Venus’ transit in Gemini, June 10 to July 4, 2011

The planetary shift from Taurus to Gemini

Venus will transit Gemini, Mutable Air Sign, between June 10 and July 4.

The group that formed the amazing quadruple Taurus conjunction in May (composed by Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter), is now scattered.

The fast moving bodies are all passing into Gemini this month, with only slower Jupiter remaining in Taurus. Mercury entered Gemini on June 3, Venus is entering today, June 10, and Mars will do the same on June 21. The Sun has also been transiting Gemini since May 21.

Venus symbolizes the function within the psyche that encourages us to relate to one another. She is often described as the Goddess of Love, but this is somewhat a reductive term for this planet’s complex function. When we equate Venus with love, we should specify that the love we are talking about is not limited to the emotions we feel toward other human beings, but it extends to the whole spectrum of human experiences.

This means that, through the birth position of Venus, we can assess not only the individual’s relating needs and capacity for giving and receiving love, but also, in a more general sense, the sort of activities and environments the individual love to be in, the value he/she places on things as well as principles, his/her aesthetic sensitivity, and the possible artistic expression of the same.

The passage of any planet from one Sign to the next marks always an interesting time, because consecutive Signs display characteristics diametrically opposite to the Sign preceding it. It is no exception with light and eclectic Gemini when we compare it with intense and earthy Taurus.

It is time to release then the intense feelings that Venus in Taurus and the Taurus alignment have brought to the surface, through this Sign’s emotional sensitivity, coupled with its habit of re-living and re-valuing the past, and, negatively, to become trapped in emotional quagmires. Gemini can help in fact to restore some needed clarity and objectivity to our emotional life, cultivating a more carefree and tolerant attitude. Used wisely the influence of Venus in Gemini could help to overcome the heaviness of the past, lightening our emotional burden and understanding our feelings without becoming enmeshed in them or ruled by them.

Generally speaking the shift into Gemini, not only of Venus, but also of the Sun, Mercury and soon Mars, will mean a busier social life for all of us, more fun and games, hopefully, and also more interesting reading, conversations, movies and theater going. This will apply particularly to people with an emphasis on the Signs of Gemini and Sagittarius (opposite-complementary to Gemini), and also Libra and Aquarius, the other Air Signs; Aries and Leo, the Fire Signs in harmonious aspect to the Air Signs; as well as Virgo and Pisces, the other Mutable Signs.

The person born with Venus in Gemini

The simple dynamics of love and relationships may not be enough for the Venus in Gemini individual, who needs intellectual stimulation and exchange to feel alive. People born with this placement also need more than insular and exclusive relationships with which they become easily bored.

Venus in Gemini can make and lose friends easily, always on the lookout for new and exciting relationships. They love people and life, desiring varied social activities to feel emotionally fulfilled.

Sometimes naive in love, like all Venus in Air Signs types, they may have too idealistic expectations about love and friendships and they can be then easily disappointed by the hard reality of relating.

Depending on the other placement in their Birth Chart the Venus in Gemini persons may put greater or lesser value on security and loyalty in relationships, but they will always be able to rationalize their feelings and are therefore less likely to suffer from jealousy and lack of trust in other people. Because Venus can never be further away from the Sun Sign than 48 degrees (in a geo-centric system of astrology) often this Venus’ placement occurs to people born with the Sun in Taurus or Cancer, both these Signs valuing security and loyalty very highly. In these cases Venus in Gemini will help them to allow more freedom to themselves and their partners, without of necessity disrupting the sense of security these Signs seek in relationships. When the Sun Sign happens to be Aries, Gemini or Leo instead the more independent side of Venus in Gemini will manifest, and relationships will have to allow an even wider scope for social activities and/or intellectual interests.

The activities they love (Venus) are those that allow freedom of expression and mobility. Anything too static or predictable could prove very trying for these eclectic types. There is usually a love of information or culture, a passion for books and interest in writing or studying, with a well developed capacity for abstract ideas and concepts. Travel is often a great magnet for these types too, offering the variety of experience and aesthetic stimulation they crave.

Artistically they are attracted to works that embody abstract concepts and symbols. They are often very talented designers, because Gemini rules the hands and fingers, giving them special mobility and dexterity. Also the geometry of space can be very important for this Sign who has a well developed sense of the harmony and symbolical significance of lines and shapes.

Relating with a Venus in Gemini individual?

If you are romantically interested in a person with Venus in Gemini don’t try to cage her/him in; it would put them off immediately. Rather find out about their interests and share yours with them. Conversing and exchanging ideas are very sexy activities for a Venus in Gemini person.

You have also to be tolerant of the Venus in Gemini person’s numerous friends and acquaintances who sometimes could make the relationship feel a bit crowded. If you are naturally an exclusive and possessive type you better avoid the Venus in Gemini person who could give you endless causes for concern. Their flirting and amicable manner attract a lot of people, but this doesn’t mean that they will be disloyal. It is simply in their nature to be independent and to value their friendships and activities with friends as much as they value their more intimate relationships.

When feeling like trapped in too demanding and restrictive relationships Gemini Venus people can become fidgety and elusive, even resorting to lying and subterfuge to regain a modicum of independence. Especially when still young Venus in Gemini people don’t find it very hard to move onto greener pastures when feeling cornered. Like any other astrological signature Venus in Gemini shows its less agreeable side when somehow thwarted in its more spontaneous forms of expression.

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