists. Apart from having a family life. A passionate reader of classic literature, history and astrology. I am certainly no expert in global finance or anything like that. I could not care less for these matters in fact.
        It is a pity actually to feel pressured now to defend or justify myself thus. It cannot be helped in some cases. Mars is close today to squaring my natal Saturn, plus a lot more is going on astrologically for me. What can I say: touche’.
        You are entitled to your opinions, I’m sure there is a lot of truth in your analysis, but i find it flawed all the same, because Gaddafi’s actions speak for themselves, don’t need clever astrologers to interpret them.
        Hope you have finished venting your spleen on me, sincerely, Paola Emma

  4. Fiona Says:

    I don’t know much about astrology but I know about kindness and so does Paola. I contacted Paola for a reading 8 years ago after long illness and it changed the course of my life. Armed with understanding what had transpired within my chart, that had now passed, I was able to look to the future in a more positive light. Paola is a much loved member of the community and will lend her ear to all and sundry that come to her door, and help those who cannot afford a reading. I only wish I had the dedication and passion that Paola has for astrology, then I would also share my knowledge with the world, but would hope that it was accepted in the light that it was given – one persons opinion spreading light amongst a debauched and cynical world. Love Fiona

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